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Surprise Present


"Happy Valentine's day, Mika."

Mika smiled and turned around, trying to find the source of the voice. She had a blindfold on, all red velvet with cute little hearts on it, and the only thing she could really see was a faint crack of light and a tiny sliver of the floor below her. The rest of the world was fuzzy darkness.

Consequently, she had no idea where Sean was. He'd taken her upstairs, where rose petals and candles turned his normally messy room into a romantic paradise, then put the blindfold on her. It was one of their favourite games; when she couldn't see anything it increased her awareness of what was happening. For example, as he crept up behind her and started to undo the buttons of her blouse, she was both surprised at his sudden presence and intimately aware of what his fingers were doing.

She felt each moment as the material of her shirt slid across her skin, she savoured the rush of cool air on her stomach each time a button was undone, and she salivated at the feeling of his other hand exploring her back. Kisses came with the undressing, hot and insistent against her ear and neck, sending desire flying through her body.

Mike felt herself straighten and go taut under Sean's ministrations, simultaneously trying to lean forward in case his hand brushed against her breasts and trying to lean backward so that his warm body could press up against her, could make her feel his presence.

"Mmmm, Sean, this is great."

The blouse was gone. She felt it flutter into the wind, and felt the cool air as it mingled with the sweat on her skin. It made her shiver and twist back against him, her mouth hungrily questing for a kiss. The tingling on her neck and ear was only enough to stoke her hunger, not sate it.

But he dodged quickly out of her way, laughing briefly as those maddening fingers worked their way to her bra. Deftly, he undid her bra and left her upper body completely naked. She could almost imagine the way his pants bulged as he looked at her, drinking in the curves of her body with his eyes.

But she couldn't get that kiss she wanted. Laughing, she twirled and tried to catch him off guard. Instead of a kiss, she got a push. It was light, light enough to be playful, but strong enough that it sent her flying. She laughed for the joy of it, knowing what would come next, and let the softness of the bed catch her fall. Moments later he was on her, his fingers and mouth coming out of the darkness to bring brief flashes of intense pleasure to her body and then disappearing just as quickly. She was aware of him only as sensations: a light touch against her stomach, a brief lick between her breasts, and the sound of his jeans as he shifted position and brought new feelings to her exposed skin.

Her pants were the next to suffer his assault, the buttons and fly yielding easily to his hands. Playfully she tried to fight back, but it was only token resistance. She wanted him to get the pants off, but she didn't want to make it too too easy for him. So she twisted and writhed and conspired to feel his strong chest pressing against her body. He laughed and played the game too, finally putting a powerful hand against her tummy and pressing her down onto the bed.

That didn't stop her legs from moving though, kicking and struggling as he moved her pants inch by inch off of her body. Then, with a tug of finality, she felt the material as the last of it slid off her toes and was flung away. That made her giggle, as did the feeling of his breath against her panties. They were lacey and light, barely there, and she could feel the heat of him through the material.

Still, like the kisses on her neck and ears, this wasn't what she wanted now.

"Mmm... no Sean, you need to use a different body part."

"Oh do I?" He chuckled, and the feel of his laughter on her sensitive skin made Mika shiver with pleasure.

"Mmm... yes. I need you, Sean." She paused a bit for effect, thrusting her hips up towards her face and being rewarded with the feeling of his cheek against her warm pussy. "Now."

"Oh, well in that case..."

Mika hoped he would do what she wanted, but knew better. Instead of ravishing her right then, he pulled her panties off with frustrating slowness. Although she savoured the feeling as his hands traced long, lazy lines down her thighs and calves, she really wished he would get on with it. That was part of the experience, though. With the blindfold on, she was basically at his mercy... oh she could still move around, but she needed him and his presence to guide her, to show her where she was. So here she was, unable to do anything but let him have his way with her.

Untrue to his word, Sean's mouth returned to her pussy. He was great at this, of course, and soon Mika was moaning in pleasure as he used his incredible tongue to stroke her desire. He knew that the key was long, smooth licks, building sensation and pleasure slowly but surely. He added to this a devastating combination of fingers and breath. His breath, came, insistent and warm, washing across her skin and sending little bolts of pleasure all up and down her body. His fingers similarly stimulated her. One hand went to her breasts, pinching her nipples lightly and causing them to rise in response. The other slipped lower down between her legs and probed her ass.

