tagNonHumanSex in a Can Ch. 04

Sex in a Can Ch. 04


"Meems! Laur! It's great to see you again!"

Mimi and Laureli opened the door to apartment 316 and were immediately met by the leaping ball of joy that was Jen. Mimi caught the projectile directly in the chest, stumbling backwards as she was enveloped by a hug.

"Hey Jen!" Mimi laughed into the sweet-smelling mass of hair that was pressed up against her face and hugged Jen back.

Moments later, Jen disentangled herself and went for Laureli, hugging her with a ferocious tenacity. Everyone laughed; Jen's hugs were legendary.

"Have you two met my boyfriend!" It sounded like a question, but Jen's enthusiasm had a way of washing out all normal inflection.

"No, I don't think..."

"I brought him!" Jen pulled away from Laureli and danced out of their field of view, back down the hallway for a moment. Mimi and Laureli took the time to shoot each other an amused look. Although they were both longtime friends with Jen, it had been almost a month since either of them had seen her. As usual, it took a bit of getting used to. "Don't be shy!"

Jen came back into view, dragging what must be her boyfriend along with her. He was looking a little bemused, but he smiled broadly when he saw Mimi and Laureli, sticking out his hand to be friendly.

"Hey! I'm Thorvald." His smile was huge and white, crowning a face that was also fairly huge and white. He had an almost pasty, Nordic complexion, and his body certainly had a Viking quality to it. From his broad shoulders, muscular arms and firm abs it was obvious that he spent time taking care of himself. "But most people just call me Thor."

Mimi grinned at him as she and Laureli stepped aside to let the two visitors inside.

"I bet it's because of the size of your hammer?"

"You've heard of me! Jen, what have you been telling them?"

Jen burst into a bright blush and had to be shooed into the apartment by Laureli. It was obvious from the looks she'd been giving Thor that she was crazy about him, but Laureli guessed he didn't meet her friends that much.

"No, it was... you know, a lucky guess." Mimi laughed a little, but couldn't keep the embarrassed edge out of it. She'd really just been joking. "Here, leave your coats and shoes. Laureli and I were just getting ready."

"Oh I'm sorry! Are we early!" Jen, after taking a moment to recover from the blush, literally bounded off down the front hallway and towards Mimi's living room.

"No, no, we're just... you know... running late."

While Thor was busy putting his coat away Mimi and Laur exchanged a knowing glance. Up until about fifteen minutes before Jen rang their bell they'd been naked and covered in massage oil.

"Oh, that's okay! We'll just watch TV! Right Thor!"

Thor gave the two hosts a quick smile and followed Jen into the living room at a more sedate pace. Mimi guessed the reason he wasn't there when the door opened was that Jen had run from the elevator to the apartment.

"Ya. I mean, if you two beautiful ladies don't mind." Thor stopped halfway down the hall and flipped that brilliant smile back at Mimi and Laureli.

"Oh no, not at all. We'll just be around the corner here. Help yourself to the kitchen if you need anything." Mimi smiled, then headed for the bedroom. Laureli followed behind her, leaning in just enough so she could whisper into Mimi's ear.

"We hid the can good, didn't we?"


"Good. That would be a little, you know... awkward."

"Ya." Mimi giggled, holding a hand to her mouth to try and stay quiet. Their voices would probably carry to the front room if they were too loud. "Although it's a pretty good icebreaker."

"I'll say." Laureli snickered too, then gave Mimi and quick slap on the ass. Mimi squeaked and shot her a mischievous look.

"You know I'd love to, but not with those two around."

"Oh, you're no fun." Laureli pouted, but there was a sparkle in her eyes that told Mimi she'd really just been joking around.

"Later, okay?"

"You owe me now."

"Ooooh, I can't wait." Mimi winked and wiggled her hips suggestively, then hurried into the bathroom so the two of them could get ready.

Laureli took about two more normal steps before remembering how far behind they were in their routine. Not wanting Mimi to get to the foundation first, she broke into a run and tried to beat Mimi to the bathroom.

No such luck. Mimi already had the foundation out and was going through the exaggeratedly slow motion of applying it to her cheeks.

"Aww, poo."

"You snooze, you lose Laur. Why don't you bring your own over one of these days?"

"I should..." Laureli sighed and folded her arms under her breasts, waiting for Mimi to finish so she could start.

"Hey Meems!"

"Ya, Jen!"

"Your TV doesn't work!"

"What?" Mimi looked confused for half a moment, before remembering Laureli saying the same thing when she first came over. That was two weeks ago, and they hadn't really even thought of spending time watching TV since then. "Oh right. Sorry Jen! I think it's broken or something!"

