tagFetishSuck University: Dessert

Suck University: Dessert


After a time of cuddling, you feel my hands caressing you, up and down your spine while I gaze into your eyes. I am sending you a silent message that I want to give you more.

You smile saying, "what is it baby?"

My eyes smile along with my full soft lips. "I think you could use some pampering, and nourishment after that love session."

I lean in closer, take a nip at your lower lip and say, "be right back."

I stand, knees still trembling from the rocking orgasms you gave me earlier. You see my naked body, the shape of my ass as it sways with each dainty step. I turn and look at you over my shoulder, and smile devilishly.

You lay there wondering just what I am doing and how could we possibly have a marathon fuck so quickly after the last explosive moment we just shared. You rub your head, and sigh. Your cock begins to awaken, but you are so relaxed, you are unaware.

I return to find you nearly asleep. I've got some warm caramel topping in a little tub, I lay it on the bedside table. I have some fresh sliced apples, they are laid there as well. You stare at me with a groggy and confused look.

"Mmm, baby? What is all this?"

My tiny hand extends an index finger to your lips.

"Shh, my love, let me show you."

You smile as you appear to be awakening, just like your cock had earlier, and now there's a tingling low in your belly as you feel your manhood stiffening.

I giggle and take an apple, dip it into the caramel and bring it to your lips. You take of the fruit, and a low groan of "yum" escapes you.

"Yes, yum baby, but that isn't all I want to do with this."

Chewing, your eyes widen as you see me take another apple slice with the caramel and trace it over your nipples. You gasp, and as you do, I press the apple to your lips and suck the golden topping from your chest. My hands instinctively move to your cock and give it a squeeze. It is hard, almost as if chiseled from stone.

A low moan comes deep from my throat as I come back to your lips and kiss you with my sticky caramel coated lips. I take delight in your lips tracing mine, our tongues dancing, and the yum yum noises we make between breaths. I put the apple slice in my mouth, offering it to you as we share a deep soul-searing kiss.

I rise from you, stare once again into your eyes, with mischief, reach for the tub and begin to pour a warm thick trail of buttery caramel all the way down your abdomen to your amazingly powerful cock. I make sure to drip some onto your balls, for I want nothing upon you that I've not tasted.

I begin to work my lips down your body, feeling you jerk slightly when I hit that sensitive spot on your stomach before your cock. It is a bit ticklish there, so my kisses deepen with almost a bit of suction to make you, once again, relax.

Deep guttural groans escape you as I take your engorged mushroom-headed cock into my mouth.

"Mmmmm, you...mmmm...taste...mmmm....mmm....good, baby."

I hear your breaths become ragged, and watch your cock dance as I trace my tongue up and down your shaft. Engulfing you with my warm and loving mouth, my tongue swirls round you, slurping and sucking. I am savoring the sweetness of your flesh, the caramel, and our love mix left on your cock from before. If they could make this flavor into ice-cream, I'd eat it all the time.

My tongue swizzles down you, and back up. Sucking, sucking intensely, my hands are coating your balls with the caramel, and I feel them tightening against you. Your cock is straining against it's own flesh. I quickly pop you out of my mouth and begin jacking your tool like a well oiled piston as I lap each and every drop of the caramel from your balls. I take each one and suck it into my mouth lightly, my tongue rolls around it, then releases. Mmm lover, you are delicious.

"Oh God, baby! Mmm, I, am ...mmm... gonna...cum," you say as your face makes a wince of ecstasy.

I look up at you, smile and say,"that's all this dessert is missing, some of your cream."

My mouth goes down deeply on you, to the base. I hum as you are tickling my throat with your powerful cock. My head bobs up and down sucking you voraciously, with no mercy as I feel your body becoming rigid. My mouth twists around you like a tornado.

"AHHH..mmm...oh FUCK!"

"Um hmm, mmmm, " I say as I feel the first spurt of hot sticky cum washing my throat.

You almost sit upright in the bed as I don't relent, the suction, the sliding of your shaft up and down, in and out of my throat while you cum, rope after rope of hot molten silk spews into the depths of my mouth. You become light headed, almost dizzy.

Finally, when every aftershock bursts from you, I give your entire manhood and balls a nice long lick. Then I look up at you, your eyes half open but watch me as I trace my tongue all along the outside of my lips to savor every last drop.

I smile with a satisfied look about me. My fingertips trace the caramel that has transferred from your body to mine as I was between your thighs. I bring each breast up to my mouth, my tongue snakes out to lick the nipples and flesh around them.


"Baby, these are sweet, but not as sweet as you."

I crawl up over you and kiss you passionately.

"Thank you for the dessert, my love."

I know that once we gain our second wind, you will taste my deliciously wet pussy, and fuck me with reckless abandon, for there's nothing on my body that you cannot have.

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