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Summer Getaway Weekend


[This story is an entry into the "Summer Lovin' Contest." Please rate this story at the end of the last page. Comments on the reading page are welcome but cannot contain email addresses or URLs. I will respond to feedback if you provide your email address.

My story has roots in a true weekend experience with my wife who writes on this site under the username SandraMustard. Since she has embellished a story about my shenanigans with a maid named Leilani, I can exaggerate this account of her first blatant exhibitionism. For those who wonder how much of this actually happened, sorry, this gentleman does not kiss and tell.

I always acknowledge proofreading help provided by volunteer editors who work without compensation. Improving the grammar and mechanics of this story was the effort of PrincessLeigha.

©AirRichard101 2013]

I walked in the front door and set my briefcase on the floor. Our suitcase and tote bag were stacked there, waiting for an unknown travel adventure.

My voice boomed in the small foyer. "Honey, what's with the luggage?"

I heard her excited giggle and then her light steps pattering in the hallway. When she whirled into view around the corner, my eyes noted her airy dress-like clothing, much shorter than what she normally wore. Then I recognized the garment was her beach cover-up that she was wearing as a summer dress, probably to get my attention. Perhaps instead, she intended to distract me from asking if she remembered to iron my bowling shirt, but I was wise to her tricks by now.

My upward viewing angle glimpsed whitish panties as she and her dress hem bounced down the stairs before vaulting into my arms. Her perfume arrived just as her tongue slid between my lips. I felt a stir in my loins; she still did that to me after twenty-six years.

"Are you going somewhere, Babe?" I asked as our lips parted but her arms folded behind my neck kept me leaning over her. Her hips pushed forward to remain gently pressing on my growing manhood.

A soft glow twinkled in her eyes and her voice had a husky pitch. "Uh-huh. I'm going away for a weekend of wild sex with my lover."

"Is it someone I know?"

She gave me a playful punch as she turned to grab her purse off the hall tree. "You know no one but you will ever be my lover. Let's go, Darlin'."

Obediently grabbing the luggage, I followed her out the door, fondly watching her pear-shaped ass move as she walked. I would follow her to the ends of the Earth. After stopping to put the bags in the trunk, I trotted around to the passenger door where she waited for me; a ritual we have never abandoned. I opened the door and watched her slide into the seat. Moving into position, I hesitated just a moment, watching. She twisted to grab the seat belt; her relaxed legs parted. There it was, satin and lace on creamy thighs. My exhale softly whooshed through open lips. After closing the door, I circled in front of the car. We made eye contact through the windshield. My smile said I enjoyed the show; her smile said she knew I would.

I waited with my hands on the steering wheel, the idling engine at my command. "It would help me to know where I'm taking you for this orgy."

"Lake Geneva," she answered and began to rummage in her purse.


"Uh-huh. I made reservations at a resort called the Cove, right downtown. I have the address written on a piece of paper."

"Leave it. I'll get us there. We might not even need the address to find it." I had been in and through the resort town many times. As soon as we got on the interstate, my mind began to analyze logistics about our trip. That was when I remembered the mission I had been on when I entered our house. It was my bowling night. My teammates were going to be pissed when I didn't show up. "The guys are gonna miss me tonight."

"Relax. Ed's known all week to find a sub. Pete is thrilled to anchor in your place." I smiled for I knew what a thoughtful wife I had.

"So, two nights without the kids around, huh?"

"Three. Your boss knows you won't be in Monday."

I wondered what else she had arranged for us. "What are we gonna be doing for three nights, Babe?"

"It's your fiftieth birthday tomorrow, so anything you want, Woody."

My heart double-clutched and shifted into a higher gear when she used that nickname from our younger days. Her emphasis on 'anything' caused mini-me to perk up, too. While I drove, Sandy and I relived memories of sexcapades on previous getaway weekends, leading to imaginative conversations about the days ahead. I couldn't tell if she had formed ideas already or just planned to wing it. Either way would be fun because she behaves without inhibitions when among total strangers.

Talking also helped to past time on the long journey, lengthened by a frog-choking thunderstorm and heavy traffic jamming the Chicago to Milwaukee interstate. Even Highway 50 was slow with lots of travelers headed west toward the popular vacation destination. We didn't roll into the town of Lake Geneva until it was dark, but had no trouble finding the well-marked Cove Resort.

