tagErotic CouplingsSecret Desires Pt. 06

Secret Desires Pt. 06


"No cher, squeeze de trigger."

Again Shannon jerked it and the shot recoiled her hand, knocking her back into him, and the bullet struck the ground noisily yards away though the beer cans stayed in a neat little line on the wide stump.

Laughing he took his gun from her. "Dis here is a Taurus. Thought you'd do better than with my service pistol, but I'm not so sure. I think livin' up north has made you soft, cher."

"I'm not soft. Living in a big city is far more dangerous than the damned gators down here. I've been studying martial arts."

He laughed mockingly and took another pull of his cheap beer. "Is dat so?"

Walking up to him she put her hands on her hips and glared at him directly. "So I can handle big dumb galooks like you."

"Really?" He set the gun and his beer down on the open trunk floor of the Explorer.

Without warning, he reached for her. Grinning, Shannon ducked to the side and grabbed his waist. She was tall enough that having a lower center of gravity than her opponent was a bit of a novelty, but she was prepared. He'd had more beer than her and was a little slow. His carry through helped her and she easily pulled him past her and down, spinning to dump him onto the ground.

Nick grabbed her with surprising cat-like reflexes and she ended up sprawled on top of him as he fell to his back. "Interestin' defense, cher. I dare say no muggers would mind."

"Ha. Got you on your back. I have the upper hand."

His look was intense, even lit as they were by a camping lantern and moonlight his face was clear, and Nick was angry. Jealousy, she could almost smell it, and she frowned. "You don't own me, Nick."

He glanced away. "I'm not angry at you, cher, I'm angry with myself."

"Well that makes plenty of sense." She climbed off him and held a hand to him which he ignored as he stood. "Let's have another beer and take a break. I'm wasting ammo."

"Dat you are." He grabbed the gun as she pulled another beer from the small cooler. As she opened it he shot off four rounds, single-handed and looking at her, not the stump, and the four cans lined up jumped and fell back.

She was definitely impressed, but it sparked her temper. Angry with her or not, he didn't have the right to try and intimidate her. "Okay, I think we should talk, but you're going to have to put the gun down first."

He pulled out the clip and set it inside the trunk, switching it for his beer before sitting next to her. The car sunk down with his weight and silence fell as they sipped their beers. She wasn't quite sure where to begin.

"Cher, I made a gentleman's agreement with Aiden. Nether one of us was to force you into anything."

"No one has forced me to do anything." She couldn't meet his eyes and looked off into the thick trees on the edge of the clearing while she gathered her thoughts. "Christ, this doesn't have to be so difficult." She straightened with that as a thought locked into place, and she nearly laughed. "It doesn't have to be difficult at all. I want you. You want me. I want Aiden, he wants me. We're all adults. If there's nothing serious, nothing beyond just having fun, what's the problem with it?"

His jaw flexed and he opened his mouth t reply but then quickly took a pull of beer.


"You got a man waiting for you back in Chicago?"

"No. I've dated a few gentlemen but I've always been pretty busy with work and school. Sometimes I feel like I put my life on hold for a career that hasn't happened yet."

"You don't like your job, cher?"

She laughed at that, glad he was deflecting the conversation into relatively harmless territory. "Nope. I wanted to work for a non-profit but in this economy they've been hit the hardest and no one is hiring. Now I get paid to lie my way in the door and serve people summonses and paperwork. I have mounds of student debt still and I'll probably have to take a second job when I get back. Maybe bartending, something easy."

He nodded slightly. "Why stay in Chicago den? Why not try someplace else with more opportunity?"

"I don't honestly know." She drew her legs up, hugging her knees to her chest with one arm. "I guess I've been stupidly waiting around for my life to start. Now that Suzie's gone, it makes me realize life happens whether you want it to or not. It's time to take an active approach, I guess."

"Is dat what I am to you? A chance to live yo' life actively?"

Setting her can down forcefully she swung her legs down and turned to him. Shannon narrowed her eyes. She should have known the duck walk was a roundabout eay to come back to his conflicted feelings. "We live a thousand miles apart and the first night I'm back for a visit you try to jump my bones. You tell me I'm not just a good time for you."

His dark eyes glittered. "Laissez les bon temps rouler, cher."

He reached for her, cutting off her reply. His kiss was rough, brutal, anger in it that made his passion fierce, and raised hers to a fever pitch, her own anger melting into something more heated and liquid. He tasted of beer, smoke, and man, something so foreign and thrilling.

Nick gave her no quarter. He stood, barely breaking their kiss, and pushed her back onto the tailgate, legs dangling free. He stepped between them and bent down, grinding his rock hard erection into her. She clutched at his shirt, eager for more, begging wordlessly with the undulations of her body and exploration of her tongue.

There was ferocious need there, and he jerked her shirt up, her bra cups down and palmed a breast. His thumb swiped over it roughly, exciting her with this near-violence. She struggled with his pants and he chuckled, ending on a groan as he used his freehand to pin her wrists together and down over her head, held with his free hand.

"I'm on de edge, cher," he ground out and then his mouth replaced his hand on her breasts. She felt him working his jeans as he nipped and suckled.

"Condom," she panted out, barely able to speak as his mouth did magical things to her breasts. Just a few short hours ago she'd felt replete, but now Nick was making her burn with desire.

He just laughed and paused to pull something out, having to stand and use both hands to roll it on. In the dim light she saw he was large, longer than she'd realized, and a sliver of fear pulsed her arousal higher.

He rolled it on between the open folds of his jeans and then he was back. Both hands pinned hers down as he probed her damp folds. His dark cat-green eyes bored into Shannon as he found her entrance.

"Cher," was all he said as he rammed in to the hilt.

She screamed with the pleasure and the spice of pain even as he held there, sighing, his forehead lowering to hers. "I have waited so long," he whispered, then transferred her wrists to one hand.

Hunched over Nick pulled out and placed his thumb on her clit before slamming in. The action filled her deep and speared her clit with white-hot pleasure. He was an animal, drawing forth an answering bestial need in her. All Shannon could do was wrap her legs around his hips still dressed, and revel in the ay he fucked her. His own shirt flapped along her skin, a gentle echo of his harsh movements.

Nick forced the pleasure on her, driving her along with his own rampaging need. She bucked and moved with him as much as she could but he was determined to drive them both to paradise. Shannon's muscles tightened against the onslaught of his hard body and he filled her deeply, drawing forth an ancient need and feeding it back to her with dark sensuality.

The orgasm was not a patient thing waiting for her to breach it; it was an explosion over her and throughout Shannon's body. She screamed with it wordlessly, feeling him move lightning fast. His own hoarse shout of triumph joined her and she felt him tremble as they moaned and jerked together in the ancient dance.

They collapsed together and his weight dragged her down to land on top of him as they hit the blanket on the ground. She couldn't help but laugh as they extricated themselves and spread it as best they could, laying there panting under the night sky, having beautifully crossed a line that shook them both to their core.

Shannon sat up as he reached for the tailgate, retrieving a pack of his cigarillos and a lighter. "Feel better?"

He lit one, the little flame light highlighting his stark cheekbones. He could have been a very sexy demon in that moment. He pulled his hands away, catching her hungry look, and blew out a puff of smoke. "Cher, a woman like you could kill a man."

She blushed and began searching for her own clothes. "It's getting late. I guess we should get back to the hotel and see if Aiden found anything."

"Do me a favor, cher."

She stopped and glanced over her shoulder. "What's that?"

He smiled then, pure bad boy. "Don't hop right in de shower."

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