Sleeping Daddy


"Who?" I asked then remembered the hot brother-sister session.

He shook his head, "I can't tell you." "Jessica?"

He jumped from the seat and glared at me.

"I saw you guys going at it, how long?"

His mind processed his information, "You saw me," he lowered his voice to a whisper in the empty waiting room, "fucking Jessica?"

I nodded. "When?"

I told him. "Yeah, that's pretty much one of the two times I came inside her." He paused and looked hard at me, "Our incest role-playing just got me so excited, I needed to do it. She didn't even resist."

Josh told me that she was nearly three months pregnant and that she was going to keep it. She wasn't going to tell her parents who the father was. "Well, that's good, isn't it?" He nodded but was still distraught.

"I really like fucking, you know. I am kinda built for it." He smiled for the first time. I agreed with him. His cock was hard running down the leg in his jeans, so I gave it a squeeze.

The doctor called us into her office and closed the door. "Well," she started, "I have two items of good news and one item of bad news. Which do you want first?"

We both agreed on the bad good news.

"Okay then, first, you are having twins, my dear." My face must have sunk. "Perhaps that isn't good news then? This other piece of information is pretty much simultaneously good news for Mr. Oliver here and bad news for you." She paused. "Mr. Oliver, you are not the father."

At once, my world went upside down. I freaked out, "But I have only ever had sex with Josh!" I protested.

"Evidently not," the doctor responded.

Josh grabbed my shoulders and held me still, "Listen, you think it was the night of Sarah's party, right? The night you don't remember how you got home? Do you think you were date raped?"

I spent the rest of the day trying to replay that night, but to no avail. As my pregnancy progressed I became less disturbed that didn't know who the father of my unborn children were and far more engrossed in preparing. My parents were quite supportive of the news. They didn't kill me. I am not sure if it is because I think that I was raped, though.

I told my parents of the pregnancy and the suspected date rape and they didn't kill me. In fact, they were very supportive. My father started spending extra attention on me, which often caused me to be flustered because I was horny all the time and I kept fanaticizing about him fucking me. It didn't help that he kept walking around the house in boxer briefs, bike shots, speedo and other crotch-attention-drawing articles of clothing.

My mother always went to bed early because she belonged to a ladies running group that met at 5:30 every morning, 7:00 on weekends. They did have the odd days off, of course. This left my dad and me alone to entertain ourselves after 9:00 p.m. We usually just watched television or shared a glass of wine; however, with the babies on their way it left me drinking tea while my dad sipped on Merlot or Alexander Keith's.

So every night there was me and my mostly naked father sitting on the couch watching movies or reruns. My eyes always drifted to the massive protrusion in his Armani boxer briefs and to his well-muscled torso, legs, everything. He had to be at least 230 lb., all muscle.

"Hey hun, why don't you snuggle up against your old man. It'll be like when you were a little kid." How could I resist, my horny pussy practically pulled me towards him, groin first. 'He is your dad," I used to tell myself, but now I didn't even bother.

I rested myself under my father's arm that wrapped around me leaving my right hand to rest on his thigh. I could feel his heart beating, it was fast like mine. I was imagining him being turned on as much as I, a fact that was confirmed about 20 minutes into our movie when his growing cock nudged my hand. I looked down and saw that his massive cock got even larger and worked its way to my hand under his underwear. It continued to grow and was pushing my hand now. It was so warm, hot even. I was going to move my hand entirely but then I decided to be bold. I lift my hand up for a moment so it rushed forward and stretched the cloth of his underwear, then I put my hand right back down on top of his hot, throbbing cock. He looked down at me and smiled, then hugged me hard against him. I pretty much held his cock for the duration of the movie. There were many such nights.

I was about 22 weeks pregnant when I started massaging his cock through his underwear and almost every single time he came by the end of the movie. By the time I was 28 weeks pregnant dad started kneading my left breast with the hand that was around me, he also started wearing briefs that where his humungous cock eventually came right out of the sides. Now when he came I tried to catch most of it in my hand at which point I'd lap it up with my tongue while he watched.

We never went further than that, but he made sure I knew he was wearing crotch-showing clothes just for me.

Josh, of course, still obliged me in pregnancy fucks. As it turned out, it turned him on. He was shagging me and his ballooning sister non-stop. His favourite thing about these pregnancies is that he doesn't have to wear a condom, just cum right inside with no risk of additional pregnancies "It's brilliant, babe!"

However, I was horny non-stop now, more than Josh could handle. In fact, I was pretty much ready to tear my father's underwear off of him and climb on board.

Instead, I often masturbated to the video of him knocking up his sister and decided to transfer it to DVD to watch in full-size. Once downloaded to my Mac I noticed that there were two video files. I clicked on the first. It was dated the night of Sarah's birthday. I hadn't seen this one and wouldn't have known it was there if I didn't download it.

It was a video of my naked father passed out on the couch. I watched and listened as I sucked his cock into life, mounted and fucked him to climax. I sounded completely out of it. I could see my dad's cum dripping from my abused pussy lips. Fuck he has a huge cock.

"OH MY GOD!" suddenly burst into my mind, "I am pregnant with my dad's babies!"

