Strip and Sip Poker: A First

byTx Tall Tales©

Sue waited a moment while we both watched Linda do the unthinkable. She stood over me, facing me, and then squatted down over my waist. She reached down and held my cock pointing straight up, while she slowly settled over it. I have more than my fair share of meat down there, a little longer and a good bit thicker than most of the guys, and we could tell it took some work for Linda to fit my entire shaft up inside her. She groaned as she finally settled down, taking that last inch or so. Then she lifted herself up slowly, and dropped down firmly, making sure she had as much as she could take. That was the last I saw of my first time fucking Linda, as a cute little fair skinned, moist pussy blocked out the rest of the world.

Sue was a tiny slip of a thing, and her strawberry blonde edged love cleft was a joy to tease. I lost myself in the ecstasy of the pleasure given and received, and while Linda came on my cock, I brought Sue off again and again, clinging to her thighs, not letting her even pull away. When my jaws were too sore to continue, and my entire face was soaked in her juices, I released her, and she rolled to her side, moaning, hugging her knees.

Linda stretched out and laid down fully upon me, still sliding back and forth on my stiff rod. She looked down at my face, and wiped away most of Sue's juices with her hand, before kissing me deeply, her motion stopping for a moment, the full length of my cock buried in her.

"I can't believe we're doing this," she confessed into my ear, holding me tightly. "This is so wild." We both looked to the side where Karen was riding Keith, only a foot or so away, in parallel to us.

"I can't believe I've already come in your mouth and I'm inside you now. I've dreamt of this so many times, but it seemed so impossible. God, I love being inside you." I emphasized the words with a small shove.

"I love it too. You are so thick; I can't believe how good you feel inside me."

I rolled her over onto her back, and started fucking her harder, then concerned that I might be giving her rug burns, I took her over to the couch, about four feet away, and took her there. I wanted to look at her as I fucked her, even in the dim light we had. I lifted her legs high, a big V, and screwed her slowly watching my cock slowly sheath itself in her flesh. I gave a strong push at the end of each stroke, enjoying the view of her breasts jiggling up and back. I observed her face, watching her lose herself to the slow methodical screwing, until she finally begged for it harder and faster.

I looked over to see a surprising sight. Karen was lying under Keith and Sue, with Sue perched happily on Karen's face. Keith was almost casually fucking her, while every so often he'd lean forward and kiss Sue.

I tore my gaze from the wanton sight only a few feet away. I tilted the lovely Linda's legs back, grabbing the arm of the couch her head was on for leverage, and I fucked her as hard and fast as I could. Her immediate cries egged me on, screaming out her need. She came on my cock hard, her eyes rolling back in her head, her back arching, but I didn't let up my assault on the most desirable woman I'd known to that moment. When she finished coming, she was breathing hard, as if she'd run a mile, and it was less than a minute until she was climbing that same peak to orgasm she'd summited seconds earlier.

"Oh Fuck!" She groaned, then came again on my throbbing shaft. She came so hard; I'd never experienced anything like it (although my experience was somewhat limited.) It seemed to last ages, and then I saw her staring at me almost in fear.

"God, you're killing me," she gasped, while I continued the firm pounding.

"I never want to stop fucking you," I told her, staring down into her face, letting my burning desire show.

"Come for me, Jack please," she begged, as I felt her once again grind her way to the top of her incredible orgasmic mountain.

"Fuck me, fill me, please," she gasped, thrusting back hard against me. Her legs were wrapped around me and her fingers dug into my forearms.

"Please Jack, please," she was barely coherent, as I watched her disappear back inside herself, into pleasure oblivion.

The continued pounding, her words, and the pure eroticism of the moment were dragging me to my own point-of-no-return.

"I'm going to come, Linda," I gasped, shifting in the seat and trading the hard, fast pounding for long smooth strokes, bottoming out after each. I could see she was trying to hold back, waiting for me to come. I didn't disappoint her.

I didn't speak as I slammed into her one last time, then my seed was firing, exploding deep inside her, burning a path up her womb.

She screamed to wake the dead, her legs kicking wildly, and her grasping fingers and sharp nails leaving indelible tracks on my arms and chest. It was a life changing moment, to witness what I could reduce the most beautiful woman in the world to: a squirming, screaming heap of passion, completely at my mercy.

I leaned over her, once I'd thoroughly emptied my balls, and brushed her hair back from that beautiful face, softly stroking her hair, and calming her. Her eyes were wild, like a captured animal, and her breathing was out-of-control. A small bubble popped from her left nostril, and a tiny stream ran from it. I used my thumb to wipe it away, and then I was wiping the tears from the edges of her eyes. I kissed her lightly on her lips and all over her face, while her breath slowly settled.

She was still so incredibly gorgeous, and she was mine. I owned her. I felt it. She was scared, excited, and relieved all at once. My gentle touches and soft kisses became a long slow sensuous kiss where I explored every inch of her mouth, tongue and teeth. My cock remained buried inside of her, never going completely soft. I felt small spasms around my cock, as her pussy involuntarily clasped me tighter and deeper.

The kiss seemed to go on forever, and at the end I was hard again. I gently stroked in and out a couple of times, before slowing to a stop, again buried to the hilt in her sweet pussy.

"You really should go to Keith for at least a bit." I told her softly, seeing a host of feelings: sadness, surprise, hurt churn through her eyes.

She started to say something, but I placed my fingers across her lips.

"I can't give you up, you know. I know you're with him, but after tonight you're mine. Fuck the consequences. I've always wanted you, more than anything. And from a distance I could dream but accepted the impossibility of it all. But now... I'll never give you up. You are mine. Mine." I took her again, with my mouth on hers, my cock splitting her, but only for a minute, before I slowed again, and pressed my lips to her ear.

"Go to him, but remember, you're mine." I told her fiercely but softly, slowly dragging my cock out of her, hesitating with just the head inside her, and then with just the head, diddling in and out of her a few times, before finally pulling away.

She sat up and looked over to where our other 3 card players were laid out in a lazy daisy chain, Karen sucking Keith, who was licking Sue, who had her face buried between Karen's legs. As Linda turned to pull away, I grabbed her arm, and tugged her close to whisper in her ear.

"Whose are you?"

"Yours, Jack. Yours always." She answered without hesitation.

I nipped at her earlobe and released her, watching her amazing body cross the floor to join Karen, giving Keith her attention.

I stood as well, my hard cock leading the way.

Towards a certain young redhead.

* * * *

If you like the story, please vote or leave a comment. I love the emails as well. I know - I need to add more chapters to several other stories, and I'm working on that. I promise. Really. But I ran into somebody I hadn't seen in years, and these memories burst to the top like they'd happened yesterday - I just had to write them down. Sure there's a little writer's artistic license going on (ok, maybe a lot), but it was my first strip poker, and my first time with "Linda", and we stayed together until College split us apart. Damn that college.

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Another great story

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