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Suman with Chinese Girl


This is my second story. I want to thank the readers for their positive response to my first story. I hope you enjoy this one as well. I would like to thank my Editor, Michaeld17110, for helping me with the final draft.


Some background for new readers. My name is Suman. I am happily married to Raman. We are an Indian couple in our 40s. In my first story, I told the tale of our first swap. It seems that we have our adventures while we are on holiday. On this occasion, we took a trip to Kuala Lumpur, Genting, and Bali about 3 years go.

Our travel agent had booked us a hotel in Genting with an early check-in. So, after we reached Kuala Lumpur in the early morning hours, we drove straight to Genting. As usual, there were hordes of tourists everywhere. After a night of travel we were tired, so we checked in to our room and relaxed for a while. When we emerged from our room to go to the Outdoor theme park, the lobby of our hotel was experiencing a huge rush of tourist groups from, China, Korea and Japan waiting to check in to their rooms. We were watching them, when suddenly another busload of Chinese tourists entered the lobby. There was a lot of jostling, and in the melee everyone was pushed around. A young Chinese girl with a huge backpack was pushed into Raman resulting in them both falling down in a heap. Raman tried to get up, then winced in pain. He told me that he thought he had strained his thigh and he was having a terrible time trying to stand.

The group, especially the young girl, whose name we were to learn was Hua, could not apologize enough. She and several other members of her group helped Raman up. He said the pain was extreme, so we decided to go back to our room. With lots of apologies from the group and the girl, they helped him rise. Hua and several members of the group helped Raman since he was having trouble walking. None of them spoke English. But, through gestures, looks and words that we did not understand fully, were able to convey their sincere apologies for what happened. Raman took a painkiller tablet from our medicine kit and we settled in to relax and watch TV.

About an hour later, while I was in the bathroom, the door bell to our room rang. Raman limped to the door and when he opened it, to his surprise, there stood Hua. She had come with a bottle of pain relief, a mentholated rub on the order of Tiger balm. She handed Raman the bottle and indicated to him with hand motions that he should rub it on his leg. Raman thought it would be indecent of him to do it in front of this young girl we had just met, so he tried to motion to her that he would do it later. She kept talking and gesturing, trying to tell him something but he was unable to understand. He thought the girl wanted the bottle back and was waiting for him to rub some on his thigh.

Raman called to me and asked me to rub some on for him. He then removed his pants and, wearing only his underwear, laid down on the bed. Hua was trying to tell us something, but again, we were unable to understand. I took the bottle of lotion and rubbed some balm on Raman's thigh. The lotion was creating a heat sensation on his thigh and he tried to get me to stop rubbing it on him. Hua, was very vocal and was strongly gesturing for me to continue. As I started massaging Raman's thigh, eventually the lotion and the massage began to have an effect. So, he allowed me to continue and said that it was making his leg feel better.

All the while, Raman was looking at her and telling me in our language how nice it would be fuck such a young girl. Hua appeared to be 21 or 22 years of age. She had a slim figure, a pretty face and very fair skin. We were smiling at her while talking. Raman was getting exited. I could see his cock rising and trying to push its way out of his underwear. I kept one hand on his underwear and was massaging his thigh with other. Just then, my mobile started ringing and I got up to answer it. I was talking at the other end of room and a few minutes later looked over at Raman. I was surprised to see Hua massaging Raman's thigh. I winked at Raman and kept on talking on the cell, moving to the balcony.

After some time I heard Raman hollering. I rushed back to see what had happened. Raman was saying that his cock was burning. He seemed in a great deal of discomfort. Hua looked confused and clearly did not know what had happened. I asked Raman what happened and he said that while Hua was massaging him he had become fully erect. His cock had come out of his underwear. Hua, who was surprised, tried to push it back twice. While doing so, she had, obviously, touched his cock. Since she still had some balm on her hand it had spread on his cock and that was what was making Raman's cock feel as if it was on fire. So, there he was his erection raging, his cock fully exposed to this young girl, all the while in pain. Hua was gesturing and looking embarrassed and confused.

