tagSci-Fi & FantasySlave in a New World Ch. 01

Slave in a New World Ch. 01


"Shh... Be quiet, Jenna. They'll hear you," Allison whispered to me as we heard footstep outside our dank cell.

I stopped complaining, out loud anyway. The manacle around my ankle was cutting into my flesh. It's difficult to know how long we've been in captivity. The seemingly random periods of darkness did not mark out true days as they did on earth. I struggled to get comfortable on the dirt floor of the cell. The bruises on my body were reminders that this was no ordinary nightmare.

The last thing I remember before being grabbed by these stark, lanky creatures was watching my husband die trying to save me from their grasp. My last memory of him was too horrific to hold onto. Many men suffered similar fates. The women of my town were captured, bound in metal thread-like rope, and dragged aboard a bizarre aircraft.

It must have taken weeks to land. The women tried desperately to comfort each other. I was lost in solemn despair. I felt as though it didn't matter what happened to me next. My life was already over. Nathan, my husband, was gone. When I was able to sleep, I would awaken from nightmares of watching Nathan try to save me.

After the shock wore off, I got angry. I wished I could kill these heartless beasts who had stolen us from our homes. I would secretly plan a murderous escape fantasy in my mind. I knew it was unrealistic, but somehow picturing myself avenging Nathan's death helped calm my grief and fear.

After we landed, they forced us out of the ship and into a small building. This building was no more than a collection of cells, a prison. Several women fainted during the short walk to our prison. Others of us managed to gasp enough oxygen into our lungs as we were led to our cells.

The walls were some queer metal, none like I had ever seen before. Its orangish tint reminded me of tarnished silver, but it was consistently orange. The hue was assaultive to the senses. The other women and I were confined in our cell. Our manacles were secured by a thin chain attached to a metal square mounted on the wall.

The clang of the door seized my attention. There in the doorway loomed one of those stark creatures. It removed the length of chain from the cell wall and yanked it. I assumed this was some sort of gesture for us to follow him. Silently, the other women and I rose to our feet. We followed the creature out of our prison. The sun was bright now. I'm not even sure if there was one sun, or many. The sky was too bright to search out the source of the light. I kept my eyes on the ground. The dirt was a dusty brown.

It led us to a crowd of similar creatures. The crowd remained silent. I never heard any of the creatures speak. Some of the creatures approached us, poking us, opening our mouths and inspecting our teeth. I winced at their touch. Their white skin seemed paper-thin. Their eyes overwhelmed their face. I wondered how they could stand the brightness with such drastically large eyes. The creature who had led us out of the prison took one of the women. He released her from the chain and led her in front of the crowd. As the creature held her by her wrist, he looked and nodded at several creatures in the crowd. After a long pause, one of the creatures stepped forward and claimed her.

The creature returned to us and grabbed my wrist. He released the chain from my ankle. He led me in front of the crowd. Again, he silently looked at the members of the crowd and nodded at various ones. Eventually, he gave a final nod, and one of the creatures stepped forward and grabbed my wrist.

With his other hand, he stroked my shoulder. I winced at the strange touch. We walked quite a long way. I kept looking at the ground. There was no use in fighting him. Where would I go? I couldn't go home. The cosmic sea prevented that.

The landscape was barren. I didn't see any trees or vegetation. We passed several small buildings. Some were metal. Some looked more like the earth under our feet. There were no doors, only dark doorways. We approached one such building, an earthen one. He ducked his head and entered, gently pulling me behind him.

We turned to enter a small room. The room was dark. There were no windows or anything resembling a window. Another creature, smaller than the one who led me here, turned to me and nodded. Was this his wife? The creature still had a hold of my wrist. He led me to something that looked like a large rubber chair. He turned me away from it, and motioned for me to sit down. This chair was more comfortable than any I had ever felt. It was a welcomed change from the dank cell floor.

As I sat in the chair, the creature kneeled at my feet, examining the manacle. He took an instrument, a tool of some kind, from a shelf on the wall, and then returned to my feet. He carefully worked with the tool until I felt the manacle fall from my ankle. He took my foot in his large hand. Setting my foot back onto the dirt floor, he stood and walked to the other creature.

He looked into her eyes. Was that pity that I saw? She nodded. She took some sort of leaves from a small, metal box and added them to water she was boiling over a strange, glowing wire. I watched her. There was a sheet of white material hanging from the wall of the room. With a sharp tear, she ripped a piece from it, similar to the size of a washcloth. She removed the water from the hook that held it above the wire. She set in down on a small silver table in the corner of the room. She dipped the rag into the pot, wrung it out, and brought it to me.

