School Daze


((Author's note: All characters are over 18))


Jared shifted in his seat while watching his math prof write something on the board. He'd been told it was calculus, but he that was as far as he managed to pay attention to it. The University was charging him something along the lines of five hundred dollars for the course, but he mostly could care less. His attention was on Cindy.

She sat right in front of him, and he found that most days he spent more time watching her than the lecture. Today her hair was blonde, with just the faintest hint of brownish roots underneath. She had it up in a bun, pinned with a couple of pencils she'd stuck in there twenty minutes ago when she, too, lost interest.

Her halter top was pink, clipped just at the top of her neck where a few stray strands of her hair slipped down and between the material and her skin. Most of her back was revealed, and Jared so far had spent most of the class in rapt attention to that beautiful expanse of her skin. It was, in a word, flawless. Her shoulder blades were petite and just visible when she shifted her weight. Her skin was a delectable cinnamon in colour, and sometimes he liked to imagine what it would be like to stumble upon her when she was tanning.

She wasn't wearing a bra, because the halter top dipped right down to the small of her back and there was no bra strap in sight. She was wearing a tight miniskirt made of what looked like black leather, although it probably wasn't real, and there were no tights in sight. Her legs, although he couldn't see them very well from his position in the desk, were long and lean, curved in the right places and enough to drive a person wild.

When he wasn't admiring her back, though, he was looking at the little space just between where her shirt ended and her skit began. When she leaned forward in her desk he could see the pink lace of her thong and, if she shifted just the right way, he could even see the start of the luscious cracks of her ass.

In all, Jared loved math, since he got to sit behind Cindy.

Then, as the prof was turned around and writing something particularly complicated, Jared's favourite thing happened. Cindy stood up as best she could in her desk and leaned forward to whisper in the ear of her friend who was sitting directly in front of her.

The best part of this was that she was now bent over her desk, with her delightful breasts crushed up against the front of the desk, and her ass pointing straight at Jared. He could see the taut curves perfectly, as well as the way the little string on her thong completely disappeared between her ass crack.

Her panties were lacy and see-through as well, so while he was looking Jared could also see the pink folds of her pussy clearly. He felt himself immediately respond, his cock stiffening inside his palms sweating and nearly losing the grip on his pencil.

Normally she would sit back down after ten or twenty seconds and Jared would have to go back to just watching her back.

Today, though, today was different.

Today Jared found his courage.

He stood up out of his desk and went to where Cindy was bent, so that his jeans were directly level with her lovely face.

"Cindy, you're so fucking hot." Wasting no words, Jared simply undid his pants, pulled his boxers down a little, and the throbbing length of his cock popped free.

"Oh God, Jared, I've waited so long to hear that." Cindy smiled and, still half-lying on her desk, leaned over and kissed the tip of his dick.

Jared moaned from the sweet sensations this sent flying up his cock and thrust his hips forward a little. By this point everyone in the class except the oblivious professor was looking. The men looked on with envy, Cindy was after all, very hot. The girls, too, looked on with envy. Jared knew they secretly wanted him, and now they had to watch him have his way with Cindy.

Thoughts of that disappeared as Cindy took the head of his cock in her mouth and started to suck on it. Her tongue made little circles along his foreskin, and her fingers reached out to play with his balls. Jared sighed and thrust forward again, hard this time, burying his shaft in Cindy's warm mouth. The wet darkness inside her mouth enveloped him, licking him, sucking on him, and filling his cock with tension and ecstasy.

This wasn't how he wanted to cum, though, and when he felt himself rising to the point of no return he popped himself back out of Cindy's mouth.

"Ohh... Jared... I need your hot cum. Why did you stop?" Cindy pouted and made a show of licking a small amount of Jared's pre-cum that made it onto her lips.

"I'm going to fuck your tight pussy." Jared gave a small thought to the fact that both of them were speaking in porno clichés, but then ignored it and took his place behind Cindy.

"Oh, yessss... do it! I need it!" Cindy wiggled her tight ass, so that the tender flesh rubbed against the tip of his cock, and Jared moaned again.

