Soul Sisters


Novella Length ~ 35,000 words

For those that can't wait:

Ch.19 - First Date with black man

Ch.20 - Sissy Sex

Soul Sisters

Chapter 1

Lori swept into our lives like the hot August winds of Tucson. My wife, Erin, and I moved there for the fall semester when I got a job as an assistant professor at the law school. Erin found a job at Lori's dad's small accounting firm. He was just starting a branch office and Lori came down from Phoenix to help on their first big project.

Just out of college, money was tight with our school debt hanging over our heads. Erin and Lori immediately hit it off over the phone. When Lori offered to pay us her per diem to put her up in the second bedroom at our tiny apartment, we agreed.

The first time Lori flew in, Erin was stuck in a client meeting so I went to pick Lori up at the airport. I was holding up a sign as Lori walked through security. When Lori waved at me, the woman next to me said, "Are you twins?"

It was a little odd. Lori was tall and skinny wearing a long slip dress and a gorgeous smile. But for Lori's small perky tits, we were the same...well my hair was a little longer. Her vivacious personality overcame the weird perm job she had. We were both five ten, and both with athletic bodies. Our waists matched up perfectly when she squeezed up against me in a hug. There was so much life in her it felt like some of it flowed over into me.

"Sorry about the hug," Lori said. "I'm always so stoked when someone meets me at the airport."

Man she felt so good in my arms. Her body was completely different from Erin's curves. Lori's neckline went on for days. She wore honeysuckle perfume. I think a little rubbed off on me we hugged so long.

We chatted non-stop all the way over to the office and picked up Erin. Then the three of us went to lunch. We turned a little burrito cantina with a wavy concrete floor and mismatched chairs into a wild party. We filled up the tiny space with sangria and salsa dancing. It was like college all over again. I went back to school and the staff in the admin office commented about my mood.

That night I picked up the girls around eight and we all went for a run in Sabino Canyon. I made us some brown rice, chicken and vegetables. Rather than eat standing around the kitchen, Lori suggested we go outside. I turned on the misters to fight off the heat. Erin put on some music and Lori brought out a bunch of tea candles.

The non-stop blabbering from earlier stopped. Everyone started settling in. Soon we were like old friends that just reconnected. Once I got buzzed, I couldn't stop looking over at Erin. She was still in her running shorts and when she moved I could see all the way up the inside of her thigh. Her big boobs were straining the material of her sports bra. She noticed me noticing and started teasing me by letting her leg fall open or pretending to adjust her bra. For her, she was being a hussy. It got me hotter than the night.

Erin and I were all over each other the moment we entered the bathroom. Erin ended up on the counter with me tugging off her sports bra. I kissed all over Erin's big breasts tasting the saltiness of her skin. By the time I got her shorts off, I was licking from the underside all the way over her hard nipples.

When the musky scent of Erin's pussy got into my nose, I went wild. I dove for her wetness and lapped it up.

"Don't," Erin said trying to push my head away, "I'm all gross down there."

I forced her hand away and her legs farther apart. I kissed and sucked up that raw taste. I ran my whole mouth over it and even nipped over her butthole once. It got her crazy for me. She pulled me back up to her. While we shared the taste of her in our kisses, Erin grabbed my cock and shoved me inside her. She bucked so hard my cock kept slipping out. It made me remember that I hadn't put on a condom.

Erin must have remembered too. She panicked and pushed me away.

I was standing there trying to catch my breath and control a raging hard on when Erin grabbed and jerked my cock a couple of times until I launched onto her tits. She kept hold of me and guided the spurts all over her middle down to her pubes. Still cumming I knelt and put my mouth over her clit and two fingers inside her and brought her to a screaming orgasm.

During our first try at a shower, we ended up messing around again but the condoms were in the bedroom. Finally, I had to get out and wait until she finished. It was impossible to be in there together without touching which led to more.

We had condom sex and it was good but nothing like before. I went to sleep with a boner thinking about the cum all over Erin. She just wasn't that kind of girl. We didn't have that kind of sex until that night. I had just licked her butt and loved it...she loved it too.

The next morning, there was a titillating energy among all three of us. We got up early and went for a swim. Lori wore the world's tiniest bikini. She had a three inch red band of material over her tits. The undersides and tops were exposed. It was hard to look over at her without getting wood. Though much smaller than Erin's, they were perfect little works of art. A painter couldn't make up something that looked better. The fact that she was proud to show them off made them sexier.