"Don't worry, beautiful!" That was Thor's voice, deep and rich and dripping with testosterone. Mimi and Laureli each shot each other a look that said they were a bit surprised that Jen would go for such an arrogant alpha male. Then again, maybe he wasn't lying about the size of his 'hammer'. "I'll fix it!"

"Go nuts!" Mimi shrugged and passed the foundation over to Laureli while she moved onto blush and eyeliner.

For a few minutes there was relative silence in the apartment. Laureli and Mimi were concentrating on their makeup, while the only noise coming from the living room was the occasional swear from Thor.

"You know, it's a real mess under here!" Thor didn't sound too happy.

"Sorry, hun!" Mimi stopped doing her mascara for a second while she yelled, not wanting to stab herself in the eye by accident.

"Don't... hey... why did you unplug the TV, Meems?"

"Call me Mimi!" Only her girlfriends called her Meems, she didn't know if she could handle Jen's boyfriend doing it too. "And what do you mean it's unplugged?"

"I mean it's unplugged!"

"He's probably right, Meems!" Jen this time, her high-pitched voice probably carrying all the way over to Mrs. Foster's apartment. "He knows a lot about these things!"

"Well, I don't remember unplugging it!" Mimi gave Laureli a look and shrugged. She hadn't been into that snarled mess of cables since she first set the entertainment unit up, so she had no idea what did it.

"Maybe it's a ploy by that can of yours?" Laureli leaned over to whisper in Mimi's ear as she said it.


"You know, drive people into the kitchen where they can find it and all that..." Laureli giggled a little. "It worked on me."

"Ya, I guess it did..." Mimi shrugged. "Thor's fixing it though, so no worries."

"Ya..." Laureli shrugged and pursed her lips so she could put some lipstick on. "Hey, where did you say we were going again?"

"It's this new club downtown... Tantra or something I think." Mimi shrugged, then cursed as she nearly shoved her own lipstick up her nose. "Fuck. Anyway, it's the place I was going to, you know... take you when we first... you know."

"Oh!" Laureli giggled again. "Hopefully we'll get there this time. I'm in the mood to do a little bumping."

"Grinding too?"

"Mmmm... ya, there may also be grinding involved."



It turned out that there was a liberal amount of both bumping and grinding involved. While Mimi was normally into smultzy pop music and Laureli liked new age, they both knew enough about music to appreciate the purpose of a crunchy trance beat.

They'd dressed for the occasion too, knowing exactly what would turn the other on and still be comfortable to dance in. Mimi's generous breasts and deliciously curved figure were crammed into a square-cut belly shirt and miniskirt that both seemed like they were about to explode at any moment. The fabric clung delightfully to her every angle and line, moving with her as if it were a part of her body while she twisted and moved under the strobe lights.

Laureli, who was more hard lines and planes than sexy curves, chose a pair of capris jeans and V-neck which literally went down far enough to show off her navel. Her hair was done up too, the clips sparkling and flashing in the lights of the club.

Together they made quite a scene in the middle of the dance floor, molding to each other in only the way practiced lovers could and turning the mix into a long, sensual seduction. Although they were keenly aware of the people around them, many of whom stopped occasionally to watch, they were buried in each other, their world shrinking to the miniscule gap between their skin, their consciousness swirling and shifting with the sinuous twine of their bodies.

While they were lost in the throes of each other, they still tried to keep track of Jen and Thor. Thor apparently wasn't much of a dancer, and grumpily headed off to a booth after the first track. Jen gave her two friends a long-suffering look, then chased after. About an hour later, though, Laureli lost sight of them.

"Hey Meems?" Laur looked down to where Mimi was, on here knees between Laur's legs and in the process of ducking through to come back up the other side.

"Yesssss?" Mimi's voice, languorous and a little slurred from the Vodka they'd both been partaking in, came from behind Laureli. Warm breath, delicious and enticing, whispered across Laur's ear and made her shiver.

"I lost them."

"Losht who?" Mimi's hands were around Laur's tummy now, gripping the bare flesh just above her belly button and leading her in a long, grinding sway.

"Jen and Thor."

"Oh." Mimi seemed to need to think about that for a second, then Laureli could feel her shaking her head. "No, they went to the bathroom just a minute ago."

"Ahh. Sorry."

"For? Oh... worrying me." Mimi laughed and pressed her mouth closer to Laur's ear, making them both shiver from the contact. "You know what I think they're doing?"

"Playing Yahtzee?"

