tagBDSMSub Beginnings Ch. 01

Sub Beginnings Ch. 01


--//This is set before A Sub of All Kinks and tell the story of how Jason became Kisha's perfect sub//--

Jason stepped off the bus into the hot sweltering mid summer air of Tampa Florida, the sweat running down his physically almost defunct body. Jason walked inside the bus station to collect his bags, hoping the building would have some form air conditioning. Why the hell didn't these bus people take people of larger builds into account? Terrible service indeed.

Jason continued to mutter to himself as he collected his bags and looked up the sheet of paper which had the details of the room he was going to rent till he could find his own place. "This place better be easy to find otherwise this landlord is gonna have one pissed off tenant."

As Jason was walking along he bumped into a someone, his first reaction. "Hey! Watch where the FUCK your going asshole, after an 8 hour furnace bus trip I don't need shit head bumping into me."

Jason glared at whoever it was, now only realising it was a tall black woman, her skin shining in the light. Jason grunted and muttered an apology to her shocked face and walked past, dropping his sheet accidentally a moment, the woman clearly able to see where he was headed for a moment.

"Jesus Christ, how much worse can this fucking day get huh? Cabs better be easy to get here otherwise someone is gonna get a beasting like never before."

"Cabs are not hard to find but I know where that address is and will give you a lift as an apology for running into you."

Jason raised an eyebrow as the woman offered him a lift. Shaking his head Jason's wary and tired instincts told him not to bother.

"No thanks, I don't take rides from strangers. Usually just leads to trouble, but thanks anyway." Jason turned away and headed towards the main doors.

"Suit yourself," she hollered at his retreating back before continuing her walk through the building.

Jason spent 15 minutes trying to hail a cab, his mood growing darker and darker by the second. A tiny part of him felt pity for the landlord who was about to be the unfortunate soul to most likely be the receiver of the brunt of his mood. Climbing into the cab Jason gave the driver the address and sat back, hoping it wouldn't take too long to arrive there.

The cab driver didn't speak much, just grunted and talked to himself. After thirty minutes of crazy traffic, the cab driver turned off the exit and entered into a residential area. It looked like a typical suburb and there were some people outside mowing lawns or watering flowers.

Kids played games and dived into their kiddie pools. The cab slowed at a three story house, which was an oddity for the street. The house also happened to be at the end of the road which ended in a cul-de-sac. "Here you are."

Jason nodded and handed the man the exact fair with no tip, leaving before the driver could object. Hauling his bag along the tarmac. Jason was scowling by the time he reached the front door, his shirt drenched in sweat, his hair matted to his head.

He was panting by the time he had walked up the 10 or so steps combined with the average walk up the impressive driveway. Noisily, Jason rapped he knocker on the front door loudly, not seeing a doorbell.

Kisha studied herself in the mirror, smoothing out the wrinkles. She heard the knock and grinned. It was show time. Walking quietly down the hall she entered the entrance way and opened the door with a smile on her face. "Bout bloody time..."

Jason froze as he saw who it was in the door way. "Ah crap.." Jason sighed and stood there, looking hot, sweaty, tired, grouchy and completely shafted.

"You could've told me you were my land lord..."

"What? And spoil this Kodak moment? Not on your life." Kisha grinned.

"My name is Kisha Dye. Welcome to Tampa, Florida. Come on in and cool down," she replied, opening the door wider and stepping back to allow him to come in.

Jason nodded, his face still scowling. "Thanks, no doubt you already know I'm in a foul mood from that damn bus ride. Why the fuck can't these people have air conditioning?!" Jason was almost growling like an enraged tiger as he placed his bag by the wall and slumped down in a chair beside it.

"Most of them do but occasionally some of the older buses, well let's just say air isn't an option. Wine, water, beer or soda?"

Jason with a tired look closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. "A girl to drive into the floor like a nail would be great but since I don't have that then soda will have to do..."

Jason wiped his brow, his flabby gut now visible through the white t-shirt he was wearing. "Man I feel like I lost a stone in sweat on that bus."

"You could stand to lose the weight," Kisha said as she left the room to get the soda.

Jason glared at he retreating back and couldn't stop himself from snapping. "I'm happy with my body, just coz society says I should be skinny to be good looking doesn't mean I'm not good looking already."