For a minute, I did not know what to do. Then I thought to go to the bathroom get a wet towel. I returned and began wiping Raman's cock. Hua, by now, understood what had happened. When I went back to bathroom for another towel, Hua, who had watched me, also went to bathroom washed her hands and came back with another wet towel. She started to wipe Raman's cock. By this time, I knew Raman's burning sensation had subsided, but he was making unintelligible noises while Hua was cleaning his cock. Raman's cock, which had initially gone down, was now getting exited, and in no time, was erect again. Hua continued to wipe but was now looking at Raman's face, then back to his hard cock. She took the new towel from me and continued to wipe him. Raman was acting like he was still in discomfort and was making noises.

All of a sudden he grew quiet and as I looked over at them, I saw that Hua was sucking Raman's cock, licking it all over, alternating with taking him deep in her throat. I though to myself, "Well, that is certainly an unusual way to reduce his pain". By this time, Raman was clearly no longer in pain and was thoroughly enjoying what Hua was doing. When Hua looked up to him, he smiled and touched her face. She smiled back held his cock in both hands and looked at it lovingly. Then, she looked at me and I also smiled. She indicated to me that Raman's cock was clearly ok. She sucked it a few more times, smiled at us again and gestured to us that she was going. I walked over to her, thanked her and hugged her tightly. She seemed surprised but she hugged me back, kissed me on my cheek and left, again smiling. While her leaving was a bit abrupt, I had a feeling that we had not seen nor experienced the last of this Chinese beauty. Later that afternoon, we finally decided to try again to go to the theme park. We had few rides, some late lunch and came back to room and promptly fell asleep since we had not slept on the night flight. We were fast asleep when, suddenly, the door bell rang, I asked Raman to see who was at the door and he reluctantly rose to answer it. We were both surprised to see Hua there. She wanted to know how Raman was feeling. He gestured that he was ok. Then, he invited her inside. She accepted and sat in a chair near the door. Since I had been sleeping naked, I did not get up. Raman went to make coffee while Hua was attempting to tell him something but, as before, he was unable to understand her words. She kept smiling at me the whole time. Raman came back with two coffee cups. He handed one to her and left one on the table for me. Hua was gesturing for me to drink. But, being naked and knowing that reaching for my coffee cup would expose that fact, and me, I was unsure what to do. But, I decided to go for the coffee. Hua looked surprised when I got up and revealed my naked body. She did not look away, however. Instead, she looked at me intently examining my whole body from toes to shoulders, taking in every part of me. I went to the closet and found a short nightgown, covered up as best as that would, then sat on the edge of the bed drinking my coffee.

Hua began speaking and making gestures toward me that were clearly meant to say that she felt I had a good body. She seemed to be indicating that her breasts were smaller than mine. Taking a chance, I rose and walked over to her and and began to softly feel her breasts. She looked at me with surprise but did not push me away nor resist. I touched her breasts from top to bottom. What surprised and pleased me most though, was when I felt how swollen her nipples were. She was clearly excited, as was I. While I was feeling her breasts, she hesitantly moved her hands to my breasts and began stroking them, gently squeezing them and, finally, lightly rubbing my nipples.

That was the signal I needed, so I quickly removed my nightgown and gestured for her to remove her dress. She looked at me and Raman and then boldly stood and removed dress. She had very clear and smooth skin. Though her breasts were small her nipples were big. Her pussy was covered with a small patch of silky dark pubic hair. I closed the space between us and we both began to explore each other's bodies.

I had not had much lesbian experience, so I was surprised to see just how excited touching her made me. It seemed as though Hua was not quite so inexperienced. I could sense that she was used to having fun with women . She moved even closer and kissed me, all the while stroking my breasts, my back, shoulders, hips, ass and pussy. She motioned for me to move to the bed. I did and sat on the edge of the bed. As soon as I sat on bed she pushed me down onto my back and laid her body on top of mine. She started to kiss me, first on my lips, then my neck, shoulders, around my breasts and, finally, began to lick and suck on my nipples.

