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Melanie took a deep breath and smoothed her long, brown hair so that it framed her face and fell down her back like a wavy curtain. She had been waiting for this moment for so long. There was a time when it seemed Bill and Ron would never quit competing for her affections. She loved them equally, but it had taken her awhile to convince the two of them that there was no reason why they couldn't share her.

They had her family's cabin to themselves for the weekend, and Melanie intended to take full advantage of the privacy and the boys' willingness to give this sharing idea a try.

She squirmed a little on the couch to feel the rough material brush deliciously against her bare skin. She had dressed in her tiniest pair of pink lace panties, and after some thought, had decided to forgo a bra and leave her pert breasts exposed. Bill had been staring at her tight sweaters a lot lately, and Melanie knew he was dying to see what was underneath.

Thus far, neither boy had seen her naked. She had done little more than kiss Ron, and had done nothing with Bill other than some heavy flirting. She liked to rub her breasts against his back when she passed him in the hallway at school. Sometimes she even dropped things on purpose so that she could bend over in front of him and expose her pussy. She rarely wore underwear beneath her skirts anymore, preferring the feeling of sexiness that came with no undergarments.

Once she had let Ron hold her against a wall and squeeze her nipples through her sweater. It had been a satisfying experience for both of them, but it was time to take things to the next step. Melanie couldn't be more ready. She had lost her virginity four years ago at the age of fourteen when she slept with a neighbor boy.

Since then, she had been content to watch and read pornography while she touched herself. Once, she had allowed herself to fuck a large dong she had found in her dorm mate Sasha's bedside drawer. Sasha had walked in unexpectedly, caught her in the act, and then insisted on watching. Melanie continued to fuck the dong, sinking into her pussy again and again while Sasha watched from another bed and touched herself. Melanie remembered thinking it was thoroughly enjoyable to feel something inside of her, and even liked having someone watch her pleasure herself, but it wasn't enough.

She was tired of being a good girl. She needed a real cock. And tonight, she was going to get it.

Melanie's pussy began to feel wet just thinking of it. Her nipples hardened when she thought of what else might happen to her pussy. She refrained from touching herself, but barely. Where were those boys?

As if answering her silent summons, Bill and Ron came into the room together. She heard them both gasp upon seeing her. Melanie spread her legs to give them a better view of the narrow strip of lace that stretched across her newly waxed bikini area.

"Hello, boys," Melanie purred. She gave them her best come hither look--the kind of look that said 'I'll suck you dry if you let me.'

Melanie smiled as they approached. It was clear that they were both hard already. Bill was wearing a tiny pair of boxers, and his bulging erection was straining the material. Ron was wearing a pair of tight jeans, which seemed to be growing in the crotch region as he moved.

"You look comfortable," Bill said. A lock of his dark hair had fallen into his eyes. He was slim but muscular--Melanie's favorite body type.

"I would be a lot more comfortable if you were naked," Melanie replied softly. "Wouldn't you?"

Bill smiled and peeled the tight underwear down. His cock sprang free, practically inviting her to put her mouth around it. Ron saw how excited she looked at the sight of Bill's nakedness and hurried to undress as well.

Melanie was pleased to see that Ron's cock was just as large as Bill's--and equally inviting. Like Bill, Ron was slim and muscular, but he was taller and broader in the shoulders. Melanie couldn't wait to be sandwiched between them.

"May I have a closer look, boys?"

Bill and Ron both edged toward her. Melanie leaned forward in her seat so that their cocks were level with her face. She stuck out her pink tongue and flicked each, one after the other. Bill moaned and his cock throbbed.

"Please, Melanie," Ron whispered. "Do it again."

Melanie smiled. "Try and stop me."

She stuck her tongue out again, and this time, she gave each cock a nice long lick. Their skin was hot and smelled of soap. The boys each moaned again. As they did, she felt her pussy contract from wanting. It was sopping wet now. She could feel her own juices soaking her panties.

It was time, she decided, to allow herself to truly lose control. If she wanted this to work, she needed to shed any and all inhibitions. She took Bill's cock in her mouth and sucked. Then Ron's. Back to Bill. Back to Ron. Again and again. Over and over, she sucked. They tasted so good. She took each one deeper and deeper. Ron grasped the back of her head and pushed his cock as far as it could go into her mouth.

"Take it, baby," Ron said.

"Mmm. Hmm," Melanie moaned.

