Tara & Steve Ch. 05


When I give Tara the news, she laughs, saying, "Told you so." She's game for the beach, and I know she's thinking about muscular Luke.

The beach isn't as crowded as the pool. There are some sunbathers, and many are completely nude. That's okay at the beach, but is frowned upon at the pool for some reason. Only topless is allowed at the pool.

I introduce Tara to our new friends. Luke loosens up, taking obvious glimpses at Tara's boobs. Savannah is all bright eyes and smiles as she tells Tara that I'm such a sweetheart for bringing them juice and inviting them to dinner.

"Yeah, he's a keeper," Tara says. "I've got to tell you, Savannah, you've got great tits. Not sure if anyone's told you lately, but, man, they're awesome."

That freezes Savannah. It's a frank statement, all right. Especially from a stranger. Her cheeks blush pink, and she says, "Why, uh, thank you. You've got great tits, too."

Tara turns to Luke: "And you, wow, you really work out a lot, don't you? Great muscles."

Which makes him beam with pride. Guy practically started flexing to show off how big his muscles are. "Thanks. Yeah, I hit the gym a lot."

My wife has made a strong first impression. We make a group of four lounge chairs in a row. All facing the brilliant Caribbean Sea.

Tara is the first to push her bottoms down, followed by me, then Savannah. Luke is last. And then we have the inevitable checking each other out. Savannah has a little patch of light brown pubic hair. Luke's schlong seems to be thicker than mine but not as long.

"Nice dick," Tara says to Luke, making him blush this time.

"You're bold girl," Savannah points out, and she doesn't look mad.

Tara shrugs. "I just like to compliment people who deserve it."

Yeah, and I know Tara's breaking the ice. She's become very good at guiding someone to our swinger lifestyle and letting them put their toe in the water.

"Well, aren't you sweet," Savannah says and looks at me. "Do you wax that hot butt of yours? You're so tan down there, too. And you have hardly any hair in front. Do you actually get waxed down there?"

"Um, yeah, I get my butt waxed," I say, feeling weird talking about it. "But I shave in front."

"Does it hurt?" Luke asks.

"The shaving doesn't if I'm careful."

"Mmm, it looks so smooth," Savannah coos.

Her checking out my package and that syrupy Southern accent and that hot body get me mighty excited. My cock starts to grow. Those little bounces as it inflates like a balloon.

"Um, can we talk about something else?" I wonder, wishing we were at Strathmore Club, where I could simply jump on Savannah.

"Oh, you boys," Georgia Girl laughs. "So obvious."

Tara piles on: "Serves him right for inviting you guys down here."

"Oh, sugah, that was me. Your husband invited us to dinner. I invited you here."

"Then maybe you should take care of him," Tara says plainly.

Savannah and Luke's jaws drop. Luke's the first to respond: "You're joking, right?"

Tara grins. "Hmm. Not really. You see, Steve and I are swingers."

There it is. She's dropped the bomb. Their jaws drop again.

Tara continues: "We used to be more active about it. But now, we're on our honeymoon, and we're having one last go at it."

Savannah and Luke stare at us, then turn to look at each other. Finally, Georgia Girl says, "No wonder you were so bold about my boobs and Luke's dick."

"I meant everything I said. That's why we thought you guys would be fun."

I offer a way out for them: "But if you guys aren't into it, we totally understand. It's not for everyone."

Savannah looks at me, then at my erection. She had licked her lips yesterday when I flashed her. Was she merely having fun? Or did she actually think of blowing me?

"My goodness," she says, "this is all so sudden. We just met you guys. I mean, can we just hang out, talk about it later?"

"Of course," I smile. "No pressure. We can just stay on the beach. Nothing more has to happen."

"That's right," Tara backs me up. "No pressure at all. But I've gotta say, it would be a huge shame if I couldn't get a chance to suck those tits."

Savannah's eyes open wide with surprise. I notice that Luke sports a stiffy. Easy to imagine Tara doing that, isn't big guy?

And so, we hang out on the beach. Eventually, my hard-on eases. Savannah and Luke are fun. We talk about our regular lives back in the States. We talk about relationships. We splash in the ocean. Luke suggests drinks, so he and I put our swimsuits on and fetch beers from eager Ayana at the bar. I don't tell Luke what the bartender and my wife did last night. I'm sure he'd enjoy the story, though.

The Georgia couple downs the beers with startling speed. Tara and I take our time sipping, but Savannah and Luke throw them back. Actually, Luke puts his suit back on and heads back to the bar for another round. Feels too early to drink that fast, but, like the lady said, we're on vacation.

