Sarah's Revenge Ch. 02


Knowing that Matt couldn't keep up this pace for long without cumming Sarah pulled away. "Slow down, Matt. I want to try something with you. Now just stand there and see how this feels." With that she leaned forward and took his cock back into her mouth, but she didn't stop. Instead she took more and more and more, until Matt could feel his cockhead pressing against the back of her mouth. Taking a deep breath Sarah swallowed and took Matt's cock into her throat and held it there.

Matt fought the drive to push forward and watched as Sarah continued to swallow his cock until it was in as far as it could go. Sarah swallowed several more times as she pulled back and watched Matt grimace as he fought not to cum.

"Hmmmmmm, you have a very tasty cock, Matt. I could tell that you liked it when I deep-throated you. I'm glad you didn't cum. It takes a very strong-willed man not cum when a woman does it right. That means we get to move on to the next step."

"Next step?" Matt looked at Sarah questioningly.

Rising to her feet Sarah backed away from Matt until she felt her ass press against into the corner of the kitchen counter. Jumping up and sitting on the edge she smiled at Matt. Slowly, she ran her fingertips down her cleavage until she reached the knot in the front of her blouse. Teasingly, she untied it and moved the blouse aside to reveal her hardened, aroused nipples. Seated on the edge of the counter Sarah spread her legs and placed one leg on each edge. Sensuously she reached down and pulled her skirt up to expose her aroused womanhood. "I know you enjoy looking at my body so why don't you come here, Matt. Come here and take a close look at how turned on you've made me. See how swollen my lips are and at how my juices are dripping from me? That's because of how hot you've got me. Come here and take a nice close look, baby."

Matt moved as if hypnotized until he stood in front of Sarah. Dropping to his knees he was instantly overcome by the aroma of her arousal.

"Do you like what you see, Matt?"

"I've never seen anything like it, Sarah. I mean, I've seen pictures of nude women in magazines before, but this is different... this is real." Matt whispered.

"Why don't you touch it then. Slide you finger up and down my lips. Do you feel how wet they are? Oh, God, that feels good. Keep rubbing your fingers up and down, baby. See how my lips are spreading to show you deep inside of me? MMMmmmmm, that feels soooo goooooddd. Now see the hard little button at the top of my slit; that's my clit. It's very sensitive. I want you to rub it gently just like you saw me doing this morning when you were watching."

Tilting her head back Sarah released herself to the feelings that Matt was igniting inside of her. She could feel his fingers moving across her swollen lips as she had told him and could feel the start of an orgasm building deep inside of her. Wrapping her legs around the back of Matt's head, she pulled him closer. "Now lick me, lover. Take that tongue and run it up and down my slit. Suck on my clit just like I did your cock. I want you to make me cum with your tongue."

The heat and aroma flowing from Sarah's womanhood ignited primal desires within Matt. Without hesitating he quickly began to suck and lick Sarah slit.

At the touch of Matt's tongue the seductress within Sarah instantly disappeared and was replaced by the slut. "Lick my cunt, Matt. That's it... right there. Flick your tongue across my clit and make me cum, baby. You're such a good cunt licker. Oooohhhhhhh... I never realized how much I enjoy having my pussy licked." Instinctively, Matt slid two fingers into Sarah's cunt, feeling the warm, wetness as he pressed them deeper and deeper inside of her. "OOOohhhhhhhh, myyyy Goooddddddd, that feels so fucking good, baby. Finger fuck me while you lick my clit. Ohhhhh, yesssssss. That's right, baby. Lick me right there... fuck me deep with those fingers... make me cum, Matt. Fuck me with your fingers, baby. Hmmmmmm... that feels good. Just a little faster. Lick my clit. Harder. That's it. Right there. Oooohhhhh... you are such a good pussy licker. You know just how to get me going. God, I need this. Play with my tits, Matt."

Reaching down Sarah grabbed his hands and placed them on her aroused tits. "Grab my tits and squeeze them, Matt. Play with my nipples and make them nice and hard. God that feels sooooooo good, baby. They're so sensitive lately. Roll my nipples between your fingers. That's it. Just a little harder. Now pull on them. Ohhhhhhhh, yesssss. That's right. Harder. Look at how big they are. Come on baby. Fuck me with that tongue of yours. Don't stop now. Faster, faster, Yes, that's it, Yessssssss, now, Ohhhh Goddddddd, I'm cummmmmmmiiiiiinnnnnnggggggggggg."

