Secret Desires Pt. 12


Aiden was never stupid, he would have teased Nick, not let him finish, not until he returned the favor. Nick would be a firm grip, harshly sucking mouth, a furious, raw passion.

Her blood heated and her breathing sped up. Opening her eyes she cut Nick off and turned his head, kissing him with the same passion she imagined he'd shown Aiden on that long ago night.

"Cher," he husked in between the slanting of their mouths, and she knew he was just as aroused by the memory as she was.

She shifted and turned him until they sat straddling the bench and then she pushed him down. His erection was immense, pulsing between her legs, and she rubbed him like a cat, grazing her own hard nipples against his chest.

"You know Shannon, when most men confess a deep dark secret, dey don't get dis lucky."

"Nick, just go with this. Let's stop over-thinking everything." She meant to take that advice to heart. Her mind could only so much and she had to trust her body with them both.

He suddenly stood and kept her legs wrapped around him. She was no delicate woman and once more it shocked her how easily he held her. He walked them deeper into the shadows, they were still on the street, but Shannon couldn't care. There was no world beyond his lips and body.

Once in a dark corner they struggled, and he had to set her down to peel one leg of her pants off. She undid hiss zipper and fished out his hard cock. Shannon could only stroke it once and then he raised her again and slammed inside.

She wasn't ready, but the dark heady thrill of Nick's loss of control felt good. He was thrusting quickly, his lips everywhere. She kissed back, any part of him she could reach, and held on. It was fast, fast for Nick, and she felt him climax deep inside her.

That was the depth of his desire for Aiden and for her. Her soul swelled with hope even as she felt him shiver, swallowing his cry of completion. After long minutes she slid her legs down his and they disengaged as he sagged against her.

"Cher, I'm so sorry. Dat was not gentlemanly."

"It's okay-"

He cut off with a kiss, and then his hand did something clever. There was no arguing with a determined Cajun, and quickly he brought her to a peak. This time Nick swallowed her cries, and used his body to keep hers standing.

She would have loved to linger, take the experience deeper, but she was quite aware of them being outside, exposed. Laughing, Shannon disengaged.

"Cher, I make it up to you real good soon."

"Do any better than that and you'll kill me." She missed him quickly, a light brush of lips on his.

His grin was lopsided." But what a way to go."

They had to find Aiden before their own personal zeitgeist decided to leave. "Come on then," she said with a smile.

Back in the room they found him waiting, wearing only his jeans, unbuttoned. His eyes were red and he jumped when they entered, and sighed. "Where have you been?"

Banking that Nick wouldn't balk and would follow along, Shannon stepped to him first and drew him down for a kiss. He trembled, hands on her shoulders as she cupped his cheeks, and his kiss was innocent, sweet. He'd been hurt deeply, and Aiden was acting shy, something she'd never encountered in him. Shannon wanted to heal the rift, and willed Nick to move, to join them, to fill the gap they both felt.

She deepened it as Nick brushed past her, standing behind Aiden. Her golden lover stiffened in surprise as Nick's arms wrapped around them both and his lips settled on Aiden's neck. She nearly wept in relief as her mind cried At Last!

She had no idea what she was doing and made the conscious decision to let instinct and desire guide her. She touched them both, and turned Aiden's head, kissing his cheek. Nick claimed his lips and it took everything Shannon had not to swoon, settling for s deep shiver.

Nick's eyes met hers and she saw uncertainty there. Sliding away she let Aiden embrace him and stepped behind Nick. Reaching between them she felt the hard press of two hard male bodies, making her tremble as she sought Nick's cock. It was hard, and though Nick might have been unsure, his body knew what it wanted.

Aiden trembled with nerves as he embraced his friend. Rubbing her breasts over the backs of his hands, Shannon murmured encouraging words as her lips sough purchase on Nick's neck. She could never remember being so aroused, even as her head spin. This was really happening! Anxious and unable to wait she pulled at Nick's t-shirt and Aiden helped her pull it off.

Someone took charge, she could only assume it was Aiden, and they tumbled to the bed in a mess, laughing. The tension leaked from the air and Nick laid pliant. Leaning over him Aiden winked at Shannon and bent his golden head to the dark skin of Nick's chest.

Before he could balk she scrambled up and claimed Nick's lips, tasting both men. His hands slid into her hair, gripping tight. He gasped and she broke the kiss to see Aiden had freed Nick's cock from his pants, and was gripping it tight. She could only whimper as he contemplated it, and beneath them Nick panted in anticipation.

At last Aiden engulfed Nick's cock with his mouth and Shannon's cry nearly matched Nick's. He started, and jerked her back down. His kiss was brutal, and his hands worked hard to pull her shirt off, claiming her breasts roughly.

