tagMatureSexy Mum Seeks Teenage Bully

Sexy Mum Seeks Teenage Bully


All characters involved in sexual situations in this story are at least 18 years of age.


Leslie sat at the back of the class, watching as Mark got screamed at by the teacher. She focused on this more intently than any of the other students because, though she hated to admit it, his abrasive and often aggressive nature attracted her greatly. They were teenagers, but his muscles were very well developed and his body was fearsome. She enjoyed watching him argue with the teacher; it turned her on.

Nearly thirty years later, Lewis was walking down a school corridor when a firm shove from behind made him slip and nearly fall flat on his face. He stood up from his position on all fours and turned round to face his attacker, already knowing it was Stuart. Bracing for impact, Lewis rolled with the punch to his lower chest, delivered effectively from Stuart. He let the well built, much more muscular, boy walk by not even slightly protesting. Stuart dealt Lewis one more utterly unprovoked punch to the face before leaving. Physically and mentally bruised, Lewis timidly walked to the bus stop and got a bus home.

"Lewis?! What happened?" asked Leslie, seeing the bruise forming on Lewis's right eye.

"Oh, um, nothing Mum, I, uh, just walked into a door."

Leslie didn't believe her son for a second, and his stifled, but very obvious, sob between 'a' and 'door' just reinforced her concern.

"Lewis, tell me, your mother, what happened. Please."

"It, it was, it was Stuart. Again."

"Again? I'm sorry Lewis, you know I have to talk to his parents this time. This is too far, the school obviously has not handled it, I have to deal with this, you boys are in the last year of high school, this is no way for young adults to behave."

Leslie called around a few of the other parents from school and found Stuart's home address. She intended to speak to Stuart's parents in person, as she was sick of how out of hand this bullying had become. While furious at the boy Stuart, a little part of Leslie was annoyed at Lewis for not being able to sort out his own problems. She really didn't expect at his age to have to talk to his bully's parents and complain to the school.

However, she knew he was his father's son, who was brilliantly clever, but a little bit of a pushover and both physically and mentally. Malcolm, Lewis's father, was in fact quite the opposite of all Leslie's teenage crushes and the boys she had dated. She felt she had made the right bet though, settling down with him, because when she checked up on her old beaus, she found most of them hadn't made much of their lives. Mark, the boy she had fancied for three years in school, had turned out to still be living at home until 35, at which time he secured a job at the local supermarket as a clerk. He still had a good body though, from what she last remembered.

Leslie buttoned up a long black coat over her slender 44 year old body, pulling her shoulder-length wavy brown hair out from the collar. It was a mild October evening, but she still put on a pair of gloves before heading out the front door.

Before starting up the Lexus, Leslie checked her face in the rear-view mirror. Her hazel eyes gazed back at her as she turned her face to examine her thin nose and well-shaped lips. She snapped herself out of the subconscious action remembering where she was going, and then turned the key in the ignition.

The onboard sat-nav directed Leslie to outside the Warren household, indicating her arrival with a ping, followed by a computer simulated voice. Taking a minute to make sure she was composed, Leslie stepped out the car and clicked up the concrete driveway in black heels. She folded her arms over as a gust of wind briefly chilled her, especially her bare legs.

Leslie rung the doorbell and returned her arms to the folded position, subconsciously sending out an unfriendly signal to whoever opened the door. She waited a few seconds, then realised the driveway was empty, meaning there was probably no one in. As she was about to turn away, even angrier than when she arrived, she heard some footsteps from inside.

Leslie heard the jingle of keys and the door unlocked and swung open. Greeting her was a teenage boy dressed in a t-shirt and slightly loose jeans. It struck her straight away how much this boy reminded her of Mark. The muscular build, especially around the pectorals, pleasantly messy dark hair, strong chin, all the traits that attracted her to Mark when they were young, and this boy also had the benefit of brown eyes, which she preferred to Mark's green ones, these eyes were more masculine.

"Hello, can I help you?" The boy questioned when Leslie had been silent for a couple of seconds. His tone was slightly rude, and voice a bit rough, again analogous to Mark.

"Yes, sorry," said Leslie, quite pleasantly, she had even unfolded her arms, "I am looking for either Mr or Mrs Warren, I am Leslie Watkins."