Matt continued to lick and suck Sarah's pussy until her orgasm began to subside and his face was covered with her juices. Standing between her spread legs he continued to play with her tits. Squeezing them and rolling the nipples between his fingers as he had seen Sarah do to herself earlier that day.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, that feels so nice, Matt", Sarah whispered. "I can feel a tingle all the way to my pussy when you squeeze my nipples like that. What I like the most though is to have my nipples sucked real hard. Will you do that for me? Please... suck my nipples while you squeeze my tits. When your father and I first started fucking he'd suck on my nipples and milk would come out. Maybe if you suck them real hard you can get some too. Try it... suck my tits and see if you can get some of my tit milk."

Sarah's words aroused Matt even more and he knew what he wanted to do to her. Stepping between her spread legs he felt the tip of his cock brush against her womanhood as he leaned forward to take a nipple in her mouth. Hesitantly at first, he licked and sucked on it. Sarah wrapped her legs around him and pulled him closer until his cock was trapped between her aroused pussy lips.

"That's good, Matt, suck my tit. Suck it nice and hard. Do you feel how hard my nipple is getting? That's because I'm getting even more turned on from you sucking on it and from feeling your cock sitting against my clit. Move your hips Matt and rub your cock against me. Ohhhhhhh, yesssssss, that's it. Now nibble on my nipples with your teeth. I like that."

Sucking harder, Matt could feel Sarah's nipple grow harder and longer. Suddenly he bit down on her nipple as he pulled backwards.

"Yes, lover. That's it... pull my titty nice and hard. Oh, God, it feels so fucking good. Squeeze my tit harder, baby. Grind your cock against my cunt. Feel my pussy juices coating your cock? That's because I'm a horny, fucking slut and I love the feel of a cock against me... or even better yet... inside of me; fucking me nice and hard. God, I love to fuck. I love the feel of a big, hard cock like yours filling my pussy and making me cum. When I cum it feels like boiling lava flowing all over inside of me and then escaping from my pussy. I want you to make me cum that way today. I want you to fuck me hard and deep with your cock and I want to cum all over it with my juices. Ohh... ohhhh... fuck... what are you doing to me? I can't believe that I want my son's best friend to fuck me, but I do. I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your cum all over my face and tits and mixed with mine in my pussy."

Suddenly, Matt let go of Sarah's stretched tit and watch it snap back into place. A large round red ring surrounded the nipple from where he had sucked and a small drop of liquid hung from the tip. Leaning forward he licked it off. It was sweet and seemed to touch something on the edges of Matt's memory. Instinctively he wrapped his lips around Sarah's nipple again and sucked. This time squeezing her tit hard until he felt the thin liquid drip from her nipple onto his tongue.

"Yeeessssss... I can feel my milk squirting into your mouth. Squeeze my titty nice and hard and get all of it that you can. Then suck on this one too," Sarah sighed as she offered her other tit to Matt.

Matt grabbed the offered tit and sucked it hard. Sarah's head snapped backwards in ecstasy and Matt knew that now was the time to fulfill his dream. Moving back he aligned his cock with Sarah's pussy and thrust forward burying his cockhead inside the entrance to her aroused womanhood. Sarah instinctively responded to the invasion by wrapping her nylon-clad legs around Matt's waist and using her heels to pull him closer to her. At the same time she leaned forward and kissed him passionately, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. Matt's cock slid deeper and deeper into her, aided by her juices from her previous orgasms, until the base of his cock rubbed against her aroused clit. Breaking the kiss, Sarah continued to sit there holding Matt against her finally whispering, "This feels so good. I can feel every inch of your cock inside of me and I can feel your skin rubbing against my nipples. Do you feel how hard they are? They feel like little pebbles but they are soooooo sensitive that they send small shock waves to my pussy every time you breathe. Mmmmmmmm, yessssssss. Feel how my pussy muscles are working on your cock? I bet I could make you cum just by using my muscles on your cock, but I want to feel you sliding in and out of me. I want to feel you slamming into me and driving you cock deep into me. I want to feel you crushing my clit between us before you pull back and drive back in. Will you do that, Matt? Will you fuck me like I want you to??"

Matt's only reply was to reach around and grab Sarah's ass as he slowly pulled back and then slam his hips forward driving his cock deep inside of her pussy. Again and again he withdrew until just the tip of his cock was being held inside of her before driving forward impaling her on his cock with such force that it drove the air from her.

