tagInterracial LoveShades of Grey Ch. 09

Shades of Grey Ch. 09


The weeks flew by as Bianca focused on completing her application for medical school and Caleb absorbed himself with staying on top of his majors and preparing for his first meet in November. It was now the second week in October and Bianca was feeling particularly relieved because she'd just taken two Biology midterms, and knew instinctively that she'd done well in both. The fact that it was the week of her twenty-first birthday might have completely slipped her mind had it not been for Lara.

"Sooo, B…what do you want me to get you for the big 2-1?" Lara asked as they sat around the dining room table. It was a Wednesday evening and on Wednesdays, they usually ordered thin crusted pizza from Papa John's. Lara had a slice between her fingers, and Bianca had just finished her second slice for the night.

"What?" Turning her gaze away from the medical journal on the table, Bianca raised her brows in Laura's direction.

Lara glared at her, something that had been happening more frequently of the late. As a friend, Lara supported Bianca's decision to split with Caleb but as a friend she also thought that their breakup was over something ridiculously small, and had told Bianca exactly that. When Bianca had given her reasons for breaking up with Caleb, Lara had been less than convinced. She needed "to focus on her work?" Bianca was brilliant. Lara knew that her friend considered an "A-" a bad grade, and she hardly settled for them. Caleb would distract Bianca about as much as Lara did. She easily saw through Bianca's reasons and after days of thinking it over, figured out what the real problem was. Bianca was resorting to what made her comfortable—keeping people on the outside made her comfortable. Ever since the death of her mother, Bianca had been cold and closed off to everyone. She'd even tried it with Lara, only to be hounded by her friend until she finally broke down and told her what happened. They'd both been eleven, but Lara had felt much older as she held a sobbing Bianca in the bathroom stall of their all girls private school. She couldn't imagine how it would have felt to lose her mother at that age. From that day, she made it a point to always be around Bianca. There were times, weeks even, when Bianca seemed to be pulling away, and Lara would pull her back.

She'd understood then and as she grew older, she understood even more. Carl had been Bianca's attempt at normalcy, but she'd kept him at distance and he hadn't seemed to mind. Caleb—she let Caleb inside—and she was pushing him away to keep herself from being hurt. She'd tried to persuade her to rethink her decision, but in the end, she'd given up, knowing better than to push her friend too hard.

"Your birthday is this Friday. Did you forget that?"

She hadn't completely forgotten it but she hadn't harped on it as most people turning twenty-one did. It wasn't as if she was would be doing anything differently upon turning 21. She already got into clubs, compliments of a fake ID that she'd gotten her freshman year of college, and she'd been driving since her father bought her a Benz at sixteen.

"No, I didn't forget."

"Okay, so what do you want?"

As she thought of that, Bianca recognized that what she really wanted Lara couldn't give her and what she wanted wouldn't just come to her. She'd tried her best to avoid thinking of Caleb in the past month but it had not worked. He was in her dreams, in her thoughts. It was as if he never left. Deep down, she knew that she'd done the right thing, that a relationship between her and Caleb during their senior year of college would lead to nothing good, but sometimes doubt entered her mind. Perhaps that blond girl had just been his friend—she still didn't know. Whatever. She didn't care. She told herself that she shouldn't care.

"Nothing really."

"Bianca, I'm your best friend and I love you even more than I would a sister, if I had one," Lara began and Bianca sighed, waiting for Lara to get through what it was that she was going to say, "but I can read it clearly in your eyes that you're thinking about him. You broke up with Caleb for no good rea—."

"Lara, I don't want to hear—."

"Well, I'm going to speak and you're going to listen. You need to hear it. You can't keep lying to yourself forever, B. You broke up with him, said that you needed to focus on work. Fine. So stop moping about it and have fun. Enjoy your last year of college. And if you really can't do that, then call him. Talk to him—."

Bianca sighed and stared at her friend. After minutes of saying nothing, Lara shook her head and said, "Fine. I've made reservations for us at Costa. Seven o'clock dinner and then drinks upstairs at the club. And before you object, this is my birthday present to you so don't argue with me."

