tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSummer's Blackmail Ch. 16

Summer's Blackmail Ch. 16


Summer Wayne is a 40 year old married high school Senior English teacher that is being blackmailed by one of her students. She is required to call him Master T and she is completely under his control only one week after his discovery of her on-line profile. In just one week, Master T has had each of Summer's nipples pierced, each of her pussy lips is adorned with ring piercings and her left ear has been pierced with a large loop earring that includes three red beads that signifies to Master T that she is his. Master T has been on a high school trip to Washington D.C. It is now Thursday evening, which represents the completion of one week of Summer being under the control of her teenage Master. Her young master is entering her classroom to punish his slut as well as to give his slut his cum that has been building up while he was away. She does not know it, but Summer's weekend will be filled with servitude, tattoos and more degradation, but she doesn't yet know any of this.........thanks to my friends for recommendations/suggestions for story lines especially Mike, John and Elly.

Summer, is on her hands and knees on her desk in her classroom. As she has been directed by her young master, Summer is blindfolded and is only wearing her four inch black, ankle strap heels with her black thigh hi's. Summer has previously inserted her pink butt plug in her ass, which is in addition to her black vibrating egg that has been in her pussy since this morning and remains securely gripped by the inner walls of her pussy. Summer has fastened her white rhinestone slut collar around her neck, but she has neglected to follow her young master's instructions explicitly where he had also required that her white leash was to be attached to her collar and draped over the end of her desk.

Summer heard the lock in the door and she quickly inhaled her breath wondering who was coming into the classroom. All she could do was to wait for the inevitable discovery by a member of the school's staff or that her young master had made it back safely and was now there to torment her. Summer did not really know which one was worse at this point, but she knew that neither her husband nor her children would never be able to understand or forgive her, regardless of what happened to her at the school.

Summer could hear the door creak as it was closing and then she heard the click of the lock so she felt somewhat safer. She did not dare speak and her breathing was quick as well as shallow. Summer could feel her knees begin to ache from kneeling on her desk and there was perspiration starting to form on her forehead as well as under her nose. Summer could feel her heart beating at a fast pace as it felt like her whole chest was heaving in rhythm with her heart beat.

But, in the same instance Summer's body betrayed her as the humiliation of the moment with her pussy and ass filled with erotic toys was almost too much for her. Summer could feel her pussy opening and closing as it grasped the black vibrating egg as her pussy juices began to escape and pool onto her clit. She felt full from the size of the pink butt plug in her ass. Her humiliation was emphasized by her submission and placement on her desk while she wore the white rhinestone collar that signified her servitude.

Summer could hear the floor creak slightly which indicated that whoever it was had begun to move around her. She heard something land on the floor, but she was still not sure who was in the room with her. The black egg in her pussy was being squeezed by the inside walls of the teacher's ever moistening pussy. The teacher's ass squeezed the plug keeping it fitted snugly inside that dark passageway.

Then it happened. Without warning, Summer's ass was on fire after a loud slap from the hand of whomever was in the room with her. Her right ass cheek felt like the blood had exploded from deep within the tissue. But, she did not have long to concentrate on the pain in her right ass cheek as her left cheek erupted in the same pain administered by the strong hand of whomever was in the room. Summer did not dare speak or whimper as she knew that that would evoke even harsher actions.

As Todd circled his slut teacher, he could not believe that in one short week, this high class, stern woman had succumbed to him. He was amazed that she reacted with such submissiveness whenever he commanded. Todd was also very pleased that Summer continued to allow dominant people to command her. Summer constantly showed that she was submissive and was gradually learning to accept as well as desire the humiliations she was receiving.

Todd could see his handprints quite clearly on his teacher's ass cheeks. He had a purpose behind the slaps as he wanted her full attention and he wanted to release some of the tension of his trip. Then Todd realized that the white leash that should be combined with his teacher's white rhinestone slut collar was not attached. He loved it when Summer failed to follow his explicit instructions as it gave him more power over her and it helped him train her in immediately adhering to each instruction given, when given.

