The rain pounded furiously against the sidewalk as we dashed from the cab. It only took a few seconds before my clothes were clinging to my body like a second skin. To be truthful the feel of water slamming into my soft skin was nothing less than euphoric, bringing my breath to a slight quickness. My hair clung wetly to the side of my face and neck, causing streams of water to cascade down my collarbone. Each drop of rain that touched my body caressed and traced a path downward, sending shivers of pleasure through every inch of my body. The cool caress of rain caused my nipples to harden to a torturous level.

It was only ten feet to the front door of my apartment building and yet each step I took felt like it took forever. Maybe it was the combination of the situation I found myself in and the wrathful storm that made me feel as if I was about to explode. I don't normally find myself taking a handsome stranger home to hang out, let alone to be intimate with. However, tonight I couldn't seem to stop the words of an invitation from sliding out of my sweet lips. A few hours was hardly enough time to get to know someone. At least that is what my head was telling me. My body was telling me something entirely different. My body wanted this sexy stranger in a bad way.

The last few steps had us halt underneath an awning that didn't stop any rain from dropping around us. I smiled up at him. Smiling back he slid in front of me and before I knew it, I was pulled against his hard body. It was the perfect example of opposition. My body soft and yielding. His body hard and resistant. Biting my lip I look up into his eyes just a few seconds before his mouth came down on mine. Closing my eyes in pure bliss, I allowed myself to slid further into his arms and enjoy the feel of his lips against mine. Eagerly he stuck his tongue into my mouth. I opened my lips. Our tongues twirled around each other until I was dizzy with want. Placing my hand on his arm, I pushed myself away from his body. Without saying a word I pull my keys out of my purse and insert them into the lock. You would think that my hands would be shaking, but for some reason, I was not nervous. The only shaking I was experiencing was the shake of want in my thighs.

Three flights up brought us to my apartment. Opening the door, I stepped inside knowing he would step in behind me. I only took a few steps before I was pulled against his body yet again. The door clicked shut quietly but it echoed through my brain like a pin drop would echo through an empty room. It was the last line of defense against having this happen. I could have simply stopped him at the door and sent him away. That's what my mind had screamed for me to do, but it was like my body was moving on it's own accord.

Moaning into his lips I felt the chill of the cold door pushing my wet clothes against my skin. Our hands start roaming each others body and any thoughts on the water ruining my beautiful wooden floor escaped my thoughts. I tilt my head to the right as I start unbuttoning his shirt. The feel of his hot lips tracing a trail down my neck stops my hands in their pursuit of naked flesh. I can't help but lean further into the warmth of his body as each touch of his lips send a delicious tingle through mine. My body shutters as he backs away from me. Giving me a look that said, "I am going to make you cum until your voice goes hoarse from screaming," put a weak feeling in my knees, as if they were going to give out at any moment. Biting my lip, I lean my head back against the door and watch as he puts his body on show for me.

I watched each muscle bunch as he shrugged out of his coat and then pulled off he shirt. His shoulders broad, showed a silent strength that sent a ripple of pure longing through my core. My eyes roamed lower and took in the sight of his chest and stomach. He was ripped, not something I particularly look for in a lover, but something that just caught my attention. A light trail of black hair disappeared into the top of his pants. Just the sight of it made me want to slide to my knees in front of him and run my tongue down it. I resisted that urge as he turned his gray eyes back to me. I raise mine from the front of his pant to collide with his sexy eyes.

It isn't everyday that just a collision of eyes would cause me to quiver, but something about this man brought that reaction out of me. Like he forced me to face what I wanted the most and bring it to the fore front of my mind instead of leaving it in the dark recesses. That thought alone would have been sufficient enough to make me ready for him to enter me and yet he was determined to enjoy making me want him with the touch of his lips and hands. My breath quickened even more as I looked at him, because I knew this was just the beginning of a delicious and luscious night. The clank and hiss of a belt being removed brought my eyes back down to the front of his pants and before I could stop it, I sucked in a hard breath. I could see the outline of his hard cock through his pants and I wanted nothing more than to take it in my mouth. For some reason, I looked away from what I wanted the most at this moment. It was as if I was afraid to look. When the rustle of clothes stopped, I looked back to him and he smiled sexily at me.

He didn't move. He stood there completely nude in front of me and allowed me to drink in the full sight of him. From his deep gray eyes to his strong, sexy lips. His broad shoulders and ripped stomach and chest. The trail of hair down to a cock so magnificent it made my mouth water. His shapely thighs and calves. I quivered from yearning as my gaze made it's way back up his body. I couldn't help licking my lips when my eyes collided with his lips. "Your turn, but I am helping!" I was completely shocked that he had a voice to speak when I knew that if I spoke just a single word I would stumble over it.

