tagGroup SexTara & Steve Ch. 04

Tara & Steve Ch. 04


The pool area at the Strathmore Club was far better than anything I had imagined. Don't get me wrong—I have a pretty good imagination. Ever since Stefan had told us about the Strathmore Club during our threesome day at the bungalow, I had envisioned what the club would be like. I pictured lots of palm trees, various pools, waterfalls, and, of course, loads of beautiful naked people.

But that was mere imagination.

The real thing demolished the movies in my brain because it was real. My imagination had grander visions, with a tropical paradise complete with gorgeous naked babes performing my every whim. Those fantasies would have to stay inside my head.

But this? This was real.

As real as all the skin. Skin was everywhere. Breasts and dicks all over the place. Men and women sunbathing in lounge chairs. They chatted, read books, ate at patio tables. They did what people do around a resort pool. Except they were naked. Just some scattered people carrying trays of food or drink were clothed. I guessed they were staff.

This was most definitely real. As real as the cries of delight from a chick getting fucked on a raised platform. Real as the smell of suntan lotion. Real as the cheers from the volleyball court beyond the two pools. Real as the splash of swimmers. Real as the rustle of palm leaves in the wind. Real as the tiki bar close to the main pool. Real as the large building behind the pools, a stucco building with a Spanish-tiled roof. Real as the guy smiling at my expression as he was getting a blowjob from a chick sitting on a lounge chair.

Yeah, I was the obvious newbie. Nobody else stared with bug-eyed awe and had their bottom jaw hitting the ground.

That is, except for Tara. My girlfriend stood next to me, looking dumbfounded. I probably had the same dumbfounded look that she did.

"What do you think?" Stefan asked us. "Did I do a good job of describing the place?"

"Oh, yeah," I said.

Stefan had invited Tara and me here. He invited us back when we had a day of threesome sex at a hotel bungalow. He said that Tara and I would have a lot of fun at the Strathmore Club. His prediction looked right on target so far.

Stefan and Tiffany (his wife) had met Tara and me at the front of the Strathmore Club, at a small entrance building. Stefan and Tiffany had been waiting for us in their birthday suits, as casual as could be. These middle-aged swingers were in great shape. Both clearly exercised—at least from a lot of sex.

Speaking of sex, there was Stefan's thick schlong that my girlfriend had enjoyed in our threesome. It was hard to ignore. As for Tiffany, I had seen her naked at her Christmas party orgy. I enjoyed seeing her nude again. Either her boobs were good fakes, or they had held up well.

So Tara and I met up with these two middle-age swingers at the front of the Strathmore. Stefan and Tiffany suggested that we take a shower in the small building and apply suntan lotion.

"Don't want to burn," Tiffany warned. "Especially on those sensitive areas."

As I showered, my excitement mounted. Since waking up that morning and driving to the Strathmore Club, I felt like a kid on the way to an amusement park. That kind of thrill was rarely felt as an adult. Then, seeing Stefan and Tiffany naked made this grown-up amusement park start to feel real. My cock hardened with anticipation. I scrubbed it as lightly as possible for fear of ejaculating. I wanted to save all my cum for others.

My erection was strong and bold as I returned outside. I felt a bit embarrassed by it—even though both of the experienced swingers had already seen me naked.

"My, my," Tiffany said. "I see you're ready for fun, Steve."

"Way to bring it, bud," Stefan replied.

I blushed. "I'm definitely ready for this."

"Mind if I get your back?" Tiffany asked, holding up a bottle of suntan lotion.

"No problem."

Tiffany was rubbing the lotion on my back when Tara returned from the showers, smiling when she saw Tiffany applying lotion on me.

"So the royal treatment is starting already," Tara said.

"For you, too," Stefan said and began rubbing lotion on her back.

When we were all lathered, we set out for the pool. Stefan told us that the small shower building served as a gateway. That's where members shed their clothes, stored them in lockers, and got showered. It was a ritual to shed the outside world and prepare for the hedonistic, pleasure-loving world of the Strathmore Club. He said there were more showers in the main building, for after fucking, playing tennis, aerobics, weightlifting, or whatever. But the gateway shower was for leaving one world and entering another.

Then the main building and pool area appeared before us. The different world. One like no other I had ever seen. Sure, I'd been to resorts and seen groovy pools with babes in bikinis. Yeah, those were nice. But not like this. Not this nakedness. Or fucking. Or sucking. This was on a whole other level of eyeball-popping spectacle.

This was full-frontal reality. Adios, fantasies of my imagination. Adios, bikini tops and bottoms that enticed you but covered special parts of anatomy. Yeah, this was full-frontal reality.

