tagGay MaleStraight to Hell Ch. 06

Straight to Hell Ch. 06

byRyan Carlyle©

CHAPTER 6 – Matthias

Reading all my previous stories, you probably think I'm a pretty fucked up dude. And frankly, I guess I can see why someone might think that.

As I said in the prologue to my first story, I just have this desire to have sex with straight men. It's an almost insatiable lust for them. I don't know why. I just do.

I admit though that sometimes, I encounter a situation where my lust for someone and my feelings of affection and friendship for them collide. It's a pretty shitty moment and I pull back and don't act on my lust. It's not easy but I do. Cuz when it happens, it seems to bring out all the dark feelings that a human being is capable of having . . . greed . . . deceit . . . manipulation . . . betrayal . . .

One time though . . . one time . . . I didn't pull back. Worst of all, it happened with wonderful man who was one of my good friends. His name was Matthias. This is his story.


"The ladies were good to me tonight!"

"Really?" I grinned. "How good?"

Matthias smiled back at me and waved his right hand. It was full of bills. "I haven't counted it yet, but I can tell you it was VERY good."

"I don't doubt it, Mat. They were all screaming and ready to crawl up on the stage with you!"

Matthias laughed and started counting the money in his hand. He and I were in the dancer's dressing room at Torso, a ladies-only strip club. It was 2 AM Saturday morning and he had just finished his nightly show about 30 minutes ago.

I walked over to the room's refrigerator, pulled out a Coke, and sat down on the dressing room couch, watching Matthias as he counted his money. I'd met him about 3 years ago when he was dancing in one of the gay clubs in town. Even though I knew most of the dancers in the gay clubs were straight, I actually thought Matthias was gay when I first met him. He's 29, half Filipino and half Mexican and his body is a muscled work of art. Matthias has a beautiful, exotic look with a smile that just makes your cock get hard in seconds. And at 6' and 200 pounds of smooth, defined muscle, it's sort of surprising when you hear him talk because he's very soft spoken.

When Matthias dances at the gay clubs, he's very friendly and open with the crowd. That's the reason I thought he was gay. Guys are practically fighting to get in line so they can talk to him. Of course, they really just want to run their hands all over his sexy body, fondling him as much as they can! And he encourages that, which is why he makes such good money there. But as I got to know him over time, I realized that he really was just a naturally sweet guy, with a very loving personality. Something you rarely tend to see in most people, especially dancers in adult clubs.

When I remarked to him once about how I first thought he was gay because he was so open to men touching him, I remember him shrugging his shoulders and telling me, "Hey, it's just a job. They can look all they want, but if they want to touch, they have to pay. As long as they treat me with respect, I'm cool with it." Then, with that heart melting smile of his, he said, "I know they probably fantasize about having sex with me. But as long as they respect the fact that I'm straight, I'll fulfill any other fantasy they have. Like I said, it's just a job."

As Matthias continued to count his wad of cash, I took a closer look at him. He was leaning back against a table in the dressing room, dressed in his dance costume. Actually, it really wasn't a costume. He was dressed in tight, yellow spandex briefs, with white socks and black army boots. On his head, he wore a blue checkered bandana and a silver chain around his neck. I kept drinking my Coke and started looking around the room because I knew that if I kept staring at him, I'd lose it. Of all the straight men I've ever lusted after, Matthias was my number one fantasy. But he was also one of my closest friends and I couldn't bring myself to ruin our friendship that way.

I know, I know . . . given how I've just gone and taken other straight man that I've lusted after, I guess it doesn't make much sense that I haven't tried to get Matthias. And it really wouldn't be too difficult, because he trusts me.

Yet that's precisely the reason I love him so much as a friend . . . because he does trust me. But I'd be less than honest if I didn't admit that there were times I've come damn close to just giving in to my lust and raping his ass. Damn close . . .

"FUCK! 214 bucks, dude! I toldja the ladies were good to me tonight!"

I laughed and said, "Trust me, Mat . . . I never underestimate your appeal with the ladies! Here's to you!" I thrust out my Coke can in a salute to his performance.

I guess I thrust the can a little too hard. Coke popped out of the opening and flew through the air. I wiggled to keep it from hitting me but I wasn't fast enough. The brown liquid splashed on my right pants leg.

"SHIT!" I said, jumping up off the couch.

Matthias started laughing and clapped his hands. "Hell Ryan, are you okay?"

