tagIncest/TabooSleeping Daddy

Sleeping Daddy


I came home late from clubbing for my friend Sarah's birthday. It was probably around 5:00 a.m. completely high and fucking horny, my pussy needed some serious attention and despite the fact that I made out with Josh all night on the dance floor, he still went home with that bitch, Farah. I can't stand that cunt. On top of it all, my parents would kill me if they saw me like this. So I snuck as quietly as I could through the front door and into the living room where my heart jumped at the bulking mass of my father and the flicker of the television.

I started stammering to come up with some cover story for being so late and looking the way I did. I was quite aware that my hair was a mess, my lipstick was all over my face, my clothes were rumpled and torn in places from Josh's rough hands and mouth. My pupils were also completely dilated from the hit of Ecstasy I did 35 minutes ago, a fact that I am sure my mother wouldn't miss.

Then I heard the sound of my father's baritone snore. It was a sound I was completely used to as I could hear it through the walls and doors every night. My wide eyes looked at him again; sure enough he was sleeping propped up against a couch cushion with a porno at the main menu. It must have finished and went back to the menu. Holy shit, I suddenly realized that my dad was completely naked. My horny pussy immediately started to throb at this hunk of a man in front of me.

My dad was 6' 4", well-muscled, completely smooth, slightly tanned, and fucking hung. His sleeping cock sprawled itself over my dad's massive ball sack and was a good 7 or 8 inches soft. I'd seen the bulge his cock made in his sweat pants and speedo but I was never really interested in what was making that bulge. Now tonight is a different story. My mouth, hands and pussy were all yearning to experience this man.

I crept slowly towards his sleeping form trying to hold my breath as if it would wake his apparent deep sleep. I knew he was a deep sleeper from my mother always complaining. He has even slept through a fire alarm and a small earth quake once. I glanced around the room and noticed obvious signs of my parents having their own party. There were several empty wine bottles and a couple wine glasses next to a now warm cheese collection sitting on a wooden cutting board.

I reached my dad's bulky muscle body and started to cry just looking at how gorgeous he was. He was a bona fide 40 year old stud and tonight I was determined to be his mare. I took out my iPhone and selected my video app. The red light indicated it was recording.

"My stud father, passed out naked on the couch for his naughty daughter." I whispered into the microphone. I panned the camera slowly over my father's stallion body. "His fucking humungous cock, I am going to have a little taste." I reached for his flaccid cock and lifted it up for the camera. "Look at this thing, it's fucking huge and it isn't even hard yet and these," I let go of his cock and fondled his giant balls. "Full of daddy spunk."

Once on my hands and knees, I took hold of daddy's cock again and positioned my phone so that my mouth and his cock filled the screen. I opened my hot mouth and licked him from balls to tip twice before putting it in my mouth. It tasted fresh; he obviously hadn't cum from his porno. My tongue played with his soft cock in my mouth for a while before it started getting hard. His cock grew and grew and grew and grew. "Holy shit," I coughed and pulled him completely out of my mouth. I sat back and filmed the sheer size of his mammoth fuck stick. Certainly three times the size of Josh's big dick. The joke is on Farah tonight, then.

I took a good hold of his stick thickening cock. I couldn't close my hand around his shaft at any point. The thing was long and uniformly thick with his cock head just as thick as the rest of it. It was like a bottle of raid or something. Precum formed at the tip queuing me to put it back into my mouth where I tried to swallow as much as I could. The camera didn't miss a minute and my dad continued to saw logs obvious to the pleasures we were sharing.

I sucked his cock for about 5 minutes before it started throbbing. I didn't want him to cum yet so I stopped. I filmed his sleeping body and rampant cock once again, "Fuck daddy, you are too good not to have."

I pulled off my shirt and kicked off my bar pants and panties then approached daddy again in just my black bra. I took a hold of his cock in my attempted fist again making sure to show the camera that I couldn't actually hold onto him and the fact that I needed another 5 or 6 hands to make it to his dick head. I dropped his cock again and retrieved the fabric tape measure from the junk drawer in the kitchen. For the camera, I first measured his length from the base of his cock to the tip, he was 13 rock solid inches, Christ! Next I wrapped the tape around his girth, 7 inches. How did he had enough blood for this thing?