With my next erection, I've had enough of being frustrated. I turn to my bride for help: "Hey baby, how 'bout we head back to the room for a bit?"

Tara understands immediately. "Nah, let's be naughty." She gazes around, searching for something. "Ocean's not good with all the people swimming. Ah. I've got it. C'mon, get your towel."

I wrap a beach towel around my waist, covering my erection. She leads me to the row of outside showers. Our old buddies. Glance left. Glance right. All clear. We jump in. She sits on the bench and slurps my cock into her mouth. A welcome repeat of last night's start.

"Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm." Tara backs up, licks her lips. "You taste like the sun and sea. Tasty." A mischievous look appears. "You wanna fuck my mouth, sugah?" she asks with a Southern accent.

Gratitude for my wife washes through me. She knows exactly how to get to me. Mimicking Savannah's syrupy accent to crack me up. Then proposing something wicked. You marry a girl like this.

"I want it like you wouldn't believe," I whisper.

"Oh, yes I would. Same as I wanted to fuck your cock last night."

She gets back to it. Her mouth clasps me into a warm, wet sheath. I hold the sides of her head. Her hair's damp from the sea. I fuck her mouth. I fuck slow and good and steady. Stare at my shaft sliding forward and backward, her red lips stretched over my hardness. Fuck, it's spectacular.

Soon, relief pounds like hard waves. I stop pumping and spurt. Rapture ravages me like when I wiped out in the waves, spinning me in salt water and foam. I cum strong and long, and it's deliriously good.

My wife stares at my face and swallows everything. Like I said, you marry a girl like this.

Back on the beach, our new friends are eager to hear about our secretive mission. "Did y'all really do it in the outside shower?" Savannah asks.

"A wife's got to take care of her man," Tara boasts.

Georgia Girl turns to her beau: "Well, Mr. Man, I bet you want to be taken care of, too."

Luke smirks back: "Either that, or we go back to our room."

"To hell with that, let's be adventurous," Savannah replies, and then they're off.

Tara and I bask in the sun and our naughty inspiration. We wonder if they will be into swinging. I tell Tara that I think Savannah is a cocktease.

"Yeah, I agree," Tara says. "But I think she'll be into it. She asked a lot of questions when you boys were getting beer. She was really curious when I told her that I've had two guys in me at the same time."

Memories flash: Tara's mouth going down on me while another guy fucked her—and the other way around. She once had another dude's dick in her pussy and mine in her ass, but she wasn't wild about it.

"Wonder what Luke would think of that," I say. "He asked some questions on our beer run. Seems to be relaxing. But I still don't know if he'd be up for seeing Savannah with another guy."

"Oh, I could take his mind off that."

Yeah, Tara's raring to go for the muscle head. The Georgia couple returns all giggles.

"Did it, honeycakes," Savannah boasts and high-fives Tara. "I feel so naughty. And, oh my God, did he cum."

It strikes me as odd that this woman is so taken with the sexual escapade. I expected it to not be such a big deal to Savannah. Because she acts a big game. She was bold to take her top off at the pool and rub oil on her knockers and lick her lips when I flashed her my dick. She seems adventurous, but doesn't back it up. I doubt that she and Luke were the silhouettes I saw on the beach last night.

"How about you, stud boy?" Tara asks Luke. "Do you feel naughty?"

He's wearing a grin as big as Georgia. "Yeah. Savannah was amazing. Thanks again, baby."

Tara pushes further: "How naughty would you feel if I was sucking your dick, and you were sucking on Savannah's big tits?"

Luke's grin vanishes. He looks uncertain. Tilts his head toward his girlfriend. She looks back at him, inquisitive with raised eyebrows.

Finally, he replies, "I, uh, yeah, I bet that would feel awesome."

Savannah bursts out laughing. Some other people glance over at her. Which she probably loves. "You guess?" she asks her beau. "You guess? You know damn well that feel awesome. But how would you feel if Steve goes down on me?"

Luke glares for a brief moment, then cools down. "I... I... don't know," he stammers.

"Well, sugah, if you want to screw this little hottie, then I'm gonna screw him. Can we handle that?"

All eyes are on Luke. And he's not loving being in the spotlight.

"I don't know." No stammering this time.

"Well, we'll just have to see after dinner," Savannah replies. "How 'bout an early dinner, y'all?"

* * * * *

Drinks are flowing freely. That is, on the Georgia side of the table. Over here on the Florida side, we're merely sipping.