I gave him a sarcastic look and said, "Sure, Mat. Don't I LOOK okay?!"

Matthias looked away and tried to stifle his laugh but he wasn't successful. I could still hear laughter coming from him and I just looked down at the floor, shaking my head.

"Let me get you something to wipe it up."

He turned and opened a closet that had some towels on an upper shelf. As he reached for one of them, I happened to look up.

Biiiiig mistake.

As Matthias reached for the towels, thick, corded muscle popped out from his back and arms, a look that is only achieved by guys who religiously work out their bodies. Since the towels were near the back of the shelf, he had to stand up on the balls of his feet to reach them. As he stretched, his hamstrings tightened and his ass flexed in the tight briefs. Two perfect spheres of muscle ass jutted out, a deep line separating them as the briefs wedged in his ass crack.

I just stood there and stared. There is no other word for it. I stared.

I could feel the blood rush to my cock as it got hard. Matthias was having trouble grabbing a towel on the shelf and stretched out to get it. As he stretched, the yellow spandex pulled up tighter and tighter on his mounds, the edges of his perfect ass starting to peak out of the brief. I felt my mouth go dry and my senses swim as the ass I had only of dreamed about came into view. It was so round . . . so perfect . . . and soooo fuckable.

Matthias finally grabbed the towel and started to turn around. I didn't want him to see my hard on, so I turned my back to him and acted as if I was trying to get my pants off.

"Shit, this Coke completely soaked my pants!"

Matthias handed me the towel. "Here, use this."

I took the towel and, with my back still towards him, I dried myself off. As I rubbed the towel over my pants leg, I could feel something in my pocket. I reached in, pulled out my keys, a roll of ChapStick, a lottery ticket, and some breath mints, and put them on the table. I continued to wipe my pants but knew I'd have to take them off because I could still feel the damp spot where the Coke hit my leg.

My cock had softened enough so I pulled my pants off and sat down on the couch again. Matthias stood there for a minute watching me run the towel over my bare leg, then sat down next to me. Fuck, just what I needed. A muscle hunk sitting next to me while I'm sitting in a shirt and my drawers! I willed my cock not to get hard again.

Matthias started looking at the stuff from my pocket that I'd put on the table. He opened my roll of cherry flavored ChapStick and put some on his lips. I pulled the towel over my crotch area, in case my cock started to get hard.

"I always knew you were cherry, Mat!"

Matthias laughed. "Dude, YOU'RE the cherry!" He tossed the ChapStick back on the table, then picked up the lottery ticket and looked at it.

"Didja win anything?"

"I don't know. I haven't checked the numbers."

"You'd better, Ryan! It was worth forty million dollars tonight!"

"I will, Mat, but not now. I'm tired and want to go home."

Yawning, Matthias said, "Yeah, me too. And I've got a loooong drive ahead of me."

Matthias lived on the north side of town and I knew he had at least a 45 minute drive. My house, on the other hand, was 15 minutes away.

"Hey Mat . . . you wanna stay over tonight? I mean, it's almost 2:30 in the morning, dude."

Matthias kept yawning. "Naw, that's okay, Ryan. I'll go on home."

"Hell Mat, you're yawning like a baby! C'mon and sack out at my place." Grinning, I punched him on the arm. "And don't worry, I won't molest you!"

Matthias was in the middle of a yawn, but stifled it when he started laughing.

"Yeah, like you'd molest me, man!" Matthias started shaking, he was laughing so hard.

I laughed along with him, but he had no idea how much I really DID want to molest him. As he leaned back against the couch laughing, I look at his hot body again.

Given his Filipino and Mexican heritage, Matthias' skin was a gorgeous brown color, smooth and hairless. Fuck, the tattoos on each of his shoulders were so sexy! His left side had a series of spikes that looked like the horns of a deer, while the right side had a cascade of circles that resembled a sun. They swirled into an intricate design along his back, where they met in the middle. Matthias's arms were stunning displays of muscle, with veins running up and down both sides of his forearms, biceps, and triceps. His pecs protruded from below his neck to midway down his chest, an inch deep ridge separating the thick slabs of muscle. They were capped by large, reddish brown nipples, with bullet tips that always seemed to be aroused. A defined ridge of 6 abdominal muscles started underneath his pecs and continued down just below his navel. I licked my lips looking at the bulge in his briefs, which told me a large, fat cock resided inside, waiting to be revealed.

