tagNonHumanSex in a Can: Science Experiment

Sex in a Can: Science Experiment


Miriam and Laureli sat gingerly on the edge of an old sofa which creaked and shifted every time either of them moved. The rest of the small room was taken up by an old fridge, an older microwave, and a couple of grad students in dingy white lab coats. One had hair that stuck out in every direction as if it were trying to escape from his head, while the other kept adjusting glasses that were clearly the wrong prescription. Neither had introduced themselves to the two women, and both were trying as hard as possible not to look like they were staring.

For their parts, Mimi and Laur were starting to second guess their choice of attire. They'd been out of University for a while and forgot that the Engineering building was not the most appropriate place for business casual.

Miriam wore a slate grey ensemble with A-line skirt and tasteful jacket, while Laureli had tight-fitting black trousers, white blouse and slim tie.

"Maybe we should have changed after work?" Miriam giggled nervously and whispered to her girlfriend, unable to hide the blush that was creeping its way up her cheeks. She didn't know how Laureli was managing to keep her cool.

"Hey you two!"

Everyone looked up as a smiling woman in a rumpled grey T-shirt and faded jeans came through the tiny Grad Lounge's door. The two grad students nodded in greeting, then went back to pretending they weren't paying attention. Mimi and Laur leapt off the sofa and tackled the new woman together, both yelling at the same time.


After a few minutes of happy laughing and back slapping, they all regained their breath and stepped back.

"What are you two doing here? I haven't seen you in years!" Alexa was still beaming happily, but there was a faintly confused look on her face.

"We, uhh, you know, just wanted to see you?" Miriam was terrible at lying; it occurred to her after that she should have waited for Laur.

"Liar." Alexa smiled while saying it, though.

"Look, we don't want to talk about it... well, around those two." Miriam lowered her voice, but the room was small enough that the two grad students could still definitely hear. "What's their problem, anyway?"

"You look like business students." Alexa paused, then noticed that both Mimi and Laur still looked confused and continued. "The natural enemies of engineering students?"

"Oh! Right!" Mimi was surprised how a few years out of University changed your perspective.

"I was a business student." Laureli winked.

"Right! Now I remember why I don't like you." Alexa winked too. "Anyway, you want to go to my office?"

"Who would give you an office?"

"Har har. Come on." Alexa was happy to see the two of them, and fell into the good-natured ribbing easily. In University, she'd been good friends with the two women, although they hadn't kept up so much since Mimi and Laur moved on to the professional world while she pursued Graduate studies.

"So, how's academic life treating you Lex?" Mimi made casual conversation as they headed down linoleumed hallways, past bulletin boards covered in amusing cartoons and announcements about robotics contests. She absently touched the various board and model robots as they walked.

"Good! I've been working on some really great projects involving complex hydraulics and artificial intelligence to... ya, you don't care."

"We're happy for you! Right, Meems?" Laur grinned and gave Alexa an encouraging squeeze on the shoulder.

"Right!" Mimi was busy making a model airplane's propellers spin and jumped in surprise when Laur singled her out. "Plus, robots are awesome!"

"And, hey, I heard from Jen that the two of you are seeing each other?" After several twists and turns through similar-looking hallways, they came to a door covered in Dilbert cartoons and ribbons from engineering contests.

"Wow, looks like you're doing pretty well." Mimi ran her fingers down a few of the ribbons, nodding. "Also, yes."

"When did that happen? How did that happen?" Alexa opened the door and showed them into a small room with a small desk and surfaces crowded with award statues. "I thought you two were, you know... straight?"

"It happened about a year ago..." Laureli found herself a seat in one of the plastic bucket chairs in front of the desk.

"It... is complicated how it happened." Mimi laughed, then blushed. Even Laureli, who managed to keep her cool through the whole encounter with the two grumpy grad students, blushed. "You still talk to Jen?" Mimi blushed even more at that... for a while after school she'd lost track of most of her friends, even Laureli, but lately she, Laur and Jen had been spending a lot of time together. Naked. With Jen's boyfriend Thor, who also spent a lot of time naked.