Kisha turned around and came back into the room. "No one said you had to be skinny. But you are in my house, my rules. Don't take that tone with me or you will not like the consequences," she warned.

Jason raised an eyebrow and rolled his eyes. "Hey look, am paying for this room and I will abide by sensible rules. Losing weight doesn't fall into that category."

Jason stood and held out an envelope he had taken from his bag. "That's the first month in advance, now where's my room?"

Kisha studied him for a moment then gave him an inscrutable look. "Please stand and come this way." She was about to show him that what he thought and what was going to be reality were two vastly different things.

Jason picked up his bag and dragged it along with him following Kisha, his mood still dark. All he wanted to do was to get out of these soaked clothes and go to bed. Jason's eyes slid down her body to her ass, watching it sway in the skin tight pants she was wearing, a tiny smile crossing his face a moment as he imagined fucking her hard and fast.

Kisha was aware of his scrutiny but if she were going to make him a sub, she was going to have to work him toward it. What she was going to next would set the tone and let her know if he was the right one or not.

Jason walked behind Kisha, wondering how big this house was. They had been walking for a couple of minutes and up several flights of stairs, his breathing was hard now, his unfit state taking its tole upon his body once. "Jesus Christ, where are we going? the top of Everest?"

"Something like that," she replied calmly before finally stopping on the third floor.

Jason took a deep breath and leaned on his bag, looking at the door, his patience gone nd his anger having subsided substantially. "Well? are we going inside or just going to admire the view of the wooden door?"

"I think you'd rather admire my ass but if you insist," she replied and opened the door and walked in.

Jason's shoulders sagged. Great now she knew he'd been staring at her ass. Jason sighed and followed her inside, looking around the room.

The walls were a shade of blue and the queen bed had a match blue comforter and sheet set on it, nothing feminine about the room. Even the curtains were a shade of blue.

Jason nodded and sat his bag down beside the bed, looking over the items with a tired eye. "Looks good, thanks,"

Jason paused a moment, thinking Kisha would leave. When she still stood there he asked, "Anything else?"

"As a matter of fact yes," Kisha said before her leg lashed out, hooked under his ankle and she jerked back, unbalancing him so that he started to pitch forward.

Jason was well and truly caught off guard as he flailed his arms a little before crashing down onto the floor. A dull clatter of his heavy set body striking the floor like a sack of potatoes was heard. Jason was dazed a moment and blinked before moving to his feet, feeling his anger rapidly rise.

What was shy trying to do? Kill him? He could understand a slap for the bus station thing but tripping him? He could've smashed his skull. Glaring with a look that could've burned holes in a steel plate Jason moved face to face with Kisha, snarling. "Just what the hell was that?"

"A learning experience. Would you care for another?" she asked, her gaze suddenly becoming different as did her stance, Both screamed power and confidence.

Jason stared into the eyes a moment, his own iron will holding steady a moment, however he had few encounters with such a powerful woman in his young 19 years and finally took a half step back. "I'd rather not lose the one home I have right now..."

"Good, then we agree. Once you've settled your things you can come down and get your soda."

Jason nodded and stepped back towards his suitcase, not turning his back on her in case she tried to trip him again. "Sure, I'll be down in about 10 minutes."

Kisha smiled gently and then left him alone.

Jason rubbed his chest where he had landed and sighed. "Great now I have a psycho landlord, what would just turn my day into absolute shit would be her objecting to me looking at porn on my computer." Jason looked over his shoulder checking to see if the door had a lock on it.

Kisha had made her way down to the kitchen and sat out Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew. Then she sat out the fruit tray and dip. There was potential beneath all that fat. By the time she was through with him, he would be lean, sexy and a skilled lover.

Jason came trudging down the stairs around 20 minutes later, a fresh set of clothes on and barefoot. His brow was still coated in sweat from the heat of the day and a fresh coat was forming from the minor movement of coming down from the third floor. Entering the kitchen he forced a smile and looked over the tray. "Nice setup, just pick any one yeah?" Jason began to reach for the Coke that had been laid out.

"Yes, pick one that rocks your world," she joked as she sipped on her Dr. Pepper and took a bite of her strawberry.

Jason ignored the bait and sipped the coke, sitting down and ignoring the fruit. "Got any potato chips? I've been dying for a decent snack since I got off the bus."