My heart jumped in my chest with the thought of his large rough hands sliding my clothes off my quivering body inch by inch. The water had made them stick to my skin so I knew that this was going to be torturous to my body. He took a few steps forwards and kissed me. Sliding his hands behind me, I felt the cloth of my dress loosen around my body slightly. The water filled cloth stayed flush to my skin as he ran his hand up my back. His lips kissed the same trail it had before down my neck, but he continued across my collarbone and shoulder, following the strap of my dress as he slipped another inch of cloth off my body. I moaned lightly and tilted my head back. His warm lips kissed a path to my other strap as it too slipped off my shoulder.

Lifting his lips, he looked into my eyes as he pulled the wet material off my body slowly. I felt the fabric slide against my breasts, bringing my nipples to full erectness. I sucked in a breath as my whole body shivered with longing. "Please Jace," I whispered. I needed to be filled. I needed to be taken completely and more than once. It had been so long. Placing a small kiss on my lips before he bent his head, I watched as his tongue darted out of his mouth and against my left nipple. The moment they collided my breath quickened more and my eyes closed as a feeling of pure bliss slid over me. I arched my back, thrusting my breasts out further. With each tug of his mouth on my nipple I felt the fabric of my dress sliding further down my body, inch by delicious inch.

The fabric hit the floor with a splash. Lifting his head he placed a kiss on my lips and then dropped to his knees. He kissed my hip as he removed my thong. I closed my eyes as his tongue darted out. I moaned loudly as he lapped at my pussy. Balancing myself precariously against the door, I prop my leg up on his shoulder to allow him complete access to me. His arm slid around my thigh to help steady me before he returned his mouth to my wet pussy. My body shuttered as I felt him sucking on my clit. A hum from deep in his throat weakened my knees more. "Jace," I moaned. I began rocking my hips against his mouth, seeking a release. My mind was screaming yes with every rock of my hips. My body tensed as I gripped his head, keeping it in place. "Jace...oh please Jace!" One more thrust against his mouth and a scream tore from my lips as my body exploded. I clung to the door I was leaning against and the arm around my thigh as I rode out the orgasm. My whole body shook.

With a kiss to my thigh, he gently got to his feet. "You taste so wonderful," he whispered against my lips. "I want you so bad." Pulling my body against him, he kissed me. I could taste myself on his lips and it turned me on even more. To know his mouth and tongue just brought me pleasure and was now on my lips, teasing my tongue, it brought a delicious and slightly painful clench through my pussy.

Smiling into his mouth, it was my turn to drop to my knees. I must have surprised him because he gasped as I my knees hit the floor. Looking up into his eyes, I wrapped my hand around his cock and twirled my tongue around the tip of his cock. Our eyes locked as my mouth tortured him. He braced himself with his arms against the door. My tongue lavished in the feel and taste of him. My other hand started gently squeezing his balls as my mouth continued to torture him. Closing my eyes, I enjoyed each slide of my tongue against his silkiness, each stroke of my hand down the velvet of his cock. I was so into giving him head that I hardly noticed his hand pushing my slowly drying hair out of my face. He rested his hand on my head, not pushing me or asking me to stop, just another confirmation he was enjoying what I was doing.

I started taking him deeper into my mouth and throat. Glancing up, I saw all his attention was on how my lips wrapped around his cock. Our eyes met. I felt him tensing and quickened my movement. Humming slightly, I felt his cock twitch in response a few seconds before he came into my mouth. He was rocking his hips back and forth slowly. As I was receiving pleasure in giving him pleasure, I hadn't noticed he had been thrusting the entire time. He cock was throbbing in my mouth. Pulling back, he caressed the side of my face and helped me up.

Glancing at him once more, I made my way into my bathroom to brush my teeth. I looked at myself in the mirror as I did so. There was a sweet rosy flush along my cheek bones. My lips swollen and pink. Spitting out the toothpaste, I wiped my mouth as I reached for another towel. I rubbed my still damp hair vigorously hoping to dry it a bit. Opening the door, I stepped out into my room and was surprised to see a glorious naked ass greeting me. He had been looking at the pictures gracing my dresser, but the click of the door brought his full attention back to me. Meeting my eyes, he winked at me. I could hear the soft patter of rain against the roof and made a quick decision to open the windows. The sound of rain never failed to turn me on, not that was a particular problem tonight. As the fresh cool air drifted in the windows around my naked body, I glance at Jace. He is watching me with an intense look on his face. Another quick wink and a smile, he gestured towards my bed.