Todd watched as the teacher's chest heaved from the excitement and humiliation of the situation. He could see that her knees were white from the pressure of having been on the desk for 30 minutes. He was sure that the teacher had no idea how long she had been in her room up on the desk, but it was good practice for her to comply as instructed. What to do about her non-compliance about the leash Todd thought.

Todd did not have a lot of time this evening. He had told his parents that he was not arriving until 9:30 PM and that he would call them when he arrived. At 7:30 PM, he had texted his mother when they had gotten to Greenville, South Carolina and told her that it would be at least two more hours until the buses arrived at the school.

Now he had entered his slut's classroom and found her almost exactly as he had required. It was a very erotic site for sure. Todd could see his teacher's breasts hanging down, but rising and falling with each of her rapid breathes. The nipple piercings made each nipple stand out exactly as he had hoped it would. The base of the pink butt plug was quite visible and a nice contrast as the base was held in place by his teacher's ass cheeks. But, Todd noticed that the leash was not attached as he had required and a smirk formed on his lips as he was not only going to get his rocks off into his slut teacher's pussy, but he was also going to be able to work off some of the frustrations of the week being away by using the teacher's yardstick that she used as a pointer. He could not wait to see the whelps that he could make rise up on the poor teacher's ass.

Summer could hear the person move about the room, but she dared not make a sound as she knew that if in fact it was her young master, she was not allowed to speak unless spoken to first. And, if it was someone who had stumbled into the classroom and found her on her desk, blindfolded, butt plug extending out of her ass, white rhinestone collar and the receiver cord from the black egg plainly in view, she knew that her secret would be discovered and her career as well as her marriage would be over. Summer preferred to not speak and suffer any humiliation from the stranger if in fact it was a stranger.

The hard explosion across her ass brought Summer back to the harsh reality of her situation. If it was not her master, then it was someone who liked to punish a slut for sure. Summer's ass screamed in pain, but she dared not to say anything. Summer felt the instrument across her ass cheeks again. Then the next blow was across the top of her thighs just below her ass cheeks. From there, the blows crept up her ass until they reached her waist line that was about two inches above the tops of her ass cheeks. Then, just as suddenly, the beating stopped.

Todd walked back behind his teacher and pulled open the bottom drawer of the desk where he knew his teacher stored her pocketbook during the day. He had found it there last Friday when he needed to hack into her iPhone to get all of her contacts. He pulled the purse out and dropped on the desk between Summer's legs.

Summer felt something land between her legs, but she was not sure what it was. She heard the sound of a zipper and she knew that it was her purse being opened. "Who could it be," the now quite nervous teacher wondered to herself.

Todd found the leash in the purse, pulled it out and then left the purse between his slut teacher's nylon covered legs. Still not having spoken a word, Todd walked back in front of his slut teacher and harshly grabbed the teacher's slut collar. Todd attached the leash to the silver ring and then pulled downward in a hard and steady method. This pull caused his slut to lower her body until her breasts touched the top of her desk. Todd then pulled the leash tighter and tied it to one leg of the desk.

Now Summer was pulled down onto the top of the desk with her breasts pressed tightly against the top of the desk while her hands were still pressed palms down onto the desk on either side of her shoulders. The pressure from being pulled down flatter onto the desk applied hard pressure to the teacher's knees, which were basically carrying all of her weight.

Then the punishment started again. In rapid succession, Summer's ass absorbed ten more blows from the yardstick wielded by her unknown assailant. Summer began to feel turned on by the beating, the butt plug in her ass, the black egg in her pussy and the humiliation of being taken advantage of by a possible stranger. "Why hasn't he said anything yet," Summer wondered to herself. Then a horror crossed her mind, "Oh my God, what if it is Melanie?"

The possibility of being punished by her young female student caused Summer to begin to whimper on the fifteenth blow across her ass. Todd could see the whelps rising up on his slut teacher's ass. He achieved the stress release that he needed and now it was time for him to get his sexual release from his slut. Todd threw the yardstick down onto the floor, which made a loud crack as it hit the linoleum flooring. Summer was startled by the loud sound and her sniffles increased.