Other men might have gone further, but Sean knew what she liked. His little finger played with the sensitive skin it found there, tracing slow circles that sent incredible new waves of pleasure all throughout her body.

Then, when Mika felt herself rising to orgasm, her body thrusting and twisting unbidden beneath Sean's touch, his presence was suddenly gone. The shock of his leaving was almost enough to take her down from those dizzying heights, but he knew what he was doing. With quick confidence, he flipped her onto her stomach and inserted himself between her and the bed.

Mika didn't know when he'd gotten his pants off, but ever since the blindfold hadn't been paying attention to anything but the feelings he brought to her. His forethought paid off, though, because the warmth of his mouth was barely starting to fade before the warmth of his cock replaced it.

She gasped at the suddenness of it, and had to admire his artistry. He went from the long, slow strokes of his tongue to the strong, insistent feeling of him filling her up and it was almost too much to take. Mika felt her muscles clenching, holding onto him and increasing the sensation of him inside of her. She couldn't help but laugh from the sheer pleasure of it all.

"Best. Present. Ever." Mika's voice was coming in ragged gasps, more so as his strong hands and hips began to move his cock inside of her. Her skin, slick with sweat, stuck to his shirt but slid easily over his legs. His hands, gripping her ass firmly, guided their rhythm and Mika felt herself getting lost in the pleasure of it.

She still couldn't see his face, but could taste his kisses as he rained them down onto her lips. She kissed back, nibbling at his lips and jaw between frantic breaths.

Then, as they were getting into a familiar rhythm, she felt a new pair of hands. They were strong like Sean's, but a little rougher. They made her already sensitive skin thrum from the feel of them, but they also brought confusion.

"Sean? What's happening?"

There was no answer for a moment, and Mika squeaked a bit in surprise as those new hands were accompanied with the feeling of a warm, slick cock against her ass.

"You said... you said this was a fantasy of yours."

"Ya... but, I mean... you're okay with this?" Surprise turned to warm, tingly pleasure. She had always fantasized of someone else filling her from behind while she fucked her boyfriend, but she'd never thought she'd get to do it. Sean had always seemed a little too straight-laced for something like that.

"Of course. It's your present."

Then there was no more talking. The silent hands and cock which had introduced themselves to Mika so suddenly started their own rhythm. It went counter to her and Sean's rhythm, and she felt herself quickly gasping from the thrill of it. As Sean was sliding out of her, the other person was sliding into her, and vice versa. She was filled at all times, her body now twisting and writhing from the pleasure of it, slipping up and down the twin cocks with slippery ease.

It was incredible, and she wished it would never end. Between two sets of hands, two hard members and the heat of three bodies, Mika was in heaven. The mystery person leaned down onto her until she was sandwiched between him and Sean, sliding between them as they slid inside of her. She felt new breath on the back of her neck, and those new hands were just as skilled as Sean's.

Still, it had to end. Mika could feel it building from a long way off, the three of them starting along the same road to finality. Her muscles tightened and squeezed around them, and in turn they swelled and grew inside of her. The increased friction caused them all to gasp, caused them to go down that road even more quickly. Mika could now feel thick pre-cum mingling with the lubricant inside her, and it made their rhythm that much easier.

Their fucking grew to a frantic pace, Mika hardly able to catch her breath as four hands guided her and surrounded her in incredible pleasure.

Then, climactically, it came to an end. Mika cried out, climaxing first, to be quickly followed by the feel of the other two climaxing. Hot fluid, thick and deliciously slippery, filled her and spilled out to dribble down her legs. The two men held inside of her for a moment, their hips shuddering as they came inside of her, until finally the strength went out of them and all three collapsed onto the bed.

"Mmmm... I was wrong before." With sleepy languor, Mika kissed Sean's cheek. She still couldn't see, could only feel the comforting warmth of two bodies surrounding her.


"Now it's the best Valentine's gift ever."

"Well good." Sean smiled and kissed her back, then whispered devilishly into her ear. "Because we're not done yet."

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