tagGroup SexSecret Desires Pt. 14

Secret Desires Pt. 14


© Nora Quick 2013

Chapter Sixteen

No. Shannon was shaking. Somehow, Nick had missed her meaning, and through some miracle, found Suzie. When Shannon heard her voice she cried in relief and hopelessness. Suzie was safe for now, but as she agreed to speak to Mingham and made plans, Shannon knew they would die.

It was time. Her little prison of a basement had been home for two days now. She'd refused to nap, to shower, to eat or drink. Shannon was exhausted with fear, tired, and thirsty as hell. Trembling as he undid the shackle she considered rushing him, but the stun gun in Mingham's hand made her reconsider. She was still touching the metal bed frame.

He forced her up the stairs, and when she hit daylight she was stunned for a moment.

"Move it!" He jammed the cold prongs into her back and she stumbled into the kitchen.

"I knew it! We're at Georgia's house!"

"I slipped back in once the cops secured it. Told them I was her brother. It was so foolish of you to think that they had any hope of catching me. Now, Suzie will be here shortly. You're going to answer the door. I have no doubt those young men of yours will be out there ready to jump me. You will escort her in quickly and bring her into the dining room. Do you understand?"

"Where you'll get your precious records and kill us both? You can't escape after that." She tried to sound brave but it was hard when she couldn't atop shaking.

"You let me worry about that." He walked to a small box on a pedestal in the wide doorway to the dining room. In went the stun gun, and out came a hand gun.

Shannon didn't know much about guns, but she did know when the safety clicked off, and knew to fear his steady hand an unblinking gaze. "I can make it quick, or slow and painful. Those are your only choices, and I suggest you think on it."

Shannon resisted the urge to look around, plot escape. If she did, would he follow? If she ran and he chased, maybe it would keep Suzie safe. Whenever Suzie got close, she was sure Nick and Aiden wouldn't be far behind. Hell, if they were smart, the FBI and local cops would be too. She should run.

"Stop right there," he barked when she'd barely been inching towards the back door.

"Water. I want water," she croaked out.

Mingham smoothed his thick grey hair back. "You didn't take the water I offered you."

"And drink your poison?"

He just grinned.

A knock at the door came and she knew her window of opportunity was gone. Her heart stopped even as he stalked closer and forcibly turned her towards the front of the house. The gun jammed into her back as he leaned close to her ear. "Answer it, no funny stuff. I can make you death slow, painful, and last for hours. I can rape you until you beg for death."

She almost vomited, and moved mechanically forward when the gun jammed into her ribs. It was almost nightfall and twilight filled the sky. She saw Suzie on the front porch carrying a suitcase, and she appeared to be alone.

Shannon wanted to weep. What the hell had happened? Why was Suzie there alone?

As she opened the front door, her vision narrowed to a tunnel, and her blood began to pump spiked with adrenaline. Mingham had stayed back, away from the glass half-moon at the top of the door. She could grab Suzie and run.

Mingham dashed her hope as he stepped close behind the open door.

Shannon stared for a moment. Suzie looked older, tired, her hair greasy and yet dry, the blonde strands looking dark. Her eyes were smudged with dark circles and her skin looked pale and dry.

"Hey," Suzie said softly, and Shannon moved quickly.

She grabbed the suitcase from Suzie, shocked that it was empty, but managed to shove Suzie back. The other woman went sprawling on the porch as Shannon swung the suitcase at Mingham's head. He ducked but his hands up to block her, and she knocked the gun aside.

Raring, Shannon let go of the suitcase which crashed to the wall and dove for the gun. Mingham was on her in a second. He landed with a punch and she saw stars, but kept her death grip on the gun. Unfortunately, she was holding the barrel and he was about the grab the handle.

She kicked and rolled, and he latched onto her waist, nearly pulling her shorts down. Kicking more, Shannon tried to crawl to the door but the gun in her hand made progress slow. Suddenly, a war whoop rang out and a blonde ball of fury landed on Mingham.

Suzie sat on his back, scratching and snarling, grabbing for his head. Shannon made it far enough away to kick back at his face and heard the satisfying crunch of his nose breaking. She scrambled to her feet and tried to remember what Nick taught her, turning the gun and training it on Mingham, unsure if the safety was on.


