tagNonConsent/ReluctanceStolen Innocence Ch. 01

Stolen Innocence Ch. 01


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It just like any other typical Saturday night for Bianca Boniello and her friends; hanging out at Bianca's House, having a few drinks, and playing Truth or Dare. But, Bianca Boniello is not you're typical high school girl. At barely eighteen, Bianca is a living goddess. Bianca has long, silky brown hair, soft golden tan skin, and perfect round breasts that could fill up any top. She has a tiny stomach, long smooth legs, and a juicy ass that always leaves a guy wanting more. To add to that she has sexy, piercing chocolate eyes. Every guy at West Beverly High School wants her, but she has never gone as far as third base. Although she is Captain of the Cheerleading Squad, she still keeps a good balance between friends and time for studying. She was a genuinely caring person; completely innocent.

The dares had started off easy enough, singing a silly song, doing a stupid dance, quaking like a duck, but they became more and more interesting, as the night dragged on. Bianca dared her best friend, Jaimie, to do a sexy strip tease for them, and Jaimie obliged. Bianca always came up with the best dares and never refused a challenge. After a while, the game began to bore Bianca.

"Eh. I think I'm done. There's no challenge in it anymore."

Jaimie had a wicked grin on her face. "I've got a dare, but you'll never do it."

Bianca looked up, and asked what the dare was.

"Nah, you'll never do it..." Jaimie said.

"Yes I will ..." Bianca pleaded, "Please ... What do you have in mind."

Jaimie laughed. "You know your next door neighbor, Mr. Donovan?" Jaimie asked.

"Ummm ... sorta..." Bianca said, not quite knowing what Jaimie had up her sleeve.

"Well my brother is friends with Mr. Donovan's son, and I hear tomorrow is his birthday."

"So what?" Bianca asked.

"I dare you to go out on a date with Mr. Donovan tomorrow night, and do anything he asks." Jaimie said.

"What!?" Bianca stammered.

The rest of the girls erupted into laughter.

"I knew you wouldn't do it."

Something suddenly clicked in Bianca's head. "I'll do it," She yelled, and the girls suddenly got quiet.

"But, he's hideous," One of the girls whispered, too soft for Bianca to hear.

Jaimie laughed, "I'll arrange your date for Mr. Donovan tomorrow night. And remember, you'll have to do anything he wants." Jaimie said, with a devilish grin.

"OK, but you don't think he'll try to have ..." Bianca gulped, "Sex with me. I mean, I'm a virgin..."

"Nah." Jaimie said, "I mean it's the first date. He would have to be pretty desperate to try to have sex on the first date."

The girls worked out a plan. Jaimie would have her brother's best friend, Vlad, tell his father that the girls had had set up a blind date for him, as a birthday present. Bianca was going to be very friendly towards him and would do anything he asked. Bianca would even pretend that she was into him.

Bianca spent the whole next day getting ready. She did her make-up for an hour and straightened her hair, making herself look stunning. Bianca had decided to wear just jeans and a nice top, but when Jaimie found out she insisted on bringing over something far more revealing.

"Wear this," Jaimie said, putting a garment bag on Bianca's bed.

Bianca unzipped the bag to reveal a tiny black dress that was entirely too reveling. Bianca protested, but Jaimie insisted. The dress had a matching, silk black bra and thong.

She put on the tiny, low-cut, black dress and examined herself in the mirror. The dress only covered half of her ass, and her breasts were almost pouring out of it. She gazed at herself in the mirror, turning her ass to it, and she realized that she really did look unbelievable. She put on a sexy chain necklace, completing the outfit. She didn't really remember what Mr. Donovan was like, or looked like, but she knew he was one lucky man tonight.

At exactly seven o'clock, Bianca rang the doorbell of Mr. Donovan's house. He answered a few seconds later. Bianca was shocked by what she saw. He was absolutely monstrous looking. Mr. Donovan was tall, about 6'2", but extremely fat, about 300 hundred pounds. His short, greasy black hair was slicked back, and he smelled of really bad, musky cologne. He had black eyes, yellow stained teeth, and a lot of adult acne! Bianca was really horrified.

Bianca stood at the door. She was wearing a light jacket around her dress. Mr. Donovan was obviously stunned.

"Bianca? I ... ugh ... wow," he spluttered.

Bianca gave a fake laugh before wishing him a happy birthday. She step through the door and gave him a long hug. She smelt him, as her arms wrapped around his neck, and she almost gagged.

