I forget what the exact prompt was for this, but it was inspired by a prompt over on LiveJournal. Edited by Blackwing (thanks again).


Standing just outside the doorway to her father's bedroom, Alexis Castle gulped as she listened to her father's heavy breathing, the sound of skin on skin echoing, the hits increasing in volume.*

'Kate!' Rick gasped and grunted. The redhead knew that she'd just listened to her father masturbating, something she'd inadvertently done a number of times in the last few weeks. Since she'd chased the stewardess away, Alexis had known her father had been faced with nothing more than his hand to relieve the pent up frustrations she knew Kate Beckett built up in him.

'Shit,' Rick groaned, his footsteps heading into his bathroom.

Peering into the bedroom, Alexis caught sight of his bare ass before he vanished through the door. Seeing the towel on the floor, the newly 18 year old tip toed into the room and grabbed the cum stained fabric from the small bundle of towels on the laundry hamper before scurrying out the room and shutting herself away in her own room.*

Panting, Alexis dropped the towel on her bed and groaned, her dad's cum a contrast on the green towel. Wiping her finger through the cum, Alexis glanced at the door, her finger hovering near her mouth, her nose breathing in the smell of cum.

'Fuck it,' Alexis grunted, sucking on the cum-covered digit. Groaning hotly, she gulped down the small mouthful, her pussy heating up into her belly. Ripping her jeans open, Alexis plunged her fingers between her folds as she scooped up the rest of her dad's cum from the towel. The redhead had dropped to her quivering knees beside her bed, her fingers muffling the harsh groan as she fingered herself to a bones shaking orgasm.

*A few hours later*

Flopping onto the sofa, Alexis started demolishing the large sandwich she'd just made herself, her impromptu masturbation session leaving her worn out and sore in all the right places from pummeling herself with her toys.

'Pumpkin,' Rick appeared in the doorway to his bedroom, his wet hair flopping over his head. Alexis choked on the mouthful she'd just taken as she took in the damp spots on the worn T-shirt he wore, 'What have you been doing to get so ravenous?'

'Missed Lunch,' The redhead spoke around the food, her eyes turning to the TV on the wall, 'busy studying.'

'You should be more careful,' Rick stepped behind the couch and grabbed a corner, his hand twitching as his position gave him a view down Alexis' top at her creamy breasts, 'You should try and remember to eat.'

'Like you do?' Alexis gulped, Rick's hand on her shoulder spreading heat across her body.

'Touche,' Rick turned away and hoping he could walk away without his daughter seeing his erection in his sweatpants, 'Speaking of which, I should go and try to write some more.' Rick was relieved when Alexis smiled at him and turned to grab a magazine off the table. Taking his chance, he quickly made his way into his office, closing the door behind him and groaning softly.

His self imposed celibacy was sending him mad, his erection from his daughter tenting his sweatpants. Crossing the office, Rick slumped into his chair and pulled open his laptop, a sudden inspiration hitting him.

A few minutes later, Rick froze, his eyes shooting wide as he read what he'd just mindlessly written. His cock twitched as he read about Rook hooking up with a young woman, his description of her identical to Alexis. The father grunted as his eyes took in the words before him, the hot blowjob scene he'd written complete with Rook calling he woman 'Pumpkin'. Grunting, Rick slammed the laptop shut and jumped.

'Daddy,' Alexis stood in the doorway, her eyes locked on the open gap under Rick's desk, the older man suddenly registering that he had started slowly stroking himself as he'd read the scene.

'I'm sorry Pumpkin,' Rick winced, sliding his chair out of view.

'Was that Kate?' Alexis quietly spoke, Rick keeping his eyes on her face and not her nipples straining at her top, 'That caused that?'

'Alexis...' Rick grimaced when he watched her eyes widen, her red lips forming a perfect 'O'. Sliding his hand out his pants, Rick's face fell.

'You did,' Alexis gasped, 'I thought you could see down my top when you took my sandwich. I made you hard?'

'Pumpkin...' Rick stuttered. He froze when Alexis pushed off the doorframe and slowly padded across the room. Rick could only sit and watch his daughter round the desk, his body turning his chair towards her.

'Oh...' Alexis breathed, her piercing eyes dropping to the tent in Rick's pants, 'My boobs did that?'

Rick gulped, his hand reaching out to open the lid of his laptop. He let out a strangled choke when Alexis leaned over to read the words on the screen, not realize she was giving her father another look down her top. Rick's hand gripped the desk, Alexis' little gasps revving him up further as she read the scene he'd written.

Alexis could feel the tension rolling off her father, her eyes drinking in the scene he'd written. Finishing the scene, Alexis stepped back, her conflicted eyes locking on her fathers and seeing the same emotions flowing through them.*

'I'm sorry Alexis,' She could hear the tightness in her father's voice, 'I shouldn't have looked. It was wrong.'