"You like that, baby," Bill said. "Take a little more of mine."

Ron was still grasping the back of her head. He guided her to Bill. "That's right, Melanie. Suck Bill's cock. Get it nice and wet."

Melanie obliged eagerly. She felt Ron's hand move from her head to her bare back. He rubbed his hand along her spine all the way to her tailbone. His finger hooked around the waistband of her panties. He gave them a tug. The material pulled tight against her clit and she moaned.

"I don't want to see you wearing these ever again. Not while we're around," Ron said. He pulled on the panties. Hard. Melanie heard a tearing noise and felt the lacey material fall away from her body. She was truly hot now. Bill was close to finishing in her mouth. He must have realized it, too, because he stepped back, taking his cock with him. Her lips rearranged themselves into a pout as her hands reached for his dick.

"Not yet," Bill murmured. "I want to please you for awhile. Sit back."

Melanie did as she was told, sinking into the back of the couch. Bill and Ron ran their eyes over her. Ron began stroking his long, thick cock as though contemplating exactly where he'd like to put it.

"You have the most beautiful tits," Bill whispered. "I have been thinking about cumming on them since I was thirteen years old."

"Touch them, Bill. Be sure to squeeze her nipple," Ron added. "I think she likes that."

Melanie's breasts heaved in anticipation. She couldn't wait to feel Bill's hands on her.

Bill moved forward, placing one knee on the couch for balance. He brought his hand up to her breast and caressed it. Melanie moaned. Bill brushed his fingers lightly over one nipple and then squeezed. He rolled her nipple in his fingers and gave it another pinch. Melanie squirmed in her seat, near orgasm.

"Your titties like it a little rough, don't they," Bill said shrewdly.

Melanie bit her lip and nodded.

"Do you want me to slap your sexy titty?"

Melanie nodded again.

"Should I slap you with my hand or my cock," Bill asked.

"Your hand," Melanie moaned. "Use your hand."

Bill slapped her tit where it swelled from her body. Not too hard, but hard enough for there to be a smacking noise and a delightful tingling sensation in Melanie's breast.

"Yes," she moaned. "Again."

Bill did as he was asked and was rewarded with the same response. He looked at Ron and nodded.

Ron let go of his cock and moved forward. As Bill slapped Melanie's left breast, Ron slapped her right breast. She moaned again and writhed in her seat.

"Oh, please," she breathed. "More."

Bill and Ron's hands came down again and again, slapping her breasts and brushing her large, swollen nipples with the tips of their fingers each time. The sensation was beyond erotic. Melanie couldn't get enough. She arched her back and groaned with pleasure. She was near orgasm again.

"Enough," Ron said just as Bill prepared to slap her round, pink breast one more time. "Melanie has been waiting a long time for this. I think she needs to cum properly."

"I agree," Bill murmured and took a step back. His eyes were on the light pink handprints they had left on her tits. His cock was enormous. Melanie was sure it couldn't get any larger or harder.

"I'm going to lick that tight little pussy now," Ron told her gently. "While I do that, I want you to keep your eyes on Bill. He's going to stroke his cock and give you an eyeful of what you're going to get when I'm done. Is that okay with you, baby?"

Melanie nodded enthusiastically. She had never felt a tongue on her pussy. She wanted it badly. Her eyes were wide as Ron dropped to his knees in front of her. She watched his tongue dart out and lick her clit. He moaned with pleasure.

"You taste like sunshine, Melanie."

Melanie whimpered and pushed her wet pussy into his mouth. It felt better than she had imagined. His lips were hot against hers. She watched him devour her for a moment before she remembered she was supposed to be watching Bill. Her eyes found his.

"I want to fuck you," Bill mouthed to her without making a sound. Her eyes drifted to his right hand, which was stroking his gigantic cock. She came just as Ron slipped his tongue deep inside her. Her body shook as it was overwhelmed with wave after wave of pure pleasure.

"Yeah, baby," Ron said, burying his face into her hairless mound. He sat up abruptly. "I think she's ready for your cock now, Bill."

Bill moved forward and pulled Melanie to her feet. Then, he turned her and pushed her slowly and softly down onto the couch again until she was on all fours. He positioned himself behind her and spanked her bare ass with his cock. He rubbed her slick pussy with his other hand.

"You ready for me, honey? Want me to slip it in?"

"Ooh, yes, Bill. Give it to me! Please."

