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Sister's Surprise


This story is about my elder sister and me. Our family is my father, mother, and then Sister Sangita and I. we are typical middle class family living in this town. My father is worker in the factory and most of the time he is out of home working hard in order to meeting our economic needs. Mother is housewife staying at home all the time busy with her typical housework.

My sister is 4 year older than I am. We had normal brother-sister relations. Since I am younger in the family everybody loves me very much. Always treating me as a kid only. I was normal kid until I was 18, as you must have known kid at that age having so much interest in girl/ women and their hidden mysteries. I also started to take interest in girls. I would feel electric currant in my short when I see bare flesh of any girl or women through there cloths. At that time I hadn't known what is that exactly but I liked what I feel. Girls never attracted me at my age but the older girls and women who always arouse me.

We were living in this building with small flat of two rooms, Kitchen with bath/WC and hall cum dining cum bedroom. It was old type of building with big height room so there is mezzanine floor in our living room, which we are using as storeroom. When my father married to my mother they were sleeping in the big bed together. As after having 2 Children eventually they lost their interest in sex and whole family used to sleep in the hall. Father on big bed and mother, sister and me on floor respectively. My father works in the morning sift he used to wake early. My mother also wakes up early to prepared his lunch and other stuff.

That particular day I woke up suddenly early morning. I don't know what cause me to wake up so early but I couldn't sleep later on. I just stayed in the bed and was thinking something else. My mother was up and was doing her daily housework. Father was already left for his job. Sangita was getting ready for her collage. She just finished her school and started her collage. Since collage time was morning she used to wake up early. My school time was afternoon so I used to stay late in the bed.

When I woke up I saw Sangita came out from bathroom. She was wearing her normal house dress i.e. skirt and blouse. She started to prepare for her collage. Since I wasn't sleeping I started to observe her. Light was on so I was sleeping with my arm on my eyes and nobody knows I am awake. After finishing her light make-up and everything she just went to cupboard at corner of the room and opened it. She took out her Punjabi dress (salwaar- Kamiz). She simply started to put that dress. Normally if male people is in the room female used to change dress in the kitchen in my house. But since nobody is there except me (and I was also sleeping) for her its not unusual to change cloths there.

Although I was very much interested in the girls/sex I never feels like incest thing with my sister. I was watching her just casually from under my arm. Sangita unbutton and took off her blouse and then unhook her skirt, which fell on her feet. She stood there wearing only black colour bra and blue colour panties. Slowly she took her salwaar and put it on and then put on her kamiz from her head. Then after close the cupboard and went to do final touch-up for her make-up.

Before Many time I have seen Sangita various state of undressing. It was not like I never seen her in undergarments. But that particular time I was observing her thoroughly.

That scene was hardly one minute or two. But it's changed my life forever. First time I saw Sangita not as my elder sister but 22-year growing girl. She was tall 5 feet 7" or 8", fare skin (like my mother), long smooth legs, curved hips, flat stomach (big deep navel), and big size breast, which wasn't staying much in her bra. At that time I hadn't known whether she is 36-24-36 type or what but what I saw it was definitely exciting. My small cock was hard in my short pant as it never grown that much big before. Maybe it was because I saw something, which I should not see as a brother.

After that day it was my daily morning routine to watch Sangita getting dress for collage. Every time now I see her I realising more and more sexiness about her. I started to think about her every minutes and 24 hours. I was watching her every moment. Although Didi never suspects anything she had same relations with me like big sister. But now I was taking every opportunity to feel her body and curses. Being her little kid brother my sister used to hug me, curses me, wrestle with me etc. but now I was taking advantage of her affection and fondness. There were so many occasions when I can feel her body or touch her soft fleshes.

Now when Sangita hug me I would feel her soft breast and warm body touching me. Some times when I am watching TV lying on bed I would lay on side. And if Didi sits on bed watching TV or reading anything I would just press my crotch to her soft buttock from back. It's not necessary every time I would get hard-on touching her but just feel softness and warms of her body. There was small garden near our building and living room's window was facing there. I used to stand in the window keeping my hands on grill watching out side. Some time Didi would come and stand beside me. She just innocently presses herself on me. My hand would trap between grill and her breast. I never move my hand but just keep in it position. She would move her body talking with me giving me massage from her breast.