"Is Julie here yet?" Tara asked, scanning the crowd.

Oh yeah. Julie. The big-boobed beauty who I loved to see at Stefan and Tiffany's parties. All the men ogled over her jugs that she showed off in tube tops, tight spaghetti-strapped shirts, and snug sweaters. When Stefan had told Tara and I about the Strathmore Club during our bungalow threesome, Tara had asked if Julie Exocrine was a member. Stefan said that she was. And then, Tara had bluntly told me the most incredible things: I want to see you squeeze her boobs. I want to see how they feel. I want to see you shmush your face on them. I want to see your cock between them. I want to see them jiggle as you fuck her. And I want to hold her big tits as you fuck her.

She had shocked me by saying those things. One wondered: Did she still feel that way? I certainly hoped so.

Stefan smiled at Tara's question. "Yes, she is. She's over there, playing volleyball." He pointed to the court. "That girl loves to play volleyball."

"Let's go see her," Tara said.

"Hold on, baby," I replied, enjoying Tara's initiative. So she did want to get the ball rolling with Julie. "Let her finish her game first. Since she loves to play so badly."

"Okay, okay. I just want to get started. Evie Stevie."

She still wanted to pay me back for Stefan. I had set up that threesome so Tara could enjoy Stefan's thick sausage. She definitely enjoyed it, and now she wanted to pay me back by having me enjoy Julie's jugs.

"Not everything has to be Evie Stevie," I said.

"I know, I know. But I want to see you titty fuck her. And I want to feel them, too."

Man, I loved my girlfriend's wants when they involved other women.

"Okay, she can wait," Stefan said. "Let's introduce you to a few people. C'mon."

Stefan and Tiffany led us around to a handful of couples and introduced Tara and me. Such the gentleman, he always introduced Tara first, and then marked me as her boyfriend. It was made clear that this was our first time and that we were not single. I guessed that single people were viewed as open season, while dating or married people had to be checked with first.

I was very self conscious about my erection. Every time we met new people, they glanced at my boner. I noticed that they also checked out Tara's body. Of course, I checked them out, too. It was wild that all of us checked each other out in polite, quick ways. There was no staring. A simple glance told volumes. Later, with distance, there could be longer observation.

Shaking hands felt weird. The introductory handshake is standard, right? What about when everyone is naked? Very odd stuff. You lean forward, try not to poke them with your boner, give 'em a quick once over, make eye contact, and then shake hands. It was a process more complex than usual. Usually, there is a sizing up of someone new. At this club, there was a lot more sizing up.

Everyone was friendly. Could not have been nicer. They welcomed us, wished us a good time, told us to ask them if we ever needed anything. Usually, that anything would be, say, a quarter to feed the lock on the locker for your clothes. Something simple. But at the Strathmore Club, I figured that would be totally different. Well, you said to ask you if I need anything—how about your wife gives me a hummer?

About an orgasm: I very much wanted one of those. More so than usual. My erection was making me more and more embarrassed. So after we met a third couple, I proposed action to my girlfriend.

"Hey babe," I said to Tara, "how 'bout we go to a lounge chair?" I nodded to a few unused chairs. "I'd like to give you this." I looked down at my raging hard boner.

She thought for a moment, one eyebrow raised. "Nah. That's not what we're here for. We need..."—she scanned around—"there. Them. Those three over there." She nodded to three ladies lounging in a row, open books on their laps, and chatting. "Let's go meet them. And you'll ask them. Let's see how far you can get."

I parried: "But you could just give me a quick blowjob, and—"

"Why don't you ask them for a quick blowjob? C'mon, give 'em your best pickup line."

Pickup line? At a nudist/sex club? What was that? How would you like some Irish in you? How about a ride on a bucking bronco?

Tara, Stefan, and Tiffany were almost next to the trio of ladies. I hustled to catch up. The ladies were nice, two blondes and a brunette. One was very good looking, while another had a bigger rack of boobs. Everyone did these quick once-overs.

Tiffany introduced Tara and me, making sure to say that I was her boyfriend. Tara and I shook hands of all three women. Their names: Ashley with short blonde hair and the biggest boobs of the three, Wanda with the prettiest face, and Trisha with a brunette ponytail and cheerful expression—she blended a cute face and perky tits. I'm sure it was rude to compare, but at least I kept my comparisons to myself.

After we said our hellos, I cleared my throat and said, "How would one of you lovely ladies like to have some fun?"

There it was.

I threw it out there. I hoped for the best. The moment of silence seemed to last ten minutes, but it was probably only a couple seconds.