Chalk that up to habits encouraged by the Strathmore Club. Tara and I used to drink a lot more, but now we drink at most two beers or wines at a sitting. And we exercise more. We're in the best shape we've ever been in. And that fitness has resulted in amazing sex. We're more flexible. We can do various positions we could never accomplish before. I can pull off a standing position now—cradle Tara in my arms and bounce her on my cock. While it's not the most comfortable position, it's a fun alternative.

We try not to judge others for their habits. After all, they come from much different experiences. Before Strathmore, Tara and I could drink as much as Savannah and Luke. Some nights, we got really drunk.

Not that Savannah and Luke are drunk. They have that potential, though.

Enough of this preaching. These two people are fun. They share stories from back home. The four of us have a grand time over a delicious dinner of seafood.

Tara and Savannah look fetching in their sundresses, both with spaghetti straps over the shoulders. The dresses hug their fantastic curves. Savannah's clearly not wearing a bra. The fit of the thin fabric is so snug on the bottom of her voluptuous rack, that you can easily trace the outlines of her melons. They're naked on top, blaring a plump line of cleavage. Her nipples seem hard as wet sand.

Of course, my wife's tits are beautiful, too. Also not in a bra, they jiggle wonderfully as she talks and laughs.

Their hair catches my eye, too. Tara's light brown hair with blonde strands is swirled up and clamped at the back of her head in a fancy. Savannah's long blonde tresses flow to the middle of her back. Her hair has a slight curl to it. When she tosses her blonde locks back, you imagine her doing that as she's riding you.

On our way out of the restaurant, we see the cute brunette and her boyfriend (no wedding bands, I notice). They're on their way into the restaurant. She's super cute in a light green dress. Strange, but I feel a sudden desire to call it off with the tipsy Georgians and try to kick things off with the cute couple.

Still, I yearn for Savannah. Those big juicy tits. Long blonde twisting hair. Loud, infectious laugh.

Yeah, she's a cocktease. And I want her. Plain and simple.

I offer a smile to the cute brunette as we pass, and she smiles back while turning her head to the side. Does she have a wishful expression? Ah, probably my imagination. Like I said, there's something about her that makes me burn. But I keep my mouth shut as our Florida/Georgia group goes outside.

"So, y'all want to party?" Savannah asks with a giggle.

Tara looks at me, checking in. Did she notice my reaction to the cute brunette? She's picked up on other things. I smile at her. A small smile—same as the one I gave to the cute brunette. Two ships passing in the night, heading to different ports.

"Yeah," Tara answers. "But only if you guys are up for it."

A boozy laugh as Savannah replies, "Oh yeah."

And then we're in Savannah and Luke's hotel room. Savannah slips the spaghetti straps from her shoulders, peels the dress off her tits. Even though I've seen them before, her boobs take my breath away. Her hands smooth over them, cup their bottoms. Presenting plump desserts.

"So, who gets first licks?" our party girl asks.

Tara makes a move while I watch. Tara's hands take over, squeezing the tits while her tongue flicks the nipples. I check on Luke: he's riveted to the action, mouth agape.

"Mmmm," his girlfriend moans.

The ladies are in the spotlight as Tara eagerly sucks and licks. I've watched my wife enjoy a great rack before, but has Luke ever seen two babes together? His reaction makes me think not.

Tara turns to him, saying, "Do you like that?"

"Fuck yeah," he says, his voice thick.

Tara slides off her dress straps, letting her own boobs join the party. "How'd you like to have some tits?" she asks, slipping over to him.

I take the opportunity to jump on Savannah and show her melons how much I love them. Savannah moans as I suck. Tara moans while Luke gives her the same treatment. This orgy is off to a good start.

Soon, I take the next step. I slide Savannah's dress down, holding my breath as the dress gives way to more skin. Sure, I had already seen her naked. But this is different. This is touchable.

And, boy, do I touch. While we kiss, my hands are all over her. She touches back: hands smoothing over the bulge in my shorts, fingers slide underneath my shorts, touching my cock with an electric thrill.

I slurp her nipples some more, then lower to kiss her stomach. Her fingers leave my cock, since she can't reach. I'm eye level with her thin strip of light brown pubic hair. She parts her legs. I kiss her pussy lips. She gasps. I lick. She gasps louder.

"Luke honey, oh sweetheart," she says. Luke looks over at us, his face an inch away from my wife's tits. "Are you okay with this? I want it, baby. I want it bad."

He's hard to read. Stares at me kneeling before his girlfriend, my face an inch from her cunt.

"Yeah." His voice is thick. Then a smile grows across his face. "'Cause I want this hot piece of ass." He grabs my wife's ass as if to prove how hot it is.

"Let's have some fun, baby," Savannah replies.

