tagNonHumanSex in a Can: Teamwork

Sex in a Can: Teamwork


From a distance it would be impossible to tell what was happening on Mimi's floor. The writhing pile of naked bodies, all moving in rhythm with each other, accompanied by the satisfied sounds of sex and the slapping of flesh on flesh, seemed like a single entity. Those inside of it knew exactly what was happening, however.

Thorvald, Thor for short, was on the bottom. He was strong, handsome, and had a 'hammer' which lived up to the legends. He had his hands wrapped firmly around a slim waist, his cock buried firmly in a hot pussy, and was enjoying a happy eyeful of the two women who weren't immediately riding his member.

Jen, Thor's girlfriend, was the one riding Thor. She was sitting with her back to his chest, and made a little squeak each time he buried himself in her. She loved it, of course, the feeling of his thick cock filling her up was incredible. She, too, was enjoying the view of their two lovely hosts. And a little more than that.

Mimi, whose house it was, had one hand on Jen's breasts. She loved the feel of the other woman's hard nipple as it ground against her palm. It made her tingle all over. Add to that the sight of Thor's hard sex, buried deep in Jen... she almost wished she were the one experiencing that right now. Only almost, though, because of the participation of the fourth member of their little group.

Laureli, Mimi's girlfriend, was an expert at making Mimi scream. She knew what it took to get Mimi so aroused that she nearly lost consciousness, and was taking every opportunity to do so. Her mouth was on Mimi's hot pussy, licking in eager circles while she moved her upper lip in a rhythmic dance across Mimi's clit. One hand disappeared underneath Mimi, her fingers sliding naughtily into the other woman's ass, while the other helped her tongue. Two of her fingers were persistently penetrating Mimi, sliding in and out and completing the sensation that her mouth started.

Completing the circle, Jen was trying similar techniques on Laureli. She didn't have the practice, or thorough knowledge of Laureli's body, but she made up for it in enthusiasm.

In the background the TV was playing some inane news show. They'd cranked up the volume as far as it could go, but unfortunately that wasn't high enough. Between Mimi's screams, Jen's moans and Thor's occasional yelling of 'you chicks are so hot!', they could probably be heard five stories down on the street.

Mrs. Foster, Mimi's next door neighbor, certainly could hear them.

"Shut the Hell up you damn kids!"

Mimi and her three guests seemed almost to be moving in time to the banging of Mrs. Foster's broom against the wall.

"Hey, unnnh... oh God... umm, hey girls?" Thor tried desperately to speak, but kept getting sidetracked by watching the way Mimi writhed under Laureli's tongue.

"Yes Thor?" The girls tried to speak in unison, but managed only a ragged chorus. They all giggled at it though, which made Jen scream when her body flexed and twisted around Thor.

"Should we, mmm Jen, you're so fucking tight!" Thor had to stop for a moment to slap Jen's perfect ass. "Should we... do something... about..." Thor's eyes rolled up in his head, and it looked for a moment like he might beat the rest of them to climax.

They all waited patiently as he slowed his rhythm, Laureli and Mimi watching in appreciation the way his cock was twitching inside Jen. Jen was incredibly wet by this point, and his cock was glistening in a tantalizing way with her arousal, making the spectacle strangely alluring.

"Should we... oh... mmm... should we what Thor?"

"DosomethingaboutMrs.Foster?" He had no choice but to let it out in a single breath. Any stopping and he would get sidetracked again.

"I... I guess so."

"If you kids don't stop making all that racket! I'll... I'll call the cops!" More banging. They definitely were going to have to do something about her.

"Alright... Jen, honey?"

"Y... es?" Jen was obviously getting impatient with this. She was squirming and rocking her hips, obviously trying to stay still and be good, but too close to orgasm to really want to stop.

"Meems and Laur are... are going to have to... take care of you for a second. Okay?"

"S... sure." Jen sighed, but didn't offer up any more argument. Neither did she make any move to get up.

Seeing this, Thor rolled his eyes at Mimi, and lifted Jen off of him. There was a slurping noise as his wet, hard cock popped out of her, but then she was too busy pleasuring Laureli to notice where he went.

For a long moment there was nothing but the contented noises of the three women, accompanied by the padding of Thor's feet on the floor. Mimi watched as Thor went, feeling a little sorry for him. His stiff cock stuck straight out in front of him, glistening with his and Jen's juices and swaying a little in the cold air.

Then she realized that Jen was without stimulation now.

"Hey... hey Laur?"

"Mmmph?" Laureli hadn't done much talking yet, she was too focused on her task. She hadn't complained about Jen talking because, frankly, the feel of Jen's lips and teeth forming words had been too great.

"We should... try out our new toy on Jen!"

