tagErotic CouplingsSecret Desires Pt. 10

Secret Desires Pt. 10


Chapter Twelve

The morning brought blazing sunshine and heat, the air conditioner clicking on loudly. Shannon woke first and climbed in the shower, trying hard not to think of the news. If she could keep her mind on Suzie, everything would be okay. She'd find Suzie and return to her life. She'd leave Aiden and Nick, forget what they'd put in motion together. She'd go back to a simple, uncomplicated, boring existence far away.

With a sigh Shannon braced her arm against the wall and rested her head. Last night had been easy friendship turned to something erotic and beautiful. When she'd asked for tenderness and comfort, they'd offered it up easily, and when they'd taken it a step further, edging into new, forbidden territory, they had made it so damn easy.

Damn it, how would she make it in Chicago? Every morning she would think of Aiden with his serious face and those eyes broadcasting every last emotion he felt, of Nick's easy bad boy smiles. Of the heat they raised, the desire they made course through her, the easy friendship, the dark promise of something fearsome and wondrous to come, the...shit, she was in over her head.

"Hey there," rumbled Aiden's deep voice, making her jump.


"Sorry to scare you," he chuckled. "I've got to stop into the field office. Nick's checking with the M.E. back home. I'll bring some real food back for lunch."

She peaked around the curtain and sighed. Aiden looked still rumpled from sleep, his tie on crooked and his suit wrinkled. He looked like he was ripe for seducing and she squelched the urge. "All right. If we go anywhere one of us will let you know."

He parted the curtain and grabbed her in a fierce kiss, consuming her lips with his own. She clutched at him, mindless of the water, and just as her body swayed to his he stepped free. "Hold that thought."

He was awake now, and winked at her, disappearing out the door once more.

She finished up and wrapped herself in a robe, coming out to discover Nick was awake and breakfast had been delivered from room service.

"We're just racking up the charges aren't we?" She smiled and sat across from him.

His hair was loose, falling waves, and he was shirtless. He looked like a wild native of some fantasy island, and when he saw her looking that gleam hit his startlingly green eyes.

"Breakfast can wait, cher."

"I'm starved."

He laughed and pushed a plate at her. Eggs, sausage, grits, and toast with butter and jam on the side. There was coffee and orange juice and she took one of each, feeling famished. They ate, discussing baseball of all things. She lived on the north side of Chicago but rooted for the White Sox, and Nick was surprisingly well-informed on their season so far. It was so much safer to talk of inconsequential things.

After she finished he stood, jeans riding low on his hips, unbuttoned, the delineation of his torso and hips drawing her eye as he strode behind her. She heard him crack his knuckles and then he was massaging her shoulders.

"That's heavenly, but it tells me you have some bad news."

Nick's chuckle was a humorless sound. "Taylor and Finnegan's reports came back, dey were done in by de Belladonna Killer. Aiden found out before he left your- Parker was killed de same way. Belladonna paralyzed him and he was suffocated. So bad news is we have ourselves a serial killer blast from de past who used to kill for a family now locked away.

"Dere is good news yet, chere. If he got Suzie with the Belladonna she'd get sick, but survive, that's not actually how the killer murders people, he just uses it to make them weak. After this we get to check de hospitals, cher."

"Really? She'd be okay?"

"Sick, but she'd get better."

"Then let's get calling."

Two hours of looking up numbers on the laptop and waiting on hold got them nowhere. No Suzie in any hospital or any urgent care center. Nick tried to convince her this was good news but the frustration was mounting.

"Come on cher," he pulled her to the bed by the window and pulled her robe off.


"Be a good girl and maybe dis massage will have a happy ending." He winked and she laughed, laying down.

"Is now really the time?"

He pulled a bag out and began to pace things on the nightstand. She watched, chin on her hands at the myriad of bottles and strange things. "Um, Nick, why the gloves?"

"You'll see." He winked. "Close your eyes, chere."

She did as he instructed and hear more movement, the flick of a lighter. Shannon was sorely tempted to open her eyes but he tsked, anticipating it. At long last the bed dipped and his hands smoothed over her back. He spread warm oil over that smelled sensual and clean, and his rough hands worked it along her muscles. She couldn't help but moan.