I could feel myself getting horny again and knew I needed to look away before he caught me perving on his physique.

Matthias finished laughing and stood up. He continued to yawn as he walked towards the closet.

"C'mon, Mat. You're making me nervous. Come crash at my pad. You can go home in the morning."

He turned around and looked at me for a moment, deep in thought. Then he shrugged, smiled and said, "Okay, Ryan . . . if you're sure it's no problem."

"Dude, it's no problem. Get dressed and let's go."

"Okay. But I gotta stop at that Mini-mart store on the way to your house and get some bottled water."

"Sure, no problem."

My pants had dried a little bit and I pulled them back on. I could still feel where the Coke had spilled but it wasn't as bad. Matthias pulled off his boots, pulled up some sweat pants over his briefs, put on a sleeveless shirt, and donned a sweat jacket. After putting on the jacket, he reached over and started putting on some open toe sandals. I started to look as he bent over but averted my eyes, for fear of getting hard again. I looked down at the table and saw the stuff I had pulled out of my pants pocket.

"Hey Mat, would you do me a favor?"


"Take that stuff so that it doesn't get wet again in my pocket."

"Okay." He walked over and picked up my stuff off the table.

I started laughing. "Give me my keys though, dude! I can't drive without them." Matthias grinned and tossed me the keys, putting the rest of the stuff in his jacket pocket. We walked to the dressing room door.

"You sure you remember how to get to my house, Mat?"

Matthias smiled and said, "I've been to clubs all over this city, Ryan. I think I can remember where your little ole place is."

"Okay, dude. See ya there!"

As he walked past me to go out the door, I saw the large bulge again in the front of his sweats. His tight ass rose and fell as he walked and the sweats clung tightly around it. I grinned and shook my head. You never change, Ryan . . . you never change.


Fuck, why is it you can never find something when you really need it?

I was in my guest bedroom, searching in the closet for bed sheets. I knew Matthias was extremely tired and wanted to make up the bed quickly before he got here. I normally put the sheets in the closet but evidently, I had done something else with them, as I couldn't find them.

As I searched, I thought about whether it was smart of me to have him here overnight. True, he was like a brother to me, and I couldn't imagine me taking advantage of him. But unfortunately I also knew ME . . . and resisting the temptation of his hot body just steps away from my bedroom would be difficult.

Sighing, I walked out of the closet and started looking in the dresser near the bed. I thought I heard a noise and stopped. For a moment, it was quiet and then I heard it again. It sounded like someone was beating on my door.

I cautiously walked out into the hallway and heard the pounding thud again.

"Ryan! Open the door, man!"

I walked over to the door and opened it. Matthias stood there a moment and then walked in quickly.

"Damn, I thought you had gone to sleep, dude!"

"I was trying to make up your bed before you got here. Shit, what's with the pounding on the door, man? Why didn't you just ring the doorbell?"

Matthias grinned sheepishly and said, "Sorry, man. I was just so excited, I forgot."

I started walking back to the guest bedroom and Matthias followed.

"Excited? About what?"

"Ryan, you're not going to believe this, man! You won!"

Walking into the bedroom, I smiled at Matthias and said, "Won what, Mat?"

"The Mega-Millions lottery, man! Your ticket!"

I started laughing and said, "Quit bullshitting me, Mat. I'm too tired for that crap."

"I'm SERIOUS, dude! When I was at the counter at the Mini-mart, they had these tickets with the results. I grabbed one and checked it against your ticket and almost all the numbers matched! The only you didn't match was the Megaball but all the others matched. "

My eyes widened and Matthias grinned even wider. "Yeah, man! You're rich!"

I was shocked. I had never won much of anything in my life and the odds of having a winning lottery combination were astronomical. They were only slightly better for matching 5 out of 5 but that still numbered in the hundred million to one range.

"Let me see it, Mat."

I reached out my hand and Matthias gave me 2 tickets. I looked at the numbers on the results ticket. It had 5, 7, 12, 22, 38, with 14 as the Megaball. I looked at my lottery ticket. My Megaball pick was 26 but sure enough, my other numbers were 5, 7, 12, 22, and 38. I looked farther down on the results ticket to see what matching 5 of 5 was worth. At the bottom was written "5 out of 5 - $250,000".

