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James dropped his bag on the bench in the Student Union Building with a thump. It was finals week and he was exhausted. He flopped down next to the bag and sighed. He had already suffered through three finals and was completely burned out. There was only one test left for the week, but it was physics, his hardest class. He wasn't sure he was going to make it. There was a throbbing at his temples that warned of an impending migraine, and the exam was early the next morning. He was determined to relax and take at least an hour off before cramming and praying like a madman just for a passing grade in the class.

As a junior chemistry major with a pre-med option, James should have been used to the busy semesters and rough finals weeks. However, an unusually bad grade in organic chemistry from a particularly mean instructor had turned James into a stress case for finals week. Now with finals drawing to a close, depression was starting to set in, and a feeling of impending doom was hanging over him. He felt had to find an escape, or the depression would consume him.

After washing down a couple of aspirin with some iced tea from the convenience store, he leaned back against the soft back of the cushioned bench and looked around at his fellow students, all contained in their own little worlds, oblivious to their surroundings. He recognized a few of them from classes they had shared. Some were even going over their notes for his physics final the next day. A couple of the students he knew by name. He had studied with them in the past, but he felt like studying alone for this final. They seemed to share his sentiment and merely gave a polite nod before returning to their books.

At the next table, he noticed a girl from his chemistry class. She was rather attractive, about 5'7", with light blue eyes, shoulder-length brunette hair, and a nice, fit body. She was athletic, but with a nice perky pair of tits that pushed out at the fabric of the tight blouses she always wore. The blouse was always accompanied by a tight pair of low riding jeans that displayed the slightest hint of black panties when she bent over. They hugged a plump ass that had just the right amount of sway when she walked. James had memorized every curve of her body during the semester. He made a point of sitting behind her for every class since the first week. It had occurred to him that the view she provided might have been the reason for his poor grade in the class. The thought of approaching her had never occurred to him. With his class load, he really didn't have time for a girlfriend. Besides, she was attractive enough to be well out of his league.

Tonight she was dressed more comfortably for studying. She had on sweat pants with a cotton t-shirt, nothing provocative at all. James had often marveled at the fact that finals week was stressful enough to even cause the sorority girls to lose their skimpy outfits for more comfortable sweats. He wondered if this was to prevent the distraction of men hitting on them, or if it was just easier to study while comfortable.

He watched her as she turned the pages of her book, completely engrossed in the readings. Even with the drab clothing and minimal makeup, the sight of her was still enough to excite him. He began to feel the pressure of his jeans as his cock strained against them. He tore his gaze away from her, shifting his weight to relieve the pressure on his crotch. He couldn't start those fantasies here in the middle of the Student Union Building. Especially not with all of the work he had to do yet. He turned to his books and within minutes, notes were strewn all across his table. Hour by hour people gave up on their studies, packed up their books, and left. Before he knew it there were just a handful of people scattered around the building. The chemistry girl was the only other person at his end of the room. His gaze kept going back to her, and eventually he stopped fighting it and just watched her.

She seemed to be deeply engrossed in her reading. A little too engrossed to be studying. He watched her more intently and realized that with every page turn, her eyes opened a little wider, he face drew a little nearer to the words, and her breathing grew quicker. Occasionally, she would glance up and look around, as if to see if anyone was watching. Once she stretched, and two little points on the front of her t-shirt told him that she wasn't wearing a bra. When she returned to her reading, she place both of her hands in her lap. Slowly, she snuck her left hand up her shirt, and began to slowly massage her breast. Her mouth fell open and her eyes half closed for a minute. He noticed movement from her right hand, still in her lap, but the table blocked his view.

His quickly made up his mind that he had to see what was going on under her table. Adjusting his pants to hide his erection as best he could, he got up and walked over to the soda machine behind her bench. He took a route that circumvented the room, so as not to disturb her "studies". After buying a soda form the machine, he found a bench that gave him an excellent view of her table from the side. He had a clear view of her crotch, with her hand under the waistband of her sweats. She was massaging her mound with slow circular movements and the effect it was having registered clearly on her face. He could see a paperback book resting on top of her biology text, clearly the source of her state of erotic bliss.

James couldn't believe his eyes. Here he was, watching the most beautiful girl in class pleasure herself in the middle of the Student Union Building. Driven by his excitement at this discovery, and the accompanying adrenaline rush, he quietly moved towards her. When he was within ten feet of her table, he cleared his throat. She gasped, retracting her hands from their positions underneath her clothing, and clasping them together on the table. There were a few drops of moisture on her right hand that she knew gave her away.

"A little stress relief after that Chem. exam?" he asked.

She smiled and blushed a deep crimson.

"I didn't realize anyone was looking," she said, stating the obvious.

Suddenly James realized the position in which he was placing her.

"I'm sorry," He mumbled, hanging his head. "I shouldn't have been staring".

He began to walk away, feeling like an ass, wondering what he was thinking, approaching her like that.

"Wait!" she called after him.

He turned around and raised an eyebrow.

"It's James, right?"

"Uh, yeah," he stammered. He couldn't believe that she actually knew his name.

"I'm Michelle," she said. "I'd shake your hand but, ah..." again she blushed, looking down at the book in front of her.

Her embarrassed blush turned into a look of surprise, however, when James sat next to her on the bench. He took her hand, and kissed it, the way a gentleman would. Breathing in her scent, he licked the wetness from her hand.

"We all need a study break now and then," he said.

With that, he put his left arm around her and gave her a long, deep kiss on the lips. His right hand pulled at the waistband of her sweats and snaked its way inside. He paused there for a minute, taken aback by the sudden realization that she wasn't wearing any panties. She blushed, guessing what he was thinking.

"I like to be comfortable when I study," she said, throwing out the first lame excuse that popped into her head.

"Too bad," answered James. "I really like the black ones you wear during class".

This brought another blush and a smile when she realized that he had noticed the show she had been putting on for him all semester.

His fingers found there way to her mound and began massaging it, using the same slow, circular motion that she had, moments earlier. At first she looked around the room as if she were worried that someone might be watching, but then his finger found her clit, and she melted in his arms. With his thumb on her clit, he snaked two fingers into her slit. She was well lubricated by then, making it easy to move them in. They slowly worked their way around and when she let out a little gasp, he knew he had found the spot. He closed his eyes while he rubbed her, enjoying her quick breaths on his neck. Her breathing became faster and faster, until it paused for an instant. Her body quaked in his arms for a few seconds. She grabbed his wrist, and let out a muffled squeak in his ear. Then he felt her breath again on his neck as she relaxed. She leaned against him, with her head on his shoulder. They sat like that for a few minutes, when she looked up into his eyes with a wicked little grin and said:

"Now it's your turn."

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