Suddenly, Ashley said, "Well, well. Aren't you a friendly one?"

At first, I thought she referred to my request for fun. But then I saw her eyes lock on my erection. I followed her intent observation. From the end of my concrete-hard cock, a line of pre-cum stretched down and touched her thigh. It was a thick line, quivering and shimmering in the sunlight. It seemed like my boner had thrown out a fishing line and caught a thigh instead of pussy.

How long had a line of pre-cum been hanging from my dick? I blushed from embarrassment. Holy shit, man. A clumsy pick-up line might've seemed cute. But landing your string of pre-cum on a chick? That felt far too forward. Even here.

"Oh fuck," I said. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean—I didn't know—God, I'm so sorry about that." I backed up a step, but the line just stretched. It didn't break.

Everyone in our little group laughed. I blushed even more.

Ashley looked at Tara and asked, "Are you guys restricted? Or is he available?"

Giggling, Tara replied, "He's available. Could you please put him out of his misery?"

I was flabbergasted. This swinging thing was still pretty new to me. My girlfriend asking another woman put me out of my horny misery? Wow!

Ashley smiled up at me. Leaned forward. Opened her mouth. Tongue stretched out. Tongue touched my line of pre-cum. Tongue began to raise, collecting the line. Now my fishing line had a caught a sweet blonde's mouth. Her tongue seemed to rise in slow motion. More and more of my pre-cum string disappeared. Her tongue got closer. Closer. Almost there. The tip of her tongue touched the slit of my dickhead. I gasped. Ashley's tongue pulled back, taking a new string of pre-cum with it. Her tongue retreated behind her pursed lips. The string broke, flittered down.

"Are you in misery?" Ashley asked with a fake pout. "Aw, poor baby."

With that, she swallowed me. I gasped from the surprise. Slowly, her lips widened and her mouth advanced, sending me further inside her. Warmth surrounded my cock. I gasped again. She held me, unmoving, with nearly all of my shaft deep in her mouth. Her eyes closed. I glanced over at Tara, who watched the whole thing. She winked at me. My embarrassment began to fade.

Ashley's mouth patiently moved away until I was completely out. "Is that better?" she asked up to me.

"Oh yeah," I said. "How about that again and again?"

Her lips widened into a grin. "Wouldn't want you to be in misery, now would we?" Again, her mouth encased me in its warmth. Nice and slow. This babe wasn't in a rush for me to cum. It felt wonderful. Much better than schlepping along with an embarrassing stiffy as I had met the club's members.

Speaking of members, I felt that everybody was watching me. Like Ashley and I were in a spotlight. But that wasn't true at all. Some members didn't even pay attention to us—they were busy talking or reading or sunbathing with closed eyes. Some members watched us, then smiled when they saw me notice them. One dude gave me a thumbs up. One lady blew me a kiss. Another chick pushed her cheek out with her tongue, making a bulge that moved up and down, simulating a dick in her mouth. Her eyes laughed at my reaction of disbelief. Who does this stuff?

Trisha was making out with my girlfriend. Just like that, she had dropped her book, stood up, and kissed my girlfriend. Trisha and Tara. That sounded like a nice couple. And they were a good-looking couple: pretty faces, brunette hair, perky breasts, and tight asses. T & T had great T & A.

Tiffany jumped into the fun by kneeling and blowing Stefan. She could take more of his meat in her mouth than Tara had during our threesome day. Of course, Tiffany had a great deal more practice blowing her own husband than Tara did.

Tara and Trisha moved to the lounge chair. Tara on her back, with Trisha on top of her, sucking on her nipples.

Ashley was giving my cock a mighty fine blowjob. Her lips and mouth made me feel so good. It would've been easy to let her continue until I blew my load in her mouth, but I didn't want my fun to end so soon. As good as the hummer felt, I wanted to do more.

So I pulled out of her mouth and said, "Lay back."

She was open to that, and I was glad to dive between her legs to politely return the favor. On the next lounge chair, Tara was being eaten out by Trisha. Two cunnilinguses in a row. Ashley's pussy tasted nice and clean and snappy, with a hint of swimming pool. I liked the club's emphasis on cleanliness, as everyone was sure to be freshly scrubbed and ready for licking. Ashley was definitely ready for licking. I set upon my task with delight. This pussy was well taken care of: smooth and hairless but for a small strip on her mound. By the sound of Ashley's moans, her pussy was being well taken care of now, with my tongue and lips bringing her bliss.

"Honey," Ashley said, and I raised my head to discover that she was talking to Tara, who was still being licked in the next chair. "Honey, your boyfriend knows how to eat some good pussy."