Some time I would keep my hand by side on windowsill and when Sangita would stand beside me my hand would press against her crotch. God! I could feel hotness of her pussy there. Some time I would keep my palm outside and feel her pussy with my fingers. It was all look innocents. My sister never ever suspect I am getting touches from her. She was always like my elder sister. Never ever she realised what her kid brother is doing with her.

As few months passed like this I was more obsessed with Sangita. Day night I was thinking about her. In the night she sleeps next to me. Mother then didi and then me (father used to sleep on bed). We never keep night lamp or any thing on in the night. Room used to be dark as only light coming from street light. You could see everything only after your eyes got adjusted in the darkness.

Now I was getting bolder steps. After everybody sleeps in sound I would slide myself near Sangita, we were on our back side by side barely touching. I would then tern on my side facing her, which would cause me to press against her body. I would stay steady not to cause her wake up. Then after some time I would put my leg on her taking her thighs between my legs. She sleeps very calm and cool hardly wrestle or muffle. Wow! What a sensation! I used to stay like that whole night. Initially it was just putting legs in between Sangita's legs and take heat from her thighs. After I grew bolder. I would slide her skirt little up above her knees or thighs and feel her bare thighs.

Some time I would put my hand in her waist and hug her lightly. She never suspects this also. In the fast sleep it wasn't unusual to put legs or hand on her or press against her. Before so many time I woke up morning with myself on top of her or my head resting on her breast or something. She would think her kid brother sleep just innocently. During middle of the night also if she wake up and found me on her. She would just sleep again in same position or if its not comfortable to her then just shift me on my back. But she never suspects anything.

During that period I had my first orgasm. One night I was pressing against Sangita's thighs. My cock was hard like rock. I was horny that time so I was feeling more sensation in my cock. My hand was around her waist. Slowly I lift my hand and place it above her left breast. Wow! It was so soft... yet firm. I didn't move a bit just keep my hand on her breast feeling her softness. Then slowly I squeezed my finger, not much hard, one or two mm just getting feeling of squeezing.

First time I touch my sister's breast so long. I liked that very much. I was so excited that my cock grew its maximum length. It was straining in my shorts and in underpants. I was getting deferent sensation in my cock, which I never felt before. And suddenly I felt like I am peeing. Something came out form my cock and it twitched in my pant. Within a minute I felt coolness and all sexual sensation had gone. I turned and lay flat on my back and after some time I went to toilet. When I saw my underpants I saw some white stuff there. I realised I had my first orgasm of my life. I clean my pant and went back to sleep.

After that I used to take care not to excite too much or get hard-on too much as after it was too messy in my underpants. I got bolder as I would slide Didi's skirt all the way up to her waist and touch her bare thighs or inner thighs. Sometime I touch her crotch above panties. More sensation I was getting when I touch her pussy from her panties. God! It was so hot. It spread heat like she was breathing from pussy.

I could clearly make out fold of her pussy through panties. Some time panties would stick in between her pussy lips. Like that I was feeling my sister's breast and pussy in her sleep in the night. She never knew what her kid brother was doing with her. I was enjoying this play with her around 4/5 month. I was taking every possible care not to know her or anybody. But it has to be end one day.


One night I was feeling Sangita's breast while pressing my cock against her thighs. Suddenly she woke up but didn't move a bit. It was dark in the room so I couldn't realise that. She felt that her kid brother's hand on her breast and his one leg between her legs trapping her thighs. She thought that in deep sleep he must have came on her. She just stayed like that as she was in deep mood of sleep so she didn't move him from her. His weight was on her so she was feeling little uncomfortable that cause her to stay wake up.

