tagGroup SexSunny Side Ch. 01

Sunny Side Ch. 01


One thousand steps up to my new apartment. At least that's how it seemed. The tall red brick building in a cozy little neighborhood finally had an opening, and I'd jumped at the chance. The morning had finally arrived when I could put my small life into boxes and move them into the third floor apartment. My apartment. It was spacious: two rooms and a kitchen, and large bay windows in the living room. I may have been just a part time teacher who would soon be quite in debt, but I wasn't going to pass up the chance to own my own place in such a cozy building.

The afternoon was fast approaching when I heard a knock on the door and a few footsteps into the room. I was laying on the couch, exhausted and sweating from the lifting and sorting and barely noticed the tall, tan figure enter my line of sight.

"Quite a lot of stuff," said the figure. "The name's Young, people call me Barry," he said, extending his hand. "I'm your upstairs neighbor." I leapt from the couch and shook his hand, a firm grip shaking back.

"Jimmy," I said. "I just moved in." He looked about the room and the boxes around us, their contents spilling onto the floor. "As you can see." I could feel my cheeks grow hot.

"Don't worry about it. I remember how long it took to move in myself," he said. His smooth face broke into a gentle smile, short black hair trimmed neatly along the sides. He sported brown slacks and a sports coat over a white collared shirt. He looked like he was about to go golfing with millionaires, but he appeared to be only his late twenties, no older than me.

"Been in Sunnyside long?" I asked.

"Five years. The Mrs. just loved the place, so we had to have it."

I nodded politely.

"Why don't you come up later for a drink. Get to know us. We like being friendly with all the neighbors," he said.


"Great. Come around seven. Room 4C." He smiled and headed out the door, trying not to fall on anything on his way out. His cologne left a lingering smell in the air, but it was not unpleasant. Perhaps the people of Sunnyside were as friendly and attractive at the town itself. If Barry was any indication, my own image would need to improve from the usual jeans and t-shirt look I adored so much.

"Let's see if I can find anything better to wear in these damn boxes," I said aloud, and continued to unpack.

The brass address, "4C" was polished so well I could see my own nervous reflection. I stood outside the doorway and could hear steps ruffling about behind the entrance. An Entenmann's coffee cake was snug under my arm, and although I didn't look nearly as nice as some of the other people I'd observed in the building, I did my best to not appear like the vagabonds I'd left New York City for.

"Well, Jimmy is it?" asked the woman who'd opened the door. A young lady, nearly a foot shorter than me stood in a skin tight black cocktail dress, a smile on her face. Her blonde hair was cascading down her shoulders, a thin gold necklace hanging low between two large breasts that seemed to beg release from the confines of the dress. It took me a moment to respond as I found my eyes lost in her ruby lips.

"Yes, Jimmy Hunt," I said, our eyes locked. "Pleased to meet you. Mrs. Young?"

"Oh please, don't call me that. You make me sound like my mother. It's Candice. Come in, come in," she said. She stepped aside and I let myself in, trying not to keep my eyes on her large, inviting chest and legs that were tight and smooth. She was around my age, but seemed light years in sophistication.

"Lovely home," I said. And I meant it. Their apartment looked similar to mine, but with hardwood floors than shone brightly under the small chandelier that was installed above the living room. A comfortable looking three piece couch with throw pillows larger than my bed sat against the wall, facing the giant flat screen television on the opposite side. The coffee table and the lamps nearby all looked like something out of a pricey Ikea catalogue. I never felt poorer.

"We do what we can. I'm afraid Barry spoils me," she said with a giggle. "Champagne?"

"Oh, sure." She minced over to the kitchen area and opened the silver fridge, three glasses already on the counter. I tried to take my eyes off her apple bottom behind, but I'd never had such trouble before. "I uh, brought a crumb cake," I said.

"Wonderful." She poured each glass almost to the top, and I took the delicate stem from her well manicured hand. "To Sunnyside," she said, taking a sip. I lifted my glass and took a drink, the cold bubbly liquid going down easy.

An unexpected chicken dinner appeared, and I was only too happy to enjoy it with the Young's. I spent most of the meal entertaining questions fielded by both of them at the small table. That I'd just moved to Sunnyside from New York, that I would be starting teaching the local high school in a couple of days, that I'd never learned to ride a bike.