Topping that was Erin walking out of the locker room wearing the same skimpy red bottoms and a bikini top for the first time. There wasn't an ounce of flab on her dancer's hips. Guys stared.

After swimming our laps, we were drying off when

Lori asked, "Notice anything wrong with this picture, Jan?" She was staring at my swim trunks. "It might be time to give up on the capris length board shorts. Did you get those from your grandma when you were ten?"

I blushed and said, "Fifteen."

The girls laughed and teased me about them all the way back to the apartment.

"Thanks, Lori," Erin said. "He thought he was the hottest thing in New Canaan. I just didn't have the heart to tell him."

"He's the same size as me," Lori said. "Maybe he should just wear mine. I'll go naked. I hate clothes anyway."

That night we sat out on the balcony drinking sangria. It was like we'd been together all our lives. It was so much fun to be around them. We all loved the same food, music, and movies. We loved to work out and be silly. We had our chairs in a triangle. Lori had her feet in my lap, mine were in Erin's and Erin's were in Lori's. Even our toes looked the same.

By the end of the night, we were completely content, silent, feeling the mist, listening to music. Lori looked over at Erin and picked up her foot. She looked at me and kissed Erin's toes. I did the same thing and kissed Lori's. Erin kissed mine. It was so much fun to be around them, I couldn't imagine the rest of my life being any other way.

Erin and I made love among a thousand kisses. I kissed her everywhere, a thousand of them and we fell asleep in each other's arms.

Chapter 2

Friday after work I figured we'd hang around the apartment again so I agreed to do research for the head of Women's Studies to pay off debt. I got a little worried when the girls were jazzed up standing in their running clothes as I pulled into the parking lot.

"Come on Jan," Erin said. "Let's run these two blocks square starting here on Kolb. That's almost a 10K. We have a girl's night out planned."

I changed in the lobby bathroom and was back in a flash. The whole time I was gone I struggled with choosing fun or finances.

"Ready?" Lori asked and started trotting for the sidewalk.

I took off behind them and continued to fight the desire to join in on the wild night out. Finally, my commonsense took over. "I took on research work today," I said. "I'm going to hang back at the apartment."

"You weren't invited silly," Erin said, "It's a girl's night out."

"Ouch," I said. "That's not fair. I don't know any guys here yet."

"Roger's picking me up tomorrow," Lori said. "Maybe he can be your boyfriend."

"I don't want a boyfriend," I said. "I mean friends like we are."

"Lori's my girlfriend," Erin teased.

"I'm your girlfriend," Lori said.

"Dammit, you know what I mean," I said. "Where are you going?"

"Like our favorite Cheryl Crowe song," Lori said, "Wherever we can find some crossroad trucker

to demonstrate his might."

"But your engaged," I said.

"Why are you pointing a finger at me?" Lori asked. "What about Erin? Erin's fuckin' married."

Most guys would be freaking out but I knew Erin. She'd never cheat on me. They were just goofing. I ran in front of them, turned around, then ran backwards with my arms folded in front of me.

"Go ahead," I said. "Fuck every guy at the club and see what I care. I'm never kissing your guys' toes again."

The girls stumbled into the street laughing until somebody yelled out their window at us.

"That guy's screaming out the window like an asshole," I said to Lori. "Flag him down...He's got to be your type."

Back at the apartment, I was grilling swordfish on our hibachi on the veranda listening to an old Cranberries song when I noticed Lori coming out of her bedroom wearing a short silk slip dress. I could see that she had nothing but a g-string underneath. She had strappy heels that made her tanned legs look fantastic. But for the weird hair, she was a knockout.

I checked the fish and put on the veggies before glancing back at her. When I did, Lori was putting what looked like a packaged scarf in a small purse. She put a g-string in next, lipstick and a little toothbrush.

"What was that package?" I asked.

Lori pulled it back out, ripped open the plastic bag and shook out a silk slip dress. "It's my party purse," Lori said then laughed. "I can't come home wearing the same dress I wore to the club. I'd look like a hoe."