I discovered our third floor suite included a kitchenette, dining table, leisure area with fireplace and large TV, a bedroom with a king size bed, and a large bathroom with both a glass walled shower stall and an oversized whirlpool tub. The apartment like setting would provide an adequate playground for our carnal celebration. Sandy rolled our luggage into the bedroom while I stored the food and refreshments we had stopped for into the refrigerator.

I made a stiff rum and cola for myself and poured a wine cooler into an appropriate glass for her. As I picked up our drinks and turned, Sandy walked naked across the bathroom doorway. By the time I entered the spacious and luxuriant room, she had bent over the tub, closing the drain and adjusting the water valves. Her hanging breasts swayed with her movements. Her clamshell vulva beckoned; a portal to a heaven that I had entered so often in our relationship.

She remained bent over but her head turned to look back at me. "Are you gonna just stand there gawking or bring me my drink?"

"Sorry, I was moon-struck by your beauty," I offered as I approached and handed her the goblet. Her smile didn't let on to whether she simple had appreciated my compliment or had caught my pun. "To us," I toasted and we each took a drink, hers a dainty sip, mine a manly gulp.

When she poured in the complimentary bubble bath, I disrobed. Sandy immediately climbed into to the tub despite containing mere inches of water. With her back against one end, I entered the opposite. The tub had to be seven feet long because I could lie down flat without touching either end; too bad for that as we could not play our normal genital-footsy. Instead, we enjoyed romantic banter and consumed our drinks as the steamy water and alcohol gave our mood a rosy glow.

When the water rose to cover the nozzles, I turned on the pump. Within minutes, the blanket of froth on the surface became mountainous pillows of foam. She crawled around to join me at my end of the tub. Although slightly squeezed with tilted hips, there was room to grope our genitalia. While our lips and tongues danced, I pried into her labia to scrub her clit and an underwater creature wrapped tentacles around my cock. She tugged playfully on my sapling until she had the manly timber she needed for her purpose.

At this point, our amorous game turned ugly, as once again the tub length became our nemesis. Straddling my hips, she impaled her sex on mine. The force of her movement pushed my body down the slippery tub end-wall until my entire body was underwater. My hands struggled to push myself to the surface and no sooner did I gulp air than her humping body caused my hands to slip. After witnessing my brief, desperate struggle to avoid drowning, she decided that her orgasm wasn't worth killing me to reach. Her weight lifted off and hands pulled me to safety, thereby saving me from an embarrassing epitaph.

We decided to retire to a safer platform and soon were cuddling quietly between the sheets. Unfortunately, exhaustion from a long workday, a three-hour drive, and simmering in the acrylic cauldron meant consciousness didn't last thirty seconds.

* * * * *

The wonderfully warm wetness enveloping my cock disappeared, replaced by cool air. A voice pulled me back from dreamland. "Happy birthday, Darlin'." The warmth covered me again and the supple muscle of her tongue massaged the underside of my manhood. I looked down, saw the top of Sandy's head, and watched it bob. Her hair touched my stomach and thrashed against my skin as she moved. I was getting ready to explode but suddenly, all stimulations stopped.

Closing my eyes, I used the reprieve to catch my breath. Dramatically, her lips tightly wrapped around my penis and traveled up and down its shaft again with a slurping rhythm. When her tongue wasn't wiggling on its underside, it swirled around the glans. Mount St. Helens began to swell, ready to erupt until abruptly, she stopped again. My balls ached with tension.

Her head pushed down slowly once again. I felt my cock inch deeper, sliding down her throat until her lips reached its base. Deliberately unhurried, she eased my cock back out while her lips held tight, creating a suction that seemed destined to pull my guts out through my urethra. I lifted my hips, drawn by her oral urging, until my ass was off the bed. Suddenly, her teeth closed firmly on the sensitive area just under the glans.

I remained motionless arched off the bed, afraid to cause a withdrawal that would peel the helmet off my cock. My back and thigh muscles cramped with tension. Abruptly, her mouth opened to release me. I dropped like a bomb from a plane, bouncing once off the mattress, only to be seized again by her voracious mouth. I moaned, worried about what she might do, but also eager for more.