At the end of the video I was filming passed out dad snoring continuously. The camera panned over his cock and balls, then his abs and chest, then his smiling face. I heard myself slur into his ear "Thank you, daddy" then the camera was pointed to the floor as I was picking up what looked to be my clothes. I must have had the camera in front of the load of clothes and facing outwards because I saw the journey down the hall and then there was 10 minutes of the ceiling before the battery died.

I touched my belly and spoke barely audibly "Oh my god. I am carrying my dad's babies. And no wonder I was so fucking sore for a week afterwards."

The next night my parents were out with my aunt and uncle so I had Josh over. I showed him the video of him knocking up his sister and he agreed that it was the hottest thing he ever saw and that he wanted to fuck me now.

"Wait," I pointed towards the TV at the second video. "So, that was the night Jessica got knocked up by her own brother. Now the night that I was knocked up." We watched the video and the very first thing Josh exclaimed was, "Holy shit, you dad's a fucking elephant" Then a couple moments later, far too many really, he realized "Holy shit, you fucked your dad. That night you fucked your dad!"

The video ended, "And that was how I was knocked up by my own father."

"Oh shit, babe, does he know?" I shook my head, "No way." I then told him about me and dad's petting session that progressed into me drinking his cum.

He told me he was never more turned on then with all the charm that he ever had, pulled his shorts and underwear down for his hard cock slapped me in the face. "Suck it, bitch, you know you want it. I want to bury my cock down your throat before I cum in your pregnant pussy." Josh loved fucking my pregnant pussy, he did it again and again.

I gave birth to two boys one week before my due date. I named them Evan and Shane. They were perfect, absolutely perfect and they looked like their daddy. My mother was gaga over the children and spent every moment with them. "Your dad and I wanted more children, but I apparently couldn't have anymore. Who knows with these things? We were both tested, they told me that I was now sterile but that your daddy was incredibly potent." Good to know, I thought to myself.

Dad and I continued our nightly petting sessions only now I was taking his cock in my mouth, giving him full and proper blow jobs.

"Oh fuck, honey, daddy loves this," he moaned as he held my head down and fucked my throat. "Daddy's going to cum, honey, here it comes." His cum was always thick and always a lot. My throat worked over time to swallow as much as I could. During this time, dad's hands wandered over not just my swollen breasts, but down my still shrinking tummy and eventually to my mending pussy inside my panties. As I gave his donkey dick a work over his skilled fingers found their way inside my love tunnel and clitoris.

He bent to whisper in my ear, "Do you like this pumpkin?" My mouth was full of his big cock so all I could muster was "Mmmhmmm".

"I bet you'd like something else if we tried." He pulled my head from his prick and kissed me full on the lips, we had never kissed until now. As we kissed he lowered me backwards on the couch till he was on top of me. It felt amazing, nothing like Josh. His bulky 230 lb. muscular body felt amazing on me. I felt his mammoth prick against my leg as we continued to make out. He sucked and bit my ear lobes then worked on my neck. It was so erotic that I was on the verge of cumming just from my father's mouth.

He sucked on my tits, each one for five minutes "Mmm, honey, these are great." His hands expertly removed my panties which were replaced by his mouth. The moment his tongue entered me I came with a high-pitched squeal. "I told you you'd like this, pumpkin."

He slid back up onto me and I felt his cock bump my entrance. Holding my arms above my head with one hand he rubbed his cock between my pussy lips. He kissed me again, "Does that feel good, honey?" "Uh, huh," was all that I could muster.

He pushed once and the head of his gigantic cock was lodged inside, then he push again and another few inches worked themselves inside me. Fuck it hurt but it felt good at the same time. 'No wonder I was so sore after the first time,' I thought again.

He pushed continuously while biting my ear lobes and sucking on my neck. I was cumming again. His fat, long cock felt like a hot iron rod cutting into my velvety softness. "Daddy's at your cervix, pumpkin, I am going to push harder, okay?" He thrust once and sunk his entire 13 inches inside me. I felt his massive balls smush between us. "Oh fuck, that's nice." He kissed me again then started sawing in and out of my pussy ever so slowly.

I felt so full, bursting with his cock. Pain and pleasure were the same thing as he continued his onslaught with a quicker pace now. "Oh, yeah," he moan, then "Mmmmhmmm." It was too much and an orgasm surged through me, dowsing his giant daddy cock with my juices. "Fuck, baby, keep cumming on daddy's cock. I love it."

He let go of my arms while his cock continued thrusting in and out, fast then slow, he was taking his time. "So tight, baby, even after two babies. I love this. I love my big daddy cock inside his little pumpkin."

We had to have been doing it for 30 minutes now. "So good, daddy. It's so good." His lips were back on mine and I found his tongue mingling with my own. His pace quickened as did his breathing, I could tell he was going to cum. He started to pull out when I wrapped my legs tightly around him. "No baby, daddy's gonna cum."

"Cum inside me, daddy." With great consternation on his face, he shook his head, "No, baby, I don't want to get you pregnant. I have very potent sperm, honey." I grabbed his thigh muscle ass and pulled him hard against me. "Do it, daddy, cum inside your little girl. Knock her up again."