He massaged everything expertly, arousing and relaxing her. She bit her lip but the moans escaped. His hands slid along her sides, teasing her breasts only to skirt away. At long last his hands stilled.

"Turn over," he husked, voice deep and rough. "Keep those eyes closed."

She did as bade and he slipped a towel beneath her, protecting the bedspread. "But Nick, I want to see you."

"Chere," was all he said, an admonishment and plea in one.

The exquisite torture began anew, and he skirted all the places she ached to be touched. He smoothed every muscle until she felt like flowing lava, until Shannon couldn't move even if she wanted to.

After an eternity, finally, he brought the heated oil to her breasts. She cried out as he massaged and teased, drawing his rough dingers slowly across her nipples until she thought her body might come from that alone.

One hand slid down and roughly shoved two fingers insider her dripping wet pussy. She shrieked with it as roughly he began to work her, his other hand still gentle on her breasts. He found the spot inside and pressed hard, bringing his thumb to her clit in a gentle echo of the fingers above.

It happened so fast, but she was screaming, thrashing as she came, moisture rushing out from her as Nick seemed to pull the orgasm from deep inside her. Shannon shuddered with it, crying out his name, wailing until the last fluttering passed.

"Chere, open your eyes now."

She did and he was naked,, hair loose and free, cock hard and at attention. "Yes," she hissed, begging.

"Cher, I'm sure you know dat I like a little kink in bed."

"I'd guessed," she said with a trembling smile.

"Has anyone ever touched you here?" His finger skimmed down, sliding over her taut butt cheeks.

Shannon sucked in a breath, eyes wide, and shook her head no. She had friends who enjoyed it, some that didn't, but the thought of something so dark and decadent with Nick was intensely appealing.

"Do you trust me, cher?"

She nodded.

He crawled up and bent down, lips close to hers. "If you want me to stop, say stop and I will." He kissed her then, hungry and deep. Her fingers buried in his long strands Shannon raised her head, desperate for more, but he pulled away quickly.

She watched as he grabbed an assortment of things; a box of gloves, some weird plastic squares, a jar, and a small wooden box. "What is all that?"

"You'll see," he said with a wink, and lit a stick of incense.

He made her raise her hips and infolded one of the plastic squares to reveal a padded side, sliding in beneath her. He opened another on the floor and then donned the gloves. Shannon couldn't help but giggle.

"Why do I feel like this is the most unusual body cavity search ever?"


To her shock he bent down and buried his mouth into her pussy. She cried out as he began to viciously lick and suck. He spread her thighs wide and devoured her. Shannon cupped her own breasts, hands sliding against her skin still slick with oil. It felt magnificent, in that forceful, commanding way that was pure Nick, and she found the next pinnacle quickly.

As the pleasure still washed over her in waves, he gave her a gentle kiss. To her shock next she felt a finger on her nether hole, spreading something thick. Subconsciously she jumped.

"Shh, chere, I go nice and slow. Dis is supposed to be pleasure for us both."

"All right," she panted out, but she was still nervous. She trusted Nick, he was a good man, but this was brand new territory, never before explored.

"You do any of dat yoga, cher?"


"I want you to do dose belly breaths, breathe with your diaphragm."

"Oooh, big word for a Cajun."

"Chere, you really want to make fun of me now?"

She felt a large finger probe the little hole and sucked in her breath. "You have a point."

He stroked and teased, and Shannon had to admit it felt good. It was a wicked thrill of sensation, heightening the anticipation wondering what came next.

"Keep yo' legs bent, chere. Now when I push in, you push out, got it?"

Biting her lips she could only nod. She was on the knife edge of anticipation and right then would have done any damn fool thing he said.

A single finger slid in an sensation exploded. She pushed out, just as he'd directed, and it eased the passage into her tight channel. It was a familiar sensation but inverted, turned on its head, positively wicked.

He went slowly, adding digits, massaging her. After each insertion he bent his head and brought her to the edge of climax with his tongue. At long last, to her shock, he had four fingers in her. It was burning, stretching, but the dark thrill was ever present.

