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Shower and Shave


I know it's waiting for me. Cold metal and plastic disguised in an up-beat pink. Feminine with a soft rubber handle. It's the new kind that vibrates with the touch of a finger- nice and rounded on the end. Its companion is sitting on the shelf next to it. The cylinder under-thought but necessary. I need them both.

I examine myself in the full-length bathroom mirror. Still young at 27, but softened into my womanly curves. My breasts are still perky in a C cup bra, and my ass can fit round and full into a size 9. I brush my chin-length auburn hair while admiring the contrast of my porcelain skin against my matching dark green bra and panty set. I set the brush down, and turn on the shower. I let the steam roll over me and goose bumps raise all over my body, making my nipples hard and visible through the silk of my bra. I allow my fingers to brush my nipples as I remove the bra. They beg to be touched, so I give them a pinch. I can feel myself starting to get wet, so I remove the panties as well. Only once do I run my fingers through my slit. I bring my hand to my mouth, and give the tips a lick to taste the sweet saltiness of my beginning juices.

I step into the hot spray of water, and let it roll down my body for several minutes. I revel in the warm inviting caress. I wet my hair and slick it back out of my eyes. I stretch and allow the water to trail over my shoulders, across my breasts, down my stomach and between my legs. There lies the focus of my attention tonight.

I grab the cylinder and position my pink tool of choice in an easy-to-reach location. I take the cylinder and squeeze the top to deposit the pink gel in a conical swirl in my left hand. I put the can of gel down, and take a smaller right handful down to my right leg. I place my right foot on the corner of the tub, and begin to lather my leg. I start at my ankles and slowly circle the gel, forming a foamy layer that I inch upwards. I pass my calf, across my knee, and gently work up my thigh. I use all of the gel, and I rub the excess between my legs. I am sure to give my clit a few flicks while I shudder at the sensation.

I quickly rinse my right hand, and reach for my razor. It is new, just opened, and 3 blades for control. I run it up my leg, softly and slowly. I take special care to reach behind my knee, where the hair is as soft as my delicate skin. I am proud to say I do not cut myself, and haven't in years. I finish my leg and all that is left is my bikini line. I spread my legs a little further, to make sure I can reach. A few more slow strokes and my bikini area is clear on one side. Again I give my clit a few flicks; the gel is slick and mixes with my own juices.

It is time for more gel, and I rinse my right leg while getting into position with my left. My left foot also gets propped on the edge of the tub. I repeat the ritual of lathering the shave gel on my left leg. A few practiced strokes and again I am at my bikini area. I finish clearing up the left side and admire my smooth legs. This is where a typical shaving day would end- with clean shaven legs and a quick self-pleasuring session. Today is not a typical shaving day. I still have work to do.

Now that my legs and bikini area are clear, I turn down the water pressure. The first portion of my mound I start with is the top. I add just a little more gel, and rub my clit for a few minutes allowing time for the hair between my legs to soften a bit. I start at the edges of my bikini line and work my way up. I use short strokes, pulling upwards in quick yet light movements. Across the top of my mound the hair disappears leaving smooth skin behind. Sometimes I leave a strip, but decide not to tonight. I am completely bare up top, and it's time to finish my outer lips. The razor is cold and stiff, and the scraping across my lips is a small vibration I am definitely aware of. The very edges slowly begin to fade, and all that is left is the soft hair right on the inner side of my outer pussy lips.

A little more gel and a freshly rinsed razor- I am ready to finish this. I am eager to feel my hair-free and smooth pussy while I am cumming later. I gently slide first down one side, and then turn the razor and shave up. Both times the outer edge of the razor bumps against and slides up the side of my clit. The razor is only millimeters from my most sensitive spot. Two more strokes, and I am left smooth and hair-free.

I am also wet and horny. I want to cum so badly; I can feel the throbbing and tingling through my pussy. I rinse all the gel, and reach for my baby oil. I drip a few drops directly on my clit, and swirl my finger across and around it. I trail the oil down my legs, and rub it all the way down my legs. I again return to my pussy, and rub across my newly smooth and slick skin.

Now it's time to reach for my razor again, I put the cap across the blades, and push the on button. I turn the razor around, and rub the rounded end across my pussy. The oil lets me slide it easily, so I trail it up and down, around my clit and dripping pussy. I stop for just a second, and make a decision. The handle is slick and wet, both from me and the oil. I run it once more across my clit, down past my pussy, and toward my tight asshole. The end dips into the dimple before my hole, and I can feel the vibration which makes me hotter. I slip the end of the razor into my ass, and bring my fingers back to my clit. I slip my fingers soft and slow across my clit. I can feel my asshole vibrating, and rubbing my clit feels so good it is almost too much. I hold my hand still and just let my pumping hips push my clit across my fingers, and the razor makes my asshole hum. I can feel my climax building like a wave. The buzzing seems to intensify the sensation, and my pussy and asshole throb my climax into the water, across my fingers, and around the still buzzing razor in my ass. I remove the razor, turn it off, and rinse it with some soap before putting it back on the shelf next to my shave gel. I finish my shower, and step out to finish getting ready for my date.

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