tagNonHumanSex in a Can Ch. 03

Sex in a Can Ch. 03


"... he did what with the monkey?" Mimi gripped Laureli's arm as the two of them struggled to breath in between gales of laughter. Her mouth was starting to hurt from smiling so much and her breath came faster and shorter than usual. "Where... where would he even get one of those?"

"I don't know!"

It was good to be out with her friends again. After that weird experience from the grocery store, she'd decided that it was probably a good time to spend a few hours out of the house. And she'd been right. Laureli was her old roommate from First Year, and the two of them had always just clicked.

"You know... you know, Laur..." Mimi swiped the back of her hand across her eyes, trying to clear the tears which were forming. "This was a great idea."

"Tell me about it!" Laureli, her own hysterics settling down a little patted Mimi on the shoulder. "We haven't even gotten to the bar yet and this is the most fun I've had in weeks."

"We should... ha... we should do this more often."

Laureli nodded and was about to agree when the elevator door slid open. Mimi forgot her lipstick in her rush to go pick Laureli up, and they were on their way back so she could freshen up.

"Miriam!" Waiting just outside the door, though, was a skeletal horror from beyond the grave.

No wait. It was just Mrs. Foster.

"Mrs. Foster!" Mimi's eyes went wide; then she got over her shock and tried to smile pleasantly. Mrs. Foster was the apartment building's unofficial enforcement officer, and even though she was probably close to a thousand years old she still managed to have her crooked fingers in everyone's business. "How are you this evening?"

Mimi subtly nudged Laureli out of the elevator and to the right so they could, hopefully, sneak around Mrs. Foster without too much of a fight.

"You know the rules young lady..."

"Yes I do Mrs. Foster." Mimi kept smiling, her cheeks now definitely hurting from the strain of it. "I didn't realize that laughing with my friend was against them." The two girls were almost in the clear. Laureli had already made it around Mrs. Foster's decrepit roadblock, and Mimi was just about there too.

"You know very well what I'm talking about."

"I'm afraid I don't, Mrs. Foster..."

"Well! Let me enlighten you!"

Mimi almost made it before a bony claw fastened itself to her shoulder, firmly rooting her in place. Not that Mrs. Foster was particularly strong, but Mimi didn't want to hurt the old woman.



Mimi didn't want to get in trouble for hurting the old lady.

"Please do."

"That young man you had over earlier. Not only was he dressed as a maintenance man while I'm quite sure he wasn't! But he was in quite a state of undress when he left your apartment!"

"What?" Mimi's forced smile dissolved into a look of confusion. Laureli chimed in before she could form some sort of answer, though.

"Meems! You didn't tell me you were seeing someone!" Laureli feigned a look of shock, though Mimi had a feeling that her friend was just enjoying her misery. A little too much. "And he sounds like a keeper, too." That little giggle was definitely malicious.

"Wait!" Mimi held up her hand before Mrs. Foster or Laureli could say anything else. "Mrs. Foster, you must be mistaken. I haven't been home all day... which Laureli well knows." Mimi's voice took on a threatening undertone and she shot a glance down the hallway at her friend. Laureli did her best to look innocent and a little hurt, but they both knew she was on the verge of laughter again. "And besides that, I'm not seeing anyone."

"Well! I happen to know for a..."

"It must have been someone else's apartment Mrs. Foster."

Mrs. Foster looked angry at Mimi's interruption, but her response was less hostile.

"Well! Maybe, I mean..." Mrs. Foster took a deep breath and regrouped. "You two... girls... have a pleasant evening."

"Thank-you Mrs. Foster."

"And remember, I'm keeping my eye on you, Miriam."

Mimi smiled and all but bolted down the hallway towards Laureli, her apartment, and hopefully safety.

When they heard Mrs. Foster's door being slammed and bolted, Laureli leaned over and whispered conspiratorially in Mimi's ear.

"What was all that about?"

"I don't know... really..."

"Oh." Laureli shrugged and stopped at Mimi's apartment, 316. "You should have a man in your life, you know? Of course, then I wouldn't get to spend tonight with my best girl! So maybe it's not all bad."

"Ya, not all bad." Mimi chuckled, remembering the adventure she'd had with her groceries the previous night while she worked her key in the lock. If there were a boyfriend she probably wouldn't have felt lonely enough to buy the darn thing, and then... well... she wasn't sure it that would have been better or not.

The experience had been incredibly pleasurable, but also a little weird. Oh well, time enough to think about that later. She could feel herself getting warm and a little wet at the thought of it, her juices soaking into the flimsy material of her thong, and she didn't want Laureli to know what she was thinking about. The other girl had a well-known in incredible sense of smell, and that was just way too embarrassing.

"You go, you know, watch TV or something Laur. I'll just be a couple of minutes."

"Kay!" Laureli grinned and headed off to Mimi's living room. She didn't look too disappointed, but mostly because she knew that Mimi owned an awesome TV.

For her part, Mimi headed to her room to get ready. Although Laureli had assured her she looked great anyway, Mimi hated the idea of going out without any makeup on. Although, as she passed her dresser and reminisced about the fun she could have with the toys she kept secret in there, she almost wished she'd just stayed home today.

