tagGroup SexSarah's Dogging Story

Sarah's Dogging Story


You may have heard about the English sport called dogging. Supposedly this is where normal everyday English women go to parking lots or wooded areas and suck and fuck strangers. I have no idea how prevalent it is, but it certainly stirs the juices.

Here is a first hand account of one woman's dogging experience.

Probably the best time I ever had was the second time I went, and the first time I got out the car. I'd been the once before, and had loved seeing a queue of men by my car window, all looking in at me and all wanking....wanting me to stroke them or even suck them. It was an incredible experience and I promised I would go back again soon. I had a female friend who had done it a lot, and had only recently stopped going as she had a new boyfriend. She told me it was amazing if I got out the car. Rather than just making men cum from the drivers seat, you could really have fun if you went to a quiet area away from the cars. She suggested I wore a sexy summer dress, stockings, and just "went for it."

I went to a site in Cheddar, in Somerset, on my own one Friday night at about mid night. I wore a sexy black and white polka dot dress, with stockings underneath, but nothing else. Several men stood by my window as I parked up, but I got out and stood surrounded by several of them. Most were already wanking. I kissed a few, and stroked a few cocks, before somebody asked if I wanted to go "somewhere more quiet." We walked about 200 yards to a grassy and wooded area next to a reservoir. Somebody laid a blanket on the grass and I sat down on it. Almost at once, I had a guy standing over me, with his cock out wanking hard. I just slipped him inside my mouth and heard the others all moan as they saw what I was doing. I just worked my tongue around his cock until I felt him cumming.....it shot all over the front of my dress. He got out the way and another lay next to me, kissing me and squeezing my breasts. I lay back and his hand was up under my dress, pulling my satin panties down and then his fingers were inside me. I told him I wanted him to fuck me, and he slipped his cock inside me and began to fuck me.

As we fucked, several cocks were pushed in my face and I was able to go from one to another, sucking total strangers and enjoying their comments about what I was doing to them. The man fucking me came, and he climbed off me, to be replaced by another. As one guy came in me and climbed off, another took his place and for what seemed like ages, I was fucked continually by different men. Meanwhile, several guys had now cum over my dress and I helped pull it down so they could see and feel my breasts. I'd seen a German woman on a sex site called XNXX who went dogging and seemed to love this sort of sex...several men taking turns with her. It always turned me on seeing her doing just what I was doing now! One thing she loved, was to make as many men as possible cum over her breasts and her face....something I was also enjoying now. I have no idea how many men had sex with me that night, but it must have been at least 8 or 10. I also have no idea how many men came over me, but my face, hair and breasts were covered in cum...it was everywhere. Men were still taking turns at fucking me even though my top half was dripping in semen.....men just seem to live a woman behaving like a whore.

I didn't get home until nearly 2.00am, and was shocked when I saw myself in the bathroom mirror. My dress was soaked in cum and my while top half of my body was sticky with it. I also had a really sore pussy I had been fucked by so many men.

I haven't done anything like that for a while now, but if the weather is better than last year, I want to have another evening just like that one. I haven't gone with my husband but think that he would enjoy himself as there are always women there prepared to make men enjoy themselves. I can have my own fun then! Looks like Cheddar could be the place to go!

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by Anonymous04/11/14

If you are bothered about the weather I will book you a hotel in Bristol, me and four friends will keep you spread eagled and gang bang you

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by Anonymous08/07/13


Dogging contacts site for Australians looking for outdoor Dogging, swinging, personals or contacts and dating

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