"Ya, weird huh? Of the four of us, she's the only one who didn't graduate and she's the only I keep up with?" Alexa shrugged. "Anyway, you two want something to drink?" She pulled open the mini fridge near her desk and indicated the beers inside.

"Uhh, I drove." Laureli waved off the offer.

"Sure!" Mimi grabbed a beer and popped the top, taking a few swigs before she finally came up for air. It helped take some of the blush off, although when she noticed the other two women staring at her the blush came right back and she hung her head. "Thanks..."

"So, what are you two really here for?" Alexa leaned back in her chair, staring across the desk with a suddenly professor-y air.

"We... umm... look, Laur, I can't do this. Why don't we all just go out for dinner and drinks?" Mimi finished the rest of her beer after the breathless sentence.

"Come on Meems, we came all the way here."

Laureli frowned and made a grab at Mimi's purse. Mimi was too slow to get it out of the way, but put up a grumpy fight before finally letting it go. Laur gave her a raspberry, then rummaged in the purse for a bit.

"You know, you two are acting a little funny..." Alexa looked back and forth between then two of them. "I feel like we're in a movie or something, and you're about to pull an alien out of your purse... and it's a can?"

Laureli put a tin can on Alexa's desk. It had a plain label, beat up and torn in several places, which read "Sex in a Can" on it. There was no brand or other indication about who made it, and both Miriam and Laureli had looked into the address printed under the nutritional information. It was fake.

"Of dessert?" Alexa picked up the can and turned it around a few times, then looked at the calorie information on it. "Sounds like chocolate? The weird factor's going up again."

"Look, it's not what it seems..." Laur reached out gingerly and grabbed the can from Alexa before putting it very carefully down on the desk again. "And we... need to have it tested."


"You know... with science?"

"Right..." Alexa raised an incredulous eyebrow. "This is the point where people with candid cameras jump out and yell surprise?"


"No!" Mimi was treating herself to a second beer, which was turning her volume up. "Totally real... just... not very believable."

"Not believable at all, in fact." Laureli sighed. "Can we just, you know... run some tests on it? Tell us what's in it?"

"Sure, let me just reach over here and..." Alexa reached over to pop the top off the can.


"No!" Laureli and Mimi both shouted at the same time and grabbed at the can. Mimi was faster but missed. Laur managed to get it before Alexa, and pulled it out of the grad student's reach.

"Okay, seriously you two? What's going on?"

"Look, fine... has Jen told you much about... things?"


"Things..." Laur put a salacious tone into the word, and Mimi winked.

"Oh... oh! Ya, she said you two had some really cool sex toy or something. She always got really flustered and wouldn't say much else." Lex paused, then her eyes opened wide. "Oh! Is that it? That's... very different than I imagined. How does it work?"

"You open it, then... pow!"


"Ya! Pow! It's all very sudden! I couldn't believe it the first time." Mimi grinned and tried to find a good spot to put her third empty beer can.

"Okay... okay... so what do you mean by you want to run tests on it?" Lex was shaking her head and standing now, not entirely sure what to think about what was happening.

"It's not... you know, normal. Plus, Mimi picked it up at the grocery store... we looked, but we couldn't find anyone that sells it anymore."

"Yesh... and we looked online. No google results, no tweets, no anything like that... you have nice hair." Mimi reached over, about to touch Lex's hair, then blushed and backed up a step.

"Okay, so, alright... is it dangerous?"


"Dangerously awesome." Mimi giggled.

"I think I'm going to need to see it... you know, before I know how to test it..." Lex licked her lips, staring at the can with a new intensity. "For science."

Mimi and Laureli both looked at each, then at Lex, then followed her gaze. They grinned. Mimi did reach forward this time and run her hand along Lex's lustrous brown hair. Then she leaned across the desk and kissed Lex. Tentatively at first, on the lips.

Lex's eyes went wide and she backed up out of the kiss, looking from Mimi to Laur.

"Wait, isn't Laur gonna... get jealous?"

"Go ahead, hun. It works better if you're... warmed up first anyway."

"Warmed up?" Lex's eyes were still wide.