Oh well.

"Hey Meems?"

"Ya!" Mimi went into her little en-suite and was in the process of rummaging through her medicine cabinet when Laureli yelled from the living room.

"How do you work your TV?!"

"With the remote!" Mimi laughed a little to herself, but wondered why Laureli was having trouble. She was having trouble finding some lipstick which matched her pink halter, though, so there were bigger things to worry about.

"It doesn't work!"

"It's not that hard!"

"Fine! I'll just steal one of your sodas!"

"Go ahead!" Ah, there. Mimi picked out a clear one with just a hint of glitter to it. She didn't want to be tacky and match pink with pink, so a little sheen would have to suffice instead.

For a minute or so there was silence from the kitchen broken by the sounds of Laureli rummaging through Mimi's fridge while Mimi looked for suitable mascara. Then:

"Hey! What's this?"

"What's what?"

"This thing on your counter. It says... Mimi! You dirty girl!" Laureli's laughter was audible from the kitchen.

"I don't own anything with a label like that!" Mimi shook her head, wondering what Laureli found. Maybe she forgot to put away her vibrator the other day?

"Oh! It's desert..."

Desert? Wait a second...

"You've been holding out on me if you found something new! What exactly does Sex in a Can taste like?"

Mimi, realization hitting her, was already in the front hallway when she heard the audible hiss of Laureli popping the tab. Too late.

"Hey... it's empty..."

Mimi came into the kitchen to see Laureli's crestfallen face as she examined the empty interior of the can. Mimi knew that her eyes were wide in horror, but she didn't have the will to try and look more calm.

"Guess what? I'm ready. Let's go!" Mimi grabbed Laureli's arm and started to pull her towards the apartment's front door. Whatever else was going to happen, she wanted to get herself and Laureli outside and fast.

"Already? It's only 8... I thought we'd, you know, watch your broken TV for a while or catch up or something..." Laureli wasn't cooperating, though.

"We should go before there's a line." Mimi knew she wasn't making any sense, but her only thought at the moment was herding her friend, who thankfully had put the can down on the counter, out of the apartment.

"There's never a line... besides, you've only got mascara on one eyes." Laureli gave Mimi a funny look. "What's going on Meems? Do you really have a guy in here and you want to get rid of me? I'll bet that's it, isn't it!"

"No, it's just that..." Mimi trailed off when she heard the sound of a metal can spinning against the kitchen countertop. She was too late. "Look, Laurs, this is going to sound weird, but it's very important that we get out of her. Right now."

"Umm, okay, sure..." Still looking confused, and now a lot suspicious, Laureli let herself be lead outside. "You want to grab your mascara and finish in the car?"

"No, let's just..."

"Ah!! What the fuck?" Laureli leapt as she felt something brush up against her ankle. "What was that? Was that a rat?" She looked around wildly at the ground but couldn't see any sign of escaping rodents. The only thing in sight was a weird green cord lying on Mimi's carpet. Mimi turned around at the sound too, and her eyes widened even farther than they already were in shock. Obviously they had even less time than she imagined.

"Come on..."

"Meems... what the Hell is going on?" Laureli wasn't moving. Instead, her eyes were focused over Mimi's shoulder on something. Without turning, Mimi knew exactly what it was... but she turned anyway and confirmed that yes, their way out was blocked by a thick green tentacle. In the light streaming in from the overhead fixtures it glistened a little with moisture, and seemed almost to look... smug.

"Alright, this is going to sound really crazy, but..." Mimi glanced behind them and saw another of the tentacles closing in. Her previous experience told her that trying to escape the things would probably prove futile. "The label on that can you opened is completely literal."

"Ummm... you're right, that does sound crazy." Laureli backed up a step from the tentacle that was blocking their way to the apartment door and something hard and ropey pressed itself across her back. "Shit!" Causing her to jump forward in shock.

"Look, okay... it's actually sex in a can. There's these tentacle things, and when you open it they come out and... you know..."

"Have sex with you?"


"Oh." Laureli was shaking a little as she noticed that the two of them were now trapped in the small hallway, barricaded on either side by the tentacle-things. "So..."

"I don't know what's going to happen now..."

"Right. I don't think I want to stay and find out!"

True to her word, Laureli pivoted in place, orienting herself towards the door and breaking into a kind of half-sprint, half-jump. Mimi remembered that she'd been on the track team in University before her classes got too heavy, so she had high hopes for her friend's escape.

The tentacles didn't know anything about track, though. All they knew was that Laureli was trying to get out. And they stopped her.

Mimi had to move almost as fast as her friend when one of the things shot out and wrapped around Laureli's ankle, stopping her mid-stride. Mimi managed to leap forward and cushion Laureli's fall, but the impact knocked the breath out of both of them and left them lying on the floor, winded.

"I thought you said they just try to have sex with you?"

"They also get a little... testy when you try to escape.

"Right." Laureli nodded and tried to look calm. There was, obviously, no way out... a fact that become very clear when another of the things wrapped tightly around her wrist. "So this isn't... I mean... it's... hey!" Laureli tried to take a swing at a tentacle as it hooked itself in the waistband of her jeans, but her free hand was snagged by another of the things before she got a chance.