Suddenly she felt his fingers are moving on her breast. She wasn't sure but she felt like barely he is pressing them. Also she felt some thing is digging in her thighs from between his legs. Horror spread in Sangita's mind. My god! Is he feeling my breast? Is he erect pressing against me. She wasn't sure she just stayed like that, dumb found. After some time she felt that he move his legs from her and his hand from her breast. She felt that her skirt is moving up her waist. Suddenly she realised his fingers on her pussy.

Oh my god! Oh my god! He is touching me there. My kid brother is touching me there. He is touching his sister's pussy. She couldn't believe this. She didn't know what to do. She just stayed calm. After long time he turned and stayed on his back. He didn't move afterward. He must have slept. Sangita thought about that incident and doze of after some time.

Next day Sangita thought about last night incident. She wasn't sure what was happened. So next 2/3 days she kept quite and observed my night activities. Then she realised sure I was feeling her up. At first she thought to tell mother about it. But how could she tell mother that what her little brother was doing with her. And if she tells mother and mother would tell to father and after don't know what will happen? Father may hit him or worse to kick him out of house. Sure she didn't want to happen anything like that, as she loves me too many, Off course as a kid brother. She justified that in this age of puberty boy's get attract to female body even though she is his sister or mother. She read about that so many times in books. She thought she would confront me afterwards and kept quite.

Slowly Sangita realised my all activities like watching her getting dress in the morning or feeling her touch hugs around the house. Feeling her body while standing in the windows or sitting on bed. Secretly she found that exciting too. After all she was just 17, exploring herself. Although she was going in the collage and having so many male friends, It wasn't easy to relate with anybody sexually. So she thought about me, her kid brother as safe partner for her sexual exploration as nobody is going to know about that. (You might be thinking how I know what she was thinking about Me. simple! She told me later on when we intimated together that what she felt or thought when she realise about me etc.)

Slowly Sangita started to enjoy my exploration about her. She even started to give me full access to her body. Morning when she would change dress for collage she would take little more time to get dress giving me more chance to see her body. She would hug me or held me time to time even if there isn't any specific reason. Or while standing in the window she would pressed herself more on me giving me feel of her boobs or crotch. In the night also she started to co-operate with him by keeping silence or raising her skirt already up or anything.

She really enjoys now her kid brother's obsession. And she wanted him to proceed further now. After all this whole things happening between us as if nobody knows about it. I mean I was doing with her as if she doesn't know and she was giving me all opportunity as if I wasn't aware. Didi wanted to enjoy this game with her kid brother more freely. She knew I'd not go any further unless she encourages me so she decided to take next step.

One day we were standing in the window talking about school and collage. Mother was in the kitchen preparing dinner. As usual Didi was pressing against me and I was feeling her crotch with my hand on windowsill. Sangita suddenly change the topic and asked me in low voice,

"Sonu, your eyes looks so sleepy all the time. It seemed that you're not sleeping well in the night" As I heard that I got confused and mumbled, "Unn.. What Didi?" "I think! You must not having enough sleep in the night, Sonu" "What do you mean, Didi?" "You know very well what I mean, Sonu!" she smiled mischievously. "What Didi?" I still acted like innocent. "Oh come on Sonu! Do you think your elder sister is stupid or what?" I realised that my secret is opened. Slowly I removed my hand from her crotch and looked her in the eyes. She said further, "I know what you were doing with me up to now and where you were touching me. I know what you think about me, your elder sister. It's disgusting you know my kid brother is doing this to me. Think what'll happen if I tell to mother and father."

Saying that she smiled devilishly and went in to kitchen. I tried to stop her but she didn't listen me.

I was dumfounded. Moreover scared now. What'll happen now? Would she tell mother and father? What they'll do? They'll kick me out from house or what. All the time I was scared and tensed. I tried to talk with Sangita couple of times but she ignored me. After when Father return I was more terrified. I tried to avoid everybody, as I knew that anytime they would confront me.

By the time we sat for dinner nothing happened. I was surprised when I found that every time my eyes met my sisters she would smile teasingly. What she's planning? Why she didn't tell to father? What is in her mind? I was so confused that I hardly eat anything.

