tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSex in the White Sand

Sex in the White Sand


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My story depicts a wild adventure with my husband in the open desert over 40 years ago. It is not fiction but rather a true-life experience from the earliest months of our marriage.

I always acknowledge proofreading help provided by volunteer editors who work without compensation. Improving the grammar and mechanics of this story was the effort of PrincessLeigha.

©Sandra Mustard 2013]

We were newlyweds that seldom ventured far from our personal Sybaritic abode. It wasn't so we could languidly savor opulent living; furnished apartment rentals outside Fort Bliss on sergeant's pay were the very definition of bare necessities. Rather, we chose to indulge our psyches in all the free pleasures of the flesh we could derive within the limits of our stamina.

We had waited long enough to get there; I was nineteen before we celebrated our love. After waiting four years to take my cherry, Woody waited only three weeks to ask for my hand. Some might think he was making an honest woman of me; others might assume he knew he had found the "hottest sexual partner on the planet" (his words) and wanted me for life; in truth, he said he had decided to ask me a year earlier but wanted to wait until I had graduated high school. Fucking me first was just a coincidental opportunity.

Although nearly a year and a half passed in between our engagement and our nuptials, his Army service, including a thirteen-month tour in South Korea, kept us separated for all but six of those weeks. Despite the time limitation, an incredible amount of passion and a number of sexual adventures graced our relationship.

I learned that Woody had exhibitionist tendencies before I met him, but in the early years of our relationship, I considered his immodest choices of attire to be bold sexiness. After we became lovers, I saw him walk out on his porch stark naked, and another time, lie in bed next to me exposed to my best female friend while the three of us discussed getting a pizza. I was a shy girl and converting me to his fetish was a slow process for my lover.

He considered female nudity beautiful and judged me worthy of posing for Playboy. While the thought of another man seeing me naked aroused him, initially, I was too nervous to allow it; but I did take chances. On the first day of our honeymoon, a room service waiter delivered our supper and began setting our table. I stepped out of the bathroom completely naked, doing a cheesecake pose for my husband behind the male stranger. Dodging back into the bathroom before he could see me, I cowered, trembling with excitement. Suddenly, the door pushed open and a strange voice spoke. I screamed in terror as Woody's maniacal laughter rang in my ears. I struggled uselessly as he pulled me naked out into the room and threw me on the bed. Only then, I saw we were alone. Seeing my lover standing over me with a raging hard-on made me aware of my own flooding readiness. An immediate and intense sexual interlude delayed supper.

Despite some hardships, married life was grand. Day after day, we had sex whenever we felt in the mood. Oh, I wanted it so often! Fears of being a nymphomaniac dogged me. Woody would come home for lunch and I'd beg him to make love to me. Without unlacing his boots, he'd drop trou and stick it to me. 'Ahhhh! Thanks, soldier.'

I couldn't get enough; I was addicted to orgasmic pleasures and horny all the time. Because I spent long hours homebound and alone while he was on duty, I had sex with my hand more as a married woman than ever before. I even jilled-off in the middle of the night once while Woody slept beside me. When I stopped cumming, I heard, "Did you know the bed shakes?" I was so embarrassed. "You ought to be ready for me now." He rolled me over and put a very hard cock in my very wet pussy.

Certainly, I'm not bragging about my appetite because it was embarrassing to be considered over-sexed, but I almost wore Woody out. After an hour of masturbation, I still needed his hard cock to satisfy me. He'd come home after duty and find me naked on the bed. Before I would make supper, he'd have to feed me his dick first. On weekends, I'd occasionally let him get dressed. The guy truly appreciated his monthly three-day sabbaticals but even those times weren't inviolate.

* * * * *

On a warm, sunny, Saturday morning, Woody suggested that we take a ride. He was unspecific about our destination beyond his intention to show me something. Learning that the location was outdoor but not likely to be public, we dressed appropriately for the desert climate. I put on cotton shorts and a sleeveless button-front blouse; he wore denim cutoffs and a sleeveless T-shirt. At the main highway, we turned north and drove until the last residences of the city disappeared behind us and only arid land stretched ahead.

