tagLoving WivesStrip and Sip Poker: A First Ch. 02

Strip and Sip Poker: A First Ch. 02

byTx Tall Tales©

My first game of Strip Poker had so far exceeded any of my dreams as to seem almost mystical.

Not only had I seen three girls naked, but they all were good-looking, one was easily the most attractive girl I'd ever known. I'd had the chance to taste each of them, bringing two of them to multiple orgasms on the end of my tongue. I'd seen my first girl-girl action ever. And I'd had sex with the sexiest, most desirable woman in the world, and it had been beyond incredible. My current girlfriend hadn't seen a lot of attention from me, but my partner in crime, Keith, was obviously completely infatuated with her, and every time I looked, his cock was in her mouth or twat. Her breasts, the best in our school, were his personal playground.

Karen and I had been together for almost six months, and for the last three months we would relieve each other virtually every day. We couldn't always have sex, as a matter of fact that wasn't more than a couple of times a week. But we had brought each other to release with our hands more times than I could count, and she swallowed my cum almost every day. She swore she wasn't crazy about it, but she knew that I liked it, and it kept things clean.

I had heard most girls didn't swallow, and my first few experiences had held this up to be basically true. But these pretty things were throwing the odds all out of whack. Linda had already sucked me dry, and it turned out that Keith had dropped three loads, two in Karen's talented mouth, and another in Sue's. None of those ever saw the light of day.

I looked down at the display below me, as four mouths were busily at work, two on hot teen pussy, and the other two on Keith's ever-ready missile. Karen and Linda were taking turns on Keith's pole, at a slow, leisurely pace. Keith was going down on Sue, who in turn was going down on Karen.

And me? I had a ready dick that I was going to stick in something.

I reached down and grabbed Sue around the waist. With a grunt I picked her up, all 100 pounds of her, and as she giggled, I carried her across the room to the couch that I had only recently christened with Linda's juices.

I deposited her on the couch and looked down at this pretty little thing I was about to enjoy. She was so sweet and cute, you wouldn't think sugar could melt in her mouth. Rumor was that she was a goody-two-shoes. Clean as the driven snow. A mouth that had barely been kissed, and the rest of her 99 44/100% pure. Tom had often complained of not getting anywhere with her. And tonight, his decision to drink instead of play had cost him a golden opportunity.

I looked at her a long time, and I saw her blush, then cover herself between her legs.

"What?" she finally said.

"What is a sweet, innocent thing like you, doing in a place like this?" I asked her, voicing what was on my mind.

"Maybe I'm not so sweet and innocent," she answered, sitting up a bit.

"You ARE that sweet, and I suspect you WERE that innocent." I told her with a bit of a grin as I sat beside her. Incredibly, my lust had subsided enough for a few coherent thoughts to cross my brain, and I was fascinated with the situation. I reached out and touched her smallish breasts, and gave a quick tweak to her nipple which immediately shriveled and hardened.

She was a little reticent suddenly, and tucked her feet underneath her, her legs closed, her hands mostly covering her breasts.

"Why?" she asked suspiciously. I wondered if I was screwing up. She was mine to do with as I pleased only a minute earlier, and now she was closing down. Damn my curiosity!

I climbed off the couch, and spared a peek for our other three cohorts. Karen was on her hands and knees, her face buried in Linda's crotch, with Keith applying the sausage from behind. I knelt beside where Sue was, and fluffed the pillow on the end of the couch. I then took her by the shoulders and eased her back against the pillow, encouraging her to stretch out a bit.

"I just wonder what you want," I told her, my upper body leaning sideways across hers, my face in line with hers. Her legs were still curled up and her thighs pressed against my back.

"I know what you want," she answered, taking one of my hands and drawing it to her face. She curled my hand into a fist, my middle finger extended, then sucked on it slowly and teasingly.

I let my other hand cup her breast and I massaged it softly. When she pulled my finger from her mouth, I slid that hand behind her head and leaned over and kissed her softly but intensely.

"Mmmmm," she sighed, and I felt the pressure of her legs disappear from my back, while her diamond hard nipples were teased under my hands.

I eased away, "What do you want?"

A storm flashed across her face, then just as suddenly was gone, replaced by a hint of sorrow.

