Summer Getaway Weekend


"Really? Show me what you did."

In a very good Sharon Stone maneuver, she uncrossed her legs, which bared her still engorged cunny lips, and her robe opened above her pubic hair. Then she crossed her legs the other way, finally pulling the robe down to cover back up.

With another devilish grin, she asked, "So, did I?"

"Oh, you naughty girl! What are you turning into?"

"But I thought you wanted me like this. It's so much fun! I thought his eyes were gonna pop out. I might not wear panties all weekend."

We were still eating our lunch when there was another knock at the door. A female voice called through the door, "Housekeeping!"

I let in two Hispanic maids, both toward the ugly end of the scale. One was middle aged and heavy; the other was thin and probably over sixty. We stayed on the couch eating and watching TV while one cleaned the bathroom and the other the bedroom. After about ten minutes, Sandy ran her hand up my thigh and grabbed my cock. Ignoring my protest, she opened my robe and began gently stroking me.

The older maid saw us first when she came out to their cleaning cart. She took a quick glance before she went back into the bathroom. She must have gone through the connecting door as I heard her say something in Spanish to the other maid. The heavy one came out the bedroom door and took her own quick glance at what Sandy was doing to my member. The maid turned her back to us and announced, "We have job to do. You stop or we leave."

We behaved ourselves while they finished cleaning, although Sandy teased the hell out of me by cuddling and giving me peeks up and down her robe. I used the maids' reaction to point out to her that not every woman tolerates seeing a man's penis while very few men would complain about seeing anything she showed.

After the maids left, we went out on the balcony again, this time to smoke a joint. As the first time she toked had with me in perhaps a dozen years, I wondered if she was backing off from her recent disapproval of my ongoing habit. Because she had done all the packing, I knew she had deliberately included my stash. The fact that she knew of its existence and whereabouts said I had few secrets around her. Rather than intending to hide my smoking, I was merely avoiding being confrontational.

On the balcony, we played around with our robes open and felt each other up, but there were no witnesses because the remote side of the resort had no activity. After our playful moment, we went back inside to have another soak in the whirlpool tub. This time we weren't so adamant about having sex, instead enjoying the soothing waters in our euphoric state. Caressing and groping did bring on another amorous mood and soon had us headed for the bedroom.

I got on the bed first and waited a moment, expecting Sandy to lie next to me. Instead, she climbed over me in the reverse direction, settled onto me with her aroused vulva in front of my face, and attacked my manhood before I could react. Attacked is the operative word.

I pulled her sex closer and buried my face in her folds but my actions were somewhat mechanical because I was distracted by how energetically she was sucking my cock. How aroused she was already became immediately obvious when her first orgasm shook her and flooded copious excretions onto my chin despite minimal stimulations by me. Simultaneously, she throated my cock and her guttural cries vibrated the glans.

Cannabis had always enhanced our senses during lovemaking before and I chalked-up her extraordinary oral approach to its influence. Taking my cock beyond her mouth had happened less than a handful of times in our thirty-year relationship; this was the second time in less than twenty-four hours.

As good a cocksucker as she can be, and I describe her as such with love and pride, her oral-performances are rare. Mostly done to completion as gifts on special occasions, I discount the times she uses a few quick slurps to pump me up when she is anxious for action. It's her mantra that 'Momma ain't done until she's stuffed.' As many times as I can make her orgasm with my finger or especially my tongue, they don't compare to a good fucking. If I shoot my wad in her mouth, I'm useless for vaginal fun for too long of a period to suit her.

Thus, even when her sucking goes beyond the slurps and she pulls out the good moves, I don't expect an oral happy-ending and try to hold back for the next stage. Being the experienced lover that I was, I mentally disconnected my little head from my big head. I concentrated on giving her a good licking, the kind that causes multiple orgasms, providing mind-blowing pleasure for her. The pot was giving me some serious powers of perfect mechanics. During one climax, her ass rose up and allowed me to witness her vaginal opening puckering like a carp's mouth.

As hard as I tried to marshal my resources, I knew where our lovemaking battle was headed (pun intended). She was employing unfair tactics that threatened to blow the cap off my love-cannon. Two commando squads of fingers were simultaneously surrounding my ammunition storage.

