tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeacher Taken in Class

Teacher Taken in Class

byGeorge VI©

Disclaimer: This story and all characters are fiction. In real life, the author considers any form of non-consensual sexual contact to be immoral and reprehensible. I mean it. All characters are over eighteen.

* * * * *

Mrs. Fairview was looking sexy today! It was hard concentrating on her math lecture when she was walking around in front of me looking like that. Her long, blonde hair looked full, and waved down just right. Her skirt wasn't micro-mini, but it was halfway up her thighs, fairly short, and pretty tight, for a woman who was probably in her mid-thirties. She wasn't wearing hose, so her legs were bare and tan. When she walked to the board with her back to me, I could see her ass cheeks rising and falling. Her ass and hips wiggled as she wrote on the board. Then she turned back toward the class and slowly walked towards us with deliberate heavy steps, causing her big tits to bounce noticeably in her tight white blouse. I could see her bra through it easily. In fact, I could see some of her bra between her buttonholes. Man, I sure would love to stick my hand in there, reach in her bra, grab a handful of her tit and…


"Huh?" Mrs. Fairview looked at me with that stern bitch look of hers.

"Jeff, pay attention!" she scolded. I could feel my face get red with embarrassment. She was a babe, but she was a bitch. Not even five minutes into class, and I get yelled at for daydreaming.

Mrs. Fairview had just returned to her lecture when two kids I didn't know walked into the classroom. Mrs. Fairview caught them out of the corner of her eye and stopped her lecture.

"Hi, Mrs. Fairview, remember us?" Spoke one kid, a short, wiry Hispanic guy about my age.

Mrs. Fairview's face clearly registered fear. "Uh, what…" she stammered.

"We broke out of Juvenile just to come here and pay you a visit. We wanted to thank you for helping send us there," said the second guy, a muscular white kid with a shaved head.

Oh, I bet I know who they are! Last year two guys were arrested for having weapons in school! I heard a teacher caught them and turned them in. It must have been Mrs. Fairview!

The Hispanic guy pulled a pistol out of his waistband. The white guy reached into his pocket and pulled out a long thin knife. Mrs. Fairview, and several of my classmates, gasped. "Don't make a sound, any of you!" ordered the Hispanic.

"Raphael, please…" said Mrs. Fairview to the Hispanic.

"Shut up!" ordered Raphael. "Don't say or do nothing until we tell you, or you and your students will get hurt. Understand, teacher?"

Mrs. Fairview nodded her head up and down in fear.

Raphael looked at the other guy and said, "You got her first, Frank."

Frank approached Mrs. Fairview. She whimpered and turned her back to him, cowering. Frank immediately put his left arm around her from behind, still holding his knife in his right hand. Mrs. Fairview was facing the class, with Frank grabbing her from behind. His face was right up to Mrs. Fairview's.

"You gonna do what I say, Mrs. Fairview? Huh?" The frightened teacher nodded again. Frank reached around her and pulled both of her arms to her sides, pulling her shoulders back. He looked over her shoulder, down at the front of her body. He placed his left hand over her tit, and squeezed her tit over her blouse and bra.

Mrs. Fairview squealed and squirmed. Frank pointed his knife at a girl in the front row and said to Mrs. Fairview, "Next time you make a sound, I'm going to cut this girl!" Frank then continued groping and kneading Mrs. Fairview's tit right in front of us! Instead of her usual bitch look, Mrs. Fairview had a frightened and helpless look on her face as the leering teen fondled her.

Then the big kid moved both hands to the front of her blouse, and ripped it open, one of the buttons landing at my feet. Mrs. Fairview squealed but did nothing else as her white bra was exposed to myself and the rest of the class. I had been, and still was, scared, but my cock began to stiffen as I looked at my sexy teacher's heaving chest. I watched her cleavage sticking out of the top of her bra. The bra had a little lace across the top, but was otherwise plain. Her nipples were poking through the material.

Still holding the knife around in front of her, Frank reached into her bra with his left hand, and quickly and roughly pulled both of her tits out of her bra. Mrs. Fairview's big white jugs hung out over her collapsed cups. She wasn't really fighting Frank, but she was squirming, causing her tits to bobble and wiggle.

I pretty much forgot about fear, and thanked my luck that I literally had a front-row seat to my busty teacher's forced exposure. I stared at her big jiggling tits, hard pink nipples, and silver dollar-sized pink areola. Her chest was deeply tanned, and her tan line ended a little below where her cleavage started. Below that, her round hooters were almost transparently pale and white. Man, were my friends gonna be jealous they didn't see this sight!