I tucked the tape measure into my bra then climbed onto the couch. It sank with the added weight but daddy continued snoring away. With the camera still rolling, I took his cock and slapped it a number of times against my hungry pussy. It made a smacking noise and I started cumming on the spot. I was so wet that I was now dripping. I smacked daddy's rod against me a couple more times to make sure he was good and hard then I placed the cock head into the opening of my cunt lips. Fuck it felt amazing. I was going to cum again.

Once I was satisfied that there was no way that it could escape, I pushed down onto the thick invader. I was being split into two. I continued to slide down his cock until I had to move my legs and flat out sit on his lap with his harpoon inside me. His cock bottomed out right inside his daughter's aching womb. Fuck. I was cumming so hard I had to bite my teeth together not to shout. At the same time I felt daddy's cock start to throb and his snoring changed as I felt heat spreading through my loins. I leaned forward and cuddled against my dad's pecs and six pack until he stopped cumming inside me and his breathing returned to normal.

His cock started to soften but I used my pussy muscles to coax it into a full-blown hard-on again when I started fucking my dad's sleeping body. Kneeling again I used my thighs to move up and down slowly. His cock withdrew only three or four inches at a time. I was nearing another organism on this magnificent dick and I was desperately trying to film every last second of this experience, of his cock moving in and out of his daughter's tight little fuck hole. After a few more minutes I was cumming all over daddy's cock again.

I rested a moment before picking up the pace again. I bounced hard on to daddy's fuck stick now. "Oh daddy, I could do this all night. I could fuck your huge monster cock all fucking night. You make your little girl's pussy cum all over you daddy. My fucking hot, hung stud father." The camera was capturing my daddy's cock plunging up into my cavern then I panned to his sleeping face. His mouth was open and his brow furrowed but he was still snoring.

"Mmm, mmmm, mmmm, fuck daddy, give it to me," I leaned forward and kissed him full on his lips then plunged back down all the way to his balls. My climax was building again. A-fucking-gain! Something Josh was never able to do, give me multiple organisms. "Fuck daddy, I am going to cum. I am going to cum. I am going to cum. I am cumming." I let out a squeal as the most intense orgasm of my life rocked my body at the exact same time daddy's cock swelled and started spitting its seed into me again.

"Oh, I feel you cumming. You're cumming. You're cumming into your daughter, daddy, I love you." I collapsed onto his muscular chest an enjoyed the bliss of the moment. Daddy continued snoring through the whole ordeal. After 10 minutes his cock was completely soft but still lodged several of his soft inches into my cunny. The mixture of our juices were now dripping out and onto his thighs so I decided to dismount my stallion. Filming the entire dismount, I captured it as his cock slurped and flopped onto his now empty family jewels. Our cum was all over the place and my pussy was throbbing from being stretched to the max.

I spent several minutes cleaning daddy up then I panned the camera over his entire body again, then zoomed in on his package once more. I kissed his cock and balls then I kissed him on the lips and whispered thank you into his ear.

The room began spinning so I grabbed my clothes and I made it to the bathroom where I vomited everything I had had that night: the seven Breezers, the four tequila shots and probably what was left of the ecstasy. I puked four times before flushing the toilet one last time and hoisting myself to the mirror. I was a mess. With every bit of energy I could muster, I washed my spoiled make-up from my face and did a half-ass brushing of my teeth before making it to my bedroom. I passed out in my bed and woke up well into the afternoon.

When I woke up, I head a dreadful headache and my pussy was ridiculously sore, as if I had tried ripping it into two or stuffed a telephone pole into it. I rubbed myself, "Sheesh, Josh must have had his way with me last night." He did have a decent size cock, nine inches and thick, but it feels like I had two or three of his cocks inside me last night. I looked around but he wasn't there, which wasn't unusual, he normally left as soon as possible since we were friends with benefits.

I needed to find Josh's spent condom before my mother did; he always tossed it nonchalantly after cumming and I often had to spend up to an hour to find the fucking thing. I once even had to distract my mother in the laundry room when I realized that it must had landed in the pile of dirty clothes that my mother retrieved. But this time there was none to find. "Maybe I flushed it last night?" Probably, actually, since I did apparently brush my teeth which usually happened after sucking Josh's cock.