I return to her pussy. It tastes clean and crisp. Reminds me of the breeze that I smelled on the hotel's grounds, the breeze that started far out at sea and coursed over the water to finally arrive on the Caribbean islands. My tongue laps and toys with her happy little clitoris. Slurps her fresh, smooth, hairless pussy lips. My Georgia peach trembles and moans. She stumbles to the bed, flops on top. I open her legs and eat more. First course was tits; second course is twat.

Next to us, Tara sits on the bed with Luke eating her out. She goads him on: "Mmm, yeah, just like that. Lick me, Luke. Lick me like you lick your girlfriend."

Savannah cries out in orgasm. She lets her cries rip out, not worrying about our hotel neighbors hearing. She's just fine with the whole resort knowing of her pleasure.

After she's done, I stand up and undress. Savannah still lays there, utterly relaxed, gazing at my hard-on.

"Gimme that thing, sugah," she purrs.

Of course I have to oblige. Gentleman that I am, I can't let a sweet Southern belle down. I dive my cock between her legs, between her pussy lips that I just bathed. She gasps as I slide in. She raises and spreads her thighs, and I can push deeper into her.

A few feet away, Luke is not longer licking Tara. He watches me fuck his girlfriend.

"Stand up, Luke," Tara says. When he doesn't reply, she repeats herself: "Stand up, Luke. You need some pussy."

That gets his attention. Standing, he's at the perfect height for Tara to dispense with his shorts and stroke his cock and suck it.

I keep fucking Savannah, figuring that if he gets pissed off, I'll deal with it. Also, I'm guessing he won't get very angry with his dick in my wife's mouth.

His dick doesn't stay there for long. She nudges him back, tells him to lay down. He flashes off his shirt, flexing his biceps. Then he scrambles on the bed, next to Savannah. She smiles at him, her body being jostled by my thrusts, her tits doing a gleeful dance.

Tara lowers on top of him. And so, the Georgia couple is getting fucked.

"Oh yeah," Tara moans. "Luke, tell me when you're about to cum. That's our rule. No cumming inside me, okay?" Luke nods vigorously, says that's no problem. "Good. You can cum on me. Okay?" More vigorous nodding. "Don't worry, I'll get you off. But not yet, baby. 'Cause mama wants some good, hard cock. Mmm yeah."

She grinds hard on Luke, then bounces. From my angle, I see my wife's hot ass rise and fall. I can see Tara's pussy lips descend on Luke's thick cock, making it disappear. Then her pussy rises up, bringing his cock back.

Back to Savannah. Her gorgeous tits are jumping and jiggling from my fucking. I grab two plump handholds of those beauties as I keep drilling her.

"Don't worry," I tell my Georgia peach. "I'll pull out. I can cum away from you."

"No," she's quick to reply. "No... uh... cum on me... sugah... cum on me."

Good to get that out of the way, because my climax approaches soon after. I pull out and jerk my dick. Luke's eyes jump from Tara to me. He and Savannah watch as my cum spurts on her tummy. Will he get pissed about it?

Nope, he doesn't. Soon, he grunts, "I'm close."

She leaps off him and crouches down and grabs his cock and positions her tits above his dickhead. His eyes widen. His grunts speed up. His cumshots land on her boobs.

"Gawd, that's fucking hot," Savannah says.

Her boyfriend can only reply by panting.

Tara cleans up in the bathroom, and I retrieve a moist warm washcloth so I can rub my cum off her tummy.

"You okay, sweetheart?" Savannah asks her beau. "That was weird seeing her go cowgirl on you and seeing the back of her head when I know she was blowing you. But it was kinda hot, too."

"Yeah, it was fucking hot," Luke replies, then turns to my wife. "Fuck, Tara, that felt really fucking good. That was awesome how you made me cum."

"Glad to," Tara says. "It's fun. But not on my face. Only my hubbie gets to cum on my face."

"Lucky man," Luke replies.

The muscle dude pours drinks for everyone. Rum and cola all around. The Georgians pick up where they left off at the restaurant. Toss the liquor back. I'm disappointed. These two are cheerful and fun, but they're getting sloppier from the booze.

They fire lots of questions at Tara and me about swinging. We share some of our experiences, but we never say anyone's names. We don't mention the Strathmore Club. It's a well-kept secret unless you think someone would become a member. Savannah and Luke are a rapt audience, all while sucking down rum and colas.

At some point, Luke turns to Tara, saying, "You know something? I owe you. This guy"—he jabs a thumb toward me—"got Savannah off. But I didn't get you off."

She shrugs. "That's okay. Who's counting?"

"No, no. I owe you one. C'mon, lay back."

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