Finally Todd spoke, "Slut, I cannot believe that you did not do everything you were told to do. How could you forget your slut leash?"

With relief Summer replied, "Oh Master T it is you. I did not know who it was in the room with me, but I should have recognized the power of your blows. I am sorry for not attaching the leash, I just forgot in my haste to get everything ready for you."

Continuing, "Please do not punish me further Master T. I am yours to do with as you want, just please, please do not hit my ass anymore," Summer begged.

Just for good measure and to once again show Summer her place, Todd reached down to the floor, retrieved the yardstick and wielded the yardstick only this time the stick landed down crack of Summer's ass causing her to jump away from the instrument of her pain. By moving away, of course Summer's ass was beaten repeatedly to assure compliance.

Once Todd was satisfied that his slut understood her place, "Slut, it is time for you to receive my cum."

With that, Todd walked to the other side of the desk, unzipped his pants and pressed his almost fully erect cock against the teacher's lips. Without hesitation, Summer opened her lips and made a large O with her mouth to ease her young master's cock past her lips and partially down her throat.

Todd felt the warmth of Summer's mouth and began to rhythmically fuck his cock in and out of his slut's mouth. His pace remained constant as he wanted to ensure that his blow job would last and to make sure his slut knew that she was there to please him.

As Todd got closer to orgasm, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the remote control for the black egg still buried in Summer's pussy. Todd adjusted the speed to the midway point and immediately noticed that Summer's enthusiasm for sucking his cock increased. Soft moans and slurping sounds were now emitted from around his cock as his slut worked her mouth in concert with his thrusts.

Todd increased his pace, which he matched by increasing the vibrations of the egg. He could feel Summer beginning to move towards an orgasm as her moans became louder and he could see her moving her hips to meet his thrusts. "Slut, you are not allowed to cum, unless you are told to do so," Todd told his willing slut.

As he got closer, Todd grabbed his slut's hair and began to fuck her face in earnest. Todd pulled his cock almost out of Summer's mouth leaving just the head caught between her lips. He reminded Summer again that she was not to cum until she was told to do so.

"Slut, I am about to cum and you are not allowed to swallow. You will catch my cum, hold it in your mouth and then when instructed, you will open your mouth to show me that you have indeed cradled my cum," Todd ordered.

"Do you understand slut," Todd asked.

Though his cock was stuffed down her throat, Todd heard Summer say, "Yes Master."

Once he was certain she understood, Todd tightened his grip on Summer's hair, leaned back and forced his cock deep into his teacher's mouth. He felt the initial blast of his come hitting against the back of the teacher's throat and he kept fucking his cock in and out of his slut's mouth. Todd kept his cock buried deeply into Summer's mouth making sure that all of his cum was deposited into her mouth. Todd pressed his pelvis tighter against Summer's face effectively cutting off air flow because his cock filled her throat and his pelvis pressed her nose closed. He held her in this position until he could feel Summer trying to pull away pulling and pushing herself away from his grasp.

"Do not swallow my cum slut," Todd reminded Summer.

As he pulled his cock out of her mouth, Todd felt Summer's lips try and hold his cock and not allow it to be pulled out. Todd, feeling the pressure of Summer's mouth, allowed her to hold onto his cock for a bit longer as he knew the more pleasure she received from the egg in her pussy, the more she would want to have something in her mouth to increase the intensity of her approaching orgasm.

But, Todd had other ideas for his slut teacher. He pulled his cock forcibly out of Summer's mouth which was accompanied with a pop as her lips finally allowed his cock to be pulled out of her mouth. But, Summer remained lying down on her desk with her breasts pressed firmly into the top of the desk, her knees grinding into the wood top as she rocked back and forth hoping to bring on the orgasm that she so needed right now. She was still tethered to her desk by her white leash that was fastened to her collar and tied to one of the legs of her desk.

Todd zipped up his pants and walked behind his teacher. He grabbed the base of the pink butt plug and began to work it in and out of his slut teacher. His thrusts with the plug into her ass were met with Summer rocking back on her knees to meet the plunge of the pink butt plug. Todd wanted to make Summer wait for her orgasm. He wanted to make sure that he brought her to the edge multiple times before he allowed her to cum. But first, she must beg to cum and even then, she will not be allowed to cum until Todd is satisfied that she totally gives in. Besides, he needed to dump another load of his cum and he wanted to put it in her tight, wet pussy.

