tagIncest/TabooShipwrecked with Mom and Esther

Shipwrecked with Mom and Esther


Nate never really wanted to go on the cruise with his family. Maybe he'd seen Titanic one too many times, but he didn't feel comfortable getting on a big ship and cruising around the ocean miles away from anything. He wasn't very excited to have a big chunk of his summer gone away from his friends and the local girls either. This cruise was just bad timing!

Nate's dad owned a string of car dealerships and had made millions. The family had never wanted for anything. His mother even had a personal assistant (or maid), as Nate liked to think of her. She was nice enough and worked really hard but she wasn't one of the sexy French maid's that you sometimes saw on the Playboy channel.

Esther was very dark skinned, short and pudgy. She had full lips and a thick head of frizzy hair. Esther was also the proud owner of a pair of massive boobs with very thick nipples that Nate could always make out underneath her shirts. She was in her forties but with a very youthful smile and complexion.

Nate's mom was the opposite of Esther. She was very tall and kept her body bronzed by tanning beds. She had long, bleached blond hair and a very fit body. She went to the gym nearly everyday. She also had the luxury of having a couple of plastic surgery's to help her stay young. The most obvious of her procedures was two very large implants in her breasts. She was really quite stunning.

Nate had just graduated from his senior year of high school and was starting to turn into a handsome young man. He would be off to college next year and was very excited to get out to see the world. All he had to do was survive this last family outing with his mom, his dad and Esther.

The first day of the cruise was uneventful. Nate managed to stay clear of his family and only run into Esther once. He even managed to meet a couple of girls that were going to his college next year. Maybe this thing wouldn't be so bad.

"Nate open the door now!"

Nate sat up on his bed groggily. Was that someone at his door? "Nate hurry! The ships sinking!" Nate heard that and sprang to his feet. Images of the last minutes of the Titanic and everyone who drowned inside the ship filled his mind! He raced around the cabin like a mad man throwing on his pants and shoes and then pulled open the door.

There in the hallway was his father, mother and a very shaken Esther. Esther was crying and his mom was trying to consul her. "Nate, I want you to take your mother and Esther up to the deck and make sure that if worse comes to worse you get them on a life boat." His father said. "It probably won't come to that but just in case. I'm going to go up to the bridge and see if I can be of some use and find out what's really happening." He squeezed his wife's shoulder before he left in a gesture of reassurance. He deeply loved his wife and the body that went with her!

With that, Nate's father stormed down the hall to find the bridge. Nate's father never took no for an answer and probably never would Nate thought.

Nate took his mother and Esther's hands and started to lead them to the upper deck. Once out in the open the grim situation came into view. The ship was listing ever so slightly to the port side. The ship was taking on water somehow and there was a massive storm approaching. Even in the darkness of night, Nate could see an even darker mass of clouds and rain approaching fast.

There was an announcement on the intercom system that everything would be ok and not to panic. Nate was sure that the same announcement was made on the Titanic! He was out of his mind with fear but dare not show it in front of his mother and Esther. He had to be the strong one since his father wasn't here.

As the minutes turned into hours, the ship started to lean even further to the port side. Now the rain had started and the ocean was getting very choppy. It wasn't long before they had to lean just to stand up on the deck and the rain had turned into a downpour. The waves were leaping halfway up the side of the ship and Nate was starting to feel a little nausea as the ship started to sway a little.

It had been two hours and no sign of Nate's father. The ship was almost on its side and starting to sink fast. The Captain had given the order to abandon ship and man the lifeboats. There was no sign of Nate's father so he helped Esther and his mother onto one of the last remaining boats and one of the deck hands lowered it into the water.

As soon as the boat hit the water it seemed like all hell had been unleashed upon them. Waves were breaking over the side of the boat as it was tossed about violently from wave to wave. Nate, his mother and Esther huddled together and held on for dear life.

Nate had no idea how long they were tossed about in the storm. It felt like days! All he knew was that he had awakened on the boat with the sun shining down upon him. He was alive! He looked about in a panic and saw that Esther was asleep next to his mother on the bottom of the boat. The three of them had made it.