"I ... ugh ... I don't know what you're parents would think about this little date," he said hesitantly.

"Mr. Donovan, I'm 18 years old, and I can make decisions for myself." Bianca said, in a totally seductive voice.

Damn, Bianca was a great flirt when she wanted to be!

"Well, that's good enough for me," he said, smiling way too much.

"Why don't you let me take your jacket for you," he said, trying to be gentlemen.

He slipped her jacket off, and Mr. Donovan was clearly stunned at the sexy dress she had on.

"Wow ... ugh ... you've really grown up, Bianca," he said, clearly staring down her shirt at her perky, tan breasts.

"So, what's on the schedule for our date?" she asked.

"Well, I figured we could watch this really great movie that just came out. It's really romantic," he said, smiling.

He grabbed her hand and led Bianca to the living room to watch the movie. Bianca actually was a little scared, as she's been on enough dates to know this is when a guy makes his move. Mr. Donovan sat on one couch, and Bianca sat on the other.

"Why don't you come on over here?" Mr. Donovan said, smiling.

She did as she was asked and sat down next to him. He put his arm around her. Bianca had an incredibly disgusted look on her face, but he didn't notice, as he was staring down her chest with his mouth open the whole time. He clearly didn't mind that he was three times older then this sexy young girl!

He tried making some small talk, but it was obvious he was only interested in one thing. He reached around her and brought her body close to him with his flabby arm. As the movie went on, he started whispering stuff in her ear. Bianca forced out some laughs. He brought her even closer to him with his arm and let his hand rest on her breast. Bianca looked down at it, and began to shrug her shoulder in an attempt to get it off of her. Then, she remembered about the dare and stopped. Seeing that she wasn't resisting, he started squeezing her breast, slowly and gently, through the dress. Bianca gasped, silently.

Then, he started kissing Bianca on the cheek, gentling nibbling her ear. Again, her first reaction was to resist, but she allowed it to happen. He moved his rough hand around to her check and slowly turned her head, so that he was looking into her deep, chocolate eyes.

"You're so amazing, Bianca," Mr. Donovan whispered.

Bianca smiled, unsure what to do or say. Bianca felt really bad for him. He seemed to be a sweet, older man, who was just really lonely.

"You're amazing, too, Mr. Donovan."

Eyes lighting up, Mr. Donovan let out a small moan, and then, very slowly, moved his mouth to Bianca's. He closed his eyes and began to kiss her, slowly and passionately.

Mr. Donovan began slowly kissing her lips, gently and hesitantly. Feeling really bad for him, Bianca closed her eyes and began to return the kiss. Realizing the Bianca was kissing him back, he gently slipped his tongue deep down her throat. Deciding that she would have to play her part convincingly, Bianca also wormed her tongue into his mouth and began to kiss him passionately. Mr. Donovan ran his hands down her back and put his hands on her waist. He slowly began to slowly push his body up against hers, nearing the arm of the couch. Sensing that if he fell on top of her she might suffocate, she pushed him backwards and sexily got on top of him. She pushed her body down on his hulking frame, and continued the kiss.

Mr. Donovan could not believe that he was actually making out with a gorgeous eighteen-year old. Bianca was surprised that she was actually enjoying the date so far. He was absolutely hideous, yet he seemed sweet and gentle. Little did she know that Mr. Donovan was about to get a whole lot more ferocious.

Moaning slightly, Mr. Donovan moved his hands around to her waist and began slowly peeling her dress up, slightly exposing her thong clad waist. Then, he moved his hands to her lower back and started squeezing her juicy ass. Bianca moaned, softly. She could not believe that he just did that.

Staring her straight in her chocolate eyes, he smiled and moved his hands up to her shoulders. He reached around to the back of Bianca's dress and began to unzip it, revealing the silky black pushup bra that made her tits look incredible! Mr. Donovan slipped the silky fabric off of her and threw it on the floor beside them. Bianca couldn't believe that he had just pulled her clothes off! Even though she did not approve of the fact that she was now only in her bra and thong, she was still was committed to acting her part convincingly.

Bianca started trying to get into it and wrapped her arms around his head, gently running her fingers through his hair. She started grinding her thong clad body against his waist, trying to tease him. Mr. Donovan began to slowly dry hump her in return. Then, Bianca felt something huge pushing against her waste. She stopped grinding him and looked down at Mr. Donovan's rock, hard cock. He smiled, and he looked down at her, with a really perverted look and his eyes.