'Daddy...' Alexis spoke quietly, her father starting to ramble.

'No sweetie,' Rick grimaced, 'I'm your father, I shouldn't be looking at you like that or imagining characters based on us doing things like that.'

'Dad,' Alexis spoke louder.

'Maybe I've got some sort of PTSD from her shooting,' Rick sighed, 'I should...'

'Daddy!' Alexis barked, 'Shut up!'

Rick's mouth snapped closed, his eyes jolting to his daughter's face.

Taking a deep breath, Alexis gripped the bottom of her top and whipped it off, Rick's shriek of her name when he realized she was braless.

'ALEXIS HARPER CASTLE!' Rick nigh on punched his face, his hands slapping over his eyes to avoid his daughter's sudden nudity, 'Put your clothes on now!'

'No dad,' Alexis peeled her shorts and panties down and kicking them off to stand naked before her father. She reached over and peeled his fingers from his face.

Rick instantly turned and faced the doorway, 'Please put your clothes on Alexis, this isn't right.'

'I have a better idea,' Rick jumped, his head snapping to Alexis in horror when he felt her fingers on the waistband of his sweatpants, 'Holy fuck!' Alexis breathed, her fingers pulling Rick's pants down, his cock springing free, 'Kate is a fucking idiot for not wanting this!'

'You need to stop now Alexis,' Rick pleaded weakly.

'You're too big for me to fuck Daddy,' Alexis rolled her eyes, letting out a breathy chuckled when she trailed her finger along the hard length, 'But you can't deny your self imposed ban on fucking isn't causing you no end of trouble?'

'Fuck!' Rick jolted when Alexis pulled on his pants, a beaming grin splitting her face when he lifted his butt to help her expose him.

'You're tense as hell dad!' Alexis ran her hands along his thighs, the twitch of his cock keeping the smirk on her face, 'I can help with that. Let me help you daddy.'

Rick groaned, his daughter's warm hand curling around his cock, 'This is so fucking messed up.'

'Deal with it dad!' Alexis rolled her eyes, leaning down towards his cock, her hot breath pulsing against his tip, 'You're getting a blowjob. Now shut up and let me work!'

'Fuck!' Rick blurted, Alexis pressing her lips to his head, 'Do it pumpkin!'

Sighing, Rick watched Alexis' red lips engulf his head, her tongue swirling over his skin. Gripping the arm of the chair, Rick grunted, Alexis' eyes locking onto his as she taunted him by bobbing slowly, taking her sweet time to slurp on the hard cock.*

'God!' Rick felt his hips jerk when Alexis' hand joined her lips in sliding over his cock, 'You're.... Oh sweet mother of God!'*

Alexis chuckled around him, her nails scraping over his balls as she pumped with her other hand. She knew her father was close to cumming and she pulled her mouth off the cock before her, 'You're close aren't you daddy?'

'So fucking close!' Rick panted, 'Where...?'

'Mouth daddy,' Alexis pumped her father's cock hard, 'Cum in my mouth!'

Rick grunted when Alexis engulfed him again, his hand reaching out to thread his fingers in her hair, pushing her down onto him.

'That's it pumpkin,' Rick thrust up to meet her movements, 'Make daddy fucking cum!'

Rick felt the familiar stirring in his balls, 'Gonna cum pumpkin!'

Groaning, Alexis pulled her mouth off her father, holding it open just over his head. The redhead watched her father's jaw tense, his cock twitching in her hand before she felt him start spurting into her open mouth.

'Fucking take my cum Alexis!' Rick growled, the sight of his cum erupting into her mouth, and her furious pumping of his cock heightening his orgasm.

Milking her father until she knew he was dry, Alexis gulped down the mouthful of cum she'd received and dropped her lips down onto the spent cock, Rick groaning loudly as she cleaned him.

'Mmm,' Alexis grinned, lapping her tongue along his length, 'Tasty!'

'Holy mother of fuck!' Rick thumped his head back against his chair, 'Where the fuck did you learn how to fucking.... Shit!'

Alexis giggled and placed her palms on her dad's thighs, lifting herself to her feet, 'How do you feel? Better?'

'I can't believe I just let you do that!' Rick's eyes drank in Alexis' nude body, 'When did you get so beautiful?'

'When you weren't looking,' Alexis grinned.

'Is that a tattoo?' Rick reached out and brushed his thumb over Alexis' ribs.

'Woke up after the night out with the girls,' Alexis twisted to show her father the small pumpkin by her breast, 'I had this, Paige had something worse!'

'What did she have?' Rick's thumb stroked over Alexis' stomach, the redhead shivering.