"Nope. No chips. Try some fruit; it can be just as filling." The tray held strawberries, oranges, bananas, kiwi, grapefruit, melon, peaches, apricots, apples and two dipping sauces, chocolate and the regular fruit dip kind.

Jason raised an eyebrow again and thought to himself. ~Great a health food maniac as well as a psychopath, what the hell did I do to deserve this?~

Leaning in, Jason picked up an apple and shined it on his arm. as he did he tensing the muscle in his arm, showing it was of considerable size for a man of his weight, if he lost some of it, he could look quite stunning.

Kisha watched his movements and then with a lightning fast move she slapped the apple from his hand.

"Hey!" Jason was getting annoyed now. "What the hell was that for? You said to try some fruit so I got an apple, are apples suddenly not a fruit hmm?"

Jason was in full asshole mode now, his long day combined with the earlier incident and now this had pushed far too many buttons far too quickly.

"Has anyone ever told you that you have a very nasty attitude?" Kisha asked, her body suddenly tensing. She looked like a cat about to strike.

Jason glared, his temper dangerously close to flaring out, he had no qualms about hitting a woman. Even though she was his land lord, and would no doubt kick him out, he was very close to just saying fuck it and smacking her one. "And has anyone ever told you that you're a complete PSYCHO?" Jason spat out the last word.

"Actually yes, but only as they're riding me hard and the fucking's good," she answered smoothly.

As she slid from the bar stool and came around to stand next to him. "You really want to hit me, don't you?" she asked.

Jason stood, his face red with anger, his fists clenching as his tense muscles shook with repressed rage. "I'm seriously considering it, had you not been my land lord I would've decked you when you tripped me, When I say decked I mean hit so hard you'd be out cold for a good hour or two."

"I won't be offended if you try to hit me," she grinned, her voice mocking. "I won't kick you out."

Jason's rage had begun to subside however, his fist slowly unclenching as his breathing slowed. "You're lucky you didn't do anything else, otherwise I'd have smacked you so hard your head would spin."

"Hmm," was all Kisha said before she punched him hard in the middle of his back, to the right of his spine.

Jason cried out and fell against the table as she landed the punch into his back. Jason roared and spun at Kisha, moving surprisingly quickly for a man his size, throwing a hard and fast punch directly towards Kisha's nose, knuckles tiled down slightly to cause maximum damage.

Kisha moved sideways, reached out grabbed his wrist and with a quick flip, spun him around, slammed him down on the table with his arm pinned behind his back. "You were saying?"

Jason's face bounced off the table top with a loud thud, causing him to cry out in pain. His snarled and drove his spare arm back toward her head for an elbow strike. Simultaneously he pushed back off the table and shoved his weight backwards against Kisha to set her off balance.

Kisha simply shifted her weight and flipped him backwards and crashing to the floor as she landed on his chest, her hand around his throat.

Jason landed heavily on his back, the wind knocked out of him. Jason clutched at his throat as Kisha's hand squeezed it. Struggling beneath her, however, his heavy set body was his greatest weakness. Jason's face began to turn red as he fought to try and breath.

"When you answered that ad you agreed to my rules and you will learn, dear Jason, that I am dominant here."

Jason's eyes had turned from raging flaming to pleading tears as he felt his lungs burning from the lack of oxygen, he managed to stutter out a few word however. "Please...can't...breathe..."

"I know. Do you acknowledge my right or shall I let you pass out."

Jason felt the world begin to go black and genuinely feared for his life so began to nod, almost franticly, his hands digging his short nails as much as he could into Kisha's hand, trying to get free.

Kisha released him and then forward to give him a kiss on the lips. "Good boy."

Jason panted hard, gasping for breath the second Kisha let go. He was stunned however when she bent down and kissed him calling him a good boy. Jason took a few minutes to catch his breath as Kisha sat on his chest still, unable to resist admiring the cleavage that had spilled out a bit in their scuffle.

Jason felt his cock begin to harden, his shorts tenting slowly to a solid 7 inches. His extra weight, a grand total of 14 stones however, shrouding his full potential length.

Kisha looked behind her. "Looks like someone has a hard on."

Jason blushed a moment but then smiled as he realised he had and opportunity. Quickly he put all his strength into one move, rolling Kisha onto her back and pinning her to the floor. Jason held her wrists in one hand while his other grabbed her throat hard as he smirked. "Now the shoe is on the other foot."