As we drove, Woody told me about experiences he had while receiving his military training almost two years earlier. As the Fourth of July approached, a fellow trainee who had grown up in El Paso explained that, although fireworks were illegal in Texas, they could be purchased in New Mexico. On several occasions, Woody and several of his friends had driven the fifteen miles to cross the border into the Land of Enchantment. Just yards from the state line were several wooden shacks, set back off the highway. They provided seasonal business locations that catered to Lone Star aficionados of destruction.

A caveat to the customers was that you didn't return to Texas with your purchases, emphasized by the patrol cars parked on the highway shoulders. Among the dunes and along the highway heading further north, everyone staked out an area for their pyrotechnics. Woody had several stories of daytime demolitions and aerial artistry at night. He included humorous memories of moving vehicles chased by bottle rockets and three manly warriors jumping back into his car when they spotted a hand-sized shadow crawling toward them in the dark.

I saw the shacks seemingly float out of the shimmering horizon as we approached. We turned onto a packed, partially graveled road and stopped in the parking area near one. Opening the doors to a blast of heat and intense sunshine reflecting off the whitish sand that gave the area its name, we thought to roll the windows down before we stepped out.

As we walked around, I enjoyed the sun baking my skin and opened two more buttons on my blouse to capture its caresses. No insect whirs or birdcalls disturbed the solitude around us; no vegetation absorbed the crunch of our footsteps or the whoosh of the occasional passing car. Even Woody's narrative was soon stifled, leaving only the dry breeze whispering in my ears.

I spotted a spent rocket-shaped object and bent over to pick it. After a moment of inspection, I turned to show Woody but found his eyes intently gazing at my backside. "Is something wrong, Woody?"

A shake of his head said no while his words described what was right. "You have a great looking ass, Babe."

My warm smile showed appreciation for the compliment and I gave it a couple of shakes to reward him. I knew he would like to see my bare cheeks but we were far from our bedroom. He walked up, placed an open palm on the back of my thigh, and slid his fingertips under my shorts. The light touch on my cheeks was damn inviting and difficult to reject. "Careful, Darlin', don't get us worked-up out here."

A few strides away, a coppery-glint caught my eye. Believing it meant I would have a lucky day, I again bent over to retrieve the penny. Woody had followed me and his hand slid over my ass and dug at my sex through my shorts. I straightened up but his hand didn't stop assaulting me. Turning toward him, I recognized raw lust in his eyes. My cry rose to a shriek, "Woody!"

My warning plea went unheeded. Maybe he interpreted my cry as begging for more. Hungry lips prevented further discussion. A hand cupped my ass and an arm across my back pulled me tightly against his body as he guided me backwards until we leaned against the car. His lively tongue semaphored his desire to fuck me where we stood. His hands pushed my blouse and bra off my breasts without unfastening either, then treated my mounds to a most enjoyable massage.

I could hardly get enough air as my breath whistled through my nose. My heartbeat pounded in my ears. I desired no escape from my captor's treatment, instead sought everything he offered. My hands grabbed the pockets of his cutoffs and pulled his stiff cock bulge tight against my mound as I squirmed and moaned. My kisses now signaled I wanted a good fucking, no longer concerned about being out in the open. His lower body jerked away from mine so that his hands could open my shorts. A stout finger slid over my throbbing jewel and poked into my wetness, confirming I was ready.

With cars going by every fifteen to thirty seconds on the highway no more than a hundred yards away, he spun me around, pulled my shorts and panties to my ankles, bent me over the car fender, and entered me from behind. It was a hot experience, capital H-O-T, not from the sun-heated metal that I leaned on, not from the passion-pumped penis filling my pussy, but the sheer openness of our act. The whole world could see what my husband does that makes me cry with joy.

I began cumming when he first entered me. I love the way his penis fills me, stretching my tunnel of love, touching the spot inside that drives me to delirium. My lover kept pounding away. Our car was shielding our lower bodies from the highway, but drivers could see us long enough as they passed to figure out what activity we were enjoying. A couple of them honked as they passed. Amid shrieks, grunts, and groans, my second orgasm accepted his seed deposit deep in the cavity God designed just for him.