Rapid starts and stops characterized the oral sex my lover performed on me. Slow deep twists alternated with fast pumping, occasionally allowing my cock to escape with a plopping noise. A hand rocked and rolled around my testicles and a fingernail scratched at my perineum. Repeatedly, her actions urged me close to ejaculation but denied the release.

Without warning, her mouth pulled away and she climbed on top of me. She did not need stimulation from me to be ready. Her vagina was hot and flooding when it slid sleeve-like over me. Her body immediately began humping vigorously on me to satisfy her raging desire. Reaching up to massage her breasts, I knew she was close, but so was I. I pulled her down for passionate kisses. Tasting my manness, our tongues squirmed briefly before the oxygen requirements of our exertion made us both gasp for air.

Her body began to convulse with pleasure. A surge of vaginal heat bathed my cock and her flooding began to seep out, dribbling down to my anus. The tightness in my gut became impossible to hold back. I held her tightly and savagely drove up into her. My grunting efforts produced squeals from her until they turned to shrieks as I pumped my seed deep in her womb.

Our undulations slowed with the ebb of passion until lying quietly, we spoke of love. Too soon, my flaccid penis slipped out of her vulva, allowing a flood of combined love juices to make a mess on my groin and the bed.

Sandy entered the shower first. I used a damp towel from the night before to do a temporary cleanup and then headed to the kitchenette. I started a pot of coffee and toasted a pair of English muffins for our breakfast. I stepped under the water cascade just after she stepped out. When I came out, I noticed she had put on her robe and gone out with her breakfast to have a smoke on the balcony. I threw on some shorts, grabbed my breakfast, and joined her (except I don't smoke...cigarettes, anyway).

Our balcony faced the rear of the hotel property. A line of trees blocked the view of all but the roofs of buildings beyond. Below was a two-lane service road that led to the restaurant that was part of the complex; toward the road's end was a delivery dock by the building that housed the lobby. Because the pavement came within a foot of our building and was wide enough, there were a few parking spaces below us. With no building entrances on that side, the spaces had to be for overflow parking and seldom used except by resort employees.

As I walked out and past Sandy, I saw a car parked directly below our balcony. Nothing registered in my mind about that until I sat in the wicker chair in the corner. There was a planter against the railing where I sat and the foliage somewhat hid me but allowed me to see out and below. When I looked down, I noticed movement in the car. I realized the man sitting in the car had his cock pulled out of his pants. The movement was his hand stroking his erection while leaning forward to look up at Sandy.

I looked at her. She was wearing her favorite robe (and mine!) Made of a baby blue satin material that clung to her provocatively, it was short - very short. From my sitting position, I could see her clitoral hood and protruding inner labia just below the robe's hemline. I was instantly aroused as I knew she was exposed to the man below.

I have long been an exhibitionist, enjoying women seeing my cock in a non-threatening way. Instead of jumping out of bushes naked, I setup situations that let a woman believe she is observing an accidental exposure. Only if her voyeurism leads her, do I occasionally make my exposure obviously intentional. Sandy has known of my fetish since before we were married and that it has been my desire for her to do similar things. Other than watching me and sometimes making love in risqué locations, she had never before found the nerve to try 'flashing' despite admitting that the thought excited her.

Not wanting to end the show but hoping she could realize the thrill of flashing, I asked her if she could see in the car below. She looked down and it took about two seconds to register. She quickly stepped back and exclaimed, "He's jerkin' off!"

"Why wouldn't he? Looking at your pussy all exposed!"

"Why didn't you tell me?" Involuntarily, one of her hands pulled on her robe and the other covered her sex.

"I just did."

I asked if she knew whether the car was already there when she came out. She thought it drove up just after she came out. Uh huh, lucky timing on his part; sees a scantily clad woman and stops for a look. How does a woman see a car pull in to park below her like that and not think about her modesty? She claimed that she didn't see him park because she had turned to put her coffee and muffin on the table. I guess she mooned him too.

"What should we do?" she asked.

With hope in my heart, I suggested, "Let him look."

Her eyes stared back unblinking. She couldn't be surprised nor doubt my sincerity. "You want him to see my pussy." Her vocal inflection made the words more of a statement than a question.

"He already has," I reminded her.

"Showing my body wouldn't bother you any, would it?"

"Oh, it already has done that," I declared as I showed my tented shorts. "You know I'd love you to flash a man. This lucky stranger has already seen you. What do you have to hide now? He doesn't know who we are or where we're from. Who's gonna find out? Do it, Babe. Do it for me ... for my birthday."

