tagToys & MasturbationSerendipity and a Beer Bottle

Serendipity and a Beer Bottle


All characters in this story are 18 years or older

Today must be my lucky day, or at least, it feels like it.

I've never won the lottery or any significant drawing or contest, despite the hundreds upon hundreds of them that seem to be out there between the fast food chains trying to woo our business, to the magazine distribution company offering the million dollar prize. But, as I stand, frozen in place by the amazing spectacle before me, feeling the sudden surge of excitement, I think I can relate to the overwhelming jubilation that a lottery winner must feel. I lean slightly forward trying to get a better view and my eyes are squinting in an attempt to confirm what I think I'm seeing. The little hairs on my skin feel tingly, electrified by the rush of adrenaline that I surely wasn't expecting. Is that porn you're looking at? Have I had the amazingly good fortune to walk in on you while you are engrossed by the image of two blonds on your computer monitor?! My cock didn't seem to need any further proof, and it tells me so by immediately beginning to swell in anticipation.

You're so captivated by the erotic images displayed on your monitor; with your back to me you haven't noticed me enter the room. Your tall, slender body is leaning slightly forward in your chair, and I can see your smooth, tanned thighs and toned calves as a result of your knees being splayed widely apart. Your favorite navy blue t-shirt appears to be the total of your porn viewing outfit this afternoon, and I notice you've chosen a pink hand-towel to sit on to keep from ruining yet another chair. Your beautiful blond mane is pulled back into a sexy, sporty ponytail and I can see the black frame of your glasses extending from over your cute little ear above your beautiful cheekbone. I love it when you explore your own sexuality; it becomes a sexual quality in-and-of itself, particularly in this unexpected way.

As quietly as a cat stalking a mouse, I approach and my suspicion about your t-shirt is confirmed when I notice a purple wad of satin lying on your desk by your phone and a random stack of papers. "Ahhh, your panties," I muse. On screen, a pretty college co-ed girl is sitting naked on a tan colored sofa. Her light-brown hair is not quite shoulder length. She's small, and slender, and her smooth skin looks so soft, supple, and lightly tanned. Her breasts are small and firm, with pink nipples no bigger than a quarter, but very erect. Her long, lean legs are splayed impossibly wide apart. "Very limber," I thought, momentarily thinking she must be a gymnast. The other girl is a young college beauty as well. Dressed in a blue, yellow and white cheerleader's outfit, auburn hair in pig-tails, she sits on the floor between the other girl's thighs; one hand works her friend's clit, as the other amazingly works three fingers in and out of the girl's tiny little bald cunt.

You are staring intently at the digital images, breathing heavily, and I can hear the sticky sounds of your smooth wetness. God, I swear I can smell the musk of your pretty pussy.

On screen, the naked girl is begging for a fourth finger, "Please, do it! Stuff my pussy!" she moans.

Moving closer to you, I can see one hand working between your thighs as the other pinches and tugs roughly at your perky c-cup breast through the soft material of your shirt. My heart feels like it is going to burst out of my chest, but I take a moment to calm myself, trying to fully appreciate the good fortune the gods of serendipity have bestowed upon me.

Composing myself, I announce my presence by asking, "Well, what do we have here?" with a mock tone of indignation.

Suddenly, your head snaps around, but just as quickly you realize it's only me. Momentarily you're startled, but you remain undaunted. You flash me a wonderfully naughty grin, but your hands quickly resume their movements. Your attention is drawn back to the action on your screen where the cheerleader has eagerly worked her fourth finger into her partner's stretching, sodden hole, and is showing no sign of mercy as the naked girl continues her rhythmic panting between cries of pain mixed with pleasure. The sight is nothing short of incredible.

Picking up your panties from your desk, it's immediately apparent how damp they are, and by extension, how aroused you must be. They're my favorites; purple satin with a paisley design in a tiny bikini cut. Bringing them to my nose, I notice the white stains on the crotch, and the intoxicating perfume of your heavenly scent. Instinctively, I stick my tongue out and taste the erotic mixture of sweet and sour that is unmistakably your pussy. Excitement surges through my body, causing my cock to spasm and I grit my teeth, straining to keep from cumming in my pants. Narrowly, I manage to fight-off the urge, but my dick is straining to burst free from its confines, and I feel that quite a bit of pre-cum has seeped into my underwear.