She nearly sagged with relief as a troop of men ran up to the house, Aiden and Nick at the front. Nick grabbed her and took the gun, lifting her and swinging her back as men with suits and drawn guns surrounded Mingham.

"Suzie!" was all she could think to say, and Nick nodded grimly, and pulled her through the door against the flow.

She gripped him tightly until they made the edge of the lawn. Shocked, she looked around at all the cars parked haphazardly on the lawn and in the street. Neighbors were coming out and local uniforms were already pushing the crowd back.

Nick pulled Shannon into the shade of some fruit trees and pulled her into his arms. "Cher," he growled, and could say no more as she cut him off with a kiss.

It was a kiss of true passion, not a single tinge of lust. She clung to him like a lifeline, feeling every emotion she had at once. She trembled against him and Nick was shaking with barely leashed anger.

They stayed locked together until a familiar pair of arms encircled them both. "We got him," Aiden said.

Completely without shame Shannon merely turned her head and kissed Aiden the same way, sliding her body around to embrace him. Once it passed, their hearts meeting in their lips, Shannon hugged them both.

"You safe now, cher, we got 'im."

"And we know Mingham is the Belladonna killer. Suzie did a number on him. Nick, Shannon has to come in. I need to go with Suzie, make sure she doesn't assault any officer. Nick, you have my permission to get Shannon something to eat and drink, but get her to the field office in the next hour. Someone will have to take her statement, but I'm going in on the interview with Mingham."

"Got it, homme. Cher? We should go before somebody with a fancy title puts you in a car."

"I'll get back to the hotel as soon as possible. Shannon? I love you."

She could only nod as he walked back out to follow the crowd leading Mingham out in handcuffs. Aiden's blonde head bobbed above the crowd and joined with Suzie's who was escorted out in the company of NOPD.

"Come on cher, we best git."

Nick slung his arm over her shoulder and guided her to the street. He stopped a young uniform and handed him the gun, explaining it was evidence, and then they made their way up the street, escaping just as news crews pulled up in vans.

"My god, it's a circus."

"Yes it is, cher. De Piementes were big news back in de day and dere was a leak, dere always is. De Belladonna Killer is big news."

They reached the SUV and he opened the door, hustling her in. Nick quickly drove away from the circus and pointed the car downtown. "Cher, I don' wanna ask what exactly happened, not yet, or I will kill Mingham myself. I just want to know two things. First, are you okay?"

"Tired, hungry, and thirsty, but okay."

"Dat answers de second question, which what you want."

He pulled the car into a fast-food drive-thru and pulled up, ordering for her. Shannon was still in shock and didn't bother to protest. When he got the food and passed it over she was hungry enough she just unwrapped the chicken sandwich and ate it quickly, washing it down with the cola he'd gotten.

He twisted up and down side streets until he slid into a parking garage that was quiet and nearly empty in the early evening. Once he found a spot in a space marked reserved lined on three sides by walls, Nick cut the engine.

"Cher...now I have to ask, what happened?"

"I ordered room service. When the knock came, I opened the door expecting food but it was Mingham. He ordered me to pack and I tried to sneak my phone but then he used a stun gun on me." She paused as his eyes glittered with anger.

"He brought me to his mistress' house, the one you'd been inside. The basement was set up for this. There was a bed, a table, a dresser, all bolted to the floor. He shackled me, cuff around my ankle, there was a long chain to it. There was a bathroom, he'd cut away part of the door so I could close it and still be chained.

"He brought food but I wouldn't eat most of it. I slept some but was too worried. He told me everything, almost everything. If it's all right I don't want to say the details of what he told me until I get interviewed."

"He didn't touch you." The way Nick said it, was a statement, but she knew it was the first part of a vow.

"No. He just threatened to kill me. He promised it would be quick, clean, if I did what he said."

Nick's eyes were almost black and his body was so rigid she feared he might snap. When she put her hand on his arm to calm him, he moved. She found herself pressed back against the door as he surrounded her.

The meeting of their lips was pure desperate need. There was comfort for them both in that flash of lust, the need to feel one another and cling to something real and solid ruled them. Nick reached across her and reclined the seat, then broke from her to climb over the seats in to the middle.

Shannon followed in a mad scrambled to the back and he set that down until they had a tiny version of a bed. There was no time to wait: he pulled her shorts and panties off and she undid his zipper. Neither was fully ready but he slammed inside and held there, mouths fused. Once they were joined some of the urgency left them and Nick's hand slid beneath her shirt and lifted her bra to capture a breast.