To demonstrate the concept, Mimi swooped in for another kiss. Despite the small office, Lex was backed up far enough that Mimi actually had to crawl up onto the desk with hands and knees so she could reach the engineering grad's mouth. There was more fire this time, and her tongue flicked out to run a tantalizing line across Lex's lips. Lex gasped, happily, and greedily opened her mouth in response. She lunged forward and wrapped a hand around Mimi's neck so she could pull the other woman closer while her moist pink tongue rose up to dance with Mimi's.

Alexa didn't know how long the kiss went on, but it felt like forever and an instant all at once. Reluctantly she let Mimi's mouth drift away, then raised a hand to her cheek to feel the flush there.

"Gawd, Meems... that was great. Hey... where'd Laur go?" Lex looked around the room in confusion, not seeing Laureli anywhere. Then she heard the sound of the zipper on her jeans being pulled down, and she made an understanding 'O' with her mouth as she looked down and saw Laureli under the desk.

"You know, Lex, I always wondered if you secretly fancied me." Laureli's voice was low and smoky, and she talked while she worked the button free and dragged the jeans down around Lex's ankles.

"Mmm... you two are so hot, how could I not?" Lex made a happy moan as Laur's fingers started to gently rub the outside of her panties. "Oooh, ya, do that... Laur, you're like a model, you know? Legs that go all the way up to your arse... and when I saw you standing in the grad lounge, with those trousers? With all Jen told me? Damn, it was all I could do not to jump you in front of Bill and Ted."

"Who?" Mimi wasn't slacking while Laur worked on Lex's pants. She teased the T shirt off and threw it in the corner, and now had herself entirely splayed across the desk while she suckled on Lex's neck. Lex had one hand on the back of Mimi's head, fingers digging into a luxurious mass of hair while she bit her lip from pleasure and anticipation.

"Oh, you know, those two in the lounge... mmm, ya, Laur, right there." Lex bucked her hips forward as Laureli started to run her thumbs in circles along Lex's panties where she thought Lex's clit was. Clearly she was close, because she could already smell the musk of Lex's arousal.

"Is that... are those their real names?" Mimi raised her head from Lex's neck for a moment to look incredulous.

"No... I don't know their real... mmm, ya, pinch that nipple." Lex lost her train of thought when Mimi's warm hands snuck under her bra and started to play with her breasts. Her nipples instantly stood at attention as fingers caressed them.

"Then why?"

"Oh, they're just... gawd, do we really have to discuss this right now? Laureli, if you don't eat me soon I'm gonna explode!" Lex thrust her hips forward again. Laur giggled from under the desk and expertly removed Lex's panties.

"Come on, Lex, you've got me all interested... and wet." Mimi grinned and pulled Lex's bra off as well. Then she scooted forward and started to run her tongue in circles along Alexa's pert breasts.

"Okay... they... they... they're theoreticalphysicistsinvestigatingtimetravelandusingourlabsandtheysaydudeallthetime OH SHIT LAUR RIGHT THERE!" Alexa finished her sentence all in one breath as a warm tongue made a bee line for her clit and two manicured fingers slid themselves into her pussy. She was already soaking wet from the activities of her two friends, so Laureli's finger slid in easily and began sending ripples of sensation through her body. She felt her legs jerking involuntarily as her orgasm began to mount.

"Oh." Mimi nodded, then went back to worshipping Lex's breasts. She cupped them in her hands as she moved back and forth, kissing one, licking the other, running her teeth across both nipples...

"After... all... that?" Lex had her head thrown back and her hips working rhythmically against Laureli's expert tongue. She let out a happy whimper when a third finger first wet itself with her pussy juices, then probed gently at her ass. The new sensation sent shockwaves through her body, and her first climax came all at once.

Mimi put a friendly hand over Alexa's lips while Alexa was busy moaning in pleasure, which probably didn't help much. If there was anyone in the building besides Bill and Ted, they would have heard something by now for sure.

After the waves of pleasure died down, Lex found herself lying limply against the chair and panting breathlessly. It was the best orgasm she'd had in a long time, and the two women weren't done yet. Mimi was still doing amazing things to her breasts, Laureli was slowly pumping her fingers in and out of Lex's now dripping pussy, and Alexa could feel her next orgasm starting as a quiver in her belly.