Bill pushed the end of his thick cock into her pussy. She was so wet. He pushed a little more and her pussy gripped him tighter."

"You're so tight, Melanie. I don't know if it will all fit."

"More," Melanie begged. "I need more!"

Bill prepared to push his cock in further, but before he could, Melanie backed her pussy into him, slipping down the entire length of his cock. He was buried in her now. She had taken it all!

Bill began moving his hips, sliding in and out of her. As he did, Ron approached Melanie's head. She grabbed him by the cock and pulled him closer.

"I want to fuck you with my mouth, Ron."

"Sure, Melanie. Whatever you want," Ron said. He ran his cock along her lips. She stuck out her tongue and he slapped his cock against it.

"Oh, yeah. Suck it, Melanie," Bill said. "Suck it while I pump that tight wet pussy."

Melanie encased Ron's cock with her mouth, sucking, licking, moaning. Bill continued to fuck her, bringing her to the brink of orgasm again. Right before she came, he pulled out and leaned close to her.

"Someday very soon, I am going to fuck that tight, little ass," Bill whispered into her ear. "But right now, I want you to feel Ron's cock in your pussy. Take it deep, baby. Let me see it."

Ron pulled out of her mouth and sat down. "Why don't you come sit on my cock, honey? Let me see if I can fill that pussy up."

Melanie stood up and positioned herself in front of Ron so that he was looking at her backside. She straddled him and eased herself down onto his swollen member. Her pussy was still soaking wet and clutched his cock eagerly.

"You're so big, Ron," she cried.

"It only gets big like that for you, baby," Ron said. He gripped her around the waist and moved her up and down the length of his cock. She moaned with pleasure and moved with him so that they were fucking even faster.

"God, I love watching your titties bounce while you fuck him. You look so good. Fuck Ron's cock, Melanie."

"Oh, yes. I want it," Melanie screamed as she came once more.

"Then take it, honey. Take it all," Ron moaned.

Melanie felt his cock throb inside her and knew he was close to orgasm.

"I want it on me, Ron. Please put it on me."

Melanie saw Bill's eyes widen. He knew what she meant. "Do you want mine too, baby?"

"Yes, please, Bill."

Ron lifted Melanie off his cock and settled her onto the couch. He stood up and took his original place next to Bill. Melanie's breasts heaved. Her nipples were hard and pink. Her legs were splayed to display her hairless, pink pussy. She rubbed her clit and watched as Bill began stroking his cock. Ron took the cue and began stroking his own cock.

"Let's give her what she wants, Ron," Bill said.

They came simultaneously, each spurting creamy, white cum onto Melanie's waiting breasts. She moaned as another orgasm ripped through her body, leaving her shaky and weak. She leaned back into the couch and looked down at the fresh cum glistening on her tits. Melanie took a finger and swirled it through the trail along her left nipple and then along the separate trail on her right. As Bill and Ron watched, she put the finger in her mouth and sucked the liquid from it.

"Mmm. That's nice," Melanie said in a contented voice. "I can't wait to do it again."

Before the two of them could respond, she rose to her feet and walked to the bathroom, taking care to strut and shake her ass a little on the way.


Melanie held her hand under a hot stream of water a few minutes later. It was the perfect temperature. She stepped into the smoothly tiled shower and let the water run over her naked body. It felt wonderful.

She closed her eyes and let the moisture rain down on her head and over her face. The water hit her lips, making her think of the last thing she had near her mouth. Melanie smiled at the memory of Ron's cock.

She had taken pleasure in licking it and sucking it and looked forward to a repeat performance the first chance she got--unless she had a chance to fuck Bill again first. That had been equally delicious. She loved the way his cock felt inside her. He had promised to fuck her in the ass as well, which she was secretly looking forward to. She enjoyed masturbating, but had never touched herself there. She wondered what it would be like.

"Need a hand," a voice said from the other side of the glass shower door. "I have two out here eager to do your bidding."

Melanie smiled. It was Bill. He seemed to know her so well. She sometimes wondered if he could read her mind. She opened the shower door and beckoned him inside.

"I could use a little help with the soap," she said coyly. "I seemed to have dropped it."

Bill stepped in and looked down at the floor.

"I don't see it," he said.

Melanie looked over at the bar of soap in its shower cubby and knocked it to the floor.

"Oops," she said, giggling and bending down in front of him so he could get a nice view of her round, wet ass.