Nate looked over the side of the boat. It had been washed ashore on a sandy white beach. The beach went on for a few hundred yards in each direction and was encased by dense jungle.

Nate looked down at the two women he was shipwrecked with. His mother seemed ok and was breathing just fine. She was a tough woman. He looked over at Esther and she seemed have survived as well. In the storm her top had been torn and he had a nice few of her left nipple. He had never seen a nipple so thick and brown and long in his life. He was starting to get a little bit aroused!

"Ok enough of that, you pervert." He said to himself. "I've got to look around for any other survivors."

Nate hoped out of the boat and pulled it onto the beach a little more. Next he walked the length of the beach gathering up any driftwood he could find. He found a couple of newer pieces of wood that could have been from the ocean liner they had been on but he couldn't be sure.

After he gathered up the wood, he went through his own pockets took inventory. He had his pocket knife, a book of matches, a pen and some paper and a couple of condoms just incase he got lucky on the cruise. "A lot of good these will do me here." He thought to himself.

Nate then went about gathering some large palm leaves for shelter or to sleep on and a few coconuts that he found beneath some of the trees. Then he went back to the boat to wake the ladies up. He started with Esther first.

"Esther." He said gently. "Esther, wake up. It's all over. We're ok."

Esther opened her eyes and looked up at Nate. She sat up gingerly and got to her feet. Nate helped her out of the boat. As he did his arm brushed against her nipple. "Oh shit!" She yelped pulling her tattered shirt together over her massive chest. "I'm sorry Nate."

"Oh don't be Esther." Nate reassured her as he felt a tingle in his groin. "Now let's see if mom's ok."

They both went over and shook Nate's mother awake gently.

"What? Where?" She asked foggily.

"Mom. It's ok. You, me and Esther made it through the storm and washed up on this beach."

"Did anyone else make it?" She asked him.

"It doesn't look like it. They're maybe other survivors somewhere else on this island but I haven't seen or heard any signs yet."

"What about your father?" She asked him.

Nate shook his head. "I don't think he made it off the boat mom. I really don't. I think it's just the three of us for a few days until help arrives. I've found some wood and some matches and some coconuts for us to eat. We're going to be ok."

Nate, Esther and Nate's mom, gathered their meager supplies and found a nice spot about a hundred yards from the ocean and sat down to ponder their fate. Nate's mom sat alone quietly sobbing for the loss of her husband. Esther seemed to be in shock and didn't move or say a word. Nate just sat there trying to take it all in and figure out their next move.

Later that night, Nate somehow managed to light a small fire and open some coconuts for food. He spread out some palm leaves and the all fell asleep huddled together.

During the night Nate awoke to a sensation on his groin! He had somehow snuggled up behind Esther and had his hand around her resting on one of her massive boobs! One of Esther's hands was behind her right in front of his crotch. She seemed to be sound asleep but her had was massaging his growing bulge. It was almost too much to bear!

Nate got up and walked into the woods a little bit and unzipped his jeans. He pulled out his cock and started to stroke it. He had to get some relief. He had never been hornier in his life. He couldn't believe that his maid had gotten him worked up. He had to admit that seeing her nipple today had really gotten to him.

"Oh yeah that's right Esther suck that cock." He said has he masturbated. He really was imagining Esther's thick lips wrapped around his cock. "Oh yeah. That's it!" He groaned has he pumped a gigantic load out of his cock and onto the jungle floor. He kept stroking his cock until his balls were dry.

He was suddenly aware that he was not alone. He looked over and through the leaves he could see Esther staring at his cock. Was that a smile on her lips? They locked eyes for a minute and he mouthed the words "I'm sorry." To her. Esther shook her head and mouthed back. "It's ok. Thanks for the show." And then she left him alone with his cock in his hand.

Nate's mind was swirling. Esther had just caught him masturbating and seemed to enjoy it. Did that mean that she really wasn't asleep when she was massaging his crotch?

Nate decided that he had too much to worry about besides Esther and went back to their little camp sight and slept apart from the two women for the rest of the night.

The next morning the sun was shining brightly and the birds were singing. Nate woke up to see his mother and Esther standing by the ocean. They both seemed to be in better spirits and had fashioned their clothes to better suit the new climate.

