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Sex With A Ghost


It all started when I bought an old farmhouse dating to the late 1700's. The local folk said that it was haunted by ghost of a young woman who died there of a mysterious illness. I didn't think much of it at first.

Then strange things began to happen. When I was taking a shower, it felt like someone was watching me. In the middle of night I'd sometimes hear what I could swear was a woman's voice.

So I decided to do a little research at the local library, looking up old newspaper articles and local family histories. I came across a newspaper article from 1790 about a local girl who had died of a mysterious illness, apparently in this very farmhouse.

I found the family history of the Stuart family, listing Emily Stuart as diseased at age 16 in 1790. It also provided a portrait of the family from a few years earlier. A newspaper article from 1792 stated that the Stuart family sold their house and moved to another town, unable to deal with the grief of their daughter's early death.

I found all this interesting, but I wasn't quite ready to believe in ghosts. And why would a ghost watch me anyway? But I would soon believe.

Then one summer night when I was sitting in my chair in the living room with a good book, I dozed off. I was awakened by a soft kiss on the lips. Startled, I quickly opened eyes to see a beautiful young woman in front of me, with straight long hair and ample breasts dressed in an outfit from the late 1700's.

I started to ask her how she got in when I noticed she wasn't entirely there. She was semi-transparent and slightly pale-looking. Then she spoke to me a very beautiful voice.

"Out everyone who's lived here, you're my favorite!" Then she kissed me again, with a deep, wet kiss. "I'm in love with you", she said.

Then she stood up without another word and began undressing. First, she undid her bonnet, then she took off her shoes and stockings. Next, she took off her dress, exposing her beautiful breasts. Finally, she removed her panties.

Needless to say, I was quite taken aback by all of this. I sat rigid in my seat, astonished. I also began to get a massive boner.

She quickly crossed over to me, french-kissed me (which I returned, amazed I could feel her and interact with her as if she were living) and then pulled my boxers off me with one swift motion. " I died a virgin and I've been waiting for the right man" she said. "Would you help me out" she asked?

I could only nod in agreement. She then started giving me a blowjob. Damn if it wasn't the best one I ever had. Soon I was close to blowing my load. I exclaimed: "I can't believe I'm going to cum in a ghost's mouth!" Then I did, and she swallowed every drop.

She continued licking and sucking my now limp dick until I was hard again. Then she mounted me, slowly enveloping my swollen member until I took her virginity. After pausing for a moment, she began rapidly riding me with abandon.

She started moaning: "Ohhhhh! Oh my God! Ooooo! Oooo-yeah! Ahhhh. Oh-yeah!" I soon joined her with my own ooo's and ah's. I played with her breasts as she rode me, stroked my fingers through her long hair and also through her full bush.

After a while, we both close to cumming and she started riding me even faster. We both came together, her orgasms milking my cock dry. My mind went wild as I shot my seed deep into her ghostly body. As our orgasms subsided, she milked every last drop of cum out of my balls with her vaginal muscles.

After words, I realized that I had never had an orgasm like it. This ghost was my best lover ever. I had trouble wrapping my mind around that fact!

When we both had regained our composure she gave me a tight embrace, a deep, wet kiss and thanked me sweetly. Then she got up off of me and my cock sprang out of her with a loud "pop". As she disappeared back into the darkness from which she came, I asked for her name. A ghostly voice replied: "Emily Shannon Stuart."

After that night, I never saw the ghost of Emily again (she must have accomplished her purpose), but I keep hoping that I will!

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