He merely pushed her bra down and then claimed a swollen nipple with his tongue and teeth. Shannon clutched at Nick's skin and kept watching. It was so sensual, so dark, so forbidden, and yet so right. There was love in Aiden's eyes, and that it shone for them both seemed wondrous to Shannon. There was no jealousy, just a mixture of love, lust, and need culminating in the moment.

She moaned as Nick worked hungrily over her breasts. He was rough, demanding, responding to the measured teasing in every pull of Aiden's hot mouth. In all her life, Shannon couldn't remember ever being so excited. Pulling away she quickly shucked her pants and was rewarded by two pairs of male eyes watching her every move as she stripped down to her bare skin.

The heat in Aiden's eyes was just for her in that moment, and then he returned to driving Nick mad. Shannon had never seen nick so submissive, but she intended to take full advantage. Straddling his head she faced Aiden and Nick needed no prodding.

He grabbed her hips and slammed her down, his hot mouth fastening to her damp folds. It was her turn to gasp and moan, and it felt so decadent with Aiden watching. She hunched over, splaying her hands on the bed for support as he began to suckle her clit.

She was getting close, so damn close so fast. Aiden broke off, gripping Nick's cock hard at the base. "Cum, Shannon, please," he whispered.

One hand drew her face to his and he claimed her in a kiss as Nick did something cleaver with his lips and she lit up like a rocket. Shaking with the climax it went on and on endlessly. Before it even passed Aiden broke the kiss and moved, kneeling on the bed. She cried out and Nick did not stop, pushing her further into dark pleasure like the demon he surely was.

She watched as Aiden took his own hardening cock into his hand and with the other stroked Nick's. She licked her lips and pushed his hand away from his own cock and took Aiden into her mouth. She was sensitive and jerked her hips, nick read her message clearly and licked around her clit, letting her rest.

Shannon took as much of Aiden's cock as she could. They lost themselves to the circle of pleasure then, sighs and murmurs filling the cool room. When she surrendered to the rhythm and her body sped towards another orgasm Aiden broke off and bent down.

"Don't let him cum," he whispered in her ear. With a dominant move she would suspect Nick of doing more, he guided her mouth to Nick's cock.

Needy of pleasure she began to suck his long cock with hunger. Closing her eyes she felt Aiden leave the bed and let the next orgasm claim her. Colors exploded behind her closed eyes and she shook, unable to move as she nearly swooned with the force of the pleasure.

Suddenly Nick's mouth left her and she cried out as she heard the men speak in low, soft voices. She returned to sucking as the bed dipped and she felt now four hands on her hips. Aiden slammed in and she cried out in shock, even as her body eagerly accepted him. When he was seated, to her shock she felt she return of Nick's clever tongue. Aiden thrust slowly and deep, and within a scant few seconds she rocketed to the most powerful orgasm she could remember.

Nick's hands claimed her sensitive breasts, lightly teasing her nipples, and neither man stopped. She couldn't concentrate and let Nick's cock slide from her lips, remaining in her grasp. Shannon's mind spun as she felt pure sensation, helpless enthralled by the force of two very controlling men driving her into unknown realms of pleasure.

Again she crested, screaming, crying both their names as her entire body shook. As she came, Aiden began to pimp faster and faster. Nick suckled her clit as the other man pounded into her, riding them both.

Without pause she was driven to another peak and just as she found it Aiden's shout was her only warning as he joined her. He filled her as she whimpered and mewled with it, weak and greedy for every last tremor. When it passed she nearly collapsed and both rolled her aside.

Aiden left the bed and Nick helped turn her around, nestling her into the crook of his arm. He claimed her mouth and she tasted her juices on his lips, her body nearly steaming in the storm of desire. She felt Nick's body jerk when Aiden took his cock, heard the movements as Aiden worked quickly.

She let her fingers brush across Nick's nipples and was rewarded with a whimper. He bit her lip and soothed the hurt, his tongue claiming hers. The bed shook with the force of Aiden's movements and Nick whimpered, muscles hardening as his body tightened.

Soon he came, shaking as they both had, and she swallowed his cries as Aiden took all Nick had to give. Nick held her kiss through it all, even as Aiden pulled away and joined them laying down. On either side of Nick they held him and Shannon broke the kiss, smiling with pride.

Nick had done it, he'd finally surrendered to them both. She yawned sleepily, the hour was late, and her eyes met Aiden's over Nick's bronzed chest. Glancing up she saw the same look in Nick's eyes, and fell asleep wondering if maybe, just maybe, she had been the one to surrender to them both.


Shannon woke to feel Aiden slipping from the bed, it was damn early, too early since they had been up to the wee hours. Her dream still haunted her and she struggled to surface from the memory into the light. She dreamt of Suzie, alone and terrified, and guilt was a harsh thing to wake up to.

She hadn't dreamt of an adult Suzie, instead she and Suzie had been young. It was a memory of one of the hundreds of times Suzie had gotten into trouble over a boy. Something pricked her memory but she couldn't focus with all that gorgeous male flesh bared to the morning sun.