Kisha grinned. "You forgot one thing," she said and looked down. Her knee was only an inch from his crotch.

Jason looked down at her knee and hmm'd. "Ah..." Jason held still before twisting his hips to the side, leaning his weight on Kisha's legs.

"Thanks for warning me" Jason winked before his face darkened. "You assaulted me."

"And you liked it," she pointed out. Jason chuckled a bit.

"What I liked was your cleavage spilling out..." Jason paused a moment, realising he had indeed liked the roughness, but not as much as the cleavage.

"You will learn to like both," she told him as she leaned up and licked his jaw line.

Jason shivered a touch as Kisha licked up his jaw line. His previous lovers hadn't been so flirtatious. The unexpected pleasure received form the act caused the hand holding Kisha's wrists to loosen slightly, his attention distracted a moment.

Kisha smiled and with a hard buck of her hips, sent him flying off her. Jason let out an 'Oof' as he was sent flying off Kisha, hitting the floor again and cracking his head off the radiator with a dull clang. Jason lay on the floor clutching his head in pain.

Kisha rose gracefully to her feet and went to the fridge. She returned with an ice pack. "I think you've had enough for one day."

Jason glared at Kisha as she brought the ice pack over and snatched it from her hand and put it on his head before he spoke. "Gimmie my damn money. I refuse to stay within 100 miles of a psycho fucker like you."

"Go rest, think about it. You'll feel differently in the morning."

Jason glared at her and sat up slowly. "The only way you'll get me thinking about staying here is if this month is free." Jason's iron will came back into play, a serious look on his face.

"I'll think on it." Kisha said

Jason slowly stood now, breathing deep, his eyes still watering from the choking and hitting his head. "Either its a yes or me and my money walk."

"Bye then," Kisha said with a shrug and left the room.

Jason grabbed Kisha's arm tightly and pulled her back and shoved his hand out in front of her. "Give me my money FIRST."

"In the tin can on the stove, fat boy," she said and gave him a sweet smile before twisting and coming free.

Jason snorted and walked over to the stove, looking in the can. Quietly he muttered as he searched it. "Fucking bitch...have her fucking arrested when I get out of here."

"You can try, call me when you get a brain," she told him and quietly left the kitchen.

Jason took his money and took out his cell phone dialling 911. "Oh don't worry bitch, I'll have your ass thrown in the deepest fucking hole I can find."

"911. Please state the nature of the emergency."

"Yeah I'd like to report an assault against myself and a potential murderer." Jason spoke clearly and loud enough for Kisha to hear in the next room.

"Sir, what is the location?"

"It's 2500 Dunlap Rd, I'd prefer if you came quickly." Jason counted his money at the same time, making sure he had all of it.

There was a moment of silence. "Did you say 2500 Dunlap Rd.?"

"Yes I did, she tried to kill me." Jason glanced out the doorway, a part of him hoping this didn't turn ugly.

"I'm sorry sir, but it is a federal offense to call in prank calls to established emergency call center."

Jason's voice tok on an insulted tone. "What? this isn't a crank call, this chick is trying to kill me! She nearly strangled me to death! I have bruises on my arms and throat from her!"

"Sir, this is the fifth call this month from that residence. If you call back again, you will be arrested and prosecuted."

Jason was starting to get aggrivated. "What? I just arrived here today, check the number this is the first time I've ever made a call in this state! Dammit she's got a knife!"

"I'm sorry sir," the operator said and then the call was disconnected.

Jason growled and ended the call, shoving the phone in his pocket and muttered about stupid cops. Suddenly Jason paused and a smile drew across his face.

"If they think its a crank call then they won't come..." A sadistic chuckle escaped Jason's mouth as he picked up the bottle of cooking oil and splashed a liberal amount across the kitchen work tops, making sure to cover a lot of flammable items. He then took out his lighter and lit the end, watching the flames trail along the work top.

Suddenly the fire alarm went off and he was drenched in water as the water system kicked in to put out the flames.

Jason shrugged and walked out of the Kitchen, a little damp. His work was done as he walked up the stairs to get his bag. The water damage alone would cost her a few thousand to repair and the emergency services would think it's another prank and ignore it.

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