"Augh... augh... augh... augh... that's... it... augh... augh... baby. Fuck... me... umph... umph... umph. Fill... me... with... augggg... your... cock."

"Come... here... Sarah. If... you... like... what... I'm... doing... now... you'll... like... this... even... more." Matt said as he pulled Sarah off the counter.

Sarah wrapped her arms tightly around Matt's neck as she felt herself slide further onto Matt's cock. Standing there, Matt used his hands while Sarah used her arms and legs to lift herself before dropping back down onto his cock. Never in her life had she felt anything so wonderfully decadent. Minutes passed as they stood there enjoying the feeling of their union, but it soon was replaced by an even greater sensation as Matt started to walk down the hallway with his cock still embedded in Sarah. Each step shifted the weight and pressure against Sarah's clit and increased the thrill deep inside of her until they reached the side of Sarah's bed. Matt slid his cock from Sarah as he released his hold on her and lowered her to the bed.

Sarah lay there and watched as Matt removed his clothes. For the first time she was able to see all of the young man who was now her lover. Almost six feet tall, his body was starting to show signs of well-developed muscles, especially the one between his legs. His cock stood straight out at her and seemed to beg for her attention. As she reached for it Matt broke the silence between them.

"Not right now Sarah. You'll have plenty of time to play with my toy later but right now I want to see you strip for me so I can see you like you were this morning." Sarah turned on her radio and strange, exotic music filled the air. Moving to the center of the room she turned to see Matt stretched out on his back with his hard cock standing straight up like the mast on a boat. She knew that this was as much for herself as for him as she slowly began to sway to the music. Closing her eyes she let the music carry her away to place where only she and Matt existed. Slowly she slid her blouse off one shoulder and then the other. Dropping her arms to her sides the blouse slid the rest of the way off her and dropped to the floor. Matt could clearly see her ½ bra and the way her breasts were cradled in them, being pushed closer together to form her cleavage. Turning to face away from Matt, she reached behind herself and unzipped her skirt. Then bending over at the waist she let it slide to the floor to join her blouse. Her crotchless panties and hose were exposed to Matt's gaze as she looked between her legs at him.

Lying there he was lightly stroking his cock, just enough to keep it hard but not enough to make himself cum.

Still bent over, Sarah reached behind herself again and unsnapped her bra and let it fall. Her breasts fell from the bra and hung there. Standing, Sarah turned towards Matt holding a breast in each hand while she danced to the music. Her breasts bounced and jiggled with each step while Sarah concentrated on playing with her nipples. She could feel the heat building within herself and knew that she couldn't continue this much longer.

Looking at Matt she saw that his pace had increased and that unless she acted soon she would loose the chance to have his cum.

Sarah pushed her panties off and approached the bed. Matt's eyes never leaving hers as she climbed onto the bed like a giant seductive cat.

"Come here and suck my cock, Sarah. I want to feel your mouth wrapped around it and sucking the cum from my balls. I want to cum in your mouth and spread it on your tits before I fuck you. That way I it will take longer for me to cum again."

Sarah crawled between Matt's spread legs and took his cock in her hand. Lowering her mouth to the tip of his cock she gently kissed it and licked it before taking it deep in her mouth.

Matt reached down and grabbed her hair while bucking his cock into her mouth. "Ohhhhhhhh, that's it Sarah. Suck my cock. Take it into your throat like you did before. That's it suck it... suck it, Sarah. It feels so good. I can feel the cum building up in my balls. I'm going to cum real soon, baby. I'm going to fill your mouth with my cum and then I want to see you spread it all over those magnificent tits of yours. Do you hear me Sarah? I'm going to cum... real soon... suck it... suck... that's it... almost there... ohhhhhhhhhh... fuck... here... it... comes." Matt screamed as his first jet of hot cum exploded from his cock into Sarah's mouth. Jet after jet erupted until it began to leak from the corners of her mouth. Sarah was paying so much attention to Matt that she never felt the presence of the person behind her until it was too late. Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed her hips and a cock speared into her exposed pussy.

Sarah reacted instantly and tried to move away from the invasion but quickly realized that she was trapped between Matt's cock in her mouth and the strange cock drilling into her from behind. She could feel it stretch her wider and wider as it drove into her. Her pussy juices coated her outer lips and canal lubricating the invader as it drove into her. She had never felt a cock this wide inside of her and instinctively spread her legs wider to take it. Deeper and deeper it drove into her until it crashed against her cervix and pressed her forward onto Matt's cock before stopping.

