Cole's finger hovered over the Enter key, wavered uncertainly and then pressed down.

"Hey, would you like to take this conversation to Skype?"

He stared at the chat box, his mind racing. Yes, he'd been flirting online with Lily for a few months now and they had been getting along great. The conversations, the sexy teasing, and even the occasional naughty picture back and forth had been the high point of his days on the road traveling for work. Whatever cheap hotel room they stuck him in was more like home when she was in a chat box on his screen.

A full minute ticked by while waiting not daring to breath. Was he moving too fast? Was he about to ruin what they had by trying to take it to another level. A few more heartbeats ticked by and then the messenger chimed with Lily's response.

"I thought you would never ask! Give me a minute and I'll log in."

His hands shook slightly as he clicked on the white S on the blue cloud and logged in. This night was suddenly full of endless possibilities. The tiny webcam view of himself on the screen suddenly reminded him that Lily had only ever seen him in pictures until now. He ran a hand across the day's stubble on his chin and then hurriedly finger combed his hair. It would have to do.

It seemed like a lifetime before the whooshing sound of her logging into the web chat filled his speakers and made his heart pound. Then she was on his screen, every bit as lovely as her pictures.

"Hi, Lily" He smiled into the camera. Damn his nervousness. He hoped his voice didn't shake.

"Hi, Cole." She looked amazing on his screen as she sat on her bed looking into her laptop camera. Dark hair tumbled to her shoulders in glorious curls over the white lacy fabric of the nightgown that covered her shoulders. Her smile made him glad he was already sitting down both because of a sudden weakness in his knees and a suddenly growing pressure in his pants."

He suddenly realized he was staring like an idiot and broke the silence. "Disappointed with the real me?"

"Not a bit. Are you disappointed?"

"No!" he said forcefully. Then realizing he was almost yelling he forced a smile and added "You're every bit as beautiful as your pictures." He stopped abruptly, his face starting to turn the red. In a lot of those pictures she has been at least partly naked. Damn his big mouth.

"I was afraid you wouldn't recognize me without my boobs out," she said, answering his unspoken thought, "I thought about getting them out to start with just to make sure you knew it was me."

Merciless teasing was her forte. She always seemed to know what was on his mind and she loved using it to get a rise out of him in every possible sense. She could be such a bitch and it never failed to turn him on.

"Well, you could get them out now." He said, his mouth suddenly dry. "The Internet is a crazy place. Never hurts to be sure who you're talking to."

"Is that why you asked me to cam with you?" Lily said, pressing her hand to her ample chest in mock horror, "Just to get my clothes off?"

"I...I...Uh..." he stuttered and then noticed the wicked gleam in her eye. Bitch. His pants were now uncomfortably tight. "...I'd be willing to prove myself too" he finished.

"Ok." She said her smile suddenly equal parts wicked and gleeful. "Let's see your proof. Get it out now."

"Yes ma'am." Angling the camera slightly downward he unbuttoned his khaki pants and unzipped them sliding them and his boxers to his knees in one quick jerk. His thick, hard cock stood proudly on display on the tiny screen of himself. Her move.

"Hmmmmm" she said almost purring as she leaned toward the screen. "I guess that does look familiar although in the pictures you usually were doing something to it with your hand..."

His hand moved of its own volition down to his cock lifting it toward the camera.

"Ok," he said tilting the camera back up to show his face "I've shown you mine. Your turn."

"You think I'm just going to get naked for you that easy?" Her eyes shone with a mocking light. "You must think I'm a terrible slut."

"I know you are." He said with a smile of his own, "And a deal is a deal."

Her hand moved slowly to her shoulder, lowering one of the lacy straps of her nightgown then just as slowly she lowered the other. The white lace slid with infinitely slowness down over her breasts...revealing the curves of a black silk bra. Fuck.

"I see you got all dressed up for the occasion," Cole said, filling his voice with what he hoped was confidence. "Shame you went to all the effort just to take it off again."

Lily cocked her head to one side studying his image on the screen. He swore he could feel her gaze touching him from a thousand miles away. Considering him. Measuring him.

At last she appeared to reach a decision. "I've tortured you long enough. Let's have some fun!"

Reaching behind her, she unclasped her bra and shrugged out of the straps, letting them tumble free. She smiled mischievously at the screen.

"I had no idea your eyes could open that wide." She laughed. "Or your mouth either for that matter."

Cole shut his mouth with an audible click but he couldn't help but stare at the boobs on his screen, rounded white curves and pink-tipped perfection. He licked his lips and hoped he wasn't literally drooling.

Then Lily was cupping them in her hands, presenting them to the camera. "Would you like these in your mouth?"

He nodded wordlessly then gasped as she lifted one to her mouth and ran her tongue over the soft skin, fingers teasing the nipple erect. Unconsciously his hand moved down to his cock again and he moved back on the bed where he sat putting both his face and stroking hand into the camera's view.

"Holy fuck," he breathed. "You are beautiful."

"It's nothing you haven't seen before," she said coyly then lifted her other hand and gave that breast the same licking and squeezing treatment her eyes locked on his, "nothing to get so worked up about."