The sluttiness of that purse combined with Lori's cavalier attitude instantly made my dick poke out the material of my shorts. We just didn't know people like that. With that dress on, she might as well have been naked.

Erin walked into the room wearing a sexy black mini skirt and was spilling out of her blouse. It didn't help the situation.

"What happened?" Erin asked pointing at my tent pole.

"I think somebody's excited to find out that I'm a total slut," Lori said.

The girls laughed and I did my best to plate food around my boner. My cock would not go down. They kept teasing me but I couldn't get over it. As soon as they finished dinner, Erin grabbed the keys and gave me a kiss. Lori kissed me too.

After cleaning up the apartment and getting the laundry started, I tried to sit down and do research. It didn't work. I whacked my dong thinking about Lori being such a little slut, and how skinny she was, and eager she was to go out and get fucked. The way her dress clung to her skinny body and the naughtiness of the g-string drove me crazy. Ugly girls had to dress like that, not girls as pretty as Lori.

Then I remembered Lori saying that she had a fiancé. The thought of her cheating pushed me over the edge. I ended up shooting a wad of cum on one of the essays, but the release provided no relief.

It was a tortured night. I'd never done perv things before but I had this weird desire to go into Lori's room and look at her clothes and hold up her tiny underwear. It even extended to wanting to smell her dirty thongs. What was happening to me?

I went into the kitchen and made myself a strong drink. I figured the cosmo would help me get control of myself. While it prevented something stupid from happening, I didn't finish reading a single law review article. Around midnight, after my second cosmo, I went to bed.

Somewhere during the night I felt a mouth on my cock. I instantly went stone hard.

My cock had just violated Erin's virgin mouth. We'd been together five years and she'd never even hinted that she'd suck it.

Seconds later Erin was riding me. She was biting more than kissing. She'd never been rough at all before that night. She even grabbed my throat a couple of times while her breasts bounced up and down. I could see her engorged nipples trying burst out of her bra. She couldn't get fucked hard enough.

"Fuck me, dammit. Get that pussy," Erin ordered.

I could smell the tequila on her breath. My sweet innocent Erin had a hard lustful look in her eyes.

"Erin," I said, "I don't have a condom on."

"Then you better not cum, motherfucker," she shouted. "Get moving."

I grabbed her hips and pumped her hard. There was fury in our fucking. The rougher I got, the rougher she wanted it. She pulled her breasts out of her bra and pushed her nipples into my mouth. Erin ordered me to bite them. It seemed like she was getting into the pain. She bent all the way back until she was holding my ankles and bucking me. Erin eyes got wide she was so frightened by how hard she was cumming.

She kept riding me through the second orgasm. As soon as she came down, she flopped over on her side of the bed and passed out.

My cock was throbbing for release but I'd held off so long it hurt to try to cum. When I slid my hand over my pubes I winced. Erin's bush hair rubbed a raw spot where she was grinding.

I felt used. At first it angered me but the more I thought about being Erin's booty call, the more excited it made me. Cum went everywhere. I must have been exhausted because the next thing I remembered was the phone ringing.

Chapter 3

I hopped in my worn out Toyota pick-up and drove over to get Lori. She got in, laid her head in my lap and went to sleep. She smelled of sex and booze and cigarettes.

Erin was at her Tai Chi class when we returned to the apartment so I helped Lori to the bedroom. Lori pulled off her dress and stepped out of her thong before I could leave. She walked over and made me kiss her mouth and I'm not talking about peck. I could see cum leaking down the inside of her thigh.

I don't think she used the toothbrush.

She fell into bed without putting the covers over her. No doubt someone had been burning up her pussy all night. It was a gaping, smelly, sopping mess.

Did I mention that she smelled bad?

When I was about to close her door, I stopped and looked at her all used up lying on the bed. That mental image kept me from any meaningful work. I finally gave up fighting the urge and beat off imagining going down on Lori while she slept.

Somehow, in a couple of days, I went from a five-night-a-week-in-the-missionary-position sex life, to this.

Erin returned home around eleven looking completely revived. She raced over to kiss me and sit in my lap. "Oh my gosh...I was sooooh fucking drunk last night."

"Maybe from now on I should be the designated driver," I said. "You were a little out of control. I didn't have on a condom."

"Why not?" Erin teased.

"You didn't give me a chance to put on a condom before you fucked me," I said. "You're not on the pill."