"Why?" she asked again, her hand creeping out to run down my hip, sliding over to fondle my cock.

"I want you to be happy," I told her. "What do you want?"

She gave my cock a firm pull. "I want everything. All the stuff I'd never do. All the things that I had thought about doing. The things I was saving up to do with Tom. That asshole. He had to know that tonight was our night, and he couldn't even stay sober for that. I'm sick of his getting drunk. I'm tired of always having to be the one to stop everything. I'm done with being the innocent who goes home and wears out the batteries in my sister's vibrator. I want someone who wants me like you and Keith want Karen and Linda. I want it all. I want to know what I'm missing, and I'm not going to miss it anymore!"

I knelt there caressing her breasts, letting her words seep in. I gave her nipples a short 'taste test', then sat on the edge of the couch, just above her hip.

"Is this really the place you want to do all that? Not with the 'love of your life', but here, now, with us?" My hands had a mind of their own, gently exploring, touching and caressing her upper body, neck, face, and down as far as her hip.

"Don't you want me?" she asked hesitantly.

"Are you kidding? In about 30 seconds I'm going to fuck your pretty little brains out, and if possible, leave you begging for more. But I really like you; I always have, and I don't want you upset or second-guessing what we're doing."

"That's why I love you. I want you to be my first. Even if you're with Karen or Linda, or whoever it turns out you're with when this is over. Love me tonight," she said, her hands like butterflies on my chest.

The offer, and unstated submission was too much. I stood, and lifted her a bit up, sliding her up the couch until her head was on the armrest, a pillow under her upper back. I then stood over her, turned her face and placed my cock at her lips. Sue opened her mouth, her tiny tongue darting out and teasing my cock head. I eased forward, my semi-hard meat slowly disappearing into her warm, inviting opening.

She sucked me deliciously, if a bit inexpertly, and my member responded enthusiastically: swelling, lengthening, hardening.

Enough. Time to fuck the virgin sacrifice.

I knelt, poised between Sue's slender legs. If I hadn't commented earlier, yes, she was just as red below as above, with short hair on both ends.

I took cock in hand and placed the head at her cherry opening. I pushed in just far enough to see the head slip between her swollen lips, and then pulled upwards, sliding out of her and rubbing my cock against her clit. I spent a short while doing this, until her gash was so wet, it squished every time I rubbed against it.

Holding my shaft, I placed the head at her entrance once more, and pushed in just a bit farther, stretching her open, my cock on the verge of entering my pretty little partner. I looked up at her face, where she was gnawing on her bottom lip. She was looking down at where our hips met. She raised her eyes to mine, as I hesitated there, on the verge of being her first.

"Go ahead," she said softly, and she gave a slight nudge forward with her hips.

The inertia broken, it was all I needed. I slid forward, into her moistness, almost halfway before the going got tough. I didn't know if maybe her cherry was intact, but I slowly fucked her with just those few inches, until I was sawing into her smoothly, with no resistance.

"Hold on," I warned her, and then I pushed forward hard, slamming into her to the hilt.

I didn't know it, but her hymen was long gone, sacrificed to her vibrator. I was buried in her ultra-tight virgin cunt, but before I could pull out, she wrapped her legs around me and stopped me.

"Wait - don't move, just a second," she gasped, getting accustomed to the over-sized invader.

Her chest was heaving and I leaned forward and kissed her warmly, while she lay there impaled. She returned the kiss lovingly, not overly passionate, but sweet.

"Go ahead," she whispered into my ear, when our kiss finally ended.

And I did. I raised back up on my knees, and spread hers farther apart. Slowly drawing out the entire length, I paused just at her entrance, and then retook her with a series of short strokes, delving deeper and deeper until I bottomed out again. She grunted when my hips reached the limit of their forward progress.

"That's uncomfortable," she confessed, with a look on her face other than pleasure.

I had been looking for that complete penetration, but it looked like she might not be ready for it. I leaned forward, laying on top of her, my weight on my arms.

"Sorry baby," I said, and kissed her again. I then used my hips to take her, in the classic missionary position. It was much better; on the forward stroke I didn't feel myself running into resistance at the end, and her look of apprehension slowly disappeared as she learned to enjoy the feeling of my cock filling her repeatedly.