"You are such a teasing bitch." He said happily. His cock was so hard it ached. It was a glorious pain.

"You love it." she said, rubbing both hands along her boobs, squeezing them together. "And you're so easy to tempt. All I have to do is flash you some tits and melt down into a puddle. I don't know if you'll survive if I show you any more."

"I'll take my chances," he breathed. "Keep going, don't worry about me."

"Well, if I'm going to get naked then you should be too," she pouted, "Finish what you started."

Cole almost ripped his shirt in his haste to get it off, so intent that he didn't even have a chance to feel self-conscious about his less than Grecian figure and pale skin that practically glowed in the dark. All he could see was her. All he wanted was for her to keep on teasing and tormenting him. Nothing else mattered.

Naked, he settled back down on the bed staring at the laptop screen and waiting to see what she would do next. Without a word she tilted her own camera to the side of the bed and climbed out in a flash of white legs and curved thighs. She faced the wall, showing him her back and then slowly slipped the white nightgown the rest of the way off, dropping it to the floor.

Her hips moved as if she danced to music he could not hear and then she was bending over, pushing the roundness of her ass at the camera as inch by silky inch she slid the black panties down revealing her naked flesh. She took her time as if she instinctively knew that each prolonged second sent a fresh wave of adrenaline through him, making his body shake and his face flush. She was perfection. Beauty and grace. He wanted to fuck her until she screamed his name.

Then she was back on the bed, her own face flushed to match his own, eyes defying him to break the silence first.

A hushed "Wow." was all he could managed.

"Disappointed?" Her voice seemed strangely vulnerable with none of the mocking it had held a moment before.

"Never." he said firmly. "You are goddess. In another age they would have built you a temple and worshiped you."

"I don't need worship." She said airily, "But I could use a good fucking right about now. Pity you're so far away."

Cole groaned. It was a common theme of their conversations, wishing they were close enough to touch, but seeing her made the distance all the more difficult to bear.

She smiled at the sound. "I guess I'll just have to make do with this," she said, and reached for something lying on the bed beside her out of his line of sight. When she straightened he instantly recognized the long shaft in her hand as the rabbit vibrator he had sent her from a sex shop on a stop a few weeks before. She held the toy in front of the camera pressed a button making the motors whir and hum.

"Can your cock do that?" she inquired, lifting a quizical eyebrow at him.

"You'll never know what my cock can do until you try it," he countered as he nodded down to where his hand was now rhythmically stroking the full length of his fully engorged shaft. "But if that toy is all you can manage right now then you might as well use it."

She laughed in response and settled back on the bed, drawing up her legs and spreading them wide for the camera. The engorged pink lips of her pussy seemed to Cole the most sensuous thing he had ever seen. Lazily, she rubbed her clit with a finger and then slipped it inside hungrily exploring the wetness she found there. Almost reluctantly, she withdrew it and then licked her finger slowly, her eyes boring into his on the screen.

"Yummy." she said licking her lips. "Would you like a taste?"

"You're a cock-teasing bitch." He said flatly but he could not keep the excitement out of his expression. "And I would lick your pussy until you begged for mercy."

"Promises, promises." Lily replied moving the tip of the vibrator down until it rested on her clit, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from her. "God, that's good."

Then with a sigh she gently eased the large rotating shaft into her pussy, moaning again as the vibrating ears made contact with her clit. She lay like that for a moment, head thrown back against the headboard of the bed, large breasts heaving with each breath as she let the excitement build inside her.

Cole stared transfixed, motionless except the movement of his hand on his own cock. He could never remember being this turned on by anything in his life. His desire for her consumed him, burning away every other thought but wish to be there with her, feeling her, tasting her, and fucking her senseless.

Slowly at first then with growing force, Lily began moving the vibrator in and out, the shaft whirred as it impaled her, drawing groans and small cries from her as she thrust harder and harder. Cole could hear the soft squish of her wetness as the vibrator plunged home. Her left hand clutched at her breast, squeezing the nipple mercilessly as she fucked herself.

"Yes!" he breathed aloud, not sure if she could even hear him. "Oh, fuck, YESSS!"

She moaned as she climaxed, her whole body tense with the pleasure of it, her toes curling where they rested on the sheets. Wave after wave of pleasure battered her, robbing her muscles of strength, replaced it with liquid heat that made her collapse on the bed.

After a moment she opened her eyes and looked at the camera. "Are you just going sit there holding that thing all night?"

Cole's hand tightened on his cock, his whole body tingling with the amazement of what he had just seen. He was almost there already. In a few short strokes, his balls tightened and then jet after jet of hot cum soaked his chest and stomach, making his shudder and gasp for air. Just as it seemed the spasms would never end, they released him at last and he collapsed back onto the hotel bed.

Lily raised a eyebrow at him. "Enjoy yourself?" she asked quizzically .

"Yup. You?"

"It'll do for now," She said with a wicked smile. "Maybe next time I'll catch a flight and we'll play for real. Or at least you can dream..."

He laughed as they said their goodbyes and logged off. Ever the temptress that one. He hoped she would never stop.

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