My body again shivered with delight as I glanced at my bed. Closing my eyes, I could see myself, legs wrapped around his hips, writhing underneath his weight. The image brought a fresh wave of longing through my body. A small gasp escaped my swollen lips. I took the last few steps and climbed up on the bed, purposely wiggling my ass towards him. I turn my head enough to see him. His eyes were taking in everything before him. I saw desire flicker across his face. Running his hand through his hair, he took the last few steps towards the bed. I felt the bed give way to his weight as he positioned himself behind me.

The feel of his hand on my hip made me long to push back but I waited patiently for the feel of his cock. His other hand slid up my back, causing me to arch. A gentle smack against my ass had me shivering. I felt a finger slide across my wetness. My hips acted on their own accord and pushed back against his hand. He chuckled and slide a finger into my pussy. My pussy clenched as a deep moan slipped out of my lips. It wasn't exactly what I wanted, but I could work with it. I started moving against his hand. Before I could get a good rhythm going, he removed his finger only to replace it with two, gently stretching me to receive his cock. Biting my lip, I start fucking myself with his fingers. He seemed content to watch me. My hand worked it's way to my swollen and sensitive clit. I almost collapsed on the bed as the weight of desire swept fully over me. A slight touch of my fingertip across my swollen clit with the combination of me pushing back and forth on his fingers was almost enough to take me over again. I fought the urge to orgasm. I knew it wouldn't take much.

Jace seemed to sense this and started fucking me with his fingers. His hand reached around my thrusting body and cupped my breast. The heat of his hand scorched my already burning skin. I could no longer hold back as his fore finger and thumb gently pinched my sensitive nipple. My body tensed again as I rocked my hips hard against his fingers and quickened and deepened the touch of my finger against my clit. Closing my eyes, I let out a deep moan and enjoy the feeling of a second orgasm rocking my body.

Before I could take a break, I feel his fingers leave my body. His cock is now pressing against my opening. Time stopped as I waited for the tip to slide into me, the first stretch of my pussy around him. The final push of hard against soft that gives way to a fresh assault of desire. I close my eyes and wait. It only took a few seconds of feeling him perched there and not moving before I glanced over my shoulder at him. He was looking at my face, waiting for my approval and my permission. The thought of the consideration sent my want of him in overdrive. My eyes must have given him the acceptance he wanted. Eyes still connected over my shoulder, he slid into me slowly. I felt every inch invade me as he buried himself into me fully. I couldn't stop the gasp that escaped my swollen lips or the closure of my eyes at the feel of him. Opening my eyes, I send him a sexy smile over my shoulder before sliding my finger over my clit. I start matching his thrusts with my own. Moving my hips back against his. I feel one of his hand run up my back again and caresses the back of my neck. Each slow thrust rubs all the right spots and it isn't long before the delicious tingle starts spreading through my stomach and my thighs.

He must have felt me getting close again because he starts thrusting a little faster and cups my left breast again. I feel his lips place a small, hot kiss on my back. My fingers brush my clit once more. My pussy clenches around his cock. Just the feeling of that rocks me into a delicious and intense oblivion. Moaning loudly I grind back against him urging him to stop the assault but he continues. Taking my orgasm to a higher level of pleasure. He allows me only a few seconds of slow thrusting before he begins to tease my body again. His hand replaced my own on my clit since I had to brace myself on the bed for my orgasm. A small flick of his finger made me gasp.

Before I can enjoy the feel of it, he removes himself completely and I glance wildly over my shoulder. I am not ready to be done. His strong hand runs down my thigh and pushes slightly. "On your back!" It was not a question. It was a strong demand that sent a shiver through my body. I see a change in him that brings out all my primal urges. I scrambled to oblige and settled myself on my back with my legs spread. His hand caressed the soft skin of my thigh and he positioned himself above me. Guiding himself to my opening, he kissed me deeply, tongue darting in my mouth. I waited to feel him push into me again. I longed for it. He just took his time kissing me and suddenly, he slammed his hardness fully into my pussy. I gasped into his lips. Either he didn't notice or didn't care. At that moment I didn't care. My body wanted to be abused by him. His rough thrusts continued as he pounded into my pussy. His mouth traced a rough path down my neck where he started biting and sucking roughly.

I react very quickly to this abuse. My pussy throbs around his cock. "Jace." I moan loudly as he still pounds into me. I explode very quickly and get not even a little grace time. The orgasm is long and lasting...keeping me perched on the edge. Still throbbing and climaxing around him, I feel him come into my pussy with a growl and a quick bite to my neck. He kisses the spot he just bit and smiles at me. "You are all mine tonight." He growls as he kisses my lips and pulls me on top of him.

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