tagNonHumanSex in a Can: Science Experiment Ch. 02

Sex in a Can: Science Experiment Ch. 02


Miriam, Laureli and Alexa stood in one of the engineering labs that Alexa normally used for building and testing robots. Today, they were all staring intently at a bullet-proof glass box which contained a small robot on wheels with a dizzying array of grabbing, cutting and assorted other tools.

"You know, Meems, you didn't have to get changed just for this." Alexa was giving Miriam a sideways look, trying to keep from laughing.

Earlier, after the three of them got reacquainted with a little bit of sex in Alexa's office, Miriam traded her grey suit for what she claimed was more suitable lab attire. She had on a tight-fitting lab coat and safety goggles, and she'd gotten Laureli to put her hair up in a bun using one of the spare pens in the office. It looked out of place on her, but what really set it apart was the fact that she had on nothing besides the white lab coat. It was long, but barely reached down far enough to cover her ass, and she'd left the top few buttons undone so that her impressive cleavage was display prominently.

"I don't know. I kind of like this look... what do you think, Laur?"

"Mimi..." Laureli was shaking her head, but there was an amused twinkle in her eye anyway. "This is at least a little bit serious, you know?"

"What's serious? We're using a small robot that our friend built with her bare hands to run tests on a mysterious can that only appeared one day, to me, in a grocery store and which turns out to contain some kind of tentacle monster which has sex with everyone it possibly can whenever you open it." Mimi took a breath and grinned. "That's the serious part?"

"Well, when you put it like that..."

"Girls?" Alexa cleared her throat, then gestured at the glass box which contained the can. "Can we start?"

Mimi and Laur nodded, both zipping their fingers across their lips, then laughing when they noticed they'd done it in unison. Alexa rolled her eyes, but they had an amused twinkle too that said she didn't mind. She hadn't seen Mimi or Laur since they graduated and headed off into the wide world of business while she went after her Masters.

"Okay... let's remove the label first." Alexa moved closer to the glass box and picked up what looked for all the world like an RC car remote.

"Tonka?" Mimi's voice came from right behind her, and Alexa could feel the warmth of the other woman's body pressing up against her own. She bit her lip to keep concentrated on the task at hand instead of getting them all naked again.

"Hey, it works. Why pay for an expensive Bluetooth transmitter when you can get a toy and a radio remote?"

"Because Bluetooth sounds cooler? Bluetooth!"

"It... it was rhetorical, Meems."

"I know." Mimi winked and slapped Alexa playfully on the ass. "Now come on, what's behind the label?"

All three women gathered close around the box while Alexa deftly drove her robot close to the can and used the grabber tool to gently peel away the can's label. Underneath, the can's naked metal surface slowly appeared, giving up its secrets almost reluctantly as the robot undressed it.

"Am I the only one who thinks this looks dirty?" Laureli coughed and wondered if she should turn her head while the robot and the can had their private moment.

"I... oh wow, you're right." Mimi laughed. "Can you be a little less... sensual with it, Lex?"

"Honestly. You two..." Lex shook her head, but by then the label was off and discarded on the floor of the box. "Hey, look..."

The three of them circled the box, getting a look at all angles of the can, which turned out to look like... just an ordinary can. There was even a spot where some of the glue had caused the label to stick when it was being peeled away, and a small dent where Mimi remembered dropping the can once. Oops.

"Well, that was anti-climactic."

"Hey, we learned something..." Lex gave the other two a wry smile. "It still just looks like a can."

The three of them were considering what to do next, and whether it was safe to open the can even inside of a glass box that was meant to withstand gunfire, when the doors to the lab banged open. All three girls jumped and turned guilty eyes towards the noise, where two scruffy looking, very familiar, grad students in lab coats walked in. They were the quintessential geeky guys, with ugg glasses, bad hair styles... one even had a pocket protector. Bill and Ted: the two physicists who used the engineering labs for their experiments in time travel and said dude a lot. None of the girls knew their real names.

"Hey, Alexa. Alexa's friends. What are you dudes doing in here so late?" Bill, the one whose hair looked like it was trying desperately to escape off of his head, had what could only be described as a shit-eating-grin on his face. "Not making unauthorized use of lab resources for personal affairs, I hope."