With that, Lara stood and took her plate over to the sink. After rinsing it, she placed it in the dishwasher and walked to her room. The door shut with an audible snap and Bianca stared at it. Was she so obvious in her yearning for Caleb that it was hurting her relationship with Lara?


"It's just a party, man," Nathan was saying as he sat in the locker room with his friend. They had been swimming for the past hour and were now preparing to leave the gym. "This Friday. Costa. Supposed to be loads of hot chicks, man." He held up his hand when he noticed that Caleb was about to make up an excuse. "Seriously, Caleb. When was the last time you went out for fun? A month, two? What happened to my wingman? It'll be like old times." Except not really. Nathan kept that part to himself.

Caleb pulled his t-shirt over his head and stared at Nathan, wondering why the guy was suddenly so dead set on his attending this party this Friday. Although Nathan wasn't exactly a hermit, he was definitely not one to party all the time. Especially off campus parties. Now as he listened to Nathan, he thought that the guy sounded a bit eager, even over-eager.

"Next time," Caleb said, not really wanting to go to any type of party this Friday. He didn't have anything to do really—just grade some papers and sleep, but as he was constantly drained, sleeping seemed the best thing for him.

"No, not next time. We're going to Costa this Friday. End of story."


Bianca really enjoyed the three course meal that she ate with Lara. The two rehashed old memories, of getting into trouble in junior high school, of Lara giving her parent's grief as Bianca cheered her on from the sidelines, of old boyfriends—Caleb excluded—and of the numerous fights that they'd had. All in all, Bianca was thankful for Lara because she was one of the few people who had no ulterior motives when it came to her. She didn't hang around because of what Bianca could do for her; they both stuck it out with each other because they were like sisters. Blood could not have made them closer.

By the time the check arrived, and Lara handed over her credit card, it was around nine o'clock.

Instead of walking out to the street, they walked out of the restaurant, and took the elevator two floors up, where the club was located. After a casual ID check, where Bianca actually used her real state ID this time, the girls strolled into the club, and made their way up a flight of stairs and over to the reserved VIP section.

Before they entered the dark space, Lara linked her arm through Bianca's, causing Bianca to look over to her in confusion, before ushering her through the pulled burgundy curtains.

"Surprise!" "Happy Birthday!" "Bianca!" Those were some of the phrases and

words that she made out as her eyes settled over the faces of friends and associates who crowed the dimly lit VIP room.

They all seemed to rush forward at once, hugging her, loosely brushing her cheek with theirs, placing little trinkets into her hands. Erin was there, along with some of Lara's friends that she tolerated, and a few faces that she remembered but couldn't place names to. And then there was Todd and his group of footballer friends. She hugged him, and pulled back when it seemed like the hug was growing too long. Belle was there as well, hugging her and handing over a tiny box that she knew contained some expensive piece of jewelry. A confused smile was on her lips as this all happened. It was slowly sinking in that Lara had thrown her a surprise birthday party at Costa.

After lots of hugging and well-wishes, Bianca finally sat down with Lara, Erin and Belle closest to her. In no time, everyone was mingling, even Bianca, who was catching up on Belle and Erin's life.

"You look fabulous, Bianca. What are you wearing?" Belle asked in her slight French accent. She was referring to the Prussian blue faux wrap silk dress that Bianca wore.

"Maggy London," she replied automatically. Most of her cocktail dresses were by the designer. She wasn't as expensive as some other designers but her collection was truly exquisite.

Belle cocked her head to the side and stared at the gown, admiring the gentle V that revealed an expanse of smooth skin without being overly revealing and the slight clinch by the waist.

"Maggy London," she repeated, nodding her head. Bianca knew that Belle would be searching for clothing by the designer soon. "Very pretty."

By the time they'd had two drinks, they decided to head down to the dance floor. Lara and Belle challenged her to "21" drinks for the night but Bianca had no intention of taking it up. She wasn't completely fooled by their innocent demeanors.

The drinks continued to come though, and Bianca took them. She had no intention of doing shots that would burn and taste foul. Compliments of her friends, she had a few glasses of mixed drinks.