'It's kinda crude,' Alexis winced.

'Says the young woman standing naked with her father,' Rick chuckled, 'His cum on her chin?' Alexis wiped at her face, her eyes smirking.

'Insert cock here,' Alexis giggled, a finger stroking near to her shaved folds, 'With an arrow pointing to her pussy. It took the entire family to stop her father going and castrating the tattooist,' Alexis grimaced and laughed, 'Which would be a feat as it was a woman that put it there.'

'Are you okay Alexis?' Rick's mirth was replaced with concern when she shivered.

'I'm fine,' Blue eyes smiled, 'Honestly? Had a little bit of an urge to do that for a while now. Never had the courage to jump.'

'I didn't hurt you?' Rick's hand slipped down to her hip, his thumb stroking over her skin and eliciting another shiver.

'Nothing a few minutes with my vibrator can't fix,' Alexis leaned over and kissed her father's cheek. Pulling back, she frowned when she felt her dad's hand on her grip tighter.

'I hope this isn't a show of what it was like for you and Max pumpkin!' Rick scowled, 'tell me he wasn't the sort of douchebag that made you do all the work for nothing in return?'

'Oh I got paid in full!' Alexis laughed, 'he knows his way around a pussy,' Alexis' smile faltered, 'Which was half the reason we split, he enjoyed licking a little too much and with too many girls.'

'Fucking asshole,' Rick turned and wiped a space on his desk, 'Up you get.'

'Dad?' Alexis looked shocked.

'I can smell you,' Rick found himself chuckling at the insanity of that statement, 'I'. Not letting you go until I've repaid you pumpkin. Now get up here,' Rick pulled his top off and laid it on the wood.

'I'm a screamer daddy,' Alexis blushed.

'So is your mother,' Rick shrugged, 'Just don't do what she did and blow out an eardrum, I'm not sure how I could explain that to the ER technicians.'

'I'll try and remember,' Alexis hopped up onto the desk, giggling when Rick shifted her into a better position and rolling his chair towards her. She gasped softly when Rick's fingers stroked over her collarbone, the mood shifting as he ran the pads of his fingers down over her pert breasts, his thumb flicking her nipple.

'Daddy,' Alexis gasped, her eyes pleading. She let out a strangled moan when Rick dropped his head to her chest, his tongue plucking the same nipple before capturing it between his lips, 'Oh fuck!'*

'Hmm,' Rick hummed, his hand cupping her other breast, Alexis panting at the sensations his tongue and fingers were pulling from her breasts.

'Please daddy!' Alexis begged, her hand pushing on his head gently.

'Patience Alexis,' Rick grinned, tweaking her nipple and reveling in the lust filled groan it resulted in, 'I'm going to ensure you have a reason to scream.'

'Fuck!' Alexis groaned, Rick nibbling at her breast. Sliding her hand between her legs, she whined when Rick pulled it away.

'No,' Rick smirked, 'You're not getting off that easily. Lay back.' He felt his cock twitch, blood rushing back south as he sat and took in the sight of his naked daughter draped over his desk, her pussy glistening invitingly.

Kissing the inside of her knee, Rick started to trail his lips down her thigh, the squeaks and gasps telling him that she was definitely enjoying his attention. Kissing near to her soaked folds, Rick breathed in her arousal and turned away, laughing at the barked curse and starting to mirror his actions on her other leg.

'Please!' Alexis begged. Her eyes pleaded with her father when he stood, leaning over her to resume sucking on her breasts. The motion unintentionally causing him to brush his hard cock against her core, 'MOTHER OF FUCK!'

'Fuck!" Alexis groaned, 'I don't fucking care if you rip me apart... Just fuck me daddy!'

Rick gulped, his mouth hovering over her breast. The feel of her heat pressed against his cock almost had him beating his recovery time by minutes, her hips pushing upon to him.

'Not is time Pumpkin,' Rick groaned, wiping her hair from her face, 'But... Fuck... Maybe later.'

'Promise?' Alexis pleaded.

'I promise Alexis,' Rick found himself vowing to fuck his daughter, and not caring about the consequences, 'Tonight is just for our mouths.'

'Then what are you waiting for?' Alexis scowled, 'Get your mouth on my fucking pussy!'

'Seeing as you asked so nicely,' Rick dropped his mouth between her breasts and starting to lick and suck his way down to her folds. Alexis squirmed when Rick's tongue swirled around her navel, her fist gripping his hair and thrusting downwards.

'FUCKING SHIT!' Alexis screeched when Rick's hot breath eventually burst against her lips, a teasing grin on his face. Her cry became wordless at the intrusion of a finger between her sodden folds.

'So fucking tight!' Rick hissed, 'So fucking wet!'