"And what about you, Barry?" I asked. Most of the food on my own plate had barely been touched, whereas the young couple had easily finished their meal while listening to me go on. I was on my fourth, maybe fifth glass of champagne as well. They were certainly a welcoming couple. "What do you do?"

"I'm in real estate. I own this building and several like it in Sunnyside. In fact, I'm the one who secured your lease," he said with a grin.

"Then I suppose I can't thank you enough. I've wanted to live here a long time. I've been trying two or three years now, and I finally got a job at the school and all. It all came together nicely."

"Well, I can admit that you seemed a good fellow. Someone I knew would get along with those of us in town."

"Thank you," I said with a smile, placing some chicken into my mouth.

"Tell me Jim, would you care to fuck my wife?" he asked quite suddenly. I nearly choked on the food as I dropped the knife and fork with a clank onto the table. I looked at him, into his cool grey eyes which stared at me evenly and without a hint of a joke.


"My wife. Would you like to have sex with her?" I glanced at Mrs. Young, who was leaning forward and batting her lashes at me.

"Well...I mean. That's a bit of a loaded question, isn't it?" I managed.

"Oh come on, Jimmy. You don't find me attractive?" I found myself staring at her breasts, the shiny necklace dangling in between them. I said nothing. She slipped a spaghetti strap down and her left breast popped out, a dark pink nipple standing stiffly out as if to beckon me closer. "Does this help?"

"I may have had a lot to drink, but I mean...I don't know..."

"That's how we do it here in Sunnyside, Jim. It'll be perfectly fine. You can take my wife to bed if you'd like. On one condition," Barry said. "I have to stay in the room with you." I looked at him like he was nuts. Some kind of trick, I thought to myself. Barry looked at his wife, and as if he sent her a hidden signal. She stood up from the chair and shimmied out of her dress, her tits bouncing free and hanging like the forbidden fruit of a tree. She stood in nothing but a black thong and heels, coming up to me and planting a kiss onto my lips. Her tongue, tasting of champagne and the sweet flavor of a woman I'd not had in months, battled with my own. My head spun from the incident, and even with my eyes closed I could still feel Barry's presence near us.

"Come with me," she said. Grabbing my collar, she led me towards the bedroom where a king size bed waited for us in the darkness. A large window let the moonlight shine through the slits in the blinds, my eyes struggling to adjust. To hell with protesting, I thought. Her fingers worked quickly, undoing every button and tearing my shirt off before I had a chance to realize it was gone. Soon I was down on the bed, satin sheets beneath my back, my pants slipping off and my rapidly growing dick making a tent inside my boxers.

"Someone wants a good fuck," I heard her say. I looked down at her standing at the foot of the bed, her husband behind her, his hands massaging her breasts. She was leaning back to kiss him, their clothes completely off, a lean and muscular body glinting in the light behind soft, round curves. Seeing the two caress and kiss each other only made my own cock harder. I leaned back and stared at the ceiling, hardly believing the events taking place. "Let's not neglect our new neighbor."

I felt my boxers come off, followed by my shoes and socks. Warm, soft hands ran from my chest to my groin. One gripped my cock, the other lightly tugging my balls.

"Nice and big," I heard Barry say. I looked down and caught them both on their knees at the end of the bed, their tongues licking up and down my shaft. My dick shown in the moonlight as they covered it with their saliva, Candice's mouth around one ball, then the other. Barry put his lips around the head of my cock and he worked them up and down, small sucking noises protruding from his mouth.

"We picked a good one," she said.

"He certainly tastes good," Barry said, licking the head and stringing a dollop of pre-cum in the air with his tongue. He lapped it up with a grin. "But how does he fuck?"

Candice stood up and straddled me, her bare pussy flaring its lips as she put her arms by my head and lowered herself onto me. She kissed me as I lay in a daze, feeling her warmth surround my cock as her cunt made sucking sounds. I slipped in easily, her body adjusting only for a minute. Impulsively, I grabbed her breasts, cupping handfuls of the soft flesh. My thumbs worked their way to her nipples, which were so stiff she couldn't help but groan slightly as she continued to wrestle her tongue with my own.