Night after everything finished we slept as usual. As I hit the bed I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. I knew that there is no way that I could do anything with my sister again. My enjoyment was all over now. Almost 6/7 month I was enjoying with didi's sleeping body. I tried to sleep but couldn't as I was missing my night game badly. I stared blankly in the darkness.

Suddenly I sensed some movement on my left side. I turned my head there. My eyes were adjusted in the darkness that I could see everything clearly. I realised that Sangita, who was sleeping around two feet away from me, now slide near to me. She was covering herself with chadder (sheet) from top to bottom. I felt cold touch of her hand on my hand and before I realised what is happening She pulled my hand under her chadder and put on her breast.

It was kick you know! My elder sister was putting my hand on her breast. I was afraid and started to sweat immediately. I was so dumfounded that I didn't move my hand a bit. Sangita must have sensed my shock as she put her hand on me and started to squeeze her breast with me.

So! That's that reason why she didn't tell to anybody. She likes what I was doing with her and she doesn't have any objection. In fact she want me to play with her, to explore her. When I realised that how can I stay behind then. I started to knead her breast vigorously. She removed her hand from me and let me fondle her more freely.

I was in heaven. Before I was feeling my sister boobs secretly, fearing she would wake up. But now I could feel her breast more freely with any fear in mind. I didn't remember what I had done with them exactly. I knead her breast, squeezed, pressed and etc. etc. all the time Sangita was calm and steady allowing me to play freely with her breast. I was hard like rock. My cock was throbbing in my shorts. After some time when Sangita had had enough with her breast she guided my hand to her crotch. She raised her skirt all the way up to her waist under the chadder and placed my hand on her pussy above her panties.

I started to play with her pussy, More freely. I was cupping her, pinching her moving my hand up and down her slit. Didi was hot down there. I realised that her panties started to get wet. That was surly new sensation for me. Before whenever I felt her pussy she wasn't getting wet as she was in deep sleep but now when I am feeling her defiantly she was aroused as she started to leak her juices. That was making me also wet as pre-cum started to ooze from my cock.

Suddenly Sangita placed her hand on my hard cock above my shorts. I was shocked as first time she touched my cock. She started to move her hand up and down on my cock, which was throbbing because of her gentle touches. That sensation was too much for me as I sensed that I would come any moment. Didi must have excited too also as I sensed her body was shaking lightly. She pressed her other hand on me, which was cupping her pussy and pressed forcedly inside. I felt wetness on her panties and she relaxed afterward. I realised she came in her panties. I was so hot realising her orgasm that I explode in my pant. Didi sensed my orgasm also. Every time my cock would twitch she would press it tightly.

We took our hands off our bodies and calm down gradually. After some time I went to toilet and cleaned my underpants. God! So much cum was there in my pants. When I returned and sleep back Sangita also went to toilet afterward. Defiantly for the cleaning etc. by the time she returned to bed I was doze off, as it was too much for me.


Next day in the house whenever I met Sangita's eyes she would give me mischievous smile and shyly I would lower my eyes. At one time when we got some privacy she said to me,

"So Sonu! How are you now?" "I'm OK Didi! I thought you were angry with me. Thanks for not to tell father and mother." "Did you enjoy last night?" she asked. "Yes Didi! I thought I would never ever get chance to feel them" I replied her shyly. It was big surprised when you himself took my hand and put your... I couldn't say anything further. "Put where Sonu?" she asked mischievously. "There! On your..." "Oh come on Sonu! Don't shy! Tell me where I put your hands?" "On your boobs..." I said smilingly. "On boobs only? Where else also?" "On your pus... pussy also" "There you're!" she smiled and said, "if you're touching my breast and pussy then don't shy to take name of those part. Ok?" I nodded shyly.

"To tell you truth, Sonu. I also enjoy everything. Only we have to take care that nobody should know about this. We can have more fun like that. Tonight more surprise will be there for you."

She said smilingly and went inside. Whole time I kept guessing what the surprise she might have for me.

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