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Submission to My Fantasies


This morning I woke up sopping wet with my clit intensely throbbing. I slowly started rubbing my pussy through my shorts while I squeezed my nipples. I felt that I couldn't stand it another minute so I pulled off my shorts and tank top and began licking and sucking on my nipples.

My eyes were closed the whole time wishing it was your mouth and your hands all over my body. I am imagining at that very moment that we are together and your lavishing my body with your expertise. I sit back down and spread my hot, wet, hairless lips to expose my aching clit. I run my fingers over the edge of my lips careful not to touch my erect knot or enter my dripping wet hole. I want to be teased by you. I need you to torture me with your tongue, hands and your beautiful cock. Bring me to the edge of orgasm then stop and just kiss me hard. Make me beg for the honor of sucking you and the privilege of having you inside my tight wet pussy.

Maybe I've been a naughty girl. Tie me to the bed and use the tip of your tongue on every part of my body except for my most delicately aroused trigger points. By now I am on the brink of orgasm, screaming your name, begging you to have your way with me. You smile sadistically and tell me it's not quite time yet.

You increase the growing tension in my cunt by softly kissing my lower lips careful not to allow my clit the reward it demands. You spread my lips and spit on me, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. Your hot breath on my neck makes me groan softly as you whisper "if you want to be pleasured, you need to show me how badly you need pleasure."

You lick and kiss my neck causing the first orgasm. You kiss me gently and tell me that this was a sampling of what you have in store for me. I beg you for your hard, thick, purple headed cock and you oblige me this request. You run your head over my yearning lips trailing your way to my waiting nipples then to my watering mouth. You tease me by outlining my lips and pulling back every time I try to kiss and lick your hearty member. You decide that I have earned the privilege of getting on my knees and I am ever so grateful. You release me from the bed and I'm on the floor like a shot impatiently waiting as you get comfortable on the bed.

The actions that take mere seconds feel like years as I begin to rub my hot pussy. Finally you're settled in and I'm attached to your cock. I'm massaging your balls while I slowly lick the length of your cock, passionately kissing your large head. I hear you start to moan with pleasure. I take all of your large cock in, you feel so incredible in my mouth that I wish I could swallow you. I am getting more and more aroused by sucking you.

Finally you tell me it's time for my pleasure. You place me on the bed and spread my legs wide. You kiss me deeply and lick your way down to my anxious pussy. You spread my lips and ever so softly start giving me the tongue lashing that I so desperately need. I'm moaning and groaning as you look deeply into my eyes sure to hold my gaze. You venture down below and start thrusting your tongue inside me. I need your cock in me now and with a smile you agree. You rub the head of yourself up and down my moist slit while I lick and suck anything I can get my mouth on.

Just as I am about to orgasm again you enter me. It's difficult at first due to the extreme size of your manhood, but you succeed as we both quiver. Finally I am experiencing the joy I have fantasized about. I am in awe of how incredible it feels to have you inside of me. You're pumping me with everything you have, which leaves me wishing this moment could last forever. Suddenly you start thrusting harder and deeper. I spread my legs wider than I ever imagined possible. Until this very moment, I could never have imagined what euphoria felt like, but you've brought it to me.

Now your hips are thrusting faster than ever and your moaning. I know what's coming and I can't wait to feel you explode inside of me. Your eruption is eminent and the anticipation is killing me! I can't take it so I start rubbing my clit and screaming fuck me Paul, fuck me harder Paul, harder PLEASE! Your explosion is so intense that I am left begging for more. The question is, will you give me more?

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