Nate's mother had torn her sleeves off and had pulled apart the top front of her blouse so that it wasn't so hot and her skin could breathe. Nate wondered if his mother really knew that she had given him an indecent view of her plunging cleavage! She had discarded her bra and used his pocketknife to cut her dress pants into short shorts! Nate figured he could handle his mom like this for the next couple of days. But probably not too much longer!

Esther had an easier time than Nate's mother, but only because she had been awoken in her sleep and was wearing modest negligee. She had time to throw on a medium length skirt to cover up her full round ass, but her top was not built to contain her massive tits. In fact every time she took a few steps her boobs threatened to spill right out and into Nate's view.

Nate took a few minutes to ponder his situation. He was stuck on a deserted island with two women. One was tall and model like, with huge fake boobs and the other was plump and naturally curvy with the two biggest boobs he had ever seen. It was too bad that one was his mother and the other his housekeeper or he might have enjoyed his predicament.

Usually Nate was attracted to and dated petite, slim, athletic girls. He was having a hard time understanding why his cock was responding to his new companions, especially Esther. But every time her boobs bounced and jiggled his cock started to stiffen. He was really glad that they would be rescued soon. He couldn't take much of this.

Halfway through the first full day on the island, Nate's mother had discovered a fresh water stream only about 200 feet into the jungle. Nate had discovered a clearing up a small hill as well, that afforded them a little bit more safety and shelter.

The three of them were actually starting to get a little bit comfortable and into a daily routine. Nate had even caught them a fish on the third night. That was quite a feast compared to the usual fare of coconuts!

It was the fourth night on the island and Nate's mom was tired and decided to go to sleep early. Nate and Esther walked out to the beach together and stood by the ocean. "Nate? Can I ask you something personal?"

"Sure." Nate answered a little hesitantly. He was afraid she was going to ask him about his masturbation scene. He was right.

"Remember our first night here? When I saw you in the clearing?" She asked him.

"Yes. It was very embarrassing. I'm really sorry. It won't happen again. I promise." He told her blushing.

"Don't be embarrassed Nate. I just need you to answer me very honestly here. I heard you saying my name while you masturbated. Were you really thinking about me? I mean did I turn you on that much?"

"Y..Yes." Nate stuttered.

Esther smiled and reached out for Nate's hand. "You made an old lady feel really good. You know that?"

Nate shook his head. "Really?'

"Yes." She told him and leaned up and gave him a peck on the cheek. "Do these turn you on Nate?" She said and pulled the straps off of her shoulders letting the full majesty of her breasts fall into his view.


Esther's thick, brown Nipples extended to their full length of one inch. She placed Nate's hand on her boob. As he started to knead her breast, Esther let out a moan of pleasure. Nate leaned over and sucked her other nipple into his mouth and sucked on it hard. "Oh fuck!" Esther yelled.

Nate was all over her breasts devouring her nipples like a man possessed. They were so large, and so full and heavy. Esther was dripping wet by the time Nate was satiated.

Esther dropped to her knees and pulled down Nate's zipper. She pulled his pants all the way off and his cock sprang into view. He hadn't had time to put any underwear on in the rush to exit the ship.

Esther slowly stroked his length with her hands as she looked up into Nate's eyes. "You have such a wonderful cock." She told him. She leaned forward and sucked his cock in between her thick lips. Nate almost lost his balance and would have fallen back if not for Esther's strong hands on his ass. Esther was forcing more of Nate's cock meat into her mouth and down her throat.

Esther was an expert cocksucker and was known for giving the best head in high school. Her husband of the last twenty years told her that one of the reasons he married her was for her cock sucking skills. The other reason was the size of her tits!

Nate was loosing his mind. He had only been given blowjobs a couple of times before now, and neither were anything compared to this older woman's technique and full lips. Nate started to buck his hips faster and harder and Esther kept pace with him. He wasn't going to last much longer and told her so. She pulled her lips off of his cock just long enough to tell him to cum in her mouth. Within seconds he was erupting in her mouth and she was swallowing everything. Not one drop escaped her talented mouth.