I pulled on some sweat pants and a t-shirt and make my way to the bathroom to check out the damage. As it turned out, I looked fairly good considering I don't remember anything after the first tab of ecstasy at around midnight. I didn't even have a hickey that Josh so often left me and that I would have to spend the following week disguising as best I could. I brushed my hair and pulled it back into a pony tail then washed my face.

In the kitchen, I poured a cup of now cold coffee and grabbed a bagel from the bread box, toasted it and spread peanut butter and honey onto it then went onto the front porch to enjoy the afternoon. Mom had all the windows open and looks like she had spent the morning cleaning. The house smelled of lemon cleaner.

The car was gone, but this was no surprise because it was around the time when mom went for the weekly grocery trip. I hope never to become so domesticated. Dull, in fact. She was fun but had an over-whelming case of OCD at the best of times.

I finished my bagel and leaned back cross-legged in the Muskoka chair. Man, my pussy was fucking sore. I really think Josh did tear it or sprained it last night, was that possible?

I just brought the mug of coffee to my lips when spotted my father jogging down the street. He was always jogging and working out. He was incredibly fit. I hope to find a guy that fit one day. When he was six houses away he was stopped by Ms. Junot, the French lady who was always flirting with my father. My mother didn't let it bother her much because she and dad were "so in love" but Ms. Junot wasn't the only woman. And there were men, of course.

As I finished my coffee dad continued his jog towards the house and I could see why Ms. Junot, or anyone, really, would stop him today. He had removed his shirt and tucked it behind into a pair of biking shorts he often wore running, but these shorts were a bit too tight and you could clearly make out what was going on inside. My dad's cock and balls looked huge! My mom sure is lucky.

"Hey pumpkin," dad gasped, wiping his forehead with his shirt.

"Hey dad, good run? I see Ms. Junot got you again."

He laughed, "well, yeah, I kind of wore a pair of old shorts which has been garnering a lot of attention today," he gestured to his crotch and I told him that I noticed, as well.

"What can I say? I am hung like an elephant and now everyone knows," he laughed again. "I am going for a shower," he kissed me on the forehead and went into the house.

I sat and enjoyed the afternoon breeze while finishing my coffee. Half an hour later, I washed up my plate and mug then returned to my room to grab my bathrobe so that I, too, could go for a shower. I needed to freshen up, badly, but I also wanted to soak my battered pussy in hot water to ease the soreness.

I walked past my parent's room and noticed the door was ajar; I had an urge to peek inside. What I saw next took my breath away, dad was stark naked. He had not an ounce of fat on his body and seemed to have muscles upon muscles upon muscles and was completely hairless with the exception of his armpits and a trimmed bush above what has to be the largest cock in the word. It was flaccid but hung a good eight inches over some hefty-looking balls. Holy crap, mom, you bagged a good one.

My pussy immediately became wet and so I ran to the shower where I found myself masturbating to my dad's cock and body. He was attractive, I never realized. He was 6' 4", dark brown hair, brown eyes, built like a bull and hung like an elephant. His words, not mine.

Over the next month when Josh was fucking me my mind always went to my father. I even got Josh into roll-playing daddy-daughter, mother-son and brother-sister. It really turned him on. If only I could get him to stop flinging his cum-filled condom somewhere in my room. "Chill, babe, it's my thing."

In the weeks following I became acutely aware that I had not had my two last scheduled periods which duly caused me to panic a bit. I was also sick to my stomach a couple times throughout the day. The last thing that I needed right now was Josh knocking me up, I mean he wasn't even my boyfriend. He was pretty much the neighbourhood man whore.

I desperately wanted to go buy a pregnancy test but I had to wait until payday. I couldn't ask my parents for money because they'd just say no and that I should budget better. So a week and a bit went by before I could actually get my hands on one. Positive. I was fucking pregnant! It had to have been that crazy night. There was no condom, maybe Josh didn't even use one the fucker.

I made an appointment with my doctor to confirm but it wouldn't be for a couple weeks because she was on holiday and the local walk-in clinic didn't do pregnancy tests. I was going out of my mind. Should I have an abortion? Of course I should, my parents will kill me if I tell them I am pregnant. Maybe they will? I don't know. I was going out of my mind. I needed to talk to Josh.