Suddenly, Mr. Donovan lifted Bianca up with one hand and put her over his shoulder. He thought he was being romantic, but Bianca couldn't help but think of an old monster carrying a young beauty back to his lair. Bianca suddenly realized what was happening, and had no idea what to do.

Mr. Donovan walked into his dimly lit bedroom and threw Bianca onto his bed and licked his lips. Bianca was really scared and started to panic; she did not want this at all! Mr. Donovan moved his arms up his chest, trying to act sexy, and began unbuttoning his dress shirt, letting his full gut hang loose. His bare chest was gross! His chest was all blubber and had hair everywhere. He also had huge man boobs, which Bianca thought were absolutely disgusting. On top of that, he had acne all over his chest. Then he took off his pants, and Bianca could see a gigantic tent in his boxers. She gulped, as the ugly bastard slowly took of his boxers, revealing his fully erect dick. Bianca was shocked. She had only seen pictures of dicks online; never in real person. It was probably 12 inches, and really thick! He had a huge bush of hair around the base of his cock, and she could see that his two balls were rock hard. The sweet, old, lonely man downstairs had disappeared, only to be replaced by a horny old bastard!

A video camera sat on a tripod at the other end of the room. Mr. Donovan pointed the camera at the bed and turned it on.

"I want to record this baby," he said, trying to sound seductive.

Bianca shook her head, but before she could protest Mr. Donovan jumped on top of her. Mr. Donovan started trying to make out with her again, furiously. He began to rub his rough hands all over her stomach and back, making his way towards her chest. He put his hands on her silky bra and began squeezing her breast, roughly, still furiously kissing her. Then, he managed to unhook her bra and tossed it to the ground. Her big breasts were free. Smiling, he licked his lips and went in to feast.

He started to slowly kiss her right tit. He put his mouth on it, extended his tongue to it, and gently flicked her nipple. This sent shivers down Bianca's body. He then put his mouth on her right breast and started to roughly kiss it. He was in ecstasy. As he was mauling Bianca's tits with his mouth, he moved his hands down to her silky waist and gently slipped her thong off.

Bianca lay on the bed completely naked. She was extremely scared, because she knew what was coming next. She wanted to run, wanted to scream for him to stop. She wanted to beg him to stop, but she couldn't get it out. She was too scared that he would hurt her.

He licked his lips again, and then pressed his entire body down on her. His man boobs pushed against her breasts, and his hairy chest tickled her whole torso. Every inch of him was engulfing her, and she felt his dick against her lower waist. Bianca gasped. It was the first time in her life that her young, tan body was up against a man's. She couldn't believe she was about to lose her virginity to this fat, old man.

Mr. Donovan began licking every inch of her body. He slowly moved his lips up to her ears, and began to neck Bianca.

"Oh, Bianca Boniello," Mr. Donovan moaned, "You have such a sexy young body. I'm going to make you mine tonight."

She started desperately trying to get away, trying to squirm out from under him. But it was no use, she was pinned. As she squirmed, she felt his huge dick bounce around in between her soft thighs. She put her hands up to his chest and tried to push him off. Her squirming, however, only continued to turn him on, as Mr. Donovan thought she was grinding him.

"Oh baby, you're gonna love this."

He put his mouth back over hers and moved his dick to Bianca's vagina. Bianca began to try to scream, twisting and writhing violently. However, Mr. Donovan didn't care. Suddenly, he pushed his huge manhood into her with all his strength and came to rest balls deep inside his hot, young women. His mouth covered hers, as she screamed, loud and sharply. He buried his tongue in her mouth again. Her whole body got stiff, as he penetrated completely into her vagina. He could feel her tits against his naked chest, and her tight little pussy was squeezing him hard. Mr. Donovan finally let his mouth off hers and stared her straight in the eyes with wanton lust. He began to pick up the pace, giving Bianca a slow, but deep fuck.

Mr. Donovan wrapped one of his arms around her back, pulling her sexy body up against him, and put the other on her sexy, tight ass. Mr. Donovan squeezed it hard, and Bianca screamed again. Then, he put both hands on her ass and began playing with it, as his huge dick continued to move slowly, but steadily in and out of her pussy. Mr. Donovan moved his hands around to her sexy thin curves, grabbed her tight, and pulled her down. His entire foot of cock slipped inside of her. Bianca screamed, as hard as she possibly could, and Mr. Donovan moaned, piggishly.