Several long minutes of gasping restored our breathing to normal as he leaned on me leaning on the car. As the heat of my passion cooled and awareness of my surroundings returned, I stood partially naked with a penis inside me, watching a car roll by on the highway. Neither embarrassment about having public sex nor shyness about my appearance influenced my thinking. I was thoroughly satisfied ... but wanting more.

When he pulled out and stepped back, I reached down, pulled off my shorts, and tossed them in the car. I knew Woody liked the idea of me naked where others could see me. I stood there, in the middle of the desert, with the wind rustling my pubic hairs, my still excited clitoris tickled by the breeze.

"What are you doing?" he asked, unable to believe my daring behavior.

I bravely walked a circle around the car and returned to stand with him. He watched me grab my blouse and pull it off over my head, soon joined by my bra. Tossing the items in the car, I stood there naked except for sneakers, my hands on my waist in a Supergirl pose.

He swallowed to wet a dry throat. "Babe, do you know what you're doing to me?" he asked in a tight voice. I could have used more saliva as well to counter my excitement. My taut nipples tingled as if they were vibrating in the warm breeze.

With a strange exhilaration making my heart pound, I smiled and walked around the car again in deliberately slow steps. A car horn tooted as I reached Woody's side, belatedly hidden from the road. Woody's cutoffs, now severely tented, displayed his aroused state. I bent down to yank them to his ankles and removed them. After tossing his shorts in the car, I took a moment to admire his rigid cock still glistening from sex.

Taking him by the hand, we strolled around the car. My hand guided the back of his across my pussy and smeared my wetness on him as a car roared by. Unable to take it anymore, he pushed me against the rear fender and rammed deep into me again. My boobs were pancaking from our fucking motion in full view from the road. They had to appear as dots from that distance but the concept drove me wild. I was afraid a car would stop to investigate but I couldn't stop until Woody gave me another climax. He pulled me off the fender and faced me to the north.

Now my nudity was full frontal to a rise in the highway. Sure, the roadway was better than a quarter-mile away, but I felt as if I was having sex center-stage, waiting for the next traveler to appear. With his hard cock catching my G-spot, a southbound car came over the rise toward me, causing my orgasm to explode.

"Geez, Babe!" he cried. My convulsing heat pulled the cum from his cock for the second time in ten minutes.

Once again, it took several minutes to catch our breath while we leaned against the car. Turning around, I bent my nakedness through the open passenger window and pulled my cigarettes out of my purse. We enjoyed a leisurely smoke in the nude. Finally dressed, we got in the car to leave. As we reached the highway, a car slowed and turned past us toward the shacks. We looked at each other and laughed until our eyes watered.

Such was the animalistic lover I had married and his effect on me, a shy girl who hid her boobs from other girls in the locker-room, cavorting nude in the desert to entice her husband into additional outdoor sex.

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by Anonymous

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by GorgeousGeekGirl09/21/13

What married sex should be

Thank you so much for recounting such a great married sex story. You got 5 stars and a Favorite click. Hope to read much more about you and your husband. So jealous! I hope you have many happy and passionatemore...

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by WatcherRob09/20/13


The way you wrote this it was if I was your husband and you were doing this for me. Wish I could write so well. Thank You.

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by exhibitionistguy08/26/13

I loved your story.

Hello. I like the way you describe how you and your husband made passionate love outside where there was a reasonably good chance that someone could have seen you. It was so daring and spontaneous formore...

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by MSTarot08/23/13


This was a very well done 'memory to story' and thank you for sharing it with us. I can see that your exhibitionism hasn't left you though. You're showing a lot more than a sexy body and some skin withmore...

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by SandraMustard08/23/13

This 'baby' is no spring chicken

...but I remember being young and horny. Since you chose to remain anonymous, I won't know if you ever see this reply comment. I'd like to suggest you wipe the after-spurtle off your cock and follow mymore...

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