Frank put the knife in his mouth like a pirate, and grabbed her tits with both hands. He lifted, jiggled, and kneaded the large jugs. He squeezed them hard, the tit flesh squeezing out between his fingers. He tugged Mrs. Fairview's nipples as she whimpered.

Frank put his knife in his pocket, reached down with one hand, and tugged up on the front hem of Mrs. Fairview's skirt. He exposed Mrs. Fairview's white panties, pulled tight over her pussy mound. He rubbed her pussy with one hand while still feeling her tits with the other. Raphael stood with his gun in view, giggling and staring at her tits.

It was quite a picture: my blonde teacher with her big tits hanging out of her bra; her blouse still partly tucked in but pulled open to the sides of her tits; her tight skirt hiked up nearly to her waist, exposing her white panties; one big, scary, grinning kid holding her arms from behind; a little kid holding a gun on her and leering at her exposed tits.

"Kiss me, teach," I heard Frank say. He pursed his lips and pressed them against Mrs. Fairview's. She backed off at first, but then surrendered. The blonde beauty puckered her lips and let the kid half her age make out with her as he felt her tits. I got glimpses of Frank's tongue sliding in and out between her full lips.

I glanced over at my friend Rick, in the next row and one seat back. He too seemed to be enjoying looking at Mrs. Fairview's naked tits. He saw me looking back, and gave me a little grin. In fact, the whole class was watching closely. Even the girls gawked, although some of them looked a little frightened.

Frank grabbed hold of Mrs. Fairview's panties with both hands, and yanked them hard. Mrs. Fairview squealed as the material was torn from her bottom. Frank let the tattered underwear fall down one of her legs, leaving my teacher's pussy exposed to the class. Her pussy was covered with a thick triangle of dark blonde hair. I was both surprised and aroused by how hairy it was. I leaned forward more so no one would see how hard my cock was in my loose pants and boxers.

Frank rubbed her hairy puss, and slowly worked his middle finger inside of her. He suddenly burst into a loud laugh. "Raphael, you're not gonna believe this! She's REALLY WET!" Both teens laughed while Mrs. Fairview looked humiliated. Frank slowly fingered her as she wiggled her bottom, rotating it in circles. As Frank continued his fingering, I thought I could hear Mrs. Fairview whimpering.

Frank let go of her and popped his finger out of her twat. Mrs. Fairview let out a little squeak when the finger exited.

"Take off your clothes," ordered Frank. When Mrs. Fairview just whimpered, Frank approached her with the knife, causing her to quickly start to unbutton her remaining blouse buttons. "Go slow!" said Frank.

Mrs. Fairview slid her blouse off of her shoulders and dropped it. She stood in her bra, with her tits hanging out of her cups. She glanced at Frank, and then dropped her bra straps off of her shoulders. She pulled her arms out of the straps, grabbed the front of her bra, and twisted it until the clasp was in the front, and unclasped it. Her bra dropped off of her torso, leaving her topless in front of the others and me. Christ, what a chest! This was my first live look at an adult woman's tits. They were every bit as nice as I had imagined them to be.

"Keep going," ordered Frank. Mrs. Fairview unzipped the side of her skirt, and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of her shoes, ripped panties, and skirt all at once, and stood naked three feet from me. "Walk up and down the aisles, let your students get a close look." Mrs. Fairview reluctantly obeyed. She walked slowly down the center aisle of the class, and back up another aisle. All of the students, especially the boys, stared close-up at their naked teacher. No matter how slowly she moved, her tits still swayed, and her ass cheeks rose, fell, and jiggled with each step. Up close I could spot some imperfections on the mature woman, but it only aroused me more seeing all of her little secret flaws.

"Shake your tits," was Frank's next order. "Make 'em wiggle." Mrs. Fairview shook her shoulder back and forth, and I watched her tits bobble. On Frank's command, she jumped up and down, making her tits shake and jiggle all over, bouncing up and down, and from side to side.

"Lean over. Let 'em hang down." My teacher bent over right in front of me, and her tits hung down right in front of my eyes.

Then Frank made her turn around. I studied her bare ass closely. It looked better than I had imagined it would on the older woman. It was a little larger than it could have been, but her round white half-globes jutted out nicely. Her back and legs were tan, making her pale ass cheeks and crack stand out even more. "Shake your ass, Mrs. Fairview". I looked at the pale white cheeks in front of me, as she shook her ass back and forth. Her ass flesh jiggled and rippled in ways I had never imagined, as did her thighs.