After four drinks, she began to loosen up, throwing all of her baggage to the side as she swayed to the music among her friends. They were right there with her. For every drink that Bianca had consumed, Lara had consumed a shot and Belle had matched her drink for drink.

They eventually ended up dancing with the pack of guys that swarmed them almost instantly, and Bianca admitted that she was having fun. She had just finished dancing with a particularly attractive guy with a charming smile and was considering dancing with him for the next song—the guy moved well—when Sensual Seduction blasted through the speakers.

Her smile faltered and she shook her head, stepping away from the guy. He lifted a brow. Bianca remembered Lara's party, where she and Caleb had been in the corner, and this song had been playing. She couldn't see any other guy caressing her intimately to this song but Caleb.


Caleb knew from the moment when he walked into the club and spotted Bianca and her friends dancing together, that he'd been set up. He'd almost headed for the exit when Nathan had said, "It's her birthday, man. You were invited."

It was her birthday? That information floored him, and he frowned when he remembered that he was no longer privy to such information because she needed space. Had she invited him? He'd ended up grabbing a beer, propping himself along a wall, and watching her dance.

He watched as guys lined up to get to her, pushing down his wave of jealously, and remembering that he no longer had the right. She wasn't his anymore. He was still bitter over that, but he'd learned to accept it. Her hips swayed under the shimmery fabric of the knee length cocktail dress, and the dipping neckline of her bodice revealed much without revealing anything. A thin silver chain, with a sparkling diamond at the end, nestled right above the swell of her breasts. Never had he felt jealousy towards an object as he did now.

A few scantily clad girls walked past him, trying to make eye-contact with the handsome blond haired man who seemed oblivious to everything—well, everything except for the girl on the dance floor. More than a few glared at him, before glaring at the girl, and sauntering off, but he didn't see any of this. He was too focused on her.

And then that song came on and before he knew what he was doing, he was moving in her direction, his lips a thin line in his face, his eyes on the unsuspecting, smiling guy who held her. She stepped back from the guy and had he been in control, he might have turned and headed in the opposite direction, but at that same moment, she turned in his direction, and her eyes locked onto his grim face.

He saw her blink, squint and then her eyes widened. By the time he'd caught her hand and pulled her against him, her mouth had released a startled, "Caleb?" Her arms lay at her side for no more than a few seconds before they sidled up behind him, her fingers curling loosely against the cotton shirt that he wore.
Without answering, he leaned down, his nose nuzzling her hair, and inhaled. He hadn't touched her in over a month, hadn't touched anyone in that time. His response was fast in coming and he groaned at the sensation of her swaying against him, closing his hands about her hips and pulling her closer to him.

Bianca knew that she should pull away. The reason that she should pull away was grinding into her stomach, but instead of being infuriated, as she would be by anyone else, she felt heat lick at her insides. And when his hands closed over her hips in that possessive and dominant way of his, she fought the urge to shift against him. Perhaps it was the alcohol, or maybe it was just her deprivation of him, but an image entered her mind, of him above her, pleasuring her body in ways that she could not define.

She was suddenly being dragged backwards, and then she was being turned and placed against the wall with Caleb before her. Somewhere along being dragged, her sanity had pushed its way into her lust and alcohol infested brain.

"Caleb, I don't think—."

"Don't think."

His lips settled against hers for one of the sweetest kisses that he'd ever given her. Her lids fell as he deepened it, kissing her with the expertise of a man who knew what buttons to push with his woman. His tongue slowly entered her mouth, taking time to reacquaint itself with crevices that had been left unexplored for long weeks. Her mind shut down; her body took over.

Hands went to his hair, touching the silky strands as throaty groans emerged from him. Back arching off of the wall, she pushed closer to his body, feeling the rippling muscles under his shirt, the hardness under his pants. His arm slid around her waist, and he pulled her urgently against him. An image of his naked body floated into her mind and she couldn't help herself. Her hips bucked against him.

He released her lips and his eyes smoldered down at her. They were both breathing harshly. His hand moved sensually against her back and her hands fell from his hair to his shoulders.

