Secret Desires Pt. 05


From a paper bag on top of the microwave he drew a bottle of whiskey and poured it into a little plastic cup, adding ice from a bucket. Done, he presented it for a toast. "Here's to luck being on our side."

She toasted him and took a small pull, eyebrow raised. "We've gone from theft to blackmail to murder to a hit man, and Suzie is still missing. Where's the luck?"

"The beer wasn't your surprise. New Orleans PD reports a bartender may have seen Suzie last night."

"What!?! Then, well, um, let's check out, right now. Let's go!" She set her beer down and began to look about frantically.

"Wait, Shannon. We don't know if it's confirmed or not." Placing a hand on her arm Aiden held her still. "This is how an investigation goes. If the tip is good, they'll track her down. There's an agent I know at the field office there who's lending a hand. We keep on track, we have to be thorough. Just tell me Mingham is close by, the sooner we find him in the morning the sooner we can get down there."

He was right, but a large part of her wanted to drive all night to New Orleans. At the end of the day Suzie was her priority, not Parker, the money, or the Belladonna Killer. "What did this bartender say?"

"That she came in, had a rink, and left. She looked worried but was okay, paid cash, and left a hundred dollar bill for an eight dollar martini."

"Did he see where she went?"

Aiden shook his head. "That's the problem with these things. My friend will see if there's any meat to it, if it's a real lead, but we can't afford to drop everything and run. Mingham might very well know for sure where Suzie is."

Oh, he knew her so well, and he played dirty. Sighing, Shannon felt her dream of finding Suzie by morning fade. "Danielle says he's scheduled to be in Biloxi for the next few days, but it's code. He has a favorite mistress here in town. I've got the address."

"Then that's what we'll do. Look it's still early. Let's relax, when Nick comes back let's go out for a drink, take our minds off things. I want to read over those files before we talk to anyone, but we need to blow off steam. Remember, Suzie is a petite blond who looks like three miles of bad road. There are a lot of them in New Orleans, so we can't be sure, but we can hope."

Grabbing her beer Shannon took a deep pull. "I hate this waiting. I know I said I was doing this for Aunt Charlotte, and you know I love her deeply, but I love Suzie too. She's always been...a twit. I hate saying that, but it's true. She doesn't deserve to be out there, scared, possibly fearing for her life."

Aiden sat on her bed legs spread wide. "Sit here, let me give you a massage."

Tense, she did, forgetting the shock of heat between them until it came. Then his hands were on her shoulders and it was magic. Closing her eyes, Shannon melted into that touch, his large hands so familiar and strong. She had to set her drink on the floor before leaning back. Chills raced across her skin even as he warmed her, and she sought that heat, leaning back into him until his hands were almost trapped.

Neither spoke as he cupped her cheek and turned it, and then they were kissing. The world faded into the background and she turned in his arms, suddenly desperate. Aiden laughed slightly, never breaking the kiss, his tongue claiming hers even as he helped shift her until she settled on his lap.

Shannon gasped at his erection, already hard and pulsing with the beat of his heart against her through their layers of clothing. Grabbing the hem of his shirt she tugged and he helped, letting her pull it off. Claiming her for another kiss he cupped her cheek, his watch cool against Shannon's hot skin. Her own hands were everywhere, memorizing the change in every muscle and line of his body.

He let her have the upper hand, she was very aware of that, and took advantage, forcing him back. The price Aiden demanded for the act of submission was to pull off her own shirt and do the same. It was reverent worship, a memory reclaimed and burned away in the wake of new lust, pushing them higher into a plane of pure need.

Aiden's patience reached an end and he hooked his legs around her ankles, pressed her to him, and rolled Shannon to her back. He kissed her check, her jaw, her neck, teased her collarbone even as his hands pushed down the small cups of her bra, and then he claimed a nipple with wet, sucking heat.

She could only grip his shoulders as his thick body settled between her legs, surrounding her, pressing Shannon in to soft mattress. She tried desperately to re-learn the lines of his body, those familiar and new, but the pleasure was fogging her mind with lust. Trailing his hot mouth down her body she writhed on the sheets as he slowly unbuttoned her pants. By the time they were loose and he tugged them down her hips, grinning, Shannon was aching with desire.