Alexa turned completely white and nearly dropped her remote. "No..."

"Good, 'cuz we wouldn't want you to get kicked out of the faculty for something like that, would we dude?" Bill crossed his arms over his chest and stared at the three girls.

"No, I would never..." Alexa started.

"Look, what do you two want?" Mimi finished.

"Come on, what makes you think...?"

"Cut the shit. What do you want?"

"Well, since you put it so nicely, we want... umm... we want..." Now Bill's confidence evaporated, and a blush crept up his cheeks. Apparently he hadn't planned this far into his blackmail. "You know, what every dude wants..."




"I... well... yes." Bill's shoulders drooped, and he looked surprisingly small and defeated.

"You could have just asked." Mimi winked and bit her lip suggestively as she said it.

"I... really? That works?"

"Don't know until you try. Now... head back out there, take a deep breath, and come back in here and ask me."

"Oh... okay..." The two men nodded and exited the room, momentarily leaving the three women alone again with their robot and their can.

"Could that actually happen?" Mimi rushed over to Alexa and wrapped her in a big hug.

"I... ya, I guess so."

"Oh, Lex, honey... we're so sorry." Mimi gave Alexa a quick kiss on the lips, then stroked her cheek fondly. "If we'd known... we never would have... I'll fix this, okay?"


"Okay!" Mimi winked, then headed back over to where she was standing before. She glanced at the door and saw through the two little windows that Bill and Ted were milling around outside the room, possibly weighing whether they should come back in or not.

Miriam rolled her eyes, then reached up to pull the pen loose from her hair and let it down. As cascades of gorgeous locks fell down her back, she made a little 'oops' face and dropped the pen on the ground behind her.

"Oh no. My pen. Whatever will I do." Mimi deadpanned, winked at Laur and Lex, then turned her back to the door and bent at the waist to pick up the pen.

The lab coat, which was already barely covering her, road up her back as she bent over. Suddenly she was suddenly flashing her bare ass and pussy directly at the door to the lab. Staying in that position for a while, she wiggled her hips back and forth and pretended to fumble for the pen, wishing those two would hurry up.

The door banged open again.

Mimi made a pretend-surprised squeak and stood back up, summoning a blush as she turned to look at Bill and Ted.

"Uhh... miss... uhhh.... Alexa's friend. Will you...? I mean..." Bill was talking again, though he had a mighty blush while he was doing it.

"Will I...?" Mimi took a tentative step forward and unbuttoned another of her top buttons. Breasts that were already trying to escape spilled out.

"Will you... havesexwithus?"

"Both of you?" Mimi put a hand in front of her mouth and did her best to giggle nervously. "I don't know... let me see."

"See?" Bill frowned.

"Yes. See." Mimi walked forward, one hand cupping a bare breast, until she stood just in front of Bill. He was taller, and she had to crane her neck back to look him in the eye. "This." She reached down with her free hand and stuck it in his pants. Inside, she found that he was already hard and straining against the confines of his boxers. "Mmm... rock on Bill."

"I... you..." Bill looked at once confused and excited.

Mimi put a finger on his lips to shush him, then reached down with her other hand and deftly unbuttoned his jeans. With one smooth motion, she pulled his pants and boxers down and freed his erect phallus. Mimi chewed her lip in appreciation... he was actually pretty big.

She bent over at the waist again, taking care to aim herself so that Ted could get an eyeful of her naked sex, and ran a tongue down Bill's cock.

"Ohhh... oh ya." Bill's whole body thrummed in response.

Using one hand to flip her hair out the way, Mimi kissed the tip of his cock, which had a salty bead of moisture on it. She flicked her tongue out to lick that off and made an 'mmm' sound deep in her throat. Then she opened her mouth and slid the tip of Bill's cock into it.

He reacted immediately, grabbing a fistful of her hair and pulling her head down on his cock. Luckily she was ready for that and he slid into the warm darkness of her mouth easily, while her tongue started to work along the shaft. He moaned out loud and began rocking his hips against Mimi, banging the tip of his hard member against the back of her throat. Mimi worked with him, flicking her tongue up and down the length of his cock and working her mouth to create some suction. All the while the salty taste of his excitement was growing stronger.