She didn't need a lot of light to know what was in his eyes. He wanted her. She wanted him. They really shouldn't do this. Neither was thinking with their brains.


"Where did they go?" Lara asked Nathan, swaying against him as her eyes searched out the area around them. She was referring to Bianca and Caleb, who'd been against a wall having a conversation that required no words only moments ago.

Nathan pulled her closer to him, his eyes moving between hers and those soft pink lips. "Probably the nearest bathroom."

Lara snickered and then laughed outright, causing Nathan to lift a brow as he surveyed the beautiful woman before him. He'd been seeing a lot of Lara in the past month, and although they'd already had a few casual hook-ups, he wanted more. He'd wanted her from the moment he'd seen her on that dancefloor, all those months ago.

"What's so funny?" he asked.

"You don't know Bianca. She would never do that," she told him, laughing as she thought of that. Bianca would not do something so risky, especially when she could be caught doing it.

Nathan thought about what he'd just witnessed a few minutes ago, with Bianca and Caleb practically pawing each other right there on the dance floor, before the eyes of hundreds. At least in a bathroom there was privacy. His vote was that they were in the bathroom.

"If you say so," he said unconvinced. Before she could respond, he leaned down and touched his lips to hers briefly, lifting his head slightly to see her reaction. A soft smile played around her lips, even as her lids fell. He didn't need any more invitation than that. His head lowered once more.


They were not in the bathroom. But that was only because it was too far away. They had made their way back to the VIP section, past very curious looks from some of the people from her party, and into one of those little niches hidden by drapes that allowed some privacy. She had no doubt that these spaces were created to afford couples privacy.

When she'd led him to this place, Bianca had known exactly what her body was screaming out for, and she was terrified. They weren't together anymore so technically, she was about to have sex with a guy who wasn't her boyfriend, in a club, where she could be discovered.

You had sex with him before—numerous times—all of which you enjoyed, her conscience told her cruelly.

When they were finally seated on the comfortable cushions behind the curtain, Bianca turned to him and made herself say, "This doesn't change anything."

"It doesn't," he agreed and although she felt a sharp pang of regret in the finality of his tone, she allowed him to pull her into his arms. She was very responsive as his fingers touched her, moving down her arms, tracing across the tops of her breasts, running over her hips.

Unable to take any more, she climbed atop him, working his slacks open as she did so. They could barely see or hear each other in the dark and music-infested VIP area, but they could feel everything.

Reaching into his boxers, her hands closed around the hard length of him and she slowly began to caress him.

Caleb reached his hands into the neckline of her dress and pushed it lower, exposing brown breasts and dark nipples. Holding her steady, he leaned down and captured the buds in his mouth.

He took time for them both, pinching them, sucking them, worshiping them.

His hands slipped under the hem of the dress and he pushed it up to her waist, feeling around for the material that currently barred him from her. It was flimsy thong and he pushed it aside, running his fingers over her pouty lips before deftly tracing her sensitive inside.

Wet and slick dew coated his finger and he circled his finger about her nub before pulling her head down to his once more. As she nipped at his lips, she positioned him at her entrance and slowly slid herself down, gasping into his mouth as he stretched her, filled her.

Caleb groaned and rocked against her slowly, pushing upwards as she came down, until she was sitting fully on him, his shaft deep inside her body.
Bianca began to slowly ride him. Her hands went to his shirt and she began to undo the buttons, running her hand over his smooth chest as she did so.

Deprivation had made her intensely sensitive to his touch, and Bianca lasted mere seconds before her orgasm tossed her over the edge.

As her walls locked against him, Caleb found his release, grunting as it drained him of his energy.

Bianca slowly began to understand the obstacles of this situation. She'd just had sex with Caleb. She should not have done that. Old emotions reared their heads and demanded release even as she tried to stamp them down. She'd been doing so well, and then Caleb had showed up and that song had been playing, and she'd—.

Lifting her head from his chest, she asked softly, "Did Lara invite you?"
She felt him tense against her.
"I was told that you invited me." Caleb had already decided that he was going to kill Nathan. It would just be sooner than he imagined.

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