"Hey ya!" Laureli pulled her head out from between Mimi's legs this time, beaming happily at her girlfriend. They'd just bought it this afternoon, but with Thor and Jen coming over for dinner and then staying for "dessert", they never had a chance to try it out.

Extricating herself from the group, Laureli went over to the nightstand to retrieve their new toy. Jen sighed forlornly and made her way to the couch, where she cuddled up to Mimi. Mimi didn't want to break the quiet lull quite yet, so she just wrapped Jen in a hug and pulled the other girl's sweat, naked body against her own. While Laureli rummaged through the nightstand and Thor rummaged in the kitchen, they lingered in sweet closeness.

Jen made a squeak of excitement when Laureli came back sporting her newest acquisition, though. It was a strap-on, bright pink and nearly as thick as Thor was. Laureli winked and joined the other two girls on the couch.

"OhmygodI'vealwayswantedtotryone!" Jen clapped and nearly bowled Laureli over in her attempt to get things going. It was all Laureli to do to keep them on the couch as Jen wriggled into position. When their breasts were rubbing together and Jen had her legs firmly around Laureli's waist, they were ready.

The two of them let out a satisfied sigh as Jen sank onto Laureli's lap. The strap-on was some new design that used pressure and friction to penetrate Laureli as Jen sank onto it. So far it seemed to be working because Laur had her head thrown backwards and her hands firmly around Jen's waist, pulling the other girl down as fast as she could. When they could go no further, and Jen's warm body was resting entirely on Laur's, they attempted to find a rhythm.

Jen found it was a little harder than with a man between her legs. The way the dildo moved with her made rising and falling a strange sensation at first. Laureli, not having to do much, was enjoying herself either way. In fact, she found Jen's squirming and wiggling to be extremely pleasurable.

Mimi, not really needed right now, sat back and watched the other two women. She idly slid her hand between her legs, more to keep herself warm and ready than anything, and enjoyed the view of Jen's slim back and Laureli's perfect breasts.

They stayed like this for a while. Jen and Laureli found a groove and proceeded to fuck each like pro's, gasping together as they both sped towards an incredible climax. Mimi rested up, sure that when Thor got back there would be plenty of action for everyone.

Speaking of which, where was Thor? She lost track of him while she was admiring Laureli and Jen, and now she had no idea where he was. What could be taking him so long?

"Hey girls!" There he was. Coming in front the balcony?

"Hey yourself... what were you doing out there?" Mimi eyed Thor suspiciously, not entirely sure that she wanted to know what he was doing. At the very least, he'd drooped a little since she last saw him. Likely due to the cold.

"I gave Mrs. Foster a little... present." His wink worried Mimi even more.

"What did you do?"

"Oh, you know..." He lowered his voice, almost to the point that Mimi couldn't here: "I dropped off the can in her apartment."


"You what?" Mimi looked at him in horror. And, sure enough, she could hear Mrs. Foster start up her ranting in earnest. Maybe she'd been temporarily silenced by the sight of a naked Thor on her balcony, but she was right back at it now.

"You crazy kids! What the Hell is this? An empty can?"

"Thor!" Mimi's eyes were round with horror. "Do you know what might happen?"

This was how it started. The can that changed Mimi's life, at first, looked like it was empty. It had a tantalizing label, claiming to be 'Sex in a Can', but people were universally disappointed when they first opened it because there was nothing inside. Mimi knew she was that first time. She'd been looking for dessert, not an empty can.

Then, when you least expected it, the can would start to spin. This was weird, but still not what the label claimed.

When the spinning stopped, however. Dozens of green tentacles, dripping slime and strangely eager to insert themselves into humans, would emerge and pleasure you mercilessly until you achieved orgasm.

Mimi had no idea what it would do to poor Mrs. Foster.

"Maybe the old bat will have a little fun. Anyway, Meems... you're holding up my fun." Thor eyed Laureli and Jen, who hadn't even looked up during the entire conversation. "I should join these two lovely ladies."

"Not like that you don't." Mimi gave him another disapproving stare, but this time there was a sparkle in her eyes. "The cold air dried you off... you don't want to go hurting your poor girlfriend, do you?"

"You are right... whatever will I do?" Thor winked while delivering the line in his best deadpan porno voice.

"Perhaps I can help." Mimi giggled a little and got down on her knees in front of him.

Thor groaned as Mimi's lips wrapped around his softening cock. The cold air had made him a little less ready, but the moist warmth of Mimi's mouth changed that completely. He stiffened immediately, the tip of his hard cock bumping into the back of her throat, only to be immediately worshipped by her tongue.

Thor found himself holding onto Mimi's hair, loving the feel of her mouth and the view of his girlfriend riding Laureli.