I was surprised by my response. I was immediately inflamed with passion and I could not believe how wet my pussy had become so quickly. Her sucking my nipples, was a completely different experience. I have had several men suck my nipples. By comparison, the Men were more rough. She was doing it slowly, gently and very nicely. To my surprise, I began pushing her head down to suck me more. Her tongue slowly teased my nipples and then moved all round my breasts then back to the nipple. She repeated this again and again. I could never recall having such a wonderful experience. I was totally lost in the feeling and was just relaxing and enjoying her mouth on me. The more she sucked and teased my nipples the more wet I could feel my pussy becoming. She began to kiss below my breasts, along my ribs, my belly, my hips. As she moved lower, she gently pushed my thighs apart. When her head reached her target, she spread my legs wide. She stared at my pussy, then looked at me and smiled. She began to lightly stroke her finger around my pussy. Slowly, she felt all round my lips and, finally, brushed her finger over my clit. I was now totally soaked. Clearly, she was experienced at lesbian sex. She gently massaged my clit slowly. I could no longer hold back and began to have a huge orgasm. My whole body shook and my moans surprised even me in their intensity. This was the first time a woman had made me cum and I was enjoying every sensation.

Hua smiled at me as my orgasm began to subside and I could focus on her face. Then, she kissed my pussy and began to just smell the sweet aroma of my juice. It was obvious that she was savoring the taste. Then she inserted one finger in my pussy and began to feel all around my walls. When she took it out , her finger was glistening with my juices. Looking at me, she smelled her finger, then smiled at me and, like a cat, began to lick my juices from her finger.

I could tell that she also was now fully excited. Her nipples were swollen. The contrast of her hard, dark brown nipples standing erect on her small white breasts was absolutely beautiful to see. Hua then lowered her head and kissed my pussy again. This time, she spread the lips wide with her fingers and then started to lick them, gathering up all the wetness that seemed to flow from my pussy by now. I could tell that she was enjoying it because she started talking very excitedly and loudly in Chinese.

Slowly, she started to tease my clit with her tongue, then began softly sucking it. I was now in a whole different world of pleasure and completely oblivious to my surroundings, unaware and uncaring about anyone or anything but the pleasure this young girl was, literally, sucking from me. My legs and belly were now trembling with wave after wave of excitement. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her deep into my pussy. She was licking me rapidly now, her tongue moving with a speed I had not imagined.

Then, it hit me. My whole body began to shake. I could not control my arms, legs, belly, my breathing was rapid and my pussy began to contract in orgasm, spasm after spasm as I came harder than I had ever remembered in my life. I felt myself lying on the bed spread-eagled. I had no immediate memory about where I was, where Raman was or what he was doing. I was totally lost in the pleasure.

Hua was licking and sucking all my juices off my pussy. When she was done, she moved back up on the bed and lay on top of me. She started to kiss me on the lips. Her lips smelled of my juices. I could only think how delicious it felt to lick her lips and taste her while also tasting my own juices on her lips and tongue. Hua made it clear that she was at a peak as well and was now vibrating with pleasure on top of me.

She began to push her pussy against mine and rubbing her breasts against me. Our nipples rubbed each others which excited me and, clearly, brought her closer to her own orgasm. I hugged her tightly and pushed my hips up from the bed as we both pressed our pussies against each other. I could feel her clit rub against mine. She hugged me more tightly and her body began to shake as she started to, literally, shout something in Chinese. I can only imagine she was telling me she was coming because her body was quivering, and I could feel her pussy getting wetter against mine. After what seemed forever, she finally collapsed on top of me. We held each other tightly both enjoying the moment. I kissed her tenderly, and looked deep into her eyes and thanked her.

I glanced at the clock on the nightstand and realized that this had all occurred in a span of around 20 minutes. I had completely forgotten about Raman. Now, when I saw him, he was completely naked and stoking his erect cock. He walked over to the bed and kissed me. I knew he wanted fuck Hua and she understood that as well. But, she gestured for him to take me instead. She took Raman's cock in her hand kissed it and asked him to fuck me. Raman lost no time in sliding his swollen cock into my pussy which was still soaking wet. He was so excited that he did not last more than a few strokes until he began to spray his cum inside me. Feeling his excitement, completed the sensation of the day for me. After he calmed down from his orgasm, the three of us kissed each other and he rolled off of me.

As I lay on bed, Raman on one side of me snuggled in close and Hua on the other I wondered how without understanding each other's words, and relying on just gestures, Hua and I had enjoyed each other so much. I kissed Raman then Hua and lay back with a huge smile on my face thinking what might happen next.

To Be Continued...

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