With a devilish grin and to my delight, she stepped back to the railing and casually puffed her cigarette. She wanted to appear casual but I was close enough to detect a slight tremble in her hand. I began to coach her, suggesting actions and assuring her how sexy she was. She was only stealing glances down, so I told her to look all she wants, that I was certain the guy wanted her to see his cock and wasn't worried about being caught looking at her. Of equal importance to me, I wanted Sandy to see the effect she had on another man.

I had her turn around for a sip of coffee, giving a great ass shot as she picked up and put down the cup. When I encouraged her to yawn and stretch her arms over her head, she realized this lifted her robe hem higher but she stretched anyway for a full five seconds.

"How high?" she asked.

"Above your pubes," I reported.

"Oh God, Woody, I'm getting so fuckin' hot."

She was visibly showing signs of arousal as I saw moisture in her folds and her labia opening up; her nipples were poking out big time against the thin robe fabric.

She begged me, "Take me to bed, Woody. I can't stand much more of this."

"You can't get him worked-up and then walk away. You don't want to be thought of as a cock-teaser, do ya? Stay at this until we know he comes. I want you to put on a hot show for him, to drive him crazy."

I began talking dirty to her, something that really turns her on, telling her what the guy could see and what I imagined he'd like to do to her. I suggested that she untie the sash and start touching herself. She complied. With a tug, the sash untwined. Her hands pulled the robe apart and let it hang open. Standing statuesque with her breasts uncovered and pussy pushed forward, she leaned against the railing. The stranger's stroking became feverish.

With Sandy's hand pulling on a nipple and the other sliding across her clit and into her love-hole, I could hear the squishing sound her fingers made. I happened to be looking down when I saw the guy's head go back out of sight, his hips rise, and the first rope of cum splash off the windshield and drip onto the dash. "Thar she blows!" I declared.

Sandy watched several more squirts and then cried with a husky voice, "Oh, Woody, I'm coming!" Bent at the waist, she strained with one hand crammed in her sex and one tightly holding the railing, swaying for nearly a minute as her own orgasm surged.

Then I stood up and announced, "Okay, Babe. I wanna screw your ass off now." She had trouble walking so I helped her enter our suite. I looked down and gave the guy a thumbs-up sign. His horn tooted twice.

"What was that for?" she asked.

"Just thanking us, I'd say."

Sandy hopped on the bed and spun around to lie on her back, her legs spread wide apart showing her gaping opening. Her eyes had a wild, wanton look. "Hurry damn it. I need you to fuck the shit out of me!"

I pulled my shorts off and climbed aboard. She was so wet and open for me, I could have used the proverbial 'board tied to my ass' to keep from falling in. I did precisely as she asked. I fucked her long and hard. She had orgasm after orgasm as I spoke of the man who had seen her pussy, describing him looking at the most private parts of her body. Finally, my balls erupted with a ferocity that made me weep. Her arms and legs were wrapped so tightly around me that I couldn't move. I didn't need to move; I didn't want to. Stiffly pushed into her deepest cavern, my cock throbbed and spewed. Her vagina quivered and squeezed me, milking my passion to its last drop.

We spent at least an hour in each other's arms as we bared our souls, talking about what had just happened. She couldn't believe how intensely excited she felt, seeing his eyes focused on her naked body. Like holding a live wire, electric tingles had buzzed through her body from her vulva to her brain. Sandy was hooked. She wanted to do it again.

* * * * *

We decided to have a light lunch delivered to our suite. After ordering from the room service menu, we each put on robes. She donned the sexy blue one again. I wore a plain, more modest, white terry cloth type. We settled on the couch to watch TV. When the knock on the door came about twenty minutes later, I got up to answer. The room service waiter brought the tray in and set it on the island counter. I signed the tab and asked him to wait while I went to get a cash tip from my wallet in the bedroom.

When I came out, his head jerked back around toward me and he had this nervous look on his face. I glanced over at Sandy who seemed to be sitting in the same modest-legs-crossed pose she was in before. I handed him the tip and he left.

When the door closed behind the waiter, I asked Sandy, "Is it just me or did he look rather strange just now? ... Did you flash him?

She shrugged and said, "I don't know ... maybe I did."

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