"Hehe... no, silly. Fucking." Mimi demonstrated by thrusting her hips up against Laur's tight ass. "Like rabbitsh."

"Should we... umm... check on them anyway?"

"Good idea!"

Laureli nodded, knowing that Mimi's power of decision making at the moment wasn't particularly refined. She led the two of them off the dance floor, barely winding their way through the tight pack of bodies, and down the long stairwell to the bathroom.

The night was still relatively young, so there wasn't a line yet. It also helped that Tantra had gone for a Unisex bathroom, making it far bigger than a normal one.

In fact, only one stall in the place was currently occupied. As Mimi and Laureli got closer to it, Laur supporting her lover on the way, they heard muted moans and sighs from inside, coupled with the slap-slap-slap of flesh meeting flesh. It turned out Mimi was right.

"Good guess, Meems." Laureli stopped moving when they got close enough to recognize the breathy moans as definitely belonging to Jen.

The relative solitude in here and their friend's actions made her think that maybe she and Mimi shouldn't wait until they got back to the apartment. Acting on that idea, she leaned forward and began to suck on Mimi's earlobe. Mimi sighed in pleasure and leaned backwards, letting herself be cradled in Laureli's arms.

After a minute of this, though, with Mimi's hips moving in slow circles against Laur's stomach, a bit of hesitation and a blush hit Mimi.

"Thanks... umm... do you mind waiting out here for a second?"


"Well, I have to..."

"Oh! Sure, go ahead."

Laureli laughed and helped Mimi into the stall beside Jen's. They were both surprised by how clean it was inside, then Mimi made a blurry little wave for Laureli to get out. Laur shrugged and headed back out of the stall, closing the door and hearing it lock behind her.

This left Laureli mostly alone. Her only company was the sound of the music from above, muted by its journey down the stairs, and the slowly increasing noise of Jen and Thor. She wondered a little if they knew she was there, but figured they probably didn't.

She was fairly bored, so she decided that someone should entertain her and knocked loudly on the door to Jen's stall.

"Hey, Jen?"

"Oohhhh... uhh, Laureli?" Jen's moan cut off midway and turned to a surprised gasp. The sounds of flesh meeting flesh also stopped momentarily.

"I thought it was you! How are you two enjoying the club?" Laureli had to keep from snickering, knowing that she was being bad.

"Umm, you know, it's.... oh... oh oh oh, God... Thor, wait..."

"Baby, you're so tight..." That was Thor, who sounded like he probably didn't even know what was going on.

"Thanks, but... oooooh... damn, don't stop. I mean stop, stop!"

"Is that Thor in there with you?" Laureli covered her mouth to try and stop from laughing too loudly.

"Ya, he's... mmmm, baby you're such a bad listener... oooooh... okay, he's fucking me silly. Where's Meems?"

"Next door."

"Nnnh... oh ya... umm... you're not with her?"

"I think she's peeing."

"Right. Uhh... I don't want to sound weird, but, uhh... ooooh." Jen stopped talking for a moment, her voice changing to a long, drawn out sigh. Laureli had never heard someone make so much noise except in a porno or Mimi's house, so either Thor was just that damn good or Jen was hamming it up a little.


"Mmmm... would, uhh... would you like to join us?"

"What?" Laureli tried to sound shocked, but it was tough. She and Mimi had actually been planning on asking Jen and Thor the same thing later that night. "Let me check with Mimi first, okay?"

"Oh... hey, she can come too... mmm... ya."

"Hey Meems?" Laureli wondered a little why Mimi hadn't said anything yet, so she raised her voice in case Mimi couldn't hear them.

No answer.

"Mimi?" Laureli stepped over and listened at the door to Mimi's stall. Inside she thought she could hear soft snoring. Shaking her head, Laureli banged on the door loudly.

"Wha? Who... Laureli?" Mimi's voice, blurry with sleep and alcohol, came from inside the little room.

"Welcome back, Mimi."

"Hey, thanks... uhh... what's up?"

"Jen and Thor were wondering if I could join them. Would you, you know, mind?"

"Join...? Oh... oh!" Mimi laughed a little, and was obviously thinking the same thing Laureli was thinking earlier. "Sure, ya, go ahead... ummm... I'll be there in a minute or two, okay?"

Laureli nodded, although of course Mimi couldn't see that, then went back over to Jen and Thor's door. They had obviously heard the exchange because she found it unlocked. Pushing it open, Laureli's eyes widened when she came in.