Sarah's mind and body were overcome by the sensations coursing through her. Turning her head slightly she was able to see the mirror next to her bed. She could see herself on her hands and knees with Matt's cock still in her mouth, cum leaking from the corners. One of Matt's hands was on the back of her head holding her there while the other was pulling and pinching her tits, which were swinging beneath her. Further down she could see a pair of hands holding onto her hips just about her garter belt. By turning just a little more she could see her nylon-clad legs and hips of her unknown lover. Young and tanned, she could see his muscles ripple as he pulled his cock from her aroused pussy. It looked almost like a club - long, hard and wider than she had imagined. Her pussy responded as if it had a mind of its own and clamped down, trapping it inside of her. The feel of it triggered memories of her dreams and she knew that this was her dream lover come to life.

The feel of Matt pinching her nipples drew Sarah back from her dreamland. Relaxing her pussy she slid backwards onto her lovers cock and withdrew Matt's softening cock from her mouth. Quickly swallowing the cum still in her mouth she licked her lips to catch what had escaped. Then she slowly slid her hand up and down the shaft to milk out the last of the cum. Catching it in her hand, she looked up into Matt's eyes as she massaged it onto her nipples and tits.

Spent and momentarily satisfied Matt sat up and moved off the bed. Leaving the room he knew that there would be may more times for him to enjoy Sarah's body but that right now was something special for her and that she needed to do it in private.

Sarah remained motionless until she heard Matt leave the room and then she moved forward feeling her dream lovers cock slide from her aroused center. Without a word she closed she eyes and rolled onto her back, spreading her legs wide, anticipating her lover's entrance.

She felt the bed shift as her lover approached. When his hands touched her it was like electrical charges running from his hands through her body. He never said a word as he placed his cock against her wanton pussy and slowly rubbed it against her inflamed clit, waiting for her to guide it in. Reaching down she grabbed it. Just as in her dream she was unable to wrap her hand around it as she pulled it to her. Realizing that her dream was about to come true she pulled her legs upwards until they brushed her tits and rolled further onto her back. Moving into position her lover placed her legs on his shoulders and thrust into her, never stopping until he was again pressing against her cervix. A moan escaped from Sarah and she knew that this was not a dream, but real. "Mmmmmmm, yessssssss. I've dreamed of this sooooo often. Your cock is so big in me and it's stretching me more than I've ever been stretched before. It feels like I have a club or a baseball bat jammed inside of me."

Gyrating her hips, Sarah began to move against her lover. "Ohhh, baby, fuck me... fuck me... fuck meee... Uuuhhh... ohhh, so good... aaahhh, damn you... pump my cunt... Fill my pussy with your cock... Fuck it good... Fuck... Fuck... Fuck... Uhhh... uhhh, fuck me... ohhh, baby... fuck my cunt... Nnnn... nnnhhh... ohhh, yes... oh, yes... that's it, honey... fuck me... Ohhh, please... do it faster... harder!" Her hips ground wildly from side to side as her lovers cock plunged in and out of her. "Come on, baby... really give it to me... Fuck my brains out... Faster... Faster... Ohhhhh... uhhhh... OHHhhhh... uhhhh... Ohhhh... yes... ohh... god... yes... yes... yesssssss... Oh... god... oh... ma... unhh... ohhh... unhh... ohhh... unhh... ohhh... uhhh... oh... oh... oh... oh... oh... yes... Ohhhhh... yess... Ohhh... yes... yes... Ohhh... god... yes... fuck me... ohhh... yes... baby... yes... FUCK... ME... HARD... FUCK... ME... OHHH... YESSSSS... FUCK ME SLIT, LOVER... fuck... it... hard... Fuck me, like a whore... nnnggghhh... nnn... nnnggghhh... Come on, honey, fuck me faster! Please, baby, faster! I'm almost there. Fuck me, baby! Fuck me! CUM WITH ME! Nnnnnn! Nnnnnhhhhh! Nnnhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh... ohhhh... shit! I'm cum... fuck... fuck... fuck! I'm cumming... Cumming... cumming!

Sarah could feel her orgasm bursting over her as she felt searing hot spurts of cum splashing against her womb. Her lover's cum filled her and seeped from her slit across her clit and down her stomach to pool between her tits. Quickly she rubbed the cum onto her tits and nipples sending micro orgasms throughout her body. When her lover pulled himself from her, se slid a pillow beneath her ass and placed a hand across her gaping pussy to hold the cum in.

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