Erin laughed and went into the kitchen for water. "You just accused me of fucking you."

"You were wild."

"I was drunk and horny as shit," Erin said. "Lori and I were dancing with a bunch of guys...she likes them rough."

"Isn't Lori engaged?" I asked.

"The only thing I'm sure of is that Lori is a slut for macho assholes," Erin said after drinking half a bottle of water. She sat in my lap again and gave me a kiss. "Are you mad because I danced with guys?"

"I'm not mad," I said. "We just didn't talk about it. I guess I'm a little jealous of being left out."

"Did you beat off thinking about Lori last night?" Erin asked.

"Yes," I said without hesitation though she knew the answer from the heat in my face. I never lied to Erin. "I'm sorry."

"I went out looking like a whore and you never once said a word, good or bad, because you were eaten up with Lori," Erin said. "I'm a little jealous about that. But it's also a little dangerous and exciting."

"I will never do anything with Lori," I said. "I'm sorry, Erin."

Erin kissed me again. "I wish Lori was out here to hear you apologize. Because every other guy would have lied, then they would have blamed it on something, then they would have said they were sorry but wouldn't have meant it. That's why Lori is jealous of me. That's why Lori wants to fuck you."

A woman couldn't be loved, more than I loved Erin. I put my hands around her waist and kissed her salty cleavage and said, "It was exciting to hear you were dancing with guys at a club. I didn't know you owned clothes like that."

"I don't," Erin said. "I don't say, 'pussy.' I don't suck cock. I don't want you near my pussy unless I just got out of the shower. That's my problem, I don't."

I realized there was a reason Erin kept sitting on my lap. She had her knees on either side of me. Her breasts crowded my face. I had to put my head back to look up at her.

I let go of Erin's waist. I stopped controlling her. That's what this was about.

"I'm pretty sure you did last night," I said.

Erin had to throw her head back a little. It was like her whole body lit up. It was beautiful. She grinned full of joy for a few minutes then the grin turned mischievous. She was ready to try to be in charge.

"I'm going on the pill on Monday," Erin said looking me in the eye. "But it's your responsibility to have a condom ready when I want to fuck. I'm not letting you cum in me, but anyone else can."

It hurt to hear, but it was just as thrilling to think of Erin being bossy and not caring what people thought. She grew up being locked into the good girl role. I didn't want to ruin her moment by fighting her or telling her it was ok. If I agreed, then it was like I was letting her, instead of it being her decision.

"I love you, Erin."

"What will you say if I kiss you and tell you that you just tasted another man's cock?" Erin asked.

"I will ask you if you want me to like it," I said. "If you do, I will."

"What if I call you and ask you if my boyfriend can get to second base," Erin asked. "What if say, 'Good, because he's already been to third.'"

I played right along. If she had to fuck fifty guys to be the woman she wanted to be, I'd line them up for her. We both knew her happiness was the most important thing in the world to me.

Erin walked out of the room with her head up, her back straight.

Chapter 4

Lori awoke a few hours later and the moment the three of us came together, the world was at warp speed again with Erin pulling us along.

We took off for a day shopping at the mall. We tossed pretzel bites into each other's mouths and the girls tried on clothes none of us could afford to buy.

After that, we took what little money we had to buy new running gear. The three of us stuffed into a dressing room giggling like idiots. In the madness of flying body parts, Lori and I realized we wore the same size running clothes and shoes. It was all from the girls' section but Erin wanted the three of us to match and it looked pretty much the same as the guys, so I bought them.

Everything was going great until late in the afternoon when Lori's fiancé came to town to drive her back to Phoenix.

We met Roger at our little cantina. He was heavy set, about five feet seven with fat hairy fingers. He was balding with a thick pelt of black hair poking out of his cheesy Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned too far. He had a ghetto chain around his neck so big it swung when he walked. His presence soured our festive mood.

His first words to the group were, "Sangria? What the fuck? Where are the tequila shots?"

He looked over at Erin and said, "Damn, you're ya doing babe?"

Lori hugged him but then Lori sat next to me in

the restaurant's only booth. They kept it just for us...The three of us.

Roger snugged in next to Erin and yelled out for the waitress. When Erin suggested Patron shots, Roger said, "I better be getting head for top shelf."

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