Mr. Donovan moved his hands from her waist to her long, smooth sexy legs. He rubbed her thighs for a few moments, and then spread her legs, as far as they would go. Suddenly, he began fucking her like a wild man. Mr. Donovan was focused on fucking her, as fast and hard as possible. He moved his lips away from hers, and began to lick her ear, grunting priggishly. With each long thrust, her sexy tan tits would bounce, and she would let out a scream that would echo through the house. The sound of her screaming seemed to drive him to go even harder.

Mr. Donovan forced his mouth down on hers, and started furiously making out with her. Bianca lay under him, in total belief. The sharp pains were slowly being replaced by a dull ache. Mr. Donovan squeezed her ass again, which caused Bianca to moan, and she involuntarily flicked her tongue into his mouth. She was shocked that she was actually beginning to feel pleasure.

Now that her mouth was open, Mr. Donovan began worming his tongue throughout her whole mouth, widely caressing her juicy, tight ass. This caused Bianca to moan louder than before, her young body beginning betraying her. His gigantic body was pushing down on Bianca. She couldn't move; she couldn't resist. Mr. Donovan grabbed her legs again, and then roughly pulled them around his waist, granting him even more access.

Even though he was an ugly monster, the sex was starting to overwhelm her. His hands were constantly squeezing her juicy ass, making her moan. Her big, eighteen year old breasts were pushing up against his hairy chest, which felt amazing, considering it was the first time her breast had touched a man's chest. It felt wonderful to have a huge dick inside her, stretching her out. Every time Mr. Donovan would shove into her, she would let out a long moan. The rhythmic thump of his huge, rock hard ball sack smashing against her ass was really turning her on. Even though he was possibly the ugliest man alive, Bianca was beginning to give in.

"Oh shit. Oh shit." Bianca panted.

Suddenly, the sex and the kissing became overwhelming, and Bianca had her first orgasm. She felt her back arch and her hips involuntarily thrust up against his huge cock. Bianca moaned, as the orgasm overwhelmed her, and he pushed his tongue deep into her mouth, as she moaned in ecstasy. She had just lost her innocence to this fat old man. She creamed all over his gigantic dick, and she realized she was no longer a virgin.

Panting, Mr. Donovan moved his lips to her ear.

"Oh Bianca," he moaned, as her vagina squeezed his stationary cock. "Oh, Bianca, I want you to grind my dick, as I fuck you like you just did."

Mr. Donovan pulled completely out of Bianca, and then roughly pushed his huge cock all the way into Bianca's vagina. As he pushed in, Bianca threw her hips up, grinding his huge cock. Mr. Donovan grunted like an animal, and Bianca moaned. He began to pick up speed again, and each time Bianca responded by pushing her sexy waist up against his. For this first time in her life, Bianca was actually having sex with a man. Although she didn't want to admit it, it felt amazing. She was humiliated, but she didn't care.

As they continued to fuck, Bianca looked down her waist to watch his dick move in and out of her. The size of his dick and the roughness of the whole thing was too much for her. His pale, thick cock was pushing in and out of her tan, sexy waist. Her silky brown hair was a total mess, yet it some how look amazingly hot. Finally, after almost a half an hour, Bianca finally gave in. Bianca wrapped her arms around his neck and held Mr. Donovan against her, as she then started to grind her hips harder and faster against his cock. He continued to fuck Bianca, as she licked his ear.

"Ohhh ... fuck me harder!"

He could not believe that Bianca was telling him this. She didn't sound like a teenager then. She sounded like a full grown woman going after something she wanted. She pulled his body against hers, while she fucked his dick with her pussy. Every time that Mr. Donovan would shove into her, she would lift her hips to give him full access to her womanhood. She was creaming all over his dick, as they fucked each other.

Then, Mr. Donovan paused and flipped her over. Mr. Donovan laid her flat down on the bed and spread her sexy legs, as far as they could go. Bianca didn't realize what was happening, until she felt his huge body come crashing down on her back. Mr. Donovan reached around Bianca's body and rested his hands on her huge tan breasts. Every time he would shove into her, Bianca's huge tits would bounce. Mr. Donovan began creasing her breasts widely again, causing her to moan even more. Bianca turned her head, and Mr. Donovan moved his lips to hers, widely making out again.

"Ohhh ... Fuck Me Harder!" Bianca screamed.

As he heard her say this, he felt her body tense up, as she let loose with her cum. She gripped his cock so hard with her pussy that she forced him over the edge, as well.

"Fuuuckkkk yeeeaahh, baby," was all Mr. Donovan could say, as he emptied his nuts into this hot, young woman.

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