Frank walked around to the back of Mrs. Fairview's desk, and grabbed her chair while Mrs. Fairview shook and jiggled. Frank set the chair in front of her desk, just in front of where I was sitting. He sat on the chair facing the class. He unzipped his pants, and pulled them down off of his butt, exposing a very hard and very thick cock. He grabbed Mrs. Fairview's arm, and pulled her down on his lap. The large teen made Mrs. Fairview straddle him, sitting with her back to him, her legs spread wide, her bare ass on his lap. Frank reached under her, grabbed his own cock, and began stuffing it into her pussy slit! Shit, I'm going to see Mrs. Fairview get fucked!

My pretty teacher grunted as Frank worked his hardness up into her twat. Frank leaned back in the chair, and Mrs. Fairview leaned back into him. With her legs spread like that right in front of me, I could easily see her pink glistening pussy lips, and the big red cock that was sliding in and out of it. Frank thrust up into her, causing whimpers and squeaks. While he fucked her, Frank stroked her bare thighs, and then massaged her tits again.

Raphael stood back and watched with the rest of us as our teacher grunted and whimpered. Frank leaned around Mrs. Fairview, planted his lips on her right tit, and began sucking on the big melon. "Like it, huh, Mrs. Fairview? I can tell. Tell me you like it! You know you do!"

"Uh! Huhh!"

"You like teen cock, huh, teach?"


"I'm gonna cum in your pussy now, teach," grunted Frank. He thrust up into her harder, causing her to squeal loudly.

"Quiet, bitch," scolded Raphael.

With a loud grunt, Frank thrust hard one more time, and started to slow down.

"Frank, no, don't stop!" begged Mrs. Fairview. Shit, I thought, did she want more?

"Cumming, teach?" asked Frank.

"Yes, yes!" Mrs. Fairview panted. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. She writhed on Frank's lap, her flesh jiggling, trying to squelch her own grunts. "Ugg! UuuuuUhhh!" I watched in amazement as my math teacher shuddered and shook before collapsing back on her captor's lap.

I couldn't believe I just watched my math teacher getting raped. I REALLY couldn't believe that she had an orgasm! What was that all about?

Raphael wasted no time. He grabbed Mrs. Fairview by the arm and made her stand up. She stood in a daze in front of the shorter Raphael. Raphael quickly grabbed her breasts with both hands and rapidly groped them. Mrs. Fairview now had her back to me, and. Raphael leaned over and buried his face in her cleavage. "Blblblblbl," he said as he blew back and forth between her tits. While sucking on her nipples, he reached down and grabbed both of her ass cheeks. He cupped the bottom halves of them and shook them rapidly, causing them to ripple. Then he squeezed them hard.

Frank sat on the edge of Mrs. Fairview's desk. When Raphael came up for air, Frank grabbed Mrs. Fairview by her arm, and made her lower her face down to his crotch. Both of them were facing sideways to me, and I could see her lips go down to Frank's cock head. She made a noise through closed lips and shook her head no, but almost instantly opened wide and took Franks cock into her mouth. I watched her lips suck up and down on the wet shaft while Frank watched and laughed.

Mrs. Fairview was bent at the waist with her bare ass sticking up in the air. Her big tits were dangling straight down and swaying slightly, her nipples pointing to the ground. Raphael stood behind her and started massaging her bent-over ass. He worked his hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy mound. He appeared to work at least one finger into her pussy and slide it in and out and around inside her. He reached around her and milked her hanging tits while her head bobbed up and down on Frank's cock. He spanked her ass a couple of times. The spanks echoed around the silent room, as Mrs. Fairview cried out.

Raphael pulled down his pants, leaving them bunched up around his shoes. He had a long cock for a little guy, with an uncircumcised head. He slapped it around on her ass a few times before aiming it between her legs. He slowly worked it into her pussy. Once it was in all the way, he grabbed her hips and humped her hard and fast. Her fleshy ass cheeks and thighs shook and rippled as he plowed into them. Her tits swung like two fat pendulums, up and down, side to side, sometimes in unison, sometimes in opposite directions. The room was so quiet that I could actually hear Raphael's hips slapping into her ass, and slurping sounds coming from her mouth.

Mrs. Fairview started whimpering again through the cock in her mouth. Soon she was moaning and grunting, as Raphael pumped her harder. "Here it comes, teach!" grunted Frank, who thrust his hips up into Mrs. Fairview's face one last time. He apparently shot a load of jism into her mouth. Mrs. Fairview choked and pulled her head back. The cock popped out of her mouth, and shot some cum onto her face. "Swallow it!" ordered Frank as he grabbed her head and put it back on his mouth. Mrs. Fairview obediently cleaned up the cock and swallowed all of the cum that she could.