"Oh right, well I'm Stuart, my mum's out just now and Dad doesn't live here, Mum's actually gone to see him. She said something about back in two hours or something, I dunno."

At this revelation that this was Stuart, Leslie stiffened up a little, and looked sternly at Stuart. In her heels she was only 5 ft 9 and Stuart looked to be around 6 ft, but nevertheless, Leslie looked quite intimidating.

"Ah. Well. I have actually come to talk to your parents about you. Do you mind if I come in?"

"Uh, sure?"

The pair walked through the hallway and took a right into a living room, both looked a little untidy, and the carpets definitely hadn't been vacuumed in a while. Leslie sat down on a two-seater couch while Stuart perched on the arm rest of an arm chair facing her, in the slightly cramped room. Leslie crossed her legs, and was made aware that quite a lot of her thigh was on show by a darting eye glance by Stuart. She pulled on the skirt she wore beneath her coat, but as it only came to mid-thigh when she was standing, it didn't help much.

"So, um, what's the problem then, uh, Lisa?"

"It's Leslie, but you can call me Mrs. Watkins."

"Oh, wait, Watkins, you aren't Lewis's Mum are you?"

"Yes, in fact I am, and from your reaction I guess you know why I am here. I am aware that you are verbally and physically abusing my son, and I really wanted to bring it to your parents' attention but I suppose I'll have to settle for talking to you about this."

"Yeah, well my parents are separated, that's why Mum's out they're discussing divorce or some shit, Mrs Watkins," he made a point of stressing her name before continuing, "as for Lewis, that's a lot of bullcrap, sorry to say it."

"Well, he came home with a bruise today, and he says you punched him."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's all just banter, didn't realise he couldn't take it did I? Look, how's about this, I'll lay of your son, if you just leave my parents out of this; they've got enough to deal with yeah? That sound do-able?"

"It's that simple is it?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's cool, it's cool. Do I really look like a bad guy? I didn't realise he was troubled."

"Well I'm glad we've cleared up that misunderstanding," said Leslie, thinking to herself that Stuart could really talk a lot of rubbish, but she maintained a polite smile as long as Stuart was being friendly.

Stuart opened the front door for Leslie and held out his hand.

"Nice to meet you, Mrs Watkins, sorry it was in such bad circumstances," said Stuart as Leslie accepted his handshake, this time his 'Mrs Watkins' had seemed much more genuine. Inexplicably, Leslie lent in and kissed Stuart on the cheek, the smell of aftershave pleasantly lingering in her nose for a second.

Rolling with this, to avoid awkwardness, she very honestly said, "You too, and I'm sorry about your mum and dad." She patted his upper arm and felt strong biceps, making herself slightly tingle.

"It's cool, it's cool, see you about."

Getting back into the car Leslie found herself getting very horny. She told herself it was the reminder of Mark that was setting her of, but as she drove away, she noticed a set of brown eyes gazing at her in her fantasy.

It was Thursday evening; Leslie had visited Stuart on Tuesday. Leslie was watching television; she worked a decent paying job at a bank, from nine in the morning until two in the afternoon, so that she could be at home when her kids arrived. Katie arrived first, dropped off by the school bus; since she was younger she finished school half an hour before her brother.

The mum and daughter watched the telly until the door opened again. Leslie heard her eldest walk into the hallway and she went to greet him.

"Lewis, why are you limping?"

"Oh, I," Lewis paused, "I, er, got hurt."


"Just fell"

"Lewis, I'm not stupid, I'm going over to Stuart's again, this is plain out of line."

She didn't even wait to get confirmation that Lewis had indeed been physically hurt by his bully, rather than, as he said, falling over. Leslie rushed up stairs, and without questioning her own actions, she changed into a shorter dress, removing the suit she had worn to work.

Believing it to be the right choice she removed her tights as she vaguely thought they may clash with the tight blue dress she had donned for the occasion. Half thinking, she deemed the dress which left her upper bosom, arms and everything below her upper thigh suitable to put on show for confronting her son's bully once again.

Truth was she hadn't actually realised what she was wearing, she was just thinking about what she was going to say to Stuart and his mother, and perhaps his dad if he was there too. However, it wasn't in the same way as last time she went there, there was almost a tinge of schoolgirl anticipation this time round, rather than just the pure anger of last time. Before leaving, she told her son to look after his little sister then furiously shut the front door.