A deep ache began inside her and she wanted to be filled, in every way. She wanted him inside her, madly, and begged him so.

"Chere," was all he said as he changed gloves and rolled the condom on. She watched him work his cock, and gulped. He was so large, it seemed impossible he'd fit. He spread more thick goo from the jar on as she trembled.

The he sat, stretching his legs beneath hers, along her body. She grippedhis thighs and tried to c allm her nerves.

"Keep breathin' like dat, chere, do what I taught you."

Then he was pushing in. There was a light pain, a spice to the burning stretch. The sensations were foreign and familiar, dark and consuming. He went slowly as she gasped, nails digging into his flesh. Sweat beaded on his forehead as he worked his hard cock inside her.

After san eternity of push-pause-push-pause he was fully seated. A tumble of Creole words tumbled from his lips as her head spun. The effort had decreased some of her arousal now and though it felt good, she knew she couldn't orgasm this way.


"I know, Chere."

He peeled the gloves off and tossed them down with the other dirty ones on the pad on the floor. He donned a new pair and opened the little box. She saw inside was a strange piece of plastic, three inches long, one end capped with three silver half balls that were tiny. It was pink and translucent, and she could see a battery inside. He twisted it and it began to buzz.

Nick grinned, a flash of white teeth against swarthy skin. "A man should never be afraid to ask for help."

He placed the toy against her clit and she jumped, body tightening, suddenly aware once more how he filled her deeply. One hand kept the toy pressed to her and the other reached up to tease a nipple. He began to move.

Nick was surprisingly gentle as he moved, allowing her to fully enjoy the dark delights of the forbidden without any pain. The orgasm seemed to begin simultaneously in her mind as well as between her legs, and burst over her like fireworks. As soon as she went off Nick began to pound her.

His muscles bunched as ecstasy and determination grew on his face. She tried to watch, but her own pleasure made her throw her had back and cry out, eyes squeezed shut. Quickly he joined her, crying out her name hoarsely as she gripped him tightly.

She had to reach down and jerk the toy from her when she became white-hit sensitive. He still filled her, hard, but unmoving as they panted.

"My god."

"Call me Nick," he quipped, and tweaked a nipple. "You liked dat, chere?"

"Ungh," was all she could say.

He pulled out and got rid of the dirty things, wrapping them in the pads then putting them in the bathroom garbage bag which he tied shut. They showered together and he gently wiped the oil from her, kissing her wet, clean skin until she was once more begging. This time he bent her over, speared her pussy, and brought fingers to stroke her nubbin. It was a slow, gentle ride, deeply satisfying. They were only chased out by the cold water.

Back in the room they teased each other, toweling one another off and laughing. With all the darkness of the past days the light feeling was just what she needed.

She slipped the robe on just as the door opened. Nick lazily pulled the sheet to cover up his nudity and she froze, blushing. Aiden closed the door and gave her a stern look. "Don't be embarrassed. It's not like I caught you at anything I didn't think you'd be doing."

"And we'll keep score, cher," Nick said with a wink as he lit his cigarillo.

She sat on the other bed with a sigh, blowing her bangs from her face. "It's almost even more embarrassing when you two can be so blasé about this." She really should be more cosmopolitan, she thought, when she was the one that was going to have to push them into acceptance. Funny they seemed to be there already and she was the one drowning in moral qualms.

Aiden scooped her up off her feet and kissed her soundly. "Relax, sweetheart. Well, I've got more information on the Piementes. I've got a colleague going to visit George Piemente at the Farm today. If Mingham is in town he should be with his mistress Georgia. No hits on her credit cards but if she has a place here her father will know about it."

"So what do we do until then?"

"We have local cops looking for Suzie. She's a person of interest but they know she didn't kill anyone. If we go out looking we'll trip them up. The best thing to do is wait for Jerry's call with Georgia's location. I brought lunch but I'm back early. Let's go up to the pool and have fun, try to...forget things."

She wrinkled her nose. "I'll just burn in the sun."

"We'll be happy to cover whatever you need with sun screen, cher."

"My turn," Aiden said, dodging the pillow she threw.