"I'm sorry," he said against her lips, and began to move slowly.

Shannon knew gentle wasn't in his repertoire, and though she appreciated it the gentle thrum of his fingers against her nipple, the slow burn beginning was nothing compared to the hardness filling her deep.

She wrestled with him and to her surprise he let her win, rolling to his back, legs dangling to sit with feet planted as she straddled him. Nick grinned at her, ponytail falling loose as she pulled her shirt and bra off. She was naked and he was still fully clothed. Nick murmured something about her being a goddess, and cupped her head, jerking her down to his lips.

"Grind," he panted out, and she did.

Shannon lay against him, caging him with her arms as he his hands grabbed her breasts, massaging. The angle of their bodies rubbing together slid him deep inside against that spot that made her go made, and the rough hair at the base of his cock teased her clit.

Shannon held nothing back, racing to climax, feeling the need to obliterate all the worry, all the fear, all the darkness. Nick obliged, fused to her, panting along with her, their hot breath in syncopation. After long, harsh minutes, the ragged climax welled up like a wave and slammed into her, and Shannon wailed into Nick's mouth.

His control shattered then and his hands found her hips, moving her up and down, slamming her into him. Shannon was still in the throes of orgasm as she splayed her hands against the roof and hung on for dear life.

Nick came with a roar, his hands gripping her almost painfully.

Shannon let go of the roof and slumped to him, cuddling on his chest as their breathing was still harsh and ragged. Tears pooled at the corners of her eyes and she wiped them away, hoping he didn't notice.

"Cher, I've never been more scared in my life den when you was gone."

"I'm back now, and I'm okay," she whispered.

He held her close, still inside her, and for a long moment they just held one another. Finally, it was Nick who broke the silence with the barest of whispers. "I love you, Shannon."

She went very still. Hearing Aiden say it wasn't so shocking. He'd made no secret that he'd never buried nor forgotten the young love they'd once forged. Aiden had claimed nick shared those feelings, but Shannon had never quite believed it.

Now, in his arms, hidden from the world, she could feel his nerves as nick trembled against her. But as with Aiden she wasn't ready to say the words, her own feelings too confused, and so she kissed him.

Pulling back his eyes were soft and sad as he brushed some of her hair behind her ear. "I'm not Aiden, cher. He'll wait for eternity on you, man has de patience of a saint. But not me. I take what I want."

"Good cop, bad cop, eh? Have you discussed this with Aiden?"

"Oh, I think he knows I be de bad boy. Come on, I got to get you into questioning now. I'll stay with you unless Aiden slips up and dey want to question me separately."

Shannon dismounted and climbed to the middle seat, searching for her clothes. "Nick? You wouldn't...force me to stay, would you? We have Suzie, I'm going home as soon as she's safe."

He zipped up and shook his hair loose to smooth it into a better ponytail. "Cher, I got handcuffs and soundproofing. Not that I should joke about dat right now, but if I have to, I do my best to convince you to stay."

In her time chained down in that basement Shannon had a lot to think about, and plenty of time to do it. There really was nothing for her in Chicago, and down here she'd have family, friends, and love. But would she have independence, or a life two strong men craved out for her? Could she handle the whispers in town, the silent judgment, the rumors, the thinly veiled insults of a small town?

What price would she have to pay for bringing their secret desires out into the bright light of day?


She was exhausted. By the time she'd given her statement and answered all their questions it was midnight. Nick took her back to the hotel after Aiden dropped in to give them an update. Mingham was being questioned, but his boss was offering the killer a deal of an absurdly small sentence in exchange for a guilty plea to just Parker and the lawyer Finnegan's murder as well as a positive ID on the Don of the Piementes family. Aiden had to stay as the questioning continued through Mingham's public-aid lawyer and promised to join them later.

Suzie was in questioning with her own deal on the table, and Aiden had called Lucy in to represent her.

Shannon took a shower and collapsed into bed. She heard Nick on the phone talking to a deputy back home to notify Charlotte her little girl was safe. She smelled one of his little cigars and the night air from the open window, and then Shannon fell into dreams. She woke briefly when nick joined her, spooning behind her, and then woke again in the darkest of night when Aiden slid into bed and pulled her into his arms.