The wanton blond slut in the video is begging her friend to stuff her cunt full. The camera moves closer, providing a perfect view of the cheerleader folding her thumb into her palm, then pressing her hand slowly-but-surely into the hairless young cunt of her tiny friend. The naked girl holds her own thighs wide apart while she pants and groans. Her pretty face is flushed, and it contorts with the moans that beg her friend to fuck her with her fist, and bring her the climax that is surging oh-so-near.

Now standing closely behind you, I move my hand to replace yours in attacking your breast through your t-shirt as I watch in amazement at the stunning video on your computer. I've seen photos before, but I've always been skeptical of their authenticity. Despite the knowledge that the vagina is, in fact, the birthing canal, it still seems impossible that a person could fit their whole hand into a place that my penis has always found exquisitely snug. Yet here it was, video proof: this petite young woman's tiny little hole stretching beyond believable limits to accommodate her partner's invading hand. Was she a gymnast or Elastigirl before she got famous?

I've always found your bi-sexuality intensely arousing, but this is extreme, and I love it. Apparently, so do you. Your nipple is hard and protruding as though you've got a Number 2 pencil eraser hidden beneath your shirt. Aggressively, I begin to alternate between squeezing your firm tit, and pinch your nipple and pulling it away from your chest, only to let it naturally spring back into place.

As the young cheerleader's hand gradually disappears into her friend's leaking twat, both of your hands are now assaulting your own weeping cunt. Two fingers deeply probe your g-spot, and one strums your hard clit as the naked girl urgently cries out in ecstasy between gasps for air, urging her friend further and further.

It's unmistakably apparent that your orgasm is overtaking you with the same veracity as the young, naked video star, and I'm deciding what would please me next.

On screen the camera is in focused closely on the naked pussy stuffed with her friend's hand, which is buried completely past the bones of her wrist. The lips of her little pussy are red, swollen and obscenely stretched. Suddenly, the girl begins a low guttural moan, and then cries out, 'I'm cummmming! Oh god! Oh goddddd!" A flood of clear liquid comes pouring out and over the cheerleader's hand and down her forearm. There's so much of it, it's like someone pouring out a liter of water. The cheerleader moves in, trying to position her pretty lips and pink tongue as close as she can in an attempt to catch as much of her friend's squirting liquid as possible.

I bend close to your ear and say, "you'd love to have that hand in your cunt, wouldn't you. You'd love to be stretched, and filled, wouldn't you? You'd love to cum all over that cheerleader's face."

And before I can finish my sentence the hand that was a blur as it strummed your clit is suddenly still, pressing hard on your sensitive bud, your two fingers still buried as the involuntary convulsions begin to spread from your belly, taking over your body. With your eyes clamp shut, you gasp, and then cry out "Oh FUUUCCCCKKKKKKK!" as your own orgasm takes control, curling your toes, and utterly drenching the hand towel beneath your sweet ass.

Before you even notice I've gone, I'm on my way back from the kitchen, with something hidden behind my back. The video has ended, and you are softly purring in temporary post-orgasmic bliss, your fingers languidly caressing your tender bald pussy lips, but I'm not about to let you rest. I turn your chair to face me, and you shoot me a quizzical look.

"I don't think I can get my hand in there, so this will have to do," I tell you as I bring my hand from behind my back, revealing what I have in store.

Immediately, your eyes widen in fear, and your legs involuntarily close. "Uh, where do you think your putting that?"

"Oh don't get shy on me now. Please take your shirt off, and sit-back, and I'd recommend relaxing," I demand, displaying an empty longneck beer bottle.