Her tongue lovingly massaged my penis, paying particular attention to the sweet spot just under and behind the glans. When not wiggling somewhere along its shaft, her tongue reached out onto my scrotum while my glans squeezed into the mecca of her oral cavity.

I have never known her to be so persistent and I surrendered my passion to her demands. I tapped twice on her shoulder as our standard signal, but it just alerted her to hold me in for the eruption. Cramming my nose between her labia until it entered her vagina, my lips sucked her clit into my mouth. She began to rock through another orgasm, maybe her sixth. Light exploded in my head and lava erupted from my cock. One of her hands squeezed my balls and the other milked my shaft while her mouth accepted my semen. Our bodies thrashed so violently, I heard the bedframe complain.

My orgasm seemed to go on forever, lasting nearly as long as hers did. My cock did not emerge from her mouth until she climbed off and turned to lie by my side. I noticed that she did not stop to empty her mouth, yet her open lips told me no semen pooled there.

"Did you swallow?" I asked in hushed surprise, a rarer occurrence than throating.

She nodded and a look created by her deep love for me flooded her eyes. She hugged me and we shared a long soul kiss. We rested in silence, wrapped in arms that embraced the closeness we had found from the very beginning of our relationship. We fell asleep.

* * * * *

We prepared to go out for an elegant dinner to celebrate my birthday. I reminded Sandy of her decision to go without panties and true to her word, she put on her evening dress with neither panties nor bra. Walking through the hallways to the restaurant, she lifted her dress to flash her pussy at me.

After the hostess seated us at our table, we ordered drinks and appetizers. The plan was for me to visit the men's room. She would flash me and any other lucky patrons when I came back. Other flashing opportunities could develop from there.

When I excused myself to begin, her hand grabbed my arm before I could rise. She begged me not to leave. She felt uneasy and unwilling to go through with any flashing in the restaurant. A feeling of paranoia had overcome her, caused by too many people being present; the setting was too public for her novice exhibitionism. Without any qualms, I accepted her change of mind and assured her that it was fine with me.

We had a great meal in a very romantic setting, a fitting way to serve the original intent of our getaway, which was to celebrate my birthday. Several drinks and fine food set the mood. Eventually, I started a quiet discussion about what must feel right in order to be fun. I used it to assure her that I would never pressure her into doing something that made her uncomfortable. My assurances quieted her nervousness and I knew the liquor would ignite new desires for passion in her - it always does. I chose then to mention how seeing her obviously unhaltered breasts and knowing of her pantyless-state was exciting me.

When I suggested that I would be walking out with an obvious erection bulging in my pants, she squirmed in response; but despite the smile she wore, she didn't let anybody get a peek between her legs. I knew she would remember my hard-on prediction, so while finishing my desert and then paying our bill, I mentally worked on giving myself one. Conjuring up images of her flashing in the restaurant was a start but it didn't work well enough. When I recalled the still fresh image of her on the balcony, open robe giving the man below a free show, my cock reached full length.

I rose first and stood beside Sandy to pull back her chair. Sure enough, her eyes went right to my crotch. They opened wide as she looked at the well-defined ridge stretching sideways. With a big grin, she glanced up and mouthed, "Wow!" Her hand reached out to accept mine but missed and instead raked across my bulge. Whether it was accidental or on purpose, only she can attest to which. I've always believed she meant to touch me.

Taking my hand, her closest leg swung toward me to step out from the table. The move drew her dress hem higher and gave me a fleeting glimpse of her bare thighs spreading open. Did I see all the way to her labial cleft? My high angle view made it difficult but I am convinced I did. My hard cock twitched with delight.

While walking back to our room, my arm across Sandy's back slid up from her waist so my hand could reach around to cup her breast. My thumb and forefinger closed to pinch her stiff nipple straining against her dress. I could feel the mass of her breast shifting up and down as she walked.

Her closest arm angled out in front of me as her open hand pressed on my package. Curling her fingers around the bulge of my cock, her hand moved back and forth sideways, giving me a handjob through my pants. Riding inside the elevator, we kissed hungrily and groped excitedly. My hand reached under her dress and two fingers pressed into her wetness. I felt a tug on my pants before her hand reached through my open fly and pulled out my pole.