"Right here, sweetheart," I heard Barry say. She broke her kiss, but not her rhythm, and I looked up to see Barry kneeling over me on the bed. His cock, not as large as my own but clean shaven and trimmed hung over my head like mistletoe. Candice put it to her mouth eagerly, bouncing quicker on my own organ, the sound of her necklace bouncing against her chest. I felt her juices flow from within her and onto my crotch, a warm stickiness. Her muffling sounds grew louder as I played with her tits. Her pussy and her mouth were filled with cock. Her hands rubbed themselves around my chest, teasing my own nipples.

"Don't forget to share, sweetie," Barry said. She released herself from her husband's dick, and with her hand guided it to my own mouth. I'd never sucked a cock before, and with Candice riding me faster and my hands fumbling with her breasts, all I could do was part my lips slightly. Barry angled himself towards my face and shoved his cock inside, filling my mouth so much I nearly gagged. It was a hard, warm and throbbing organ, smelling somewhat musky, but it wasn't altogether unpleasant. I'm sucking a man's dick, I thought. A small voice in the back of mind piped in, But it's not so bad, is it? I barely had time to focus on the feelings as I felt the long climax building in my own groin, the wet squishing sounds growing louder as I heard Candice and Barry kissing.

"Ouch," I heard him say. "Watch the teeth there, Jim." Groaning, it was hard to deal with the flesh that went back and forth, my lips feeling chapped, my hands gripping the sides of the bed. I wanted to tell him I was no expert, I was no fag. But I couldn't, and I wasn't sure I would have. I was enjoying it. With my neighbors' meat sliding in and out of my mouth, nearly slamming into the back of my throat, I could feel my balls begin to tighten.

"I'm going to come soon, dear," I heard her say between gasps.

"Me too," he said, his breaths short.

"I think Jimmy might like his first taste of you," she said over the squishing noises of her pussy circling the base of my cock. They both sounded far away, the pleasure overloading my senses.

"Here it comes, Jim," he grunted. I felt a rush of liquid, hot and salty hitting my tongue and sliding down my throat just as my own juices spurted forth deep inside of Mrs. Young, her grinding slowing down. She made several mewing sounds and finally all I heard beyond the grunting and panting was heavy breathing. Barry removed his dick from my mouth, now limp and drained. Removing my own spent cock from her cunt, Candice leaned over and kissed me one last time, her tongue probing around for any traces left over by her husband. I lay motionless on the bed, breathing heavily.

"So Jim, did you enjoy that?" Barry asked after a moment. I didn't answer. I could barely think.

"I suppose that's a yes, hon," Candice said.

"That's quite a welcome," I said. I finally sat up, my head swimming. The couple grinned at me.

"I think we'd better get dressed for now though, Jim," said Barry. The two proceeded to dress themselves as though we had had only a friendly conversation. I sat and watched as Candice hid her breasts behind her dress once again and strapped her heels to her feet until I realized I was staring. I fumbled for my clothing, the taste of semen still lodged on my tongue. My eyes adjusted to the light in the living room as we headed back out of the bedroom, Candice walking with her hands attempting to smooth the hair that had flung about her head only moments ago.

"We'll keep in touch, Jimmy," Candice said as she opened the door to the hallway. "It was good getting to know you better. And thanks for the dessert."

"It was just a cake," I said, feeling as though I'd done something wrong. They seemed intent on getting rid of me quickly after the whole encounter.

"Oh no, not that dessert," she said as I walked past her. The door slammed behind me before I could answer back. I stood for several moments in silence. That beautiful woman just fucked me, I thought. I had that man's dick in my mouth. Am I gay? I shook off those thoughts as I walked down to my apartment. It wasn't an altogether bad feeling. Neither was the powerful orgasm, I thought with a smile. I walked into my apartment and plopped onto the bed, freshly made.

"Goodnight, Sunnyside," I said to the window. I closed the shades, shutting the moon and the streetlights out of the room. Rather than shower, I stripped down and slept. The smells of Candice and Barry, my new neighbors, flooded my bedroom and lulled me into a deep, comfortable sleep.

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