The bell at the Warren household rung three times in rapid succession as Leslie assaulted it. After a few seconds, Stuart opened the door and looked a little confused.

"Uh, hello Mrs Watkins," greeted Stuart, his eyes darting down to see Leslie's legs, which were once again presented bare and in high heels.

"Where is your mother?"

"She's gone to Bristol, to visit my aunt for the weekend. I'm supposed to stay with my dad, but I told him it's boring at his, so I'm staying here."

"Go, sit, inside."

For second it looked like Stuart was about to argue, but then he complied and they found themselves once again in the living room, facing each other.

"You told me you were going to, in your words, 'lay off my son'."

"Hey, Mrs Watkins, he started it."

"I don't believe that for a second, he came home limping."

"Look he got offended when I said you came to visit, and that I thought you were fit."

"Fit? Well whatever that means, it sounds like you started it."

"Fit. You know hot, sexy. He didn't seem to like the idea of you being attractive. So yeah he started insulting me. I, may, have kicked him."

"You think I'm sexy? I mean you kicked him?!"

To reinforce her second statement, Leslie stood up and looked aggressive. In response, Stuart rose to his feet, and despite his extra height on her, he looked a little unnerved.

"Yeah, I mean look at those legs, you are a stunner, it's just unfortunate your son can't appreciate it, and had to get a few bruises for it."

Leslie unbuttoned her coat, strode forward, directly for Stuart. He was completely taken aback and stood like a rabbit in headlights.

Leslie's coat tumbled to the floor as she full force shoved Stuart onto the arm chair he was standing in front of. In the most unexpected action, her lips parted and found home on Stuart's. All the aggression and anger she had towards him had turned into passion, fuelled by desire and lust.

Leaning on the seated Stuart, Leslie attacked Stuart's tongue viciously, stroking and sucking it. After a sufficient moment of confusion he reciprocated in equal vigour.

"Where's your bedroom. Take me to your bed. Fuck me. I want to be fucked."

Leslie stressed the word fuck both times she said it, as if the curse word made her desire of sex with her son's bully even more prohibited. Stuart stood up and Leslie grasped his hand. The approximate three decades that separated them became inconsequential as both lusted after each other; Leslie every much as horny teenager as her lover-to-be.

They climbed the stairs to the upper floor and turned right into Stuart's bedroom. Leslie saw the single bed and immediately protested.

"No, I want a double bed," she said with force, shoving Stuart against his door frame to briefly tongue with him again.

"Take me to your Mum's bed." She paused between some words to kiss the boy's lips.

Without responding he led her into the room next door, where with so much pent up lust; sexual desire she had for every muscle-bound body she had never fucked in favour of the 'more sensible option', she threw him onto his mother's bed with a forceful push.

Stuart used his shoulders to shimmy a little further up the bed before his middle-aged mother-of-two lover pounced upon him. Legs placed so that her shins were on either side of his thighs, her bottom slightly in the air, her chest leaning on his, she enthusiastically kissed him, her body gently sliding up and down over his to the rhythm of her tongue against his.

Her hands moved down from messing with his hair to rest on his waist as she pulled away from the kiss. Sitting up, still looking seductive, she rapidly undid his jeans' button and unzipped the fly. Leslie slid down off the bed, always facing her much younger lover, pulling his trousers down to his knees. In an aroused flash, she pulled off Stuart's socks and tugged down his boxers, instantly freeing an impressive erection.

While not anything special either in length or girth, it made Leslie please to illicit such a response from a boy in his sexual prime. Without removing his garments fully, as she was entranced by Stuart's cock, she dived for the hard-on, mouth first.

The dick impaled her oral orifice, Stuart's bellend touching the very back of Leslie's throat, before she slightly gagged and had to retract. She sucked his foreskin back over the pink head of the penis before grasping the moist shaft in her right hand. Feeling her saliva in the palm of her hand excited Leslie as she pumped the dick rapidly a few times.

Pulling her lips over her teeth, Leslie firmly bit on the bottom of Stuart's scrotum, and pulled back, stretching out the skin. She seamlessly darted for the left testicle sucking it into her mouth. She licked the skin of his ball bag as the ball resided inside her mouth. As she transitioned to the other testicle Leslie reached behind her back and unzipped her dress, pulling it downwards, exposing her bare chest.