She had enough time to administer several strokes before the doors slid open. An elderly couple stood there waiting to board for a trip back down. Sandy turned away from me, pulling free of my fingers, but retaining her hold of my member. When Sandy cleared the elderly lady's sight line and the woman saw my cock, she gasped loudly.

Both the lady and her companion stared slack-jawed as Sandy pulled me out of the elevator by my cock. "Come Darlin'. We have some fuckin' to do," she cooed for their benefit. Shocked immobile, the couple failed to take their eyes off us walking away while the elevator doors closed without them aboard.

Inside our room, we stumbled to the bed. As two intoxicated lovers, we fumbled through a familiar routine more from rote memory than intention. Our sex was sloppy and ended in a tangle heap, much like the events of the crazy day

* * * * *

Around mid-morning Sunday, after Sandy showered, she came out on the balcony where I was smoking another joint. She took a hit and then went back inside to watch TV. When I finished the doobie, I headed to take my own shower.

In the middle of shampooing my hair, Sandy came into the bathroom to alert me that a cleaning lady was in the suite. I worried that the two Hispanic maids had returned and would dislike seeing me naked through the glass enclosure, but Sandy informed me that this time, a lone Asian girl was there to clean.

Having two little broken pieces of a soap bar to use, I asked her to get me a new one. With a devilish grin that said so much, she said she would send the maid in with one right away. I doubted it would happen but my pulse quickened as I waited for her while rinsing my hair. The shower door and one wall were pure glass, the only distortion coming from water droplets. If the maid came into the bathroom, she would get an eyeful.

I saw the maid enter the bathroom about two steps, stop, and then leave quickly. I was surprised Sandy got her to enter the bathroom at all. Sandy and the maid started talking but I couldn't hear the words, a discussion that lasted nearly two minutes. I don't know what barriers Sandy had to overcome. Language might have been one, but certainly convincing a young woman that it was okay to visit the shower of a strange man was the hardest. Perhaps the public bathing culture of her nationality was the key.

Surprisingly, the maid walked in again, right up to the shower door. I continued rinsing my hair until she spoke, "Soap, Sir." Opening the door, I accepted the soap. As I unwrapped the packaging, she was looking at my cock. When I handed her the wrapping, I noticed Sandy standing in the doorway with a big grin.

I finished my shower with an erection but didn't feel the need for a release. When I stepped out of the shower, the maid was making the bed. Toweling off and then shaving, I puttered around the bathroom completely naked. At times, the maid had opportunities to observe me through the connecting door but I never caught her peeking.

I noticed my robe wasn't on the hook by the shower. Sure enough, Sandy had moved it to the chair in the bedroom. I walked by the maid who was now vacuuming the carpet. She smiled and took one lingering look at my cook as I put the robe on facing her. When I went to join Sandy on the couch watching TV, she watched my semi-hard cock swinging back and forth between the robe flaps as I approached her.

"Oh, that's a nice look. Is somebody's excited? Did you like her seeing you naked?"

"You know it! But she didn't look as much as she could have. She's afraid of me more than shy, I think. How did you get her to walk in on me, let alone stay here to clean? Most maids leave fast when a man is naked."

"She almost did leave after she saw you. It wasn't easy 'cause she doesn't speak much English. She understood the tip I offered. Maybe because I'm here she felt safer that you wouldn't want sex with her. Speaking of wanting sex..."

She threw open my robe and began gently massaging me, keeping me long but not rigid while the maid cleaned the bathroom. When the maid came to the leisure area to empty the trashcan and pick up the empty wine cooler bottles, Sandy watched the girl take a good look at her stroking me. The maid's presence caused my tool to stand proud.

Sandy turned and we began kissing passionately. I was caressing her breasts and she was humping her soaking wet pussy against my thigh. By the time the maid came near again to vacuum, she was trying to ignore the nearly naked couple as best she could. We have made love in public places starting with a romp in the White Sands desert so long ago. The chance to be seen always added excitement, but we hadn't actually been observed to our knowledge; this was the first time we had a known audience ... up close, too.