"Okay." That was Mimi, in between nipples.


"Pop the top, silly. You're ready, right Laur?"


Lex then noticed that both Laureli and Miriam had, somewhere along the way, remove their clothes and thrown those haphazardly in the corner. Lex was now treated to a view of Miriam's glorious back, and the curve of her perfect ass, while she could look down and see Laureli's breasts bobbing up and down while she worked her magic tongue.

She couldn't think of anything else she wanted more than this, but there was Jen's reaction at the mere mention of what was apparently just a can... Lex couldn't help her curiousity. She gingerly reached forward around Miriam's naked body and grabbed the pop top on the can. Only able to bring one hand to bear on the task, she took longer than normal, but then the top of the can peeled back and a hiss of air released from it.

"Empty?" Lex looked unbelievably at the empty interior of the can. "Guys, if this was some ruse to get in my pants, you didn't need to be so coy. Next time just say 'Lex, a couple of goddesses want to fuck your brains out' and I'll be right there."

"Just put it down." Mimi laughed, her voice bright and eager, then moved forward to start kissing Lex's neck again. Her mouth worked its way up until she was sucking on Alexa's earlobe, though her hands were still massaging the engineer's breasts.

"Hey... it's spinning?"

Sure enough, the empty can was now spinning on the table. Weird, but not earth shaking... what Laureli was doing to her, on the other hand? That was earthshaking.

She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, letting the two girls continue their excellent activities. Alexa moaned in excitement as Mimi went back to sucking on both of her breasts.

Both of them?

Alexa's eyes flew open, and her room suddenly looked entirely different. The air was filled with thick green tentacles, all glistening with some sort of liquid, all rushing forward to touch one of the three women. Two of the tentacles, with openings that seemed like mouths, were attached to Lex's breasts and... and... it felt really good.

"Shit, what the hell?"

"Just go with it..." Mimi laughed, and Lex noticed that Miriam was now on her back. Two of the tentacles, with ends shaped very much like penises, were probing at the naked flesh between Miriam's legs.

While Alexa watched, one of the tentacles pressed against Mimi's pussy, while the other slid up against her ass. Then with an almost shocking suddenness, they both penetrated Mimi. Mimi cried out in pleasure and arched her back while the tentacles began pistoning in her, moving in and out with a rising intensity. Alexa felt incredibly turned on watching the things... essentially have sex with Miriam.

Then it was her turn. Several of the tentacles wrapped around her arms and legs and before she knew it, she was hoisted off the chair and into the air. Two more tentacles, each with phallic ends, probed between her legs. While she wasn't normally into men, the moist warmth of the tentacles felt really good... and it felt even better when they filled her up!

"Damn that's good!" Lex shouted in pleasure as the two tentacles took turns filling her with their incredible bulk. Her shouts turned to screams as a mouth-shaped one started to suck on her clit and turned her world into a starburst of ecstacy.

She barely noticed as another tentacle slid itself between her lips and started to work in and out of her mouth... yet, somehow that felt good too. It tasted sweet and a little like vanilla, and the feeling of three of the thick green members inside her was heaven.

She rolled her head around and saw that bow Mimi and Laur were also hoisted into the air by the tentacles, and were having the same treatment.

All three women shuddered in time to the motions of the tentacle things, all three of them moaning in ecstacy as they were filled up again and again.

"Hey! What's going on in there?!" Male voices shouted from outside the door, followed by banging. Lex couldn't open her mouth to say anything, but the situation worked out as the tentacles found some way to open the door and frightened male shouts turned to happy male cries of pleasure.

Alexa didn't know how long she was suspended there, or how many orgasms she had, but then, suddenly, the tentacles increased their tempo. It was wonderful and frightening at the same time... and then she felt them all thicken at once, and then a sticky, warm liquid filled her up everywhere a tentacle was busy fucking her. Some of the stuff splashed across her naked body as well, and she thought she saw it get on the statues and desk, but she didn't care.

It was over faster than it started. Five panting people, all naked and covered in tentacle cum, crawled towards each other and collapsed into a heap together.

"Dude... you chicks are crazy." Bill, or possibly Ted, shook his shaggy head in dazed wonder.

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