"He sure does," Tara grinned back. "I've enjoyed that mouth many, many times."

Then I saw Stefan pumping Trisha from behind. I had been so busy giving oral that I didn't realize he had gotten behind her and given her his schlong. The position was wild to see: Trisha getting banged doggystyle and licking my girlfriend's pussy. Trisha's ass looked incredible as she was bent over. I liked how Trisha's ponytail bounced as she was getting drilled and giving oral to Tara.

I went back to licking Ashley, and in no time her moans built to cries as she enjoyed an orgasm. I decided to follow Stefan's lead by asking Ashley to flip over and get into doggy position.

"Love to," Ashley cooed.

She had a groovy tribal tattoo on her lower back. Nice artwork to see while you rocked her doggy. I eased my cock into her pussy as she balanced on the lounge chair on all fours. Talk about sweet. I fucked her nice and easy, pumping at a good rhythm.

Just beyond all the lounge chairs and patio tables were a couple of small raised platforms. Looked like little stages. Both had a big cushioned bed in the middle. On one, a chick was riding cowgirl on top of a dude. On the other, two chicks were busy in 69.

This was another world. Nudity was all around. Sex happened in pockets here and there.

Next to me, Trisha and Tara switched. So now, Tara was getting Stefan's big hard one. Stefan and I were partners in doggy. He, inside my girlfriend. Me, inside Ashley. Speaking of Ashley, she was pretty loud as I pumped into her. I bet she was riding the thrill of the orgasm from my oral. I leaned down and cupped both of her titties in my hands and squeezed as I kept drilling. They were great tits—not as big as Julie's, but nice tits nevertheless. It was unfair to compare them to Julie's, since she probably had the best rack here.

A touch on my ass made me jump. What the fuck? I straightened up and turned my torso—still keeping my dick inside Ashley—and saw Wanda next to me. A big grin on her face. Her hand sliding down my butt to cup my balls.

"Mmm," Wanda said. "These are fun."

"Uh, thanks," I replied. What do say to that?

She rolled my balls in her fingers. "I'd really like them in my mouth."

Before I could respond, Wanda slid down to fucking level, so that her face was inches away from my cock in Ashley's cunt. Wanda's right hand slipped to between Ashley's legs. I could feel her fingers on Ashley's pussy. With my cock in there, I felt the fingering pressure.

"Oh yeah, lover boy," Ashley cooed. She thought those were my fingers.

Wanda had made a request, so I figured I better grant it. I pulled out of Ashley and swiveled. Since Wanda was so close, my dickhead tapped her on the cheek.

Wanda laughed and said, "Oh yeah! Give it to me." Her left hand let go of my nuts, and she took my cock in her mouth.

"Hey, what's going on?" Ashley asked, looking back at us and immediately seeing exactly what was going on. "Oh, it's you," she said to Wanda. Then she looked up at me. "You better come back."

"Don't worry," I replied. "Gimme a minute. This feels fucking awesome."

"Better than my mouth?" Ashley asked.

Uh oh. I backpedaled quickly. "Not at all. I love both your mouths."

"That's more like it."

I pulled back, exiting from Wanda's mouth, swiveled back, and re-entered Ashley. Wanda frowned and Ashley expressed her gratitude. I noticed that Wanda's fingers were still on Ashley's pussy. I felt them as I fucked Ashley and delighted in her plush cunt.

"Don't worry," I said down to Wanda. "Gimme a minute."

She did. As she waited, she massaged my balls from under my ass and diddled Ashley. Her hand coordination impressed me.

After pounding Ashley, I rewarded Wanda's patience by pulling out of Ashley and presenting my cock again. Wanda smiled and swallowed me. She gave me some good head bobs, then released me.

"Now for these boys," she said, and then tilted my dick up and dove underneath to suck my nuts in her mouth. My God, it felt good. It all did. From Ashley's mouth to her pussy to Wanda's mouth. I looked about me, at all the club members, and exalted in my status of one man enjoying two hot chicks.

Speaking of enjoyment, I checked on my girlfriend. Just in time to see Tara arch her back and cry out in bliss. Stefan was still behind her, heaving away at her. Underneath her was Trisha, her arm stretched to between Tara's legs. So Tara was being rubbed and fucked.

Wanda released my nuts and sucked my cock again. Not for long, though, as she let me go and grabbed my dick and directed it back inside Ashley. Now Ashley joined Tara in being fucked and rubbed. She was loud in verbalizing her appreciation. And then crying out in her orgasm. Tara's yells died down first, and then Ashley's.

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