Ted apparently had had enough of just watching; as Mimi was busy giving Bill a blowjob she felt a penis probe tentatively at her pussy lips. She wiggled her hips in response and shifted her weight back. Between his precum and Mimi's wetness, he slid in easily, burying himself to the hilt in her tantalizing pussy.

"God, that's so good!" Ted shouted out loud, while all Bill had managed so far were happy grunts and moans. Ted got into the spirit immediately as well, placing both of his hands on Mimi's well-formed ass for support and thrusting himself deep inside her.

The three of them got into a rhythm. Bill and Ted would thrust at the same time, filling Mimi up with their hard cocks, then move their hips back at the same time. Mimi found herself enjoying it, despite the way the situation developed, and eagerly moved her body in time with theirs.

As she felt Bill's excitement growing and his cock twitching inside her mouth, she reached out and started playing with his balls. He moaned in lustful appreciation and renewed his efforts.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the lab, Lex and Laur were watching. Lex looked worried.

"Why did she do that? I mean, if she hadn't bent over and flashed them, they probably wouldn't have come in..."

"Well, they might have left, but then what would stop them from still telling on you?" Laur gave Alexa a quick hug. "Trust me, Meems knows what she's doing... besides, those two seem like they're actually pretty decent at that."

"Ya... it does look pretty hot, doesn't it."

They both stopped for a moment to watch Mimi being penetrated from in front and behind, making a heroic effort not to touch themselves as they did so.

"Anyway, the can, what were you thinking of doing with it?"

"Well, I figured I'd get some scrapings of the material, to analyze a sample." Lex nodded and looked back at the glass box, away from the threesome. "Then I figured I'd open it."

"What? This soon?"

"Ya, I mean, the interesting stuff is what's inside, right?"


"So we open it up, and see if the robot can get a cutting off one of those tentacles so we can analyze that too."

"And... what if it gets out?" Laur walked forward and touched the glass box, admiring how strong it was and wondering if it could really stand up to the tentacles.

"Well... that's not so bad, right?" Lex blushed as she said it.

"Right... well, look, I had thought I'd deal with this another time, but I have a theory I want to try."


"Well, it goes like this..." Laur stepped close to Lex so she could lower her voice. "Any... umm... opening that's engaged in a sex act, the tentacles leave it alone."

"So you... want to release them while Mimi's getting fucked?"

"No, I don't want to take advantage of her like that. No, I've got some... toys we can use."

Lex's eyes lit up with a sparkle and she nodded vigorously.

"Sounds very scientific. Still, one of us should be... you know... engaged, while the others aren't. A control group."

"Well, I've only got a few, so that sounds reasonable."

"Okay... we'll wait till Bill and Ted leave."

"Good idea. Looks like they're almost done anyway."

Both Laur and Lex looked back over at the threesome, which now consisted of Mimi kneeling demurely on the ground with her face tipped up and Bill and Ted pointing their massive erections at her.

"Drink our cum bitch, ya!" Bill was vigorously finishing himself off, while Mimi was the one stroking Ted's member.

At the same time, both men groaned in satisfaction and their cocks twitched as they sprayed hot, salty cum all of Mimi's face. She made little 'mmm' sounds of pleasure as she tilted herself this way and that, getting most of the cum in her mouth. By the end of it, her face and breasts were splashed with the thick, milky liquid and she was making a show of swallowing what went into her mouth, smiling as she did so.

"Wow, you two... you two are so hot." Mimi wiped some cum off her forehead so it didn't go in her eye. "Was it good for you?"


"Hell ya."


Several minutes later, Mimi was cleaned up, Bill and Ted were gone, and the three girls stood once again in front of the glass box. Mimi was still finishing wiping cum off her breasts before replacing them in the labcoat, and nodding while Lex and Laur told her the plan.

"So... who gets the toys?"

"I was thinking Lex." Laur grinned wickedly.

"I... thanks Laur!" Lex beamed at that, then turned her attention back to the robot. "Let's get the outside sample first."

Using the remote control, Lex guided the robot's cutting arm towards the can and shaved off a piece of the rim. As she was putting the sample into her robot's sample bay, someone unbuttoned her pants. She squeaked and looked down to see Mimi there, with a set of large plastic anal beads in her hands.