I found myself speed walking the couple of blocks to Josh's house. There were no cars in the drive way which meant that his parents were both out. I let myself in as I usually did. Only when I approached Josh's door it was wide open and he wasn't inside. 'Maybe he wasn't home?' I thought.

I was about to leave when I heard sounds coming from Jessica's, Josh's younger sister's, room. The sounds were distinctly sex noises, I knew them well. 'Good for you, Jessica.' I loved watching people have sex and I was in luck, the door wasn't closed all the way. From the crack in the door I could see two people fucking missionary style facing away from the door. So I pushed the door open further. Being the pervert voyeur that I am, I wanted to record this. I had my iPhone camera recording in no time.

I recorded the two lovers fucking like mad, I admired the guy's big balls and seemingly large cock plunging in an out of Jessica's tiny pussy and without condom, too. Risky. She should be careful or she'll get knocked up like me.

The couple were just grunting but then a couple minutes in they started becoming more vocal, "Fuck Jess, you're so fucking tight." "Oh Josh, you're so big, fuck me. Fuck me harder."

What?!? My mind exploded. Those were Josh's large balls and big, unprotected cock plunging in and out of Jessica's tiny pussy. 'Did our role-playing adventures push him to this?'

"Oh fuck sis, this is such a fucking turn on. Look at your big brother's big cock pounding your sweet teen pussy." I kept recording. I was getting so fucking horny. I didn't think anything would distract me from my pregnancy crisis. They fucked for twenty minutes before Josh announced he was going to cum.

'Cum inside her' the perve in me voicelessly chanted.

"Oh Josh, I'm cumming too," Jess cried. "Where do you want it, Jess? Where do you want my load?" He was thrusting into her in short bursts now. "Where do you want your big brother's big fucking load of cum?" He slammed hard into her and grunted loudly, far louder than he ever did with me. I zoomed in on his balls as they contracted sending seed into his sister's womb.

'That is so fucking hot.' I whispered into the microphone.

I crept out of the house and back to mine where I encountered my dad mowing the lawn without a shirt on and wearing a pair of sweat pants. I could see his hanging cock flopping around as his pushed the lawn mower. 'Could I ever fuck dad? Would he want to fuck me?' I asked myself, still horny from the Josh/Jessica incest thing. I hope he fucking knocks her up too.

I closed myself in my bedroom and re-watched the brother-sister fuck while masturbating when I called Josh to invite him for coffee because he needed to talk. Showered and refreshed, I met Josh at a local coffee shop where I proceeded to tell him that he knocked me up.

"What?!?" he freaked.

I spoke to him in a calm voice, "It had to have been that night of Sarah's party. I don't think we used a condom. I can't remember."

He looked at me quizzically then responded, "We didn't fuck that night, I went home with Farah, remember? And we didn't even fuck that night, she wanted to talk and establish a relationship and shit, so I left. You went home alone, babe."

"What? No way, we had to have fucked. I was so sore (I indicated my crotch) for like a week after that night and I am pregnant now."

He shook his head, "Nope. Do you think it could have been a faulty condom?" We didn't know, but he agreed to come with me to my doctor's appointment in a couple weeks.

At home I started noticing how hot my dad was more and more. I really appreciated the bulge in his pants and the way he filled all shirts. He was quite the male specimen over which I found myself masturbating again and again. I took extraordinary efforts to see him naked now and to let him see me naked. It even seemed like he was going out of his way to show off for me.

Finally at the doctor's appointment, the doctor admitted that it was possible to have a faulty condom and that Josh was likely the father since he was the only guy I have ever slept with. Josh demanded an amniocentesis before he went on to tell his parents. He also wanted me to have an abortion. He wanted a number of things, in fact.

Out of spite for his being a dick, I refused to have an abortion. I was four months pregnant before undergoing amniocentesis. During the months leading up to the test we were barely speaking to each other. We were sitting alone in the waiting room so I started, "Come on, Josh, you know that you are the only one who I sleep with."

"Look, babe, I really can't handle this." He looked really upset.

I put my arm around him, "Look, if it will put things back to how things were, I will have an abortion."

He looked at me, partially relieved but he was still consumed. "It isn't just that, I also knocked up someone else." He paused. "Fuck!"

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