By the time the dress had made its way under the kneeling knees of Leslie, she had taken the other bullock into her mouth. It only then occurred to her that for some reason all she had worn to the Warren household, in the way of underwear, was a black lacy thong, which was now her only item of clothing she still had on, bar her shoes. In the back of her mind, she must have planned for this to happen.

Her body had been well maintained over its four decades, but it inevitably displayed its age in certain places. Her breasts had been enlarged from breastfeeding her children, but were now a slightly sagged flatter shape rather than the perky tear-drops of their youth. However, they still had quite a few years to go before they became unattractive. Her stomach had been perfectly flat in the past, but two child-births and a slowing metabolism had left her with a modest belly, which actually served to compliment her curvy hips. The only debatably unattractive features of her body were the stretch marks which crawled along the bottom of her abdomen. Leslie only trimmed her pubic hair, to keep it from becoming unruly, so still much of it was visible beyond the sides of her thong, and a few hairs out of the top; a good 20% of it was already grey or in the process of greying.

The only signs of aging Stuart could see were some age spots on Leslie's shoulders and arms, though they covered most of her body, which had been sustained from many holidays to exotic locations, and some wrinkling in her skin, around the eyes and mouth. The woman looked her age, but she was gorgeous because of it.

Leslie pushed Stuart's cock against his stomach and licked up and down the entirety of the shaft and scrotum twice. She then pulled off his jeans and pants, leaving him naked from the waist down. Stuart responded by pulling off his t-shirt as Leslie took as much of his shaft into her mouth as she could comfortably accommodate.

Still gently holding the immobile shaft in her mouth Leslie reached down with her right hand to pull her thong down to meet her heels, then used both hands to pull off the pants, eventually holding the thin string between her right thumb and index finger.

Leslie brought her small underwear up above the bed, to her head level and made a show of tossing them into the far right corner of the room. Now naked except her high-heeled blue shoes, which consisted only of a strap above her toes and behind the heel, she bobbed her head up and down the shaft of the teenager.

After a decent number of strokes the naked 44 year old withdrew her head and stroked the cock a few times with her right hand, then her left hand, which still bore her engagement and wedding rings. Stuart let out a gasp as the mother of his bullying victim eased her mouth back over his shaft. Leslie repeated this pattern a few times, using her hands most vigorously but for the least time, making sure Stuart's erection spent most time in her mouth.

Her reason for doing this was to make sure Stuart came while his dick was still in her mouth. She knew her wish was granted when a generous dollop of semen connected satisfyingly with the palette of her mouth.

To her dismay, only two more helpings of spunk hit the inside of her mouth before Stuart sat up and pushed back the married mother's head with his left hand. As Leslie's lips reluctantly released the throbbing penis, some cum leaked down her chin.

Unwilling to let go of the boy's dick, she reached up and grabbed it with her right hand. It seemed Stuart had no intention of letting his orgasm wane either and his right hand also moved for his cock. His hand over hers, he directed his urethra at her face, pumping once to emit white goo. The sperm hit just beneath her nose and made a trail down to meet the sperm already on her chin.

Leslie, in her sexual fury, forced Stuart to pump harder and faster, the effect of this was to make him arch his back and groan, as well as splurge cum in her face. Two dollops landed to the left of Leslie's mouth and dribbled down. She sat up slowly and turned her head up, while all the time pointing Stuart's cock further down her body.

Thick white strands squirted onto either side of her neck, slowly pulled down her body by gravity. The blobs began to lose consistency and became more and more clear, but Leslie managed to land many globs of runny cum onto her upper chest and breasts; an impressive glob hung from her left nipple.

Stuart, panting, released both Leslie's head and his own knob, allowing a cum covered Leslie to make a dash for the dripping, drooping cock. Licking and sucking the final drips from his penis. She swallowed them as she had the earlier bit of spunk, despite disliking the taste. She actually was not fond of spunk at all, but she knew it drove men mad, whether it be her middle-aged husband or the teenage boy she was having an affair with, and she loved the feeling of driving them mad.

Both of them were breathing deeply when Stuart spoke, in a slightly tentative tone, "look, I should probably tell you this now, that was a fucking awesome blowjob, best blowjob ever, but seriously, I'm not gonna stop hassling Lewis just because you suck me off, or even if we fuck. Though I would enjoy that. Just thought you ought to know."

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