Sandy was almost coming on my leg and suddenly declared, "Shit, I gotta have it!"

She pulled off her robe, turned her back to me, and sat down on my erect cock just three feet in front of the startled maid. Whether it was the live porn or Sandy's nakedness that interested her, I don't know. She turned off the vacuum and just watched us screwing. Sandy quickly came in a very vocal fashion, but having so many recent orgasms, I couldn't get over the edge despite an exhibitionist's dream circumstance.

The maid was standing there, mouth agape; suddenly, she appeared to lose her nerve. Quickly, she put her vacuum away and dragging the cart, left our suite without speaking.

Sandy was all for fucking until I got off but my little-man was worn out by the recent intense sexual interludes. It sucks when a man gets old.

We had a conversation about having sex in front of the maid. Sandy said she felt powerful doing it and not the least bit ashamed. She also predicted that there would be more times like that as long as we agreed to keep our sex monogamous.

* * * * *

We spent part of the afternoon at a nearby beach, enjoying the fading but still warm summer. We could have turned sunscreen applications into an exhibition but the presence of families with children made us think better of it.

We found a marina that rented pontoon boats so we took one out for two hours. At one point, while zipping along about a hundred yards offshore, Sandy pulled her suit-top down to her waist. I can't say anybody on shore paid attention to us. Neither was I excited by her casual display; I hate to think I was getting blasé about it. In short order, she ended her exposure.

Returning to our suite, we decided to have room service deliver our late dinner. We discussed her flashing the day before and decided to set up a possible repeat performance. I said it was her turn to answer the door. I dressed in just my robe in case a female delivered the food. Sandy put on a pale blue Baby Doll negligee because her robe had a stain and smelled of sex.

When she first walked out from the bedroom, she was wearing the opaque lace bra and panties that came with it. Playing our game to the hilt, I objected to the panties. When she came out again, she wore just the sheer smock top. Her appearance made me gasp; she might as well have been naked. My heart began pounding with excitement as I anticipated what I would get to watch take place.

I didn't know if Sandy had the nerve to carry out her flash. She was acting out in a manner she never tried before, so I sought to bolster her courage.

"Babe, this is going to be exciting. You'll be safe because I'm here. If you get uncomfortable, just step into the other room."

She nodded and took a big swig of her wine cooler. I grabbed one for myself and drank so frequently, the bottle was empty in two minutes.

When the knock came, she went to the door and let in a thirtyish looking young man. Maybe it was the lack of lighting in the entry and her standing mostly behind the door, but he pushed his cart into the room seemingly without noticing her near nudity. He rolled the cart to the small dining table with Sandy following behind him with a puzzled look. As he set out the food on the table, I realized from the look on his face that he was nervous and deliberately ignoring the charms offered for his viewing. That's when I recognized him.

I called Sandy over to me and whispered in her ear that our waiter was the man who was in the car masturbating yesterday. She looked at him and nodded. The fact that this particular man had already seen her naked body and watched her perform a solo sex act gave her a boldness that would surprise all three of us.

Sandy returned to stand near the table but the waiter turned his back toward her as he finished setting out our food. He even offered the tab to me to sign. When I told him Sandy would sign, he had no choice but to look at her. At least he knew I wanted him to see her in that state of undress.

Sandy calmly took the paper and pen, stood at the island counter, and signed. I could see his eyes scan her from head to toe and back. Sandy then 'accidentally' dropped his pen. He stooped to pick it up, fumbling around with his hand while his eyes locked on her pussy just inches away from his nose.

As he stood up, his next move startled both of us. He placed his free hand palm up on her pussy and curled a finger between her labia. I heard Sandy gasp but before I could react, she used both of her hands to push his arm away and curtly told him, "Sorry, you can look but don't touch."

He apologized for the misunderstanding and then Sandy leaned forward and whispered in his ear. She looked into his eyes for some sort of answer and he nodded. To my utter amazement, Sandy removed her negligee and sat naked in a chair at the dining table. The waiter moved in front of her, unzipped his pants, and pulled out his stiffening cock.

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