After Nate had cum, Esther pushed him back onto the sand, keeping his cock in her mouth. She continued to suck him hoping to get him hard again. She needed a good fucking tonight and she was going to get it.

Nate's cock started to stiffen and after only fifteen minutes of her oral expertise he was rock hard again. Esther pushed him all the way on his back and hiked up her skirt and straddled Nate. She grabbed his cock and lowered herself onto him slowly until he was all the way in. Then she started to fuck him like she meant it. Nate had never been fucked like this before.

Esther was bucking wildly on his cock. They way she rolled her hips and grinded onto him was getting Nate to the boiling point again. Nate grabbed Esther's shoulders and pulled him down to him so that he could take her nipples into his mouth again. This put Esther over the edge and she screamed in orgasm. Nate pumped his second load of semen of the night, deep within her and they collapsed into each other's arms.

They lay together in the moonlit beach for some time. "Nate you're the best lover I ever had. Promise me I'll have you again before we're rescued?"

"You bet!" Nate responded enthusiastically.

As they got dressed and shared a passionate kiss under the moon, neither of them saw Nate's mother watching from the edge of the jungle. She quietly crept back to the camp and pretended to be asleep before Nate and Esther got back.

Even though her and Nate's Father had been married for twenty-five years. Their marriage was far from perfect. They hadn't been intimate in years and barely even went out together anymore. This cruise was supposed to be a last effort to put a spark back in the marriage. Her boob job was all for him. She supposed that none of that mattered anymore.

Becky, Nate's mom, was a very sexual woman until recently. Ten years ago she had some medical problems that made it impossible for her to have vaginal sex any more. With the help of her husband she had learned to love and enjoy anal sex more than she had ever enjoyed "normal" sex. She was a rare woman who was able to orgasm from anal sex. With her husband gone, she was afraid that she would never be able to have that again. Didn't most men think that was dirty?

Even worse, she had just witnessed her son having sex with Esther their maid! The whole world was crazy. On top of that they hadn't been rescued yet. How long would they be trapped on this island together?

Becky was awakened in the middle of the night by a noise. It sounded like a shriek. She rolled over and didn't see Nate or Esther anywhere. Were they ok? They couldn't be at it again? She had to put a stop to this. Esther was more than twice her son's age. It just wasn't right.

She could still heae the noises as she made her way through the jungle. There was no mistaking it now. It was the sound of two adults fucking. Becky was furious! Was she more angry because it wasn't her or because it was Esther and Nate? The sounds were getting louder and louder as Becky approached a clearing. She could here the wet, sloppy sounds and grunting. She couldn't take it anymore.

She came to a clearing in the jungle that she had never been to before. There out in the open under the bright full moon, was Nate fucking Esther on her hands and knees hard. Esther's massive tits were swinging wildly and she was bucking her wide full hips back to meet Nate's thrusts. Nate had hold of her lush hips as he fucked her hard from behind.

"I love it Nate!" she called out to him. "Fuck! God that feels good. Ung!"

Nate reached around and grabbed a hold of one giant boob in each hand as he continued to fuck Esther hard. Becky could hear his cock thrusting in and out of her with wet slapping sounds. Esther froze for a second and started to shake as she screamed out in orgasm. Nate continued to pound into her for a few minutes afterward.

He then pulled his impressive cock out of Esther and sat back onto the ground. "That was great." He told her. "But I think you're too wet to make me come."

Esther turned around to face Nate and crawled over to him. She wrapped her full lips around his cock again and started to suck him again. She worked her lips all the way down to the base of his cock and then all the way back up to the tip. Nate pulled back until his cock slipped out of Esther's mouth and he shot his load all over her face. Esther's face was coated with Nate's semen.

Becky cleared her throat. "I saw the whole thing!" She yelled. "I saw your little display down by the beach too! Esther, Nate, what the fuck is wrong with you two!"

Nobody moved as they at each other. Nate tried to conceal his cock but his hands were too small. Esther had the same problem with her boobs. She could have used six pairs of hands!

"Are we going to be trapped her forever?" Becky asked out loud. "Are we being reduced to animals? Is this what happens to people in survival situations when everything is lost?" Becky broke down and started to sob.

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