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Sexy Librarian


Tirzah had been working as the high school librarian for several years. She enjoyed her job immensely. It allowed her all the time she could ever want to drown in the words that filled the books in her little slice of heaven. It was quiet and she did not have to interact much with students or faculty which was perfect for the introverted twenty-five year old. She rarely formed meaningful connections or liked anyone enough to get to know them. However, that changed one year when she met Tristan.

Tristan was the quarterback of the high school football team. He was a tall strapping young man who towered a foot and a half over Tirzah's petite frame. He had short cropped blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes. His features were chiseled and his smile could put the sun to shame. He found the librarian to be attractive and would sneak into the library to catch glimpses of her. She was not runway model material but she was beautiful and Tristan could not resist a woman who was modest to a fault with full pouty pink lips, large firm breasts, smoldering green eyes, and a shy smile.

Tirzah was perfect in his eyes and even more so when she wore her glasses perched on her cute freckled button nose and her long auburn hair up in an untidy bun at the nape of her neck. He just could not resist her. He had been sneaking peeks at her since his freshman year but it was not until shortly after his eighteenth birthday that he decided to do anything about his growing obsession with her.

It was during the annual school barbeque. Tirzah had reluctantly gone but found herself having a private picnic away from the crowd. Tristan saw her go off and followed her. Tirzah was caught off guard when he approached her but she found herself drawn into conversation with him.

"It's kind of nice to have some time to talk to you alone," Tristan said quietly. A little alarm went off in Tirzah's mind but she ignored it. They settled down into the grass and ate. They talked about school and Tirzah asked him about his plans for his academic life. Eventually though, it came to personal questions.

"Do you have a boyfriend Miss Blaine?" He looked her up and down while he asked the question and Tirzah could fell her body responding.

"No I don't but this isn't the kind of thing we should be talking about Tristan," she admonished him. Her mind was saying that it was wrong but her body wanted him. He gently ran his hand over her jaw line. She looked up at him with lust in her eyes and tilted her head up and let him kiss her. Every inch of her body responded to him as he kissed her. It was the most intense kiss she had ever had. Tristan pulled away, stood up, and offered her his hand.

"Come with me."

They entered the school and Tristan led Tirzah to the library. She unlocked the door and led him to the back storeroom where she kept unused materials. Tristan pulled her against him and kissed her with unleashed passion. He squeezed her ass and ran his hands over her breasts caressing her. He pulled the rubber band from her long auburn hair and grabbed handfuls of it, running his hands through it. Tirzah had only ever read literary accounts of passion that sizzling and she could not believe she was the object of it. Tirzah put all misgivings out of her mind and decided that for once in her life she wasn't going to think about the consequences or about anyone else. She was going to do what she wanted to do and to hell with everything else.

As Tristan went to pull her cardigan off of her Tirzah stopped him and slowly, teasingly undressed for him. When she was completely undressed she beckoned Tristan towards her, leaning against a shelf, propping her hips open for him.

He pulled his shirt off and tossed it aside and stripped out of his jeans and boxers as he approached her.

Tristan gripped his shaft and clumsily eased the tip of his cock into Tirzah's pussy. His face contorted into a look of wonder and concentration and Tirzah whispered in disbelief, "Are you a virgin?

"Not anymore!" And with that he thrust his cock all the way into her pussy.

"Oh God Tristan!" Tirzah gasped as she felt Tristan fill her and stretch her further than she'd ever been stretched before.

Tristan grabbed her by the calves and spread her legs, holding them up as he began to thrust, slowly at first but gradually getting harder and faster. Tirzah's moans spurred him on and he thrust harder. He pulled his pulsing cock out of her wet pussy and pushed right back inside of her. Again and again and again. Tirzah cried out with every thrust. She kept her legs open as wide as possible allowing him to thrust deeper. His strong hands explored every inch of her body as he drove her towards her orgasm with long, hard thrusts.

Tirzah's tits bounced as he fucked her. He was moving her whole body with each thrust. She was clawing at his chest as she met every thrust. She saw his lips contort into that unmistakable pleasurable grimace. Before he could cum Tirzah pushed him away. She dropped to her knees in front of him and took his cock in her mouth. She loved the way his cock felt, loved how he tasted. She gently put her lips on his cock, kissing it lightly before starting to run her tongue up and down his shaft. She took his cock fully into her mouth and started sucking it. She was slowly bobbing her head up and down on his cock. His hands ran through her hair as he threw his head back and moaned. She looked up at him with a devilish gleam in her eyes. She slowly slid her mouth off of his cock.

"Come down here."

Tristan lay down on the cold tile floor, shivering at the sensation. Tirzah took his cock back in her mouth, continuing to suck him. She could tell by the way he was holding her hair out of her face that he was enjoying watching her mouth move up and down on his shaft.

"I want you to taste me." With that she moved herself so that her hips were positioned above his face. As she continued to suck him off, he rubbed her outer labia, letting one finger barely separate her lips, while moving up and down, top to bottom, just grazing her clit. Tirzah silently begged him to lick her. He traced his tongue up the length of her pussy, gathering her wetness. His finger followed and her back arched as she moaned. He slid his finger deep into her, continuing to lick her clit. He took her clit between his lips and she shuttered hard, clamping her legs together with his finger deep in her pussy. He opened his mouth wide and formed a seal around her pussy. With his tongue buried deep, he began to suck and she came again and cried out loud around his cock. He continued to lick her pussy, driving her over the edge again and again as she continued to suck on his cock more furiously.

"Fuck me," she said, out of breath, sexy, and irresistible. Miss Tirzah Blaine was the last person on the planet he would have expected to use that word. Hearing it from her prim lips aroused him beyond his ability to contain himself.

She straddled him. She took his cock in her small hand and guided him inside of her. His hands held her hips, played with her clit, and pulled at her pale pink nipples. Tirzah swept her beautiful auburn hair down across his face. She was on top, then she was on the bottom. Then she was on her hands and knees, the delicate porcelain curve of her back belying the deep moans that begged for more. Tristan thrust deeply into her. She pushed back against him, trying to get more of him. His thrusts became more urgent as they both moaned and sought their release.

"Come on, that's it, cum for me!" Tristan thrust for all he was worth. After a few minutes Tirzah could feel herself approaching another orgasm. She screamed as his relentless fucking sent her over the edge, her body bucking and writing as she came.

He made several more violent thrust inside of her causing her to moan out his name and then with one final, hard thrust he came deep inside of her. Tirzah felt his cum coat the inside of her vagina. Her mouth opened wide and for a moment she did not make a single sound. Then a scream of ecstasy ripped from her throat as she came again on his throbbing cock.

Tristan collapsed next to her, pulling her next to him. Their breathing filled the room. He kissed her neck. When their breathing returned to normal they got up to get dressed. Tirzah was so shaky from her orgasms she had difficulty dressing. Tristan helped her. As he helped her into her panties he began to rub her clit in slippery circles through the damp lace until she came again, clinging to him, gasping for breath against his chest.

As they left the storeroom Tirzah smiled shyly as she wondered if the next person to use the storeroom would feel the sexual pulse in there or smell the faint smell of musky sex. She felt wonderfully naughty. Before they went their separate ways Tirzah handed Tristan the spare key to her house. "Come and see when whenever you want." That was the start of the secret life of the sexy librarian.

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