Mimi didn't spend too long with him in her mouth, though. She loved the taste of him, a little salty from all of their previous activity, and a bit sweet. Jen must have been feeding him pineapples recently, because usually cum tasted foul. Not his. But she didn't want him to climax now, without having a chance to join Jen and Laureli.

And join he did. He walked over to the couch and deftly inserted himself into the twosome. He was so slick that neither Jen nor Laureli noticed him until strong hands began feeling soft breasts, and a hard cock surprised Jen on her downthrust. Helped by the lubricant Jen and Laureli were already using for the dildo, he slid in easily. The hot warmth of Jen's ass made him bite his lip, and it took every ounce of control not to climax right there.

Mimi went back to watching on the couch, secure in the knowledge that her turn would come soon.

"I'm calling the cops, you damn bastards!" Mrs. Foster, on the other hand, still didn't seem to be enjoying Thor's joke. Mimi leaned her head back, hearing the sound of the old woman banging on the wall again.

And, was that also the sound of metal spinning on hardwood? Mimi bit her cheek, half wanting to warn Mrs. Foster, but knowing that the woman wouldn't listen even if Mimi was right.

Then silence, broken only by footsteps making their way to the phone.

"What... what the Hell?" Mrs. Foster's voice took on a clear edge of anxiety, and Mimi could only guess that the tentacles were coming out of the can now.

She closed her eyes, certain that the next sound would be her neighbour's dying shrieks.

Nope. No shrieking.

"Oh... oh fuck me you green bastards!"

Mimi's eyes popped open wide. Apparently Mrs. Foster was a little more open minded than she originally thought. Mimi shook her head as the obscene shout was followed by the unmistakable sounds of a crabby old lady in the throes of ecstasy.

Laughing to herself, Mimi turned her attention to her three friends. They were completely oblivious to anything else. Thor had his eyes scrunched tight and his face screwed up in the effort not to be the first one to climax. Jen, on the other hand, seemed to be in the throes of her second orgasm. She could do nothing but shake as hands guided her motion and pleasure threatened to nearly knock her unconscious.

Mimi smiled, knowing the feeling. While she loved what she and Laureli did, she still sometimes craved a hard cock inside her. Right now she was craving it so much that she actually felt one probing the hot lips of her pussy. It was really insistent, and already dripping with lubricant, so on its second try it felt like it plunged right inside of her.

Wait, that was something plunging into her. It brought with it the sweet sensation of fullness she'd been craving. Then there was another one, this one probed her ass. She smiled to herself, wishing it were real too.

It was! Mimi squeaked as she was filled from the front and behind, and then realized what was happening. She didn't realize her eyes were closed, but they popped open now to the sight of dozens of tentacles streaming in through the balcony. In the distance, she could still hear the sounds of Mrs. Foster enjoying herself. More closely, she watching as Jen, Laureli and Thor found themselves also treated to a tentacling.

Thor and Laureli received thick, cock-line appendages in their asses, while Jen found one sliding into her mouth.

Then, the four of them seemed to all be moving in unison. They cried out in pleasure, unable to do anything else but ride the incredible sensations that inundated them. Mimi found herself growing dizzy from it, her entire body seemed to be filled with a kind of euphoria that started between her legs and radiated outwards. She could only imagine how the others, also so taken advantage of, could possibly stand it.

Unfortunately, it was all over too quickly. Mimi, surprisingly, was the one to climax first. She gasped and spasmed, losing complete control over herself as pleasure washed through her, flowing in waves throughout her body and spilling out of her.

Jen, Thor and Laureli were next: in unison. Their movement was already so frantic the only way anyone could tell was the river of cum which leaked out between Jen's buttocks from Thor's climax.

Then it was the tentacles' turn.

Mimi, having experienced it before, thought she was ready. The flood of strange, tasty liquid which splashed onto her at the tentacle's excitement was still surprising. Jen, Thor and Laur all cried out too, evidently just as surprised at getting drenched in tentacle... juice as she was.

It was over almost as quickly as it began. The four friends found themselves lying in a slick, sweaty pile on the couch. They panted together, feeling all warm and fuzzy and satisfied. It took them a while to realize that from the next apartment over, there was still the sounds of frantic love-making. If anything, the sounds had gotten louder and more urgent.

"Ha! At least she's not banging on the wall." Thor laughed, reaching out to casually pinch a nearby butt. He didn't even know whose it was, and the accompanying appreciative squeak didn't help at all.

"You think she's okay?"

"I'm fine you damned kids!" Mrs. Foster, apparently, also had better hearing than they previously assumed. "You finally took the hint and included me! Now shut the Hell up!"

Everyone on Mimi's couch laughed, too shocked to do anything else. Their laughter was accompanied by the sounds of what had to be Mrs. Foster's third orgasm.

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