I looked back and forth between the results ticket and my lottery ticket two more times, reading them carefully. Then I looked at Matthias, shook my head, and screamed one of the most eloquent statements I had ever made . . .

"FUCK! Fuck, fuck, FUCK!"

Matthias must have noticed the shocked look on my face and said, "You see, Ryan? You won two hundred and fifty thousand dollars!"

Unfortunately, Matthias didn't understand what my scream was about or why I had such a shocked look on my face. He may have "looked" at the tickets but he evidently didn't look close enough. If he had looked closer, he would have seen that my ticket's date was for LAST WEEK'S drawing.

The ticket I had in my hand wasn't worth $250,000. It wasn't worth $25. It wasn't worth a damn thing.

Matthias slapped me on the shoulder and said, "Damn man, I thought you'd be more excited! You didn't win the forty million, but a quarter of a million is still a helluva lot of money."

I took a deep breath, sighed, and sat down on the bed. Matthias sat down next to me. I was quiet a moment and decided to tell him the truth. I looked at him and he was smiling. When I started speaking, he interrupted me.

"Mat . . ."

"Ryan, we're good friends, right?"

"Sure, Mat. But let me tell you . . ."

"And we've always been honest with each other, right?"

"Yeah, but let me . . ."

"I need to ask you something but I don't want you to get upset, okay?"

I had my mouth open to continue talking but the look Matthias had on his face caused me to close it. I nodded my head and indicated that he should go on.

He hung his head for about 15 seconds and then lifted it up. He looked me in the eyes and then glanced away, which was really strange. Matthias is one of the easiest guys in the world to talk with, yet he was hemming and hawing around like he was afraid. After almost a minute of his opening his mouth, starting to speak, and then closing it, I was totally confused.

"What is it, Mat? Just say it, man. I won't get mad at you."

Matthias took a deep breath and said softly, "It embarrasses me to ask you, Ryan."

I smiled but was at a loss as to what he was embarrassed about. After another long pause, I started to speak again when Matthias spoke up.

"Do you think . . . I might could . . . uhhhh . . . maybe . . ."

Laughing, I said, "maybe what, Mat? C'mon!"

"Maybe . . . maybe . . . borrow . . . some money from you?"

Ahhhh, so that was it, I thought. I had to smile inside, knowing how hard it must have been for Matthias to ask that. He was such a proud man. He even had a hard time letting me buy a hamburger for him when we'd go out to eat. I had to order it with my food, just so he wouldn't pay for it.

And of course now, he thought I had lots of money. So it probably really bothered him to ask me just as I was discovering my "riches". I hated to disappoint him when he found out that my ticket was a dud.

"How much do you need, Mat?"

"I'm several years behind on my child support payments, Ryan." I knew Matthias had a 6 year old daughter, Ashley, so that didn't shock me. However, I was somewhat surprised about his being behind in child support.

"Okay. How much do you need?"

"It's a lot of money."

I was starting to get exasperated but held my composure.

"Ok, I understand that, Mat. How much do you need?"

Matthias looked down at the floor, paused a moment, and with his voice barely a whisper said, "About twenty thousand dollars."


Matthias looked back at me, a sad look in his eyes.

"You know I've been working a lot the last year, right?"

I knew he had and nodded.

"I told you it was for a house, but it was really to help me catch up with my payments. Now, I'm only about $40,000 behind and it will take me 5 more years to catch up, since I have to keep paying my current payments as well. But when I was in court last month, the judge told me that if I didn't come up with half of the money in 60 days, he would give me some jail time. I don't have that kind of money, Ryan. I mean, I make good money dancing but not enough to cover that."

Shit! How was I going to tell him the truth now? He would be terribly embarrassed at having made such a mistake with the ticket in the first place and then asking me for money. To cap it all off, he would be completely humiliated admitting his financial problems to me, especially when I couldn't help him.

Looking down, I felt very sad, both for the situation Matthias found himself in and that I couldn't do anything about it. I sat there silently, trying to think of what to tell him.

"So, whadda ya think, Ryan? I know it's rude to ask you for money, but I have no one else to turn to." He paused and then said, "I mean, it shouldn't be too big a problem for you, now that you'll have that money, right?"

I looked up at Matthias and saw a glassy look in his eyes, as if he were about to cry. I looked back down.

His voice breaking, Matthias said, "I don't wanna lose seeing Ashley or go to jail! Just tell me what I need to do, Ryan . . . and I'll do it."

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