She knelt at my feet and carefully dabbed the wounds that my manacle had caused. I expected the rag to be boiling hot. Instead, it was ice cold. When she finished cleaning my wound, she put her papery hand on my knee. She raised her head to look at me.

"Don't worry. You will be okay," said a quiet voice inside my head. This voice was not my own.

She rose to her feet and left the room. The other creature took my hand and led me to another room. The only thing in this dark room was a flat surface resembling a bed. The top of the surface was white material. The underside of the surface was metal. The side of this mattress was about 5". It looked like the material and metal were merged together somehow, not separate like a mattress and box spring. The creature looked at me and pointed at the surface.

"Lie down," a voice said inside my head. This voice was different that the one I heard before. It was not deeper or louder, just different.

I laid down on the bed. I was scared. I didn't know if they were going to do something to me or just let me sleep. I still had the clothes on that I had worn when I was captured. I had a plain black t-shirt and red shorts. The other creature entered the room. She brought another rag and the cool liquid.

"Would you like to bathe yourself?" I heard her voice say within my head.

I nodded and sat up. She approached me. She dipped the rag into the liquid and handed it to me. I cleaned my face first. Then, I lifted my shirt enough to wipe the rag all over my torso. I cleaned my legs, which were dirty from lying on the cell floor. When I was satisfied, I handed the rag back to her.

"Don't sleep. You will have a visitor soon," her voice said.

Both creatures left the room. I lie there trying to make sense of my new life. A visitor? Another creature? What will they want with me? The larger creature returned to the room a moment later. After he entered the room, I saw that he had someone behind him. It was a man! The man stepped forward. He was about 6' tall, with long brown hair and brown eyes. He was handsome in a quiet way. The kind of person you might see in public and admire, but he was not strikingly gorgeous.

"It's okay. They want us to mate," He said to me in a hushed voice.

The creature stood in the doorway of the room watching us. I was in shock. I laid down and tried to relax. I had so much I wanted to ask this man. I wanted to know how long he had been here, where he was from, and how these aliens had treated him. I wondered if he had lost family during his capture too.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Shhh... They don't like us to talk too much."

Then, I saw sadness in his eyes. "Jim," he whispered.

He removed my shorts and silk panties before joining me on the bed. He started to lift my shirt, so I sat up. I lifted my shirt myself and removed my bra. I started to cover myself when I remembered that the creature was still watching us.

Jim took my hands and moved them away from my breasts. He turned his head to face away from the creature and said, "You're beautiful." Jim only wore a pair of boxers. He took them off. He placed his hand on my thighs and guided me to part my legs. He knelt over me and kissed my breast. He took my nipple into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue. He kissed his way over to the other breast. I started to moan as he teased my now hard nipple.

He kissed my lips. His kiss was gentle. He looked into my eyes as his hard cock slid into me. I gasped and started to moan as he continued to thrust his manhood deep inside me. For that moment, I was able to forget my situation. It was just Jim and me in our new world.

I caressed his strong chest, and then held onto his back. His thrusts were powerful. He slowed down, gently thrusting into me while looking into my eyes. Then, he pounded my pussy, forcing louder moans from my lips. He groaned. I felt him throbbing inside me. I was disappointed as he pulled his cock from me. I had loved being close to him. I hated for it to end.

I looked over at the creature in the doorway. Jim got off the bed and put his boxers back on. He stood in front of the creature, looking it in the eyes. Then, Jim lowered his head, walked past it, and left. The creature approached the bed. I tried to cover my nakedness. He forced my legs apart. He ran one of his long fingers along my pussy. He stopped at my clit. I held my breath. He stroked my clit.

"You like that, don't you?" I heard his voice in my head.

I didn't answer. I refused to answer. His finger continued to rub my clit, gently at first, then harder. I groaned. I didn't want to feel this thing touch me, but my body responded to it. I tensed up.

"Relax. I am your new friend," the voice said.

He teased my clit with two fingers. With a whimper, I tightened up and came. Then, he inserted a finger into my vagina with one quick motion. I gasped. He pulled his finger out and examined the mixture of semen and my juices. He nodded and left the room.

I got dressed quickly. I thought of Jim. I wondered if he was servicing all the women who were captured with me. I thought about the other women. Were their experiences much different than my own? I wondered if I will get chances to see them again. Most of all, I hoped for more time with Jim. I wished to know what was behind those sad, brown eyes.

I curled up on the bed and began to worry about what will happen to me. I started to cry. I scolded myself for crying. Getting upset won't help me. There's nothing I can do about it. This is my home now.

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