They both lathered her up, quite thoroughly, and just when she began to hope it would to something more they let her go, changing openly into their trunks. With a sigh she followed them out to the elevator, and up. She knew this was all to keep her busy, prevent her worrying, and stop her from running out and mucking the investigation up but she still felt frustrated and helpless.

The pool was crowded so they managed to find three chairs together and lay there in the sun. She had the shade of an umbrella while they unapologetically tanned. Nick grumbled about how he could do this at home and tan all over which started teasing between the two men. Aiden called his friend a nudist and Nick called him a farmer.

Laughing, Shannon went for a swim as they laughed at one another. God help her, she thought as she hit the water, it felt right. With all the madness around them, being with them both just felt so bone-deep right. For all Nick's gruff exterior, underneath he was an amazingly affable spirit, the perfect complement to Aiden. The good ol' boy looked like what he was- a high school football star aging gracefully, but under it was a fine mind and a steel core. They were such opposites, but the best of friends, and they each called to her in their own way.

She suddenly didn't want to think of the future. For one guilty moment she wished that Suzie and the money stolen from the town had her on a cruise out to the Virgin Islands where she would be safe and could start a new life, leaving Shannon to enjoy these moments with the boys forever. It was foolish, she knew, and there was more to it now. There was a killer out there, and as long as he was undiscovered Suzie wouldn't be safe.

Her mood darkened and she swam to the edge, muscling past teenagers splashing. Leveraging her body from the water she smiled at the way they stopped arguing and Nick and Aiden watched her. "I need to do something. Waiting is killing me."

"It's time for lunch anyway," Aiden said, standing and stretching. The short time might have added some color to his honeyed skin and she found herself examining every inch with her eyes.

"You kids go on ahead, I've got some calls to make." Nick, standing with an impressive stretch. That drew her attention and she burst out laughing. "Homme, how come you get de eyeball and I get laughter?"

"You two have no idea how beautiful you are," she laughed out.

"Did you just call us beautiful?"

"Women," Nick grumbled. "She's all yours, homme."

"Come on, I'll show you a neat trick," Aiden said, taking her arm.

In the elevator he held the close doors button until they did, then immediately pressed their floor. "Cops, fire, EMT's use this all the time. Even if other people are waiting to go down we'll go directly to our floor."

"I'll have to remember that at work. I end up serving a lot of people in high rises."

That shuttered cop look came over his face and guilt flashed through her. Stepping to him she drew him down for a kiss, wanting to distract him.

When the doors opened they stumbled out, locked together. She licked the salt of his sweat from his lips and wrapped her towel around his waist, backing up and leading him to their room. She lead him to the clean bed and tried to force him down, but he grabbed her and she went sprawling with him.

"God, you bought that teeny little bikini just to drive me nuts, didn't you?"

"Maybe," she hedged and licked his throat.

"I want you so bad I'm afraid I can't be gallant."

She reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a condom, handing it to him. "Not a problem."

He simply parted his trunks and fished his cock out, almost completely hard. Ripping the foil packet, he pulled it out and rolled the condom on while she watched, fascinated. He scooted up against the pillows and grabbed her, cupping her head and bringing her down for a kiss.

Eager and aroused, body still incredibly sensitive from the morning, she pushed her bottom aside and sank down on his cock, delighting in his cry. He pulled the small triangle tops aside and moved her up, claiming a breast as his hands urged her to move.

She gripped the headboard and rode him, sliding against him, his trunks catching on her clit. She undulated now, feeling him fully hard, deep inside. He bit her nipple gently and soothed it with a kiss, moving to the other. Flicking it with his tongue she felt moisture spurt between her legs and began to move like a madwoman.

Beautifully he came a mere second before she did and they kept moving, thrusting, riding the spasms out. When they slowed she met him for a kiss, and Aiden sucked her tongue, making her shiver. It was over too damn fast.

She tried to pull off but he locked her against him, still buried deep.

"Shannon, do you really think leaving will be that easy?" he asked, lips against hers.

She pushed off and rolled aside, leaving him cold. "I don't know. I just don't know anymore."

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