Todd began to work the pink butt plug in and out of Summer's ass in rapid fashion. He brought the head of the plug just to the exit of her anal passageway, but made sure that the tip did not come out so that he could see her sphincter muscles grip the plug. He noticed that Summer's ass was stretching and expanding with each insertion of the plug. Todd spit on Summer's ass crack and watched his spit dribble down until it touched the butt plug giving it some additional lubrication. He slipped a finger from his free hand and began to stimulate the teacher's protruding clit. It was easy to make out with the pussy lips swollen, but highlighted with the ring piercings. He began to visualize the clit ring in the sheath that covered Summer's clit that would be inserted on Sunday by his friend Marcos. But that was on Sunday, Todd had to concentrate on Thursday evening and making sure that he got his rocks off before his slut did and in time to ride home with his parents. A quick look at the clock showed that it was now 8:45 PM.

"Time sure flies when you are having a good time doesn't it slut," Todd asked.

All Summer could do was shake her head as she was unable to speak because she did not dare open her mouth for fear that her young master's cum would leak out.

Todd accelerated the vibrating egg to its maximum in Summer's cunt and forced the plug deeper into his slut's ass pushing against it with the palm of his hand, while continuing to manipulate the teacher's clit. Todd could tell that Summer was getting close by how she was moaning and pushing back against his hand. But, it was not time for her to cum as he another erection and he wanted to dump another load of cum into his slut.

Abruptly, Todd stopped stroking his slut teacher's clit and he turned off the vibrating egg. Todd then said, "You may unclasp the leash from your slut collar slut." Summer quickly raised up on the palm of her left hand and with her right felt for the leash clasp that was connected to her white rhinestone slut collar. Once she found it, Summer quickly released her collar from the leash and she heard it clank on the hard tile floor.

Once she had complied Todd said, "Now slut, climb down off of your desk, lay down across the desk on your stomach, spread your legs as wide as you can, grab the other end of your desk and do not move," was Todd's command.

Summer, still blindfolded and with her lips tightly closed to keep her young master's cum in her mouth, immediately did as she was instructed. Her chest was heaving with excitement and the need for sexual release. Her pussy ached for release and the pink butt plug rubbed areas deep within her that made her crave for release. As she laid back down lengthwise across the desk, Summer reached for the far end of the desk and grasped it as firmly as she could. Next, Summer spread her legs as wide as possible so that she did not have to suffer any more blows from her own yard stick. By having on the four inch heels, Summer's ass was right at Todd's waist level.

Todd reached between his slut's legs and pulled on the receiver cord that was connected to the black egg that was buried deep in her cunt. As he pulled it out, Summer let out a gasp as her pussy reflexed involuntarily trying to keep the stimulating device inside her. As Todd pulled the egg completely out of his teacher's pussy, he was amazed with the amount of pussy juice that coated the egg.

"Slut, you appear to have really enjoyed having the egg in your pussy all day today. How did if feel slut," Todd asked.

Summer could only moan and shake her head from side to side. "Slut, don't you let any of my cum slide down your throat or out of your mouth or there will be hell to pay," her master said to her.

"Well it is evident to me slut that your pussy likes the stimulation. Just smell this egg," Todd said as he walked to the other end of the desk and held the egg in Summer's face.

Todd rolled the egg over Summer's nose, cheeks and chin. He effectively rubbed most of her moisture onto the poor teacher while she was stretched and extended across her class room desk. Todd pushed the teacher's head down so that her chin rested on the edge of the desk. Todd walked back behind Summer and reached into his back pack.

Todd withdrew a black magic marker. Just above Summer's ass, Todd wrote, "MS. WAYNE". On Summer's left ass cheek, Todd wrote "CUM" and on the right ass cheek Todd wrote "SLUT". Todd put the marker back into his backpack and withdrew his iPhone.

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