'Fuck me!' Alexis' breasts heaved, 'Oh God daddy... Fuck me with your big fingers!'

Rick watched Alexis writhe on his desk as he pushed his middle finger into her, her moans making him re-consider his vow stopping him from taking her there and then.

Reaching out with his other hand, Rick pried Alexis open and added a second finger to his assault on her core. Leaning down, he grinned at the look of complete lust and abandon in his daughter's blue eyes, and blew against her sensitive skin.

'Stop fucking teasing me and just fucking eat me already!' Alexis growled dangerously, her hand cupping a breast. She held her breath as she watched her father press his mouth against her, her lungs bursting into a low keening noise.

Feeling Alexis twitch against his fingers, Rick licked his way over her folds. his fingers continued to pump into her, Rick twisting his hand occasionally to keep his daughter on edge.

Shifting, Rick moved his hand to open his daughter further, teasing her with the tip of a third finger. The squeal of pleasure he received when his tongue skirted close to her clit had his cock jumping.

'Please!' Alexis started to softly chant.

'As you wish,' Rick rumbled, his tongue pressing against her nub being rewarded withe sexiest noise he'd ever heard pass her lips.*

'Fuck!' Alexis shrieked, 'Fucking do it!'

Pumping his fingers into her core, Rick rubbed his tongue over Alexis' clit, his free hand moving to splay his fingers over her chest in an attempt to keep the moving redhead still. Feeling his third finger slide into her, Rick changed tactics and pulled her clit between his lips, sucking the nub of nerves hungrily.

True to her word, Alexis' cries of pleasure became screams, her words lost behind her arousal. It wasn't long before Rick felt Alexis suddenly still, his eyes staring up at her red face, her eyes locking on his before they rolled into her head and she let out a piercing scream.

Rick's groan at how hard his daughter squeezed his fingers was lost under the noise, his mouth becoming flooded with the rush of her orgasm. Retreating a finger, Rick continued to fuck Alexis as she rode wave after wave of intense pleasure.*He wasn't sure how long it took before his daughter stopped, but she eventually gave a croaked cry and collapsed against the desk.

Licking his lips, Rick sat back in his chair, grinning at the groan his departing fingers pulled out his exhausted daughter, 'Told ya.'

'Hmm!' Alexis waved a hand in reply, her breasts bouncing with each gasped pant the redhead gave.

'Fingers?' Alexis eventually lifted her head, 'Did you lick them?'

Rick held up his gooey digits, 'Not yet, why?' Watching Alexis sit up, Rick groaned at the well fucked look he'd put on her face. The father grinned when the daughter gripped his wrist, bringing the coated fingers to her mouth and sucking her juices off him with vigor.

'That... Was... Amazing!' Alexis grinned, her breaths still coming in pants, 'Better than I'd imagined.'

'You need to go and shower missy,' Rick stroked his hands over her knees, 'Get cleaned up before Mother gets home. I don't think she'd be impressed if she caught us like this.'

'Thank you Daddy,' Alexis dropped to shaky legs and gave her father a sloppy kiss on the cheek, 'Let me know the next time you need a hand... Or a mouth.'

'Cheeky,' Rick slapped her bare ass, Alexis scrambling away laughing. He watched her pick up her clothes and peer out the half open office door, his eyes dropping to her shapely butt.

'She's not due back for a couple of hours,' Alexis sent her father a heated grin, 'Wanna help me scrub my back?'

'Get out of here before I take you up on that!' Alexis giggled and disappeared out the room, her scurried footsteps echoing through the loft.

'Ugh,' Rick wiped a hand over his face, 'Dirty old man.' stroking his fingers through the soaked patch on the top he'd laid down, Rick hissed. Getting to his feet, he rounded his desk, checking that the loft was empty and quickly made his way across the open space towards the staircase.

Within moments of his ascent of the stairs, Alexis' surprised shriek was replaced by a lusty groan.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/01/14


A good hot read; I like the way you write, especially this pairing..

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by SDLRob07/24/14


It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for LOL.

I find I prefer doing the enclosed story in each chapter. None of the build up then leave you waiting for the next part. It also means that if I findmore...

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by Anonymous07/24/14

Multi Part Stories are a Pain in the Ass

People want to jerk off while they read. Leading up to another chapter is a waste of time. Let each story stand on its own. You can continue characters. I LOVE Alexis and I would love to be Rick. more...

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by Anonymous07/23/14

hot !!!

So fucking hot! Please tell me that you're gonna continue this! :)

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by SDLRob07/22/14

Right now, this is a stand alone plot.

I've now got about four different stories that are multi chapter and a shit load of single chapter stories going on on my computer. I keep on saying I won't start anything new until I've got some of themore...

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