It had the desired effect. Bill was behind her instantly, cupping her cheeks. He pressed his cock against her. He was hard again.

"Ready for another round already?" Melanie asked, hoping he would say yes.

"Melanie, I can't get enough of you. I would walk around with you on my cock if I could."

She giggled and stood upright. "That may draw a few looks."

"Let them look," Bill said. "That will only make it hotter."

He reached around her and grabbed her breasts. They were wet and his hands slid over them easily, creating an amazing sensation. Her nipples hardened instantly.

"I keep thinking about what I promised you earlier and was wondering if you wanted to give it a try."

"I've never taken it in my ass before, Bill," Melanie whispered, knowing instantly what he wanted.

"I know you haven't. I've never done it myself. Do you want me to slip it in a little so that you can see how it feels?"

Melanie almost moaned at the thought. She had been unable to stop thinking about it too. She very much wanted to feel Bill's cock in her tight little ass.

"Yes, please," she whispered. Her knees felt weak. She leaned back against Bill, feeling his hardness on her back.

He kissed her on the neck and moved one of his hands from her breast to her clit. He rubbed his fingers along it lightly, teasing her.

"You're a very naughty girl, Melanie. Inviting boys to put a cock in your ass."

"Not boys. Just you," she murmured.

His cock throbbed against her. He used his feet to spread her legs slightly. When he had them parted, he moved his hand from her clit to the wet place between her legs. He slid one finger inside her pussy. She moaned and spread her legs further. He slipped a second finger inside her.

"Does that feel good, baby," he asked.

"Oh, yes," Melanie responded. "I like it."

"That's good. I am going to use my other hand to please you even more."

He took his second hand from her breast and moved it to her ass. He cupped her left cheek and then her right. And then he slid the tip of one finger into her ass. The water from the shower provided lubrication, and it slipped in easily.

"Oh, Bill," Melanie moaned.

His fingers were still moving in and out of her pussy. She bucked against him to take him deeper. As she did, his finger slid a little farther into her ass. The sensation was overwhelming. She could hardly tell which felt better--the finger in her ass or the two fingers in her pussy.

Bill continued to fuck her with her fingers, making her hotter and hotter. Her pussy clenched, preparing for orgasm. As it did, Bill pulled all three fingers out.

"No," Melanie protested. "Don't stop."

"Don't worry. I'm not stopping. I'm just getting started."

Bill dropped to his knees, and before she knew what was happening, he was licking her most private of spots. His tongue darted in and out of her ass, moving at rapid speed. Melanie groaned with pleasure and bent over to give him better access.

It felt even better than having her pussy licked. She had never imagined that assplay could be so pleasurable. She ran her own hands over her breasts, squeezing her nipples with every thrust of Bill's tongue. He was driving her wild.

"Put it in, Bill. I want to feel your cock."

Bill got to his feet and pushed the tip of his cock against her ass.

"Are you sure, Melanie?"

"Yes, yes. Please!"

Bill slid the very tip of his cock inside her. She could feel her body protest. She was so tight, but she wanted it!

"More, Bill. Give me more," she begged.

Bill pushed his cock in a little further. Her body opened up to him, allowing him entrance. He moaned as half of his shaft slid in her hot little ass. The water was beating down on the, providing warmth and natural lubrication.

Melanie moaned and wriggled her behind. "Ooh, yeah, baby. Give me a little more."

Bill obliged, sliding his cock in a little more, before sliding some back out again. The friction was pure bliss. He pushed back into her, going deeper this time.

"I want it all. Give it all to me."

Bill hesitated for a moment and then buried his cock in her as asked. Melanie's ass gripped him and contracted. Bill squeezed her hips and began sliding in and out of her, faster and faster.

"Ooh, that's it. Fuck my ass, Bill," Melanie breathed.

"You like it baby," Bill asked. "You like when I fuck that naughty little ass?"

Melanie moaned and gripped the shower curtain. "Yes. I like it so much. It's making me so hot, Bill. I can't get enough. I wish I could suck your cock while you fuck me."

"Do you want me to call Ron in? I'm sure he wouldn't mind sharing a little with you."

"Yes, please. Call him, Bill. Make him give me his cock."

"Yes, ma'am." Bill buried his cock deep inside her and yelled, "Ron. Get in here. Melanie needs you."

The door bathroom door opened a few seconds later. Melanie heard Ron enter the room. She pulled the shower curtain aside, exposing herself and Bill.

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