Her panties soon followed, and then he claimed her. Aiden's mouth fastened on, sucking as his tongue flicked gently, teasing. She cried out, nearly bucking him off and a hand clamped on her chest and forced her back down. With his other Aiden slipped a finger inside, curled forward, and she was gone. The pleasure was a spiraling tunnel, curling around every inch of her body, hardening her wet nipples to the cool air and raising shivers as she built higher and higher. He suckled her clit hard and she came, shrieking wordlessly with pleasure as it vibrated through her.

Still trembling in the wake she registered his movements, and then he was kissing her. Shannon tasted her own juices on those lips and furious passion animated her. He let her wrestle him down onto his back and his hands only settled gently into her hair as she kissed a frantic pattern down the hard lines of his stomach.

Aiden was thick and hard, and with one hand she gripped the soft skin of his cock and with the other sank the tip into her mouth. He cried out, a nearly broken sound, and his hips pumped, urging his cock deeper. Shannon took what she could and moved her hand with her mouth, losing herself to his thick salty taste and Aiden's panting breaths.

He moved then, twisting his body slightly and she kept moving, forcing those small grunts out of him, delighting in the power she held.

His hands brushed her away and she watched fascinated as he rolled on the condom. Shannon was still distracted when he grabbed her, rolling, using his legs to kick his jeans off. His eyes locked to hers, he thrust in one clean, smooth motion and buried himself deep. The feeling was perfect, and he remembered her preference and held himself inside, not moving for a moment as she adjusted. Her hands gripped his shoulder and Shannon raised to kiss him.

When he opened his lips to her and her tongue sought his still laced with her own taste, he pulled out and sank back in. There were no more thoughts after that for Shannon, just the aching stretch of a long-held need newly realized. She clawed at him, thrust her own hips to meet him, and let the need ride her as surely as Aiden did.

For long moments his hard cock speared her, filling her, their bodies moving together in a heated slide. She reached the plateau, desperate for more, and once again Aiden read her signs with the familiarity of an old lover. One last time, he rolled them, placing her on top, and then gripped her hips, forcing her to slide against him. She rubbed, moaning, purring like a cat, and sat back, offering her swollen nipples to him. He suckled gently and she began to move faster and faster, climbing with tightening muscles to the shimmering peak.

It exploded over her, from her center out, and as she hollered on a long wail he groaned and used his hands on her hips to move her up and down his length. Aiden joined her, biting his lip to keep from shouting as they vibrated together, fingers clenched tight to one another's skin as the climax washed over them in waves.

After a long, panting moment she collapsed onto him and they lay limp and replete. They held each other for a long moment. It was a distorted echo of the past she realized, something infinitely more beautiful and satisfying now. Still, it couldn't last.

"Aiden, I'm sorry."

"What for?"

She shifted off of him to lean up on one elbow and looked down at him. "I have a life to return to. I just don't want you to expect..."

"More than this?" He pulled her down for a kiss she lightly resisted but in the end he won the contest and embraced her until she was boneless against him. "We're adults. It's up to you to decide what you want, all I ask is you be honest with me."

Nick flashed through her mind but there was no guilt. "You're not trying to pressure me here?"

"For sex...sure, but the worry too much. Carpe diem, darlin'."

"Hmm." Confused by his sudden mellow attitude she rolled off the bed in search of her clothes. She chose to dress in the bathroom after cleaning up, and emerged to find he'd straightened the bed and cleaned up her spilled beer. Fresh drinks waited.

"Slight change in plans. I have those faxes waiting downstairs, I meant to grab them before we got...distracted. It's not even eight yet. Why don't you and Nick go out."

"Why don't we stay and help you?" She took her beer from him and chose to sit safely away at the table. The intimacy of moments before had retreated in an almost surreal manner.

Suddenly there was a key in the door and it made sense. She tried to control her blush as she turned to greet Nick.

"Cher, homme. I got us some clothes, brought de guns up from de car." He glanced around the room and his beautiful dark eyes narrowed on her face, sliding over to Aiden's.

"I've got some paperwork on the Piememntes to look over. Shannon got some information from that secretary. Why don't you two go out, grab a beer, talk to the locals?"

Nick's look was dark even as he nodded. "One moment, cher." He disappeared to the mirrored sink area and pulled out a hair band, putting his long dark locks back.

Shannon glared at Aiden, but the other man just looked innocent holding his phone and reading a text. She set her beer down roughly and gabbed her purse, striding into the hallway. This was what she was afraid of. Lucy was wrong. These men shared just about anything with ease, but not her. The only thing she couldn't figure out was why that disappointed her so much.

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