They weren't in the most creative of positions, mostly because there wasn't a lot of variety offered by a stall. Thor was sitting on the toilet's lid, his fly open and underwear pushed down so he was free of the confines of his clothing. Jen, who was wearing a miniskirt like Mimi, had a pink thong tucked around her ear so she wouldn't drop it, and was sitting on Thor's lap. Her shirt was pulled up too, giving Thor complete access to her pert, smallish breasts.

"Oh wow, you weren't kidding earlier..."

What really struck Laureli, though, was Thor's size. Jen was a small woman, shorter than Mimi and thinner than Laureli, but still... she was sitting down as far as she could on Thor's cock, and at least half of it didn't fit inside her.

"Do I look like a kidder?" Thor's voice, husky from the sex but amused, peeked out around Jen's arm and winked at Laur.

"Haha... no, I guess not. Umm, how do I...?"

"Oh right!" Jen, whose head was lolling backwards so she could look at Laureli, bounced a little. Laureli watched the ripples of ecstasy flow through Thor's face at the feeling of the movement and grinned. "Here, let me readjust..."

For about thirty seconds, Jen tried to turn herself around. She tried it first by bracing her arms against the side of the stall and turning, then by gripping Thor's shoulder and turning herself like that. The combination of the stall's small size and too many occupants made it difficult, though, and she ended up whacking Thor playfully on the shoulder.

"Little help?"

"Oh right!" Thor gave Jen a sheepish look and then grabbed her by the waist. With one smooth motion that set his muscles rippling and flexing he picked Jen up, spun her, and set her back down so she was facing Laureli.

Laur's eyes roamed appreciatively down Jen's mostly exposed body. Although she'd considered herself heterosexual until she and Mimi started dating, already she was developing an eye for female beauty, which Jen had in spades. Though small, she had a fire that lit up her face and features, giving her entire body a kind of glow. She looked a little like Laureli in miniature, too, with flat tummy, perky breasts and slim lines.

"Mmm, that's better." Laureli took a step forward and wrapped her hands around Jen's breasts. They were soft and pliant under her hands, the hard nipples in the middle pressing deliciously up against Laureli's palms.

"Ya... mm... let me see that pussy Mimi's so fascinated with." Jen winked, then attacked Laureli's pants.

Laureli laughed and let her do it, leaning back against the stall door and letting herself enjoy the feeling of eager hands opening her fly and pulling her pants down. She wasn't wearing any panties, in anticipation of certain activities after the club which would be hindered by their presence, and Jen made a little noise of delight when Laur's sex was exposed to the air. For her part, Laureli shivered a bit as the cool air washed across her.

"I didn't know you shaved, Laur!"

"Umm..." Laureli looked down to the smooth, pink mound between her legs. A bit of a blush came over her, infusing her skin with red. "Mimi did that for me the other day."

"Ooooh... kinky." Jen winked up at Laureli, then looked back at Thor. "Okay, you can start again."

"Finally." Thor laughed, though. He was obviously enjoying all of this. "Hey Laur, this stall has a strict shirt-up policy."

He was right, too. Even his shirt was pulled up around his armpits, exposing the flat, muscled expanse of his chest. So, as he started to thrust himself into Jen again, causing his girlfriend to moan and wriggle in pleasure, Laureli pulled her V-neck up around her armpits. It was a hard shirt to wear a bra with, so she didn't, and the action exposed her breasts to the air. Thor grinned appreciatively, splitting his attention between Jen's naked back and Laureli's exposed breasts.

Jen was busy while this was happening too. Bracing her hands against the door, she stretched herself forward a little until her mouth was just barely touching Laureli's pussy. She waited until she was used to Thor's rhythm, then took Laureli's clit in her mouth. The suddenness of it, going from the cool air to the warm moist inside of Jen's mouth caused Laureli to gasp, gooseflesh rising all along her skin.

She let herself relax into it a moment later, though, when Jen's tongue got into the act and began to worship her clit.

Soon enough, all three of them were breathing heavily and moaning in the throes of sexual ecstasy. Jen's mouth worked magic on Laureli's pussy, while Thor's massive cock sent wild waves of pleasure rippling all along Jen's body.

Mimi found it hard to accidentally fall back asleep with the renewed noise next door. In fact, she was a bit miffed that she was missing all the fun and finished quickly. By the time she was done washing up and drying her hands, the moaning from inside what was now the room's only occupied stall had reached a rhythmic, throaty high. She felt herself growing wet and ready at just the sound of it, and rush across to open the door.

Which was firmly shut.

Mimi pushed at it a little and found that it wasn't locked, just blocked by something. Namely: Laureli's quivering, near-naked body.

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