He reached down and simply moved her panties aside, pulling them away and revealing the slick, pink folds of her pussy. With his legs on either side of her desk chair, and Cindy begging for him while lying on her desk, Jared gripped her ass cheeks. They were firm and warm beneath his fingers, and he reflexively squeezed, getting an impatient moan from Cindy.

Finally Jared thrust forward, sinking his hard cock into the tight warmth of Cindy's pussy. He heard a few cheers from classmates and, when looking around, saw that a number of them had their hands in their pants and were masturbating to the little show he was putting on. The prof was still oblivious and scribbling on the board.

"Take me!" Cindy cried out as Jared's cock sunk deep into her pussy, stopping only when he reached the hilt and his balls slapped up against her perfect skin.

Jared couldn't deny that request, so he started to rhythmically thrust into her. He could feel her inner muscles working around him, milking his cock and urging him to take her harder and faster. Her head lolled forward now, and every time he thrust into her she made a little noise of pleasure.

The rhythmic slap-slap-slap of Jared fucking Cindy in her desk was joined by the squishing noises of nearby students touching themselves, and Jared laughed aloud from the pleasure of it all. He'd been waiting for months for this moment, and now it was finally here, and it was glorious!

"F... fuck me another way!" Cindy looked back over at Jared, winking at him, and he couldn't help but oblige her.

Moving his hands from her ass to her waist, Jared sat down and took Cindy with him until he was firmly in the seat and she was on top of him. His mouth was only inches from her neck, and he felt himself naturally kissing and suckling on her amazing skin.

His hands found their way up under her halter top and, sure enough, she wasn't wearing any bra. He squeezed the soft little mounds of her breasts, pinching her nipples gently between his index finger and thumb, and she made a little squeal of pleasure in response.

Then, when they were both settled, Jared used his upper arm strength to lift Cindy up and them slide her back down onto his cock. They moved at a slower pace, but it was somehow more erotic, feeling her hot pussy as he slid into and out of her again, while his hands massaged her breasts.

"Ya... fuck... come on... fuck me harder!" Cindy was breathless and had her head thrown back over Jared shoulder, her body stretched tight against his. Jared obliged, moving her faster up and down, listening to the little slap as she landed on his hips, and then the squish as he slid back out of her.

It seemed like hours that they sat like this, Cindy lying back against Jared, Jared with his cock deep inside her pussy, but it was probably only ten minutes before Cindy was shouting in pleasure

"I'm... I'm cumming!" Cindy cried out and, true to her word, shook under Jared's thrusts. Her inner walls pressed in on him, and he felt the warm flood of her cum surround his cock.

That was enough for him, and he felt himself swell and rise within her.

"God ya, Cindy!" Jared shouted as he thrust into her one last, powerful time, then felt the intense explosion of sensation as he came into her. His hot cum pumped in thick, warm streams into her tight pussy, and he felt all of the tension of months relieved in one wonderful moment.

"Fuck... ya... that was amazing, Jared." Cindy laughed and wiggled her ass on his hips, getting an answering stir from his cock.

"Yo, Jared, class' over!" Jared blinked in surprise as a hand slapped him on the back of his head and he was jolted out of his fantasy.


He hadn't fucked Cindy in front of the entire class, he had in fact simply stared at her for another fifty minutes, and now he'd missed some possibly important notes.

"Thanks." Jared shook his head and stuck his tongue out at Matt. "You couldn't get my attention a nicer way?"

"No. Besides, you looked lost in space or something."

"Ya, sorry, I was just... you know... thinking."

"Oh ya? Thinking about Cindy, I bet." Matt made little kissy noises and Jared made a face.

"No! You know, about math stuff."

"Sure man." Matt shook his head and then headed for the exit. "See ya in Linear Algebra."

"Right." Jared hated Linear Algebra. Cindy wasn't taking that.

As Jared was leaving the room, he spotted Cindy standing near some lockers and talking with her friends. He took a deep breath to steady himself, then walked over.

This time... this time he found his courage.


"Yes Jared?" She looked at him immediately and batted her eyelashes at him. He smiled and took that to mean she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

"I need you."

"Then take me!" Cindy laughed and with one swift motion pulled her halter top off.