I felt her before I heard her; her hand rubbing down my back, and caressing my ass.

"Wow, Sue. I didn't think you'd go this far!" I heard Karen say, as she moved alongside us. She reached out and brushed Sue's hair to the side, as I slowly screwed her into the couch.

Sue turned her head and looked at Karen, "It's Ok, right?" she answered, a bit nervously.

Karen giggled. "I think everything's fair game tonight." She put her hand on the back of my head, and turned my face so she could kiss me. "Take care of her, Jack."

It was Sue's turn to laugh. "Oh he's taking care of me alright."

Karen was now massaging my shoulders as I fucked her best friend. "You never told me that Keith had such a thing for me." She said softly, almost like an opening salvo.

I had an easy rhythm going, and was able to talk to Karen while I stretched out Sue's tunnel for the first time.

"We joked around, but I really had no idea." I told her. "But it now seems kind of obvious."

"We all knew about your thing for Linda, but Keith, it was kind of a surprise," she continued. "Get off her a sec," she said, pushing at my shoulder.

I obeyed, being in kind of an awkward situation. It took a minute, but she soon had us repositioned the way she wanted. I was on my back, and now Sue was riding me, learning how to pleasure herself on my magic wand. Karen was back to kneeling beside us and I looked over to find Linda and Keith had relocated to a Lazyboy, and she was perched in his lap, in a most intimate position.

"Keith wants me to go to the beach with him," she finally said, dropping the bomb. Wow, I hadn't expected that one.

"Beach?" was all I could manage, partially from the fucking I was getting, and partially from the surprise.

"God, it's weird. If you don't want me to go, I won't, I mean, I don't want us to, well I don't know, but I won't if you don't want." She was incoherent.

I pulled her face down to mine, and kissed her softly. "We're all best friends. If you want to be with Keith for a bit, that's nice. We don't have to break up, we can just add him in, if you'd like," I told her hoping for the best.

"It's just that Linda can't go, and he really, really wants me to go, and well, we don't have much time left, and I don't want to take away our time," she was still rambling.

"Shhh," I told her. "It's Ok. I think after tonight everything's going to be a little different. Go to the beach with Keith."

"God, I love you," she squealed, kissing me hard. "And you can still have Linda and Sue while I'm gone I guess, we'll have to talk about it when I get back. We're leaving day after tomorrow."

She hopped up and danced over to Keith and Linda, who looked to be in an intense conversation of their own.

"And you can still have me, I guess," Sue said with a laugh, leaning over and laying down on top of me, a bit worn out from working over my cock.

I grabbed her soft ass in my hands and fucked her a little more aggressively without the distraction of my girlfriend semi-breaking up with me. I lifted her up a bit, and thrust up into her hard and fast. I had hoped I was going to blow her mind like Linda, but it was too much too ask, and I felt myself getting close.

"Damn, you feel good," she gasped into my shoulder.

"I need to come," I told her, my breath heaving.

"Not in me!" she gasped, wiggling forward, trying to dislodge herself.

"Come in me," I heard, and looked over to find Linda standing beside us.

Sue looked a little confused, as she climbed off of me, and Linda took over her position. Linda sat up and started sliding her hips forward and back, adding a lot of friction to the glorious feeling of being inside her.

"Was I ok?" Sue asked perched above me. She was seated on the arm of the couch just above my head. If she scooted forward six inches, she'd be on my face.

"You were great," I answered her, pulling her thigh over and kissing her there.

"You guys looked great," Linda said, hunched over, fucking herself hard on my cock.

It was too much, with a groan, I grabbed her hips and pulled down hard, while slamming my cock upward, once again filling her with my cum, the results of the orgasm that Sue had earned me.

My ears were ringing from the intensity of my orgasm. I looked up to see Linda wiping a tear from Sue's eye.

"It's ok, we'll get you on something, and then you can feel him come in you," Linda told Sue, in an almost sisterly tone.

* * *

I think it was a combination of things. Our youth, the incredible sexiness of the people we were with, the knowledge that this would probably never happen again, and the first time for so many of us not only with each other, but in all the things we did.

Keith and I were Supermen. Nothing these beautiful girls could do could keep our tumescent rods down for the count. And with six mouths and pussy's to fill we had our work cut out for us. I lost count of the number of times we came.