You hesitate, and with a calm, but unmistakably disciplined and measured tone, I instruct, "Don't make me tell you twice." You know that tone. You know without question, that I mean it. This time you quickly discard your t-shirt and ease back to a comfortable position in your chair. Now sitting before me, your slender body is naked, literally and figuratively. Your pussy lips are still red and swollen, and they glisten from the moisture of your masturbating.

Noticing your digital camera on your desk, I pick it up and I take two full-length photos of your gorgeous form. I know your policy against having your photo taken while you're nude, but this just seems so naughty I cannot resist, and I don't bother consulting you. This is now my show.

"Spread 'em." I command as I sink down to my knees on the floor, setting the beer bottle aside momentarily.

Tentatively you pause, but wisely you spread your legs, keeping your hands on your inner thighs. The view is exquisite, and I take a moment to snap two more pictures, this time focusing on your beautiful soaked pussy. The second shot from not even ten inches away, providing extreme detail of your wonderful cunt.

Without discussion, I grab your thighs, yanking you to the edge of the chair and I can't resist, I have to taste you. Eagerly, I lap my tongue from your puckered rosebud to your clit, tasting the sweet residue of your recent orgasm, sending a chill down your spine, and a charge to my still hard, fat dick, again, nearly causing me to unload in my pants. My immediate urge is to beat-off and spray my cum all over your sexy body, but for now I've got other plans, and that will have to wait.

Your cunt is soaked in your girl juice, and oh so tasty! Using two fingers from my right hand, aggressively I press them into your sopping slot, holding your cunt open with my left hand. Squishing noises fill the air as my fingers roughly probe your tight, wet hole, alternating between upwardly tapping your g-spot, and thrusting in and out. Your eyes are focused on the sight of my fingers invading your womanhood, while you gasp, and bite your lip in pleasure.

Without warning I withdraw my fingers, and admire the way they glisten with your juice before I move them to your mouth... your eager mouth... that opens without command, and sucks the two digits clean of your nectar. Your nipples are impossibly hard protrusions from the beautiful mounds of flesh on your heaving chest.

Pleased with the job you've done, I take back my fingers, and retrieve the camera, and snap another picture or your now gaping hole. Briefly, I considered getting the bottle of lubricant, but you're pussy is so wet in anticipation I realize it won't be necessary.

Holding the beer bottle just in front of your pussy, I order, "Beg me."

Your response is wisely quick. "Please, give it to me. Fill my cunt. Fuck me with that big thing."

I place one of our feet up on the desk next to my head, your open pussy seems to be begging on its own for my intrusion.

My cock aches for release and I give it a firm squeeze through my shorts to temporarily stifle my urge to simply fuck you.

I bring the opening of the bottle to your swollen, pouting pussy, caressing your lips with the smooth glass. Teasing... taunting. Your eyes show a mixture of concern and excitement, and you're breathing heavily in anticipation of what's to come.

Spreading your lips with my free hand, I work the opening into your drooling gap. Your hips buck slightly, and with a firm push the neck of the beer bottle disappears between your swollen lips. That quickly, and without much effort, you've got the whole neck sliding in and out of your pussy, your eyes riveted, your breathing heavy. Your juices coat the glass with a sweet film. I pause, leaving the neck lodged in your twat, and I grab the camera to capture this delicious sight.

"Play with your tits for me." I instruct. And immediately your hands are roughly kneading your tender flesh, concentrating on your swollen nipples. Twisting, tugging, pulling, and pinching. Two more photos, and I'm fighting my own inner battle to maintain my control.

Now your hips buck and gyrate with need. Taking that as my cue, I press the bottle slowly deeper, allowing your lips to stretch to accommodate the wider intrusion. Your clit is red hot and sticking straight out from under its hood and your breathing is ragged as you occasionally wince in pain.

"Try to relax," I recommend letting the bottle retreat slightly, but in short order I resume my efforts and continue pressing this pseudo-cock into your tiny hole.