Jared's jaw dropped for a moment at the sight of her beautiful breasts. They were perfectly rounded and pert, ending in the two little points of her nipples, and once again he stiffened immediately at the sight of her.

Not needing another hint, Jared came forward and started to suckle on one of Cindy's nipples. He felt it grow immediately hard under his tongue as he made a little circle around it, and Cindy moaned in response. He didn't ignore her other breasts, either, moving one of his hands to grasp and squeeze it. She sighed under the dual ministrations of his fingers and tongue, and he could feel her hips make little thrusting motions against him.

"God, Cindy's so lucky."

"Ya, she gets all the good guys..."

He heard her friends talking, but ignored them. His attention was on Cindy, and on his free hand moving to free her from her miniskirt and panties, which landed in a heap on the floor. Then his hand moved around and started to stroke the little mound of her pussy. He started with the skin surrounding it and, hearing a little purr deep in her throat, moved on to stroking her labia.

She bucked her hips against his fingers in response, and he could feel her become wet all over from the feeling of his fingers. He lighted for a moment on the small bud of her clitoris, eliciting another moan of excitement from her, and then slid his fingers into her pussy.

"Ya... oh, fuck ya."

Jared felt someone else start to undo his pants while he caressed Cindy, but didn't know who. He did know that his underwear and jeans ended up on the floor near Cindy's clothes, and that a hot, warm mouth started to suck on him.

While his attention was mostly on Cindy, split between the feeling of her warm pussy around his fingers, her soft breast under his palm and the slightly salty taste of her nipple, he did manage to moan in surprise as someone took him in their mouth.

"Do me!" Cindy finally couldn't take it, and moved whoever was sucking on Jared out of the way.

He didn't have much of a problem with that because he pulled his fingers out from her pussy, now slick with her juices, and put them on her ass instead. Then, still licking her and fondling her breast, he thrust forward into the inviting darkness of her pussy.

She moaned as he filled her up, and he heard other people around moan as well at the sight. He kept thrusting until he was completely inside her, her hot pussy accepting and surrounding him, and then pressed her almost roughly up against the locker.

Sliding his hands down under her legs and lifting her so that she was completely supported by his grip, he started to pound into her. Cindy cried out in pleasure and continued to make little noises of ecstasy as Jared thrust eagerly into her.

At some point she shifted her weight and spun the two of them around, slamming Jared up against the locker and then using her hips to greedily thrust at him. While she was riding him, another student that Jared didn't know came out of the crowd watching and put his hand on Cindy's back.

"Mind if I join?"

"Go ahead." Jared grinned and Cindy just made an 'uh-huh' of agreement.

"Just... go easy." Cindy managed to get the words out between moans of pleasure as she rocked on Jared's cock.

The other guy came up from behind and pressed his cock against Cindy's ass. Jared felt when she was penetrated from behind because he could feel the bulk of the other guy's cock sliding into her, and because Cindy cried out in pleasure from having her pussy and ass filled.

The other guy's cock was as rock hard as Jared's, and started to thrust in a counter-rhythm. He pulled out as Cindy slid forward onto Jared, and thrust in as she pulled away. Cindy kept moaning from the stimulation of it, her body slick with sweat and the smell of her sex permeating the hallway.

The three of them rocked in a wild rhythm as Cindy got closer to her orgasm, pulling the two guys with her. She was the first to cry out, screaming and convulsing, her strong muscles tightening around Jared's cock and making him cum too.

The other guy, although joining late, was inside the tight warmth of her ass, and reached his orgasm more quickly. All three of them came at roughly the same moment, Cindy screaming in pleasure, and the other two thrusting deep into her and filling her with their hot cum.

Jared laughed in surprise and pleasure as a few of the spectators started to clap, and Cindy's warm body collapsed against his.

"Jared, that was amazing..."

None of which actually happened, of course.


"Uhhh... hey?" Cindy looked up from where she was talking with her friends and gave Jared a funny look. "Do I know you?"

"Ya, sure... I'm Jared... I sit behind you in calculus?"

"Oh... no, I'm sorry." Cindy shrugged. "Did you want anything."

Jared was very tempted to say 'your hot body', but didn't.

"No, not really."

Sighing, he just headed to his next class.

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