As if six holes weren't enough, I was fucking Sue from behind, for the second time, and Linda was there with me, running her hands all over Sue's back and rear. Then I watched in awe as her hand slid down Sue's back and her finger pushed insistently at her tiny brown hole, finally popping through and disappearing to the second joint.

"Let's do her butt, Jack," Linda said to me.

Linda had acted odd since I'd claimed her. She'd helped Keith get off once, but she'd rebuffed most of his advances. Every time he tried to fuck her, she'd steer him to Karen or Sue, and play with the two of them until he got started again, and then she'd be back with me. Either underneath me (or on top of me), or beside me while I did Sue. For all the action I still hadn't done Karen.

Linda was working her finger in and out of Sue's virgin asshole, while my cock slid in and out of her still amazingly tight cunt.

"I want your big fat dick in her butt, while she licks me." Linda whispered in my ear.

At this time in my life I really didn't know anything about anal, but the words she said were exciting me. I looked at Linda's fingers, now two of them twisting inside Sue's anal ring, and I thought it sounded like a great idea.

Linda stretched way over, her fingers lodged in Sue's back door, and told her, very matter-of-factly, "Jack's going to do your butt now. You can feel him come in you."

If I'd expected a fight, I was wrong. She just twisted her torso a bit, and looked back at me. "Anything and everything." She said softly.

"I know."

"Please be careful," she said, but she reached back and held her cheeks wide.

We were willing enough, but it wasn't going to happen. I tried to get my cock in her, but she was so damn tight, it hurt to even try. I leaned over and ate her ass out, really lathering her up, but it still was to no avail. So I kissed her ass gently, and apologized for any pain I caused in the attempts so far, and went back to thumping her recently virginal tunnel. Then Linda came back from an expedition into the back of the house waving a tube and smiling.

"Lube." She said, succinctly, and she worked a good bit of it into Sue's ass, and then onto my cock.

The difference was amazing. I placed the head of my cock at her little brown opening, and pushing down with my thumb I gave a little shove. Pop! I was two inches deep in her ass, and it was tight as a fist, but seemingly painless.

"Ohh!" Sue cried, and then laughed, "Oh-my-God, that was so different! I didn't think it would feel like this!"

I started a series of little strokes to see if there was going to be a problem, and found I was able to get about half my cock in her, before she felt any discomfort. I let her get a little used to the new occupant in her ass, while Linda took up residency in front of her, spreading her legs wide, and guiding Sue's face down to her well-used snatch. Well used by me, I'm proud to say.

I slowly fucked poor Sue's ass while she worked on the fine art of cunnilingus. I was fascinated by the view of my cock disappearing in her butt, and I spent a good while just staring at where I was entering her; watching her skin stretch and try to cling to my cock as I slid in and out of her rear. I grabbed her cheeks firmly, leaving little red marks, as I experimented with fucking her harder, faster and deeper. It was a very different sensation from being in her pussy, and while it was wildly exciting and so naughty, it wasn't nearly as comfortable as fucking her warm and inviting velvet pussy.

I was mesmerized, and I don't know how long I plundered her ass, but I could feel that sensation where my balls met my cock, and it was getting close to time to unload. I slowed down and long-stroked her ass. I wanted to come so bad, but it was almost too tight. Finally after several more minutes of stretching her butthole the resistance finally waned, and I was able to hold her cheeks wide while I pounded her hard. Linda came hard in front of me, on the end of Sue's tongue, probably for the third or fourth time, but I hadn't even noticed, and I followed closely behind dropping a load deep in Sue's bowels.

With a cry Sue pulled her head out of Linda's gash, and shivered as she came. It was the first time she'd come for me, and it was with my cock buried in her ass, throbbing as it emptied inside her.

"Damn," Linda said, "that almost makes me want to try it."

Shit. The sky was getting light outside, and yet, I swear I could almost feel my cock responding once more to the thought of repeating that scenario, with the girls positions reversed.

I collapsed backwards, weak and emptied. I could see my juices leaking out the edge of Sue's angry red butthole. I saw a sheen of sweat covering Linda, who had rolled off the couch and was laying on the floor, her eyes closed, recovering.

I guess we had to save something for tomorrow. Or later today as things would have it.


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