As your wetness coats the glass and you adjust to the sheer size, amazingly the movement becomes easier. Soon, all that remains is the very end of the bottle, peeking out from between your stretched cunt lips. I can actually see into your pink and red depths through the clear glass, like a gynecologist using his speculum. Not making the mistake of missing this incredible photo opportunity, I snap six more pictures from various angles in rapid succession. The clarity and detail are nothing short of remarkable.

"Oh my god, I feel so full!" You groan as you continue to torture your own tits.

I stare in wonder for a minute or so, but then it's all too much for me. Abruptly I stand up, and rip open my shorts, yanking down my underwear, finally releasing my thick cock, its head wide and angry red, leaking clear fluid from the open piss-hole. As I move into position next to you, my hand begins stroking my cock with purpose. Your hand darts down to your stretched pussy, circling the edge of your widened gap, exploring the feeling the hardness of the glass is contrast to the softness of your cunt. I sense that the amazing reality of having an entire beer bottle contained inside your tender pussy is really sinking in. Your hand begins its quick, punishing assault on your clit, matching the urgent motion of my own hand as I stand over you pointing my throbbing cock at your beautiful face.

In one deft motion, I pick up your panties, and wrap them around the shaft of my straining cock. The sensation is exquisite, and serves as the last straw. Just as you open your mouth and extend your wanting tongue to me, thick strands of white erupt from the end of my cock, and I let out a loud groan as I watch the first strand fly from my dick and splash your beautiful cheek and nose. The second strand erupts with seemingly greater force, flying just over your cheek, and landing in your hair and in your right ear. I point my gushing cock at your open mouth and release a third, thick jet of cream splashing off of your tongue into the back of your throat. I paint your cheek and chin with the last of my spunk, and use the tip of my cock to smear it around your soft skin.

Steadying myself, I hold the camera to get a photo of my fat cock against your cum-covered lips, your face streaked with my seed, lust in your eyes behind your glasses, and your pretty purple panties wrapped around the shaft of my pulsing dick. It's exquisite. I scrape a finger along in the pool of cum on your cheek, breathing heavily I bring it to my mouth and taste myself, enjoying the extreme decadence of this moment. Your hips are bucking hard, and your left hand is fucking the beer bottle deeper into your cunt, as your right hand continues to stimulate your clit. I lean down to kiss you, our tongues intertwine, sharing my thick, creamy load.

Our kiss is broken with the beginning of a deep, guttural moan that signals the chain-reaction of sensations that erupt into your orgasm. Your stomach clenches, and you lurch slightly forward as you cry out in ecstasy, giving in to your pleasure while you struggle to hold the bottle in your quivering, convulsing pussy using both of your hands. You look incredible, and I can't resist the opportunity to take three more pictures, capturing the erotic visual essence of your climax.

I use your panties to wipe my cum from your face, using the soft material to gather my seed, and then feed it to you by letting you lick and suck the juice from the material. I decide that I need a photo of that, as well.

Totally spent for the moment, you relax, and let the bottle slip from your tingling pussy, setting it on the desk, where the evidence of your orgasm coats the beer bottle very noticeably. That's definitely worth one last photo.

Regaining your senses you say, "Oh my god! That was absolutely INCREDIBLE!" and I can only grin and nod in approval. Then you follow with, "I can't believe I let you take photos! I'm so embarrassed"

"You shouldn't be, you look absolutely incredible." I reply.

"Come on, now delete them."

And I know what I'm about to say will tap one of your biggest fears, and likely turn that fear into utter arousal.

"Delete them?!? Hell no! You and I are going to post these on internet for everyone to see."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/25/14


good with a lower case 'g'. Great story, but could've been better. Is she his wife, or daughter? Expand it some. How about the beer bottle in her cunt while his dick is in her ass? What about if he hadmore...

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by humpingwhore03/10/14

Thank you

Thank you for writing this story. It's a fantasy of mine to be fisted but I'm not sure about a beer bottle being up there. This turned me on so much. -stef

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by Anonymous02/14/14

While bottle fucking may be exciting, the story was lame.

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by Anonymous02/12/14


Great story... bottle fucking is so kinky!!! Posting pics after was a perfect ending to the story

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