"Actually, this might sound kind of weird, but... I really liked it last time."

"Oh." Laureli still looked skeptical, but there wasn't much she could really do to stop it. The thing had already managed to pull her jeans down over the supple curves of her ass, making she shiver a little as cool air rushed over her skin. "The least you could've done was turn the heat up a little, Meems."

"Sorry..." Mimi was in a similar situation, her hands and ankles firmly held in place by the tentacles while they worked her miniskirt down off her legs. To her embarrassment she was wearing a pair of crotch-less panties, and Laureli got an eye full of Mimi's pink, shaved pussy.

Laureli was about to say something sarcastic to ease the pressure when they both heard a little click from above them. Together they looked up and saw the tentacle fiddling with the knob on Mimi's thermostat, cranking the heat up and causing the vents to roar to life.

"Right...." Laureli shook her head at the sight. "That's just too weir... hey!" She twisted as the tentacles grabbed ahold of her black silk thong and start to pull it off too, but it didn't help.

"Just..." Mimi sighed and shook her head, not sure what to say. Her blouse was already completely unbuttoned, and she could feel one of the tentacles-with-a-mouth messing around with her bra strap. She didn't remember them being this gentle before, but all she really remembered from before was the incredible orgasms, while this time she was working on the incredible embarrassment.

"Wait... what's happening now?" Laureli glanced in surprise up at their hands as she felt Mimi's warm palm pressed against hers. She watched, unable to really do anything, as the tentacles changed configuration and wrapped themselves around her and Mimi's wrist, binding the two girls together. "Kinky..."

A quick glance at their other arms showed that they were now tied together at the wrists, and they could feel the tentacles at their ankles doing the same thing. The pressure from the tentacles pushed them close enough together that Laureli, who was no completely naked from the waist down, could feel the pulsing heat of Mimi's sex only a few millimeters from her own.

"Say, Meems?"

"Ya?" Mimi's eyes were closed and she was working on the mother of all blushes.

"You're getting turned on by this?"

"Just a little." Mimi opened one eye and peeked up at Laureli, whose face all but pressed against her own. Although she couldn't see, she could feel that Laureli's skin tight black shirt was off and now they were both only clad in half-open bras. "Is that okay?"

"Umm... well... woah!" Laureli's sentence was interrupted as she bucked against Mimi, her skin pressing close up against the other girls. The tentacles had begun to do what Mimi promised, and she felt the slick bulk of one pressing insistently against the flesh between her legs. With all the other stimulation going on, the two girls barely noticed as their bras were removed and discarded.

"Well what?" Mimi, having been through this once already, only let out a little moan as her own pussy lips were caressed by one of the things.

"Well... I mean... we're here..." Laureli moved her head a little so that as she spoke her lips brushed against Mimi's. "Why not, you know... why not enjoy it?"

"Mmmm..." Mimi nodded, and whether it was the heightened state of sexual desire brought on by the tentacles touching her or simply Laureli's proximity, she started kissing her friend.

Mimi half expected Laureli to flinch or jerk back, but instead warm lips met her own and a curious tongue made its way between Mimi's lips. They both whimpered a little in pleasure as Mimi opened her mouth to let Laureli in, tasting the moist flesh of the other girl's tongue as it came after her own.

Their collective whimper became a moan as the tentacles, possibly taking their cue, slid inside of the girls. The thick, wet bulk of the things invaded the girls pussies, sliding inside and bringing with them waves of ecstatic pleasure. Mimi jerked from the feeling, pressing her now free breasts up against Laureli's. She reveled in the feeling of the other girl's nipples, hard and excited, pressing against her own, and she relished the feeling of their now sweat-slick skin sliding together.

"I... oh my!" Laureli gasped for air and mumbled into Mimi's mouth as another of the things probed cautiously at her ass. She wasn't in a position to refuse it, though, and instead just concentrated on kissing Mimi. She proved, moments later, that she wasn't a stranger to having ropy, dripping thing sliding into her ass as she naturally relaxed and let the tentacle inside.

The two girls moaned and gasped into each other's mouths as the tentacles, now filling up both their asses and pussies, began to rhythmically (for lack of a better word) fuck them. Mimi was the more vocal of the two, crying out at the ripples of pleasure from the tentacles combined with the strange desire she was feeling from the kiss.

Laureli, more even-headed, wiggled her hips so that the aching flesh of her clit rubbed up against Mimi's, causing them both to gasp.

For how long that went on, neither of them knew, but they could both feel the incredible orgasms which were building in waves, stimulated by the kiss, the pressure of their breasts and the tentacles moving inside them.

Finally neither girl could take it anymore and they had to let their lips fall apart in a mutual scream of pleasure. At the same moment they felt the tentacles swell inside them, increasing the intensity of their orgasms and filling them both with the sticky the things excreted.

Not surprisingly, neither of them really noticed as the tentacles withdrew back to wherever they'd come from. Mimi and Laureli were too intent on curling against each other, holding their slick bodies together and smiling in the aftermath of mutual pleasure.

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