They slept warmly pressed together in the cool air conditioning, and in the morning if Shannon had any nightmare, she didn't remember. Her eyes opened to the feel of Aiden placing gentle kisses all over her face. She reached up to stroke his cheek, fairly purring as she became fully aware.

"I should hop in de shower," Nick grumbled behind her.

"No, stay!" Aiden and Shannon said in unison.

Nick chuckled. "All right den."

She turned and pulled him into a kiss as Aiden gently nibbled her ear. The shiver was for Aiden but the gasp was for them both as their hands smoothed over her, gliding beneath her night clothes. Shannon was more than happy to relax and let them focus on her, feeling decadent she helped pull off her shirt and could only gasp in delighted shock as they each claimed a nipple. The contrasting feel of Aiden's gentle strength and Nick's brutal passion came through in harsh licks and soft sucking.

Burying her fingers in their hair she arched her back, begging for more with moans. Nick's fingers found her creaming pussy and he trust two in even as Aiden gently traced her clit with the tip of his thumb.

Slowly, languorously they pleasured her, and when Shannon felt her fever pitch higher she wanted them at her mercy as well. Fighting the tangled sheets and their own pants as well as the slow vortex of pleasure they were dragging her into, first she found Aiden's then she found Nick's cock.

Stroking them felt their hips moved, thrilled with the power. Then Aiden did something cleaver with his fingers and the pleasure claimed her. She cried out, the sound wild and free as their fingers moved faster, their tongues harder. She gripped their cocks tightly, unable to move as the convulsions flew through her.

Before it passed Nick's wet fingers withdrew and circled her anus, teasing her.

"Keep her warm, homme," he murmured, and pulled away.

"With pleasure," Aiden said and leaned up to kiss her.

She tried to follow when he pulled away, but he was sliding down the bed, and Shannon would rather die than prevent his goal.

She turned her head to see Nick pull a bottle of lubricant from his bag as Aiden's tongue found her sensitive clit. She cried out, watching as Nick shucked his pants and began to massage the thick lube onto hiss cock.

The sight was deeply erotic, as thrilling as Aiden's clever tongue. The same delicate patterns he'd traced across her nipple he now treated her clit to, and she felt like the top of her head would blow. She raised her eye's to Nick's and when he winked the second climax stormed over her.

Closing her eyes she cried out with it, holding Aiden's shoulders, instinctually trying to push him away but he held fast, suckling, drawing every last drop of pleasure from her.

Aiden kissed her gently and leaned up. "What are you thinking?" he asked Nick.

"Same thing our cher is." He leaned close to her ear, his voice husky and his breath hot. "You want to ride him, don' you, Shannon?"

"God, yes!"

Aiden chuckled and laid on his back. "Far be it from me to deny a beautiful woman."

She turned and grasped his cock with her hand. It was already hard, the tip weeping, and she licked the wetness, rewarded with a gasp. On her knees she began to suck, preparing him as Nick came around behind her.

She was swirling her tongue against the head o Aiden's cock, palming and gently pulling on his balls when she felt Nick's fingers spreading lube on her anus. Knowing the dark pleasure to come made her shiver, and she relaxed as he'd taught her, pushing out as he pushed in, and a thick finger filled her.

She took as much of Aiden's cock into her mouth as she could, pumping her head as Nick teased and played, and then another finger joined, then another. Finally he urged her up and she straddled Aiden. He took his cock in hand and held it steady as she slid down, sheathing him. When she was seated he gripped her hips and held her still.

Glancing over her shoulder Shannon held her breath and bit her lip as Nick settled been Aiden's legs, bringing the head of his cock to her.

"Cher," he groaned, and began to push in.

Shannon held on, her head falling back as her eyes closed. Inside her Aiden felt huge already, pulsing and rock hard. With Nick pushing inside she felt fuller than she could ever remember. At long last he was fully seated and her breath wooshed out.

"Oh, God, that feels good. What do I do?"

"Relax," Nick whispered into her ear.

He began to thrust, the rocking of his body lifting her with each push. She fell back as he retreated and with her movement she slid up and down Aiden's cock. Beneath her his muscles were tense and he was incredibly beautiful. Behind her Nick's moans and groans spurred her on and soon she was caught in a firestorm once more.

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