tagSci-Fi & FantasySlave in a New World Ch. 04

Slave in a New World Ch. 04



"Stop! She'll hear you!"


I sat up my bed. It was still dark. The other slaves appeared to be sound asleep. I couldn't see who might have called me or who objected to it.

"Oh, Jenna!"

I looked around for the source of the voice. Then, I realized in was Master's voice that I was hearing in my head. I heard what sounded like grunting followed by my name again. I left my bed and sneaked out of the women's slave quarters. Once out in the open, I saw that the alien landscape was deserted. I looked harder for Mister. I sneered at my nickname for my master. When I didn't see anyone, I continued towards the dune that separated the plantation from the house Mister shared with his wife, who I called "Celie."

"Jenna! Oh!"

Now, this was creepy. I walked up to the back wall of the main house. I questioned my plan, but I continued toward the front door. At the front of the house, I looked around to make sure no one would see me. The air was thick and dark. I couldn't see anyone else.

I tentatively slinked through the dark doorway into Mister's house. I silently dropped to my knees and crawled toward the back room. Peering into Mister's dark bedroom, I saw the creature looming over Celie. Celie sat on the edge of the bed. Her face was almost entirely covered by Mister's mouth. Mister held Celie's thin shoulders as he trust his face over hers. A thin, white liquid dripped from Celie's mouth and trickled down her neck.

"Oooh, Jenna!" I heard in my mind, louder than before.

Mister was thrusting his mouth against Celie's face. Celie's eyes were closed. He tilted his head and thrust harder into her face.

"Ah! Oh! Jenna! Yes!" she heard Mister's voice in her head as he grabbed the back of Celie's head and forcefully pulled half of her face into his mouth. I covered my mouth to stifle any auditory signs of my disgust.

As Mister pulled his mouth away from Celie, I could see the length of a slender purplish-pink tube protruding from the inside of his mouth. It was almost a foot long. At first, I thought it was the master's tongue. Maybe they were just kissing. But, then I remembered that I had seen Mister's tongue. It was small, brownish-pink, and thin, not at all like this opposing tubular projection.

As Mister separated from Celie, I saw his tongue. His tongue was cleaning a thick, pale yellow liquid from the shiny, tubular projection. Gradually, the tubular projection shrunk drastically in size and slowly retracted into Mister's mouth.

I gasped. "Oh, my God! They were having sex!" I thought. I hurried away from the door, but not before seeing Mister look at me. I got up and ran as fast as I toward the slave quarters. I darted over the pinnacle of the dune. While running down the dune, I slipped and tumbled for several feet. I looked up, expecting to see Mister chasing me. Other than the sound of my deep breathing, it was completely quiet. There was no one chasing me. I would still feel better being back in my bed. I stood up and ran the rest of the way back to the women's sleeping quarters. I stood in the doorway, trying to slow my breathing. I looked up at the dune. There was still no one.

I tiptoed back to my bed. I replayed the images in my mind. The images were intrusive and had an involuntary hold on my thoughts. "Oh, my! He was calling out my name while he was having sex with Celie!" I realized.

Facing the doorway, I curled up in my bed. Sleep would be impossible. As my bleary eyes concentrated on the door, I was startled by the appearance of a looming figure. I quickly darted behind my bed like a frightened mouse.

"Jenna. Come here. I won't hurt you," I heard Celie's voice in my mind.

I let out an audible sigh. It was Celie, not Mister! I emerged from my pathetic hiding spot and approached her. When I reached the doorway, she led me to the area where the slaves sit to eat.

"I wanted to explain. I know you have to be scared by what you saw. He didn't want me to come talk to you, but I told him that I had to," her voice explained. "He wanted you to see," she continued.

"What? He wanted me to see the two of you? But, why?" I asked aloud even though I knew she could read my astonishment without spoken words.

"He's attracted to you, but he knows he can't really have you. I tried to stop him from calling you. But, he slapped me and called you louder. He wanted you to see us. He wanted you to witness him thinking about you as we had sex. I'm sorry you had to see that."

I was stunned. Mister wanted me to see that he wants me? I remembered him rubbing my clit previously. I had already known his desires. I knew he had enjoyed giving me an orgasm. I remembered how my body had betrayed me by yielding and responding to his touch. He was doing more than just letting me know something obvious. He was putting on a show for me.

"He was sexually excited that I was watching him, wasn't he?" I asked.

"Oh, yes!" Celie said.

"And that doesn't bother you?"

"No. Not at all. It's not the same among my people. Sex is just sex to females. Males are different. Males have fantasies. Sex is more important to them," Celie explained.

"Oh, well, I feel bad for you then."

"I feel badly for you at having to see that. Tell you what. I bet you have a ton of questions. I know I would. I'll answer one question for your sake. But, you must never tell anyone or think it in my presence or in the presence of any of my people. Don't waste your question on wanting to go back to Earth. That will never happen. And your question cannot be a request. I have no power to grant the requests of slaves," Celie offered.

"Okay, one question... that's tough," I thought. If it could be a request, I would have asked to be joined in a marriage-like arrangement with Jim. I think I could deal with my new world easier if I had a kind, caring mate who could spend time with me whenever we wanted to be together.

"I wish I could grant your wish," her gentle voice whispered in my mind as she rested her spindly hand on top of mine as a gesture of empathy.

"Okay, there is something that was bothering me. Why do we have to do so much manual labor? I mean, you have technology to do things like travel to earth and capture us. Yet our work here is so primitive."

"Ah, good question. Let me think about how much I can safely tell you." Celie said with sad eyes. "Our people are what you might call a discarded society. We are outcasts. I can't discuss the events that led to our diminished status. Our access to technology has been extremely limited by the ruling class. The people who captured you and brought you here, they are not of my people. They are rebels of the upper class who take pity on our people. They bring us slaves when they capture some for themselves. They try to fight the upper class for our sake, but they have not been successful," Celie informed me.

"Maybe someday," I assured her.

"But you must never let anyone know that you know any of this. If anyone finds out what I've told you, they may kill you," Celie warned. "Now, I must go. It would appear improper and maybe suspicious if someone other than my husband saw me outside of the house before dawn."

I watched Celie's lanky form walk away from me and climb the dune. She disappeared over the edge of the dune. I sat there in silence. My mind was calmed. After several minutes, I watched the light of sunrise crack the darkness. A new day holds limited hope when you are a slave.

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