"Ready?" Mimi smiled, and didn't wait for an answer.

She pulled down Lex's pink, lacy panties, leaving them just around the other woman's knees. Then she grabbed Lex's fine ass and twirled her in place. A gentle hand bent Lex forward at the waist, where she got an eyeful of Laureli lubing up a huge pink dildo.

"A vibrator?" Lex considered the length of thing, which seemed far too... big.

"I didn't have anything else."

"I'm not complaining... woa-oooh." Lex jumped as the slick, lubricated surface of the first anal bead pressed against her ass. "Is that going to fit?"

"Don't worry." Mimi laughed lightly.

Then Lex felt a warm tongue licking circles around the tight rosebud of her ass, and found herself immediately relaxing. Mimi did a few laps with her tongue, then a finger took over, gently working sensual circles. Then Miriam's finger slid, slowly but surely, into Lex's ass. Lex wiggled in excitement. Mimi worked that one finger in and out a few times, then moved on to two fingers. Then three?

"Oooh, Meems, you're good at this..."

"I know. Now hold on to something."

The closest thing was for Lex to grip Laur's breasts. Laur smiled back. Mimi put the first bead in.

It was much larger even than Mimi's three fingers, and at first it felt like it wasn't going to go... but then with a satisfying feeling of filling Lex up, the first bead slipped in. Then next one went even more easily, and so did the next. Lex felt bead after bead slide into her, until she couldn't imagine how many were in there.

"Wow, is that... are all those...?"

"Good now!" Mimi gave Lex and appreciative slap on the ass and turned her around again.

Laur didn't mess around. Lex was already wet and ready from the beads and watching Mimi earlier, so the dildo went in with amazing ease. Lex moaned in pleasure as the entire length of the thing was pressed up inside her.

"Okay... umm... I guess I have to guide the robot now." Lex walked awkwardly to the table, trying not to dislodge the dildo, and grabbed the remote control. "Here we go."

The little robot rolled forward and positioned its grabber above the can's pop top. As the grabber moved down, Lex began to feel the most incredible sensation. Like her whole body was... vibrating?

"Laur! Did you have to turn it on?"

"Of course." Laureli's voice came from right beside Lex, and a warm mouth nibbled Lex's ear. "Keep going..."

"I... ooh, Mimi?" Lex felt the dildo start to slide in and out of her while a well-manicured finger played with her clit. It felt great.

Trying to focus, Lex used the little robot to pop the top off the can. It was empty.

A moment later, it started spinning.

None of the girls watched as the tentacles emerged from their can. Lex had closed her eyes to concentrate on the sensation of the vibrating sliding in and out of her. Laur was busy suckling Lex's breasts, and Mimi was on her knees working the dildo.

Lex opened her eyes to see the tentacles out of the can, whipping around the inside of the box looking confused. Then they pointed themselves at the robot and surged forward.

"What in the...? Hey!" Lex banged on the glass as the tentacles formed themselves into various USB and other types of input cables and started to... started to... for lack of a better word, have sex with the robot's inputs. "Stop that!"

Panicked, Lex still had the wherewithal to get the robot to slice off a piece of a tentacle before the robot was completely immobilized. Then she did the only thing she could think of to stop them from tearing her robot apart.

She opened the box.

The tentacles struck hard and fast. There was no gentleness this time like before. Clothes were torn off. Arms and legs were bound with slick, ropy green tentacles. Within seconds, the three girls were held immobile high the air.

Phallic shaped tentacles immediately penetrated Miriam and Laureli, pressing relentlessly into their pussies and asses and fucking them with intensity. Lex had a tentacle slide itself into her mouth, while two of the mouth-shaped tentacles latched onto her breasts and suckled furiously. Another tentacle, also shaped like a penis, slid in between her breasts and started to move in and out, using the creamy skin of her tits to get itself off.

It was all over very fast. One moment the three girls were being penetrated from every angle by slick green tentacles, the next they were back on the ground, gasping for air while the tentacles' thick, white "cum" splashed down around them.

Then the only sound was the vibrator buzzing in Lex's pussy, and the robot's wheels spinning fruitlessly from where it lay on its side on the floor.



"At least we got a sample."

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