When Mrs. Fairview finished with Frank's cock, Frank stood up, as Raphael continued plowing into her from behind. Mrs. Fairview again moaned and grunted in a very unladylike fashion as she rested her elbows on the desk. Raphael hung onto her hips tightly, and thrust hard. His grunts echoed Mrs. Fairview's, as they appeared headed for a simultaneous climax. Mrs. Fairview squirmed all over as Raphael grunted once hard, and relaxed. Even after he stopped humping, it took Mrs. Fairview another minute to quiet down and finish her moaning and gyrating. She squirmed her ass and appeared to try to jut her ass back against Raphael's cock, until he finally pulled it out.

Raphael stayed hard, and kept Mrs. Fairview bent over. "Here's something I learned in Juvenile Detention," he said. He aimed his cock at Mrs. Fairview again, but this time he raised it higher, and began stuffing it into her asshole.

"Oh, no, don't Raphael, PLEASE!" begged Mrs. Fairview. Raphael ignored her pleas and continued working his cum- covered cock into her tight ass. Both Mrs. Fairview and Raphael grunted as he finally got his unit buried inside of the teacher. The little teenager pumped her slowly at first, and then sped up as my math teacher grunted and groaned.

Raphael and Frank both laughed at the grunting, submissive teacher. "Her pussy ain't so tight, but her asshole is!" grunted Raphael. "Uh! Uh!" In only a few moments, Raphael pumped harder, let out one long grunt, and came in the groaning teacher's butt.

Frank had already gotten his clothes back together, and Raphael was pulling up his pants. Frank looked at the clock. "We got some time." Apparently they knew when the period would end. Up to this point their adventures with Mrs. Fairview had only taken about twenty-five minutes. Frank smirked at the naked, panting, sniffling math teacher. He told her to lie back on her desk. She silently sat on her desk, and lied back on her elbows, length-wise on her desk.

"OK, everyone up here, the whole class," ordered Frank. We all apprehensively stood up, and slowly worked our way to the front. "Get around the desk." When we were all standing around our naked teacher, Frank said, "Everybody feel Mrs. Fairview. I want everybody touching her all over." When nobody moved, Frank started grabbing people's hands and placing them on Mrs. Fairview's naked flesh. He stood back and pushed people forward and barked orders."

As some of the other boys felt her arms and waist and thighs, Frank noticed my obvious hard on. He pushed me, and said, "C'mon, feel her tits. I know you want to." I gingerly placed my hand on Mrs. Fairview's sloping tit as she leaned back on her desk. By this time there were hands all over her, and I gently squeezed her soft melon. Mrs. Fairview glanced up at us, and then back down to the seventeen teen-aged hands on her body. I saw two hands on her other breast, and looked down to see Rick's hand cupping her pussy. At Frank's coaxing, I massaged the soft smooth tit flesh harder, lifting it up and jiggling it. That wonderful, large, mature, adult tit was like nothing I'd ever felt before. It was like a stress ball, I couldn't stop myself from squeezing it.

"Stick a finger in," said Raphael to Rick. I could see him slip his middle finger into Mrs. Fairview's pink twat. "Put another one in. Put three in," Raphael ordered, and Mrs. Fairview whimpered and squirmed as Rick slid three, then four fingers into her pussy. I was tugging at her hard pink nipple while I watched the whole class, even the girls, crowded around our teacher, feeling her up.

Frank looked at the clock, and said, "Alright, everybody sit down." We released our grips and started heading back to our chairs. "Except you," he said, grabbing my shirt. While everyone else found their seats, Frank held me in front of Mrs. Fairview, between her open legs.

"Whip it out." Frank ordered. When I hesitated, he said to Mrs. Fairview, "You do it for him. Take his cock out."

I had been as hard as a rock for over half an hour, but as Mrs. Fairview stood before me and started unzipping my fly in public, I started to deflate. By the time she pulled my cock out into the daylight, it was still fairly long, but soft, and shrinking by the second.

"Get it hard," ordered Frank. Mrs. Fairview stood facing me, wrapped her soft hand around my cock, and started stroking it, her big tits jiggling just below my chin. That was starting to do the trick, but Frank said, "No, suck on it!" Mrs. Fairview looked me in the eyes, and then slowly dropped to her knees in front of me. I looked down and saw her open her mouth wide, then felt her plant her soft lips on my dick head. She slowly slid her wet lips down the shaft, and took about half of it into her mouth. I was almost immediately back to full size, and getting rapidly stiffer. Her blonde hair tickled my thighs as I listened to her slurping noises.

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