Sex in a Can


In the aftermath, the tentacle that had been in her ass pressed its way back inside and they all continued to pleasure her. She was beginning to wonder how long this would all last when a third large tentacle slid up between her breasts and pressed itself against her lips.

"Hey, no way..." Still, the moisture which clung to it actually tasted a little... sweet, and at this point she was already being fucked in the pussy and the ass anyway. What was another one taking its pleasure from her?

Besides, these were some of the best orgasms she'd had in a long time, and she opened up to the thing almost eagerly. It took its cue and slid into her mouth, stretching her lips almost uncomfortably wide, and sliding all the way to the back of her throat. She moaned incoherently around its thick length, and did her best to work her tongue up and down its length.

This was, partially, to pleasure it, and also partially to taste the rich, sweet lubricant which covered it. It seemed like it was junk food after all...

Lost as she was in the sensations of being penetrated from in front and behind while she sucked on another of the tentacles, she barely noticed when a fourth slid up between her breasts and began to slide in rhythmic motions along her chest. The two mouths which were still doing amazing things to her nipples pulled her breasts closer together, so that the one on her chest was surrounded by the soft flesh of her tits.

She remembered, later, another two of the larger tentacles finding their way into her hands, and herself stroking them in exactly the same way that she would a man's cock, but in the moment details became blurry and lost. She clearly felt her third orgasm, if anything more powerful than the previous one, and the hint of pressure as her sphincter tightened around the tentacle-cock in her ass.

The next thing she was fully aware of was the strange sensations of all the tentacles thickening and swelling. They got larger in diameter and then, in one explosive moment, both she and the thing reached orgasm. She felt its thick, slippery, hot cum fill up her pussy and ass and spill out onto her chest. She also tasted it as it pumped out in hot, thick streams down her throat. This caused her to moan again and suck eagerly on the one in her mouth, wanting more of the sweet liquid as it washed into her mouth and down her throat.

Then, suddenly, she was lying on the kitchen floor. She moaned a little in the last aftermath of pleasure, and then pushed herself up onto her elbow and looked around.

There was no sign of the thing in the can, and if it weren't for the cooling liquid which was leaking out of her pussy and covered her chest, she might have thought it was just a strangely intense dream.

"I guess that's where the calories come from." She giggled breathily, still not quite back to normal breathing patterns after all that, and ran a finger through the slick goo on her chest. Popping that finger into her mouth proved that it's cum was still quite tasty

After a few moments, Mimi got to her feet and looked for the can. From the number of green things which had been popping out of it at the end she half-expected it to just be a twisted mass of metal, but it was on the counter again, intact. Even the lid with the tab was still on, and Mimi realized that maybe this was a multiple-use bit of 'junk food'.

She smiled and seriously considered opening it again. The feeling of almost exhaustion that was slowly creeping up on her in the wake of all those orgasms, though, told her that maybe she should wait for a while first.

"I'll see you later..." She giggled a bit and blew the can a kiss, not really knowing why.

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