He stopped moving and was looking at me with a pained expression. He wasn't sure what to do until I started humping up towards his groin. "No, baby, you're going to send daddy over the edge. I need to pull out."

I started cumming again, I felt the muscles in my pussy contract and undulate. It was too much for daddy and he started hammering hard into me. He was a mad man now. His hands held my face so our eyes were locked. His face screwed up then his mouth opened where he let out a muffled scream.

He was doing it, he was cumming inside me. I felt his cock swell to twice its size, I swear that's what it felt like. Then I felt an amazing warmth spread through me. He collapsed on top of me, cock still lodged deep inside. He was panting. A moment later he kissed me tenderly on my lips then whispered into my ear, "I'm sorry baby, daddy shouldn't have came inside you."

I looked at him straight in the eye, "Daddy, I wanted you to. I wanted you to fuck me with your huge fucking monster. I wanted you to cum inside me. I want you to knock me up, again." I emphasized 'again'. It didn't register to him what I was saying.

"Daddy, did you hear what I said?" He nodded. "Did you understand what I said to you?" He nodded again. "No, I don't think you did. Daddy, that night of the party where I thought that I was rapped, well I found a video that I took once I came home. I didn't remember it, still can't, but I found you lying on this couch naked." As I told him about fucking myself with his sleeping body his cock got hard again.

"Are you saying that Evan and Shane are mine?" I looked at him seriously, then said "I want you to knock me up, again, daddy."

His cock was rock hard again and he started humping my sloppy, wounded pussy with his weapon of massive destruction again. His tongue was in my mouth and he was happily pounding away at me. "Uh, uh, uh, daddy, yeah." He was much more forceful this time, like a man on a mission. He was determined to seed his daughter if it was the last thing he'd do.

He fucked me hard. It was incredibly intense. He withdrew his cock half way with each thrust. The air was filled with grunting and sucking noises. "Oh, yes, daddy, fuck me hard. Fuck me. Fuck me. Harder daddy. Fuck your naughty daughter. Fuck me hard with your humongous daddy dick."

The sound of our groins colliding made a smacking sound. I felt his huge balls whacking me a full second before he bottom out each time. This started a full two minute-long orgasm so intense that it blocked out all sound; it was like I was underwater. He continued to fuck me for minutes then the moment I regained my hearing he grabbed my hips hard and pulled me hard against him. His giant balls smacked my ass as his cock bottomed out. Then his face screwed up again, mouth agape with his muffled roar. I felt his cum launch into me. His cock was swollen and chugging his daddy sperm into my womb. He came for what felt like minutes. The look of pleasure on his face, there are no words to explain it.

He rolled over pulling me with him so I rested on his body-builder body, his cock still inside me. We fell asleep like this.

I was awoken around 5:00 in the morning by my mother placing a blanket on the two of us. I jumped back, but she pressed her finger to her lips, "Shhhh." She tucked the blanket around us then whispered to me, "I just fed and changed the boys, they've gone back to sleep. I am going to my running group but will be home by 7:30."

I opened my open again to explain but she shook her head. "Don't worry honey, enjoy your father. He is extraordinary. I was shocked when I saw you fucking him while he was sleeping the first time, but I have come to the conclusion that I love you both and that I'd really like children around the house again." She paused. "Many children."

She kissed me on the forehead then slipped out of the door. My heart was pounding, I was totally freaked out. She saw me fucking daddy the first time? She knew who the father of the children was?

I waited a moment before extracting myself from my sleeping father, his fat cock was still submerged inside me. Next, I bundle him up, retrieved my panties and peaked in on the boys. They were so adorable, nestled up in their own cribs. They really looked like my father.

Daddy and I continued fucking every night, he seemed unaware that my mother knew about us. I was pregnant again within the month, this time with only one child, another boy. Eventually mom told him that she knew and that she wanted us to make 'many children'. He was freaked out at first, but then it was something with which he was only too happy to comply.

Jessica gave birth to a healthy little girl who she called Naomi and she continued to fuck Josh, making sure to wear a condom. Josh and I also continued to fuck, him with condom, and he occasionally joined in with daddy and me. The whole incest thing was hot to both men. It was going to be a great life.

At this moment, I am pregnant a fifth time with daddy's baby and no plans to stop anytime soon.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/19/14

Enjoyed the story for the most part,though the whole baby factory thing turned me off, lol. All those svcreaming kids running sround!! Heh. ...that and the fact that daddy has a raid can sized dick thatmore...

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by Anonymous12/13/13


The only true love. Thanks for the incest offspring. Still, comparing a cock to a can of Raid! lol. Only a guy......

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by MrFAZAW10/04/13


This story is phenomenal !!! Daddy Daughter impregnation is my Favorite. This story is so awesomely HOTT, thanks i've cum as much and they have in the story through it.

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by bigdaddyg12308/09/13

"Sleeping Daddy:" - Unnamed Daughter and Unnamed Dad - (Daughter and Father)

Have finished reading this story for the second time. The one comment I have now additional to my previous reading, is that the story is somewhat too fast-paced, and should be slowed for a more leisurelymore...

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