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So a little background to our story. We have been friends for about 2-3 years now, and we are both straight. We are both 22 at the time. We have always fucked around about gay stuff like flirting, and eating crap, but obviously just as games and it had never gone anywhere.

One night I slept over his house on the couch because his house was empty for the week and I could not drive for nothing in this world. The next day kidding around I told him that the next time I sleep over it wont be on his couch because it was scary, so he offered for me to sleep in his room. Well turns out the next day I was drunk and high and could not drive again, so while people were still at his house I just went to his room and fell asleep. When people left his house he came to his bed with me there, which was weird because he could've slept elsewhere. Point is I changed into some shorts to get comfortable and in a joking manner he said be careful I might just get it in with you tonight, I responded by telling him if your going to do something, then just do it. I basically dared him to. I took off my shorts and grabbed his hand and forced him to grab my dick, and eventually he did. Then I stroked his for a bit and got him hard.

Then from this point I told him to give me head, so i got up over him lying down and stuck my dick in his mouth. From there he kept on saying how gay this was but did not stop doing it. Well he started kissing my neck, all while I was on top of him and me. He took off his shorts and shirt and so did I. At this point we were both completely naked, me on top of him just making out and stuff.

Since I was on top of him he tried to stick his dick in my ass, and I freaked out because nothing had ever been up there EVER, so it was painful. I told him to stop but he didn't and he didn't even get it all the way in. I kept suggesting we go to the shower for cleanliness purposes. He didn't want to for now. So he sucked my dick a little, I sucked his. He kept trying to fuck me, but I didn't let it go to far because of the pain. We tried with condoms and some lotion, but it was still VERY painful.

After a little bit, we ended up going to the shower with the lights out, to prevent it from being more awkward. He tried to fuck me there too by lifting me up, but it just couldn't happen, so I just started sucking his dick. It was very intense at this point because he was close to coming and I was scared of what this meant to me because I did not want him to cum in my mouth. Point is he did anyway, and I immediately gagged and spit it out, it was pretty gross. After this we dried up and went back to bed, but I was slightly disappointed because I hadn't cum.

I wanted him to let me try to fuck him, so I did with condoms and all, and he was screaming bloody murder because of the pain I guess. I made him say "fuck me" multiple times to kind of distract him from the pain, and when I got it in to the most comfortable part, he pulled away because it hurt too much for him. I told him I needed to cum, and he was not being greedy he wanted me to cum too. So I just laid there and started stroking myself because he couldn't take my whole dick in his mouth, so it was better for me to stroke. While this was happening he was kissing me non-stop and grabbing me in all places. I was pulling his hair, and kissing him as well. I was so close to coming I told him to go down on me again so he can take my load and he did. I came into his mouth, and he swallowed it like a champ. I feel like he loved it! I found it kind of gross that he did that, but it was fine for me!

A few minutes after he wanted to come again, and this time he really wanted to fuck me, so I let him. He is a lot stronger than me so he did not let me pull away. He was kissing me while fucking me in all positions and making me talk dirty to him, saying his name, and stuff, while I was dying of the pain! I kept on telling him to stop because I couldn't take it anymore but he didn't care, he said he was close to coming. He eventually came into my ass kind of, because the second he pulled out it oozed out immediately all over his bed.

We kissed for a bit, and then it was over, there we lay naked on his bed wondering what we had just done. We were talking about how no one could ever find out about this. We both determined we were not gay because we did not like that pain. But it was just for fun and to release all the tension we had between us I guess.

We both showered individually to clean up and that was it! I am not going to lie it felt good to come, it was weird I don't find myself attracted to him in anyway at all, but I wouldn't find it weird if it happened again, only because it already happened once (without the anal of course).

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous07/19/13

OMFG thanks

i love this thanks

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by BrownEyedChick07/19/13

Nice! It reminds me of when my best friend & I hooked up.

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by Anonymous07/17/13

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1 is way too generous

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by Anonymous07/17/13

Not erotic at all! 1*

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by Jasonh00707/17/13

What's the point?

I'm not sure if you were just trying to get a true story of your chest, or if you thought people would enjoy reading this, but the writing is very styled and uninspired, and your description of the eventmore...

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