"Where are you going?"

"Running." He bent down and kissed her with a grin. "I just feel too damn good."

She glanced at Nick, still dozing, out like a light. "Hang on, I'll join you."

Ten minutes later they were down in the early morning heat and jogging at a slow pace. Aiden was shirtless, his god-like body on full display, and Shannon found herself frowning at all the stares he was getting.

After a mile they took a break and bought bottles of water from a café, sitting down and using napkins to wipe their sweat. Aiden had remembered his phone and pulled it out to check messages.

"Looks like Lucy sent a text telling me you were headed back. I missed it in all the excitement. I thought they weren't coming in until tonight for John's conference."

"I asked them to come in early. Sometimes a girl just needs her girlfriend."

"If we find Suzie soon perhaps they could join us for dinner. Nick's called two times since we left, odd since he's not an early riser. Hang on." He dialed Nick and held a finger to his other ear. "Nick, what's wrong?" He paused and looked irritated. "She what!?! Shit!"

"What?" Shannon asked but he waved her off.

She caught the words "find her" and "quickly" a few times before he hung up and dropped his phone to the low wall they perched on. "Adele Sinclair has gone missing. She was still I the nursing home, under guard. Nick says his deputies are looking for her, but no body has turned up."

Shannon frowned. "The Belladonna killer is still here, Mingham too. Maybe she just got scared and went to visit family."

"Maybe, I guess we can hope. I have to admit, if the Belladonna killer went north last night it means Suzie is safe down here." He squeezed her hand.

"Aiden, I had a strange dream last night, and it made me remember something."


"Charlotte mentioned Adele Sinclair once when Suzie and I were young, maybe ten. Suzie had been caught with Tommy Keener over there by Adele's land and the others. What upset Charlotte most was she said there were plants there, something not safe for kids. I don't know I just thought of this."

His brows raised. "Not safe as in Belladonna?"

"Maybe. Give me your phone." He slid it over and she dialed Doc Hauser only to find out Charlotte was home. The old doctor promised to have a neighbor stop by and get Charlotte to call.

"Wait, Doc, do you remember Adele Sinclair?"

"Lady from Texas, kept to herself? Oh, yeah, course I do. Woman used to sell her potions like some kinda witch, herbal crap, always tryin' to seduce my patients away."

A tingle of excitement ran through Shannon. "What was she selling?"

"Sleep aids mostly. Valerian and that other, what was it?"

"Belladonna?" she prompted, raising an eyebrow at Aiden.

"That's the one. The old sheriff stopped by, made her stop selling and a year later it overgrew. One of the Ludwig's cows got into it and Doc Nivens had to put her down."

"Thanks Doc. Tell my aunt to call me when she has a chance."

"Take care, sweetie."

She hung up and met his expectant gaze. "Aiden, Adele Sinclair's land was covered with Belladonna. She must know who the Belladonna Killer is, and that's why she ran!"

"This makes no sense. She'd have to be tied to the Piementes and there is not a single thing connects her to them."

"Except the land deal. Parker brokered it, but Mingham was the developer and if he's the Piemente Don..."

He nodded. "We won't know until we find him. The entire Bureau has been trying to discover the Piemente Don for years. We have no hard evidence Mingham is it, but if we find him perhaps we can get him to confess with a plea deal."

It hit her. "Aiden! What if we've been wrong?"

"About what?"

"We've been assuming Mingham is the Don, but what if he's the Belladonna Killer? What if his weekly meetings with Parker weren't to exchange money but a cover so he could get Belladonna and make sure Adele stayed quiet?"

"But why did the meetings only start after the land was sold?"

"Think on it. She owned the land, had access, maybe she sold it to him. The Belladonna killer drops off the map and then she sells. Maybe Parker figured it out when Mingham came on board, and let his lawyer Finnegan in on it."

He rubbed the bridge of his nose, considering. "It makes a kind of sense. Finnegan figures it out and blackmails them both. Mingham gets rid of the landowners one by one except the one he knows he can trust, his supplier. Once they're gone he kills Finnegan, and Parker knows he's next, so he grabs the records for insurance, the money, Suzie, and leaves."

"And Mingham comes down here to kill him, kills his mistress, and Adele knows she's in danger. He's getting rid of everyone who knows one by one, he just needs to get to Suzie and Adele. No one in prison will talk, and once they're dead, he's free."

Aiden shot to his feet. "Suzie knows this, and that's why she ran off when Parker died. She's protecting us. Come on, we have to get to Nick."

"Aiden, wait. Maybe we can draw him off Suzie."

"What do you mean?"

She rose and placed her hand on his arm. "If Mingham is killing everyone he knows, we can draw him out. All we have to do is make it known we know he's the Belladonna Killer."


"I spoke to Adele. I call for